Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Times of India “Aman Ki Asha” : Should be declared Child Abuse!

If you truly believe in peace, put it down on a handkerchief” exhorts the Times of India to children of this nation. It’s that simple ! TOI runs this insulting campaign in partnership with a Pakistani newspaper ironically called “Jang”

The TOI started this campaign by preaching to us: “Love Pakistan”.

A newspaper, often devoid of much journalistic quality, now runs a campaign of political and diplomatic significance as if peace is just some song and dance tamasha and young children scribbling on handkerchiefs. I have to wonder who funds these outrageous campaigns. The TV ads of this TOI campaign has elders across borders playing dumb charades to express their love for each other. That wasn’t enough, now we must get our children to tie a chain of handkerchiefs to express our love for Pakistan.

Obviously, TOI and much of the politically correct mainstream media must be living in the blissful belief that India is a nation of gullible idiots and will fall for all such emotional crap. My unsolicited advice to our media: Even if you’re in the game of deception, don’t play the game of “self-deception”. A few dances by Bollywood stars, a few poem recitals by Amitabh Bachchan and a few handkerchiefs scribbled on by kids will wipe away all the atrocities against this nation – that is what you’d have this nation believe.

Listen up TOI : We don’t war with Pakistan and we don’t hate its people but we also don’t need you to preach us to “love Pakistan”. You need to be reminded that many of those children you’re asking to write this love-kerchief have lost their parents or their relatives to the terror fountain called Pakistan. And most of all, you as a newsgroup don’t carry much credibility. Stories of corrupt ET journalists, Medianet and the like are not issues I wish to rake up here.

During the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai your channel, Times Now ran most of the story with the headline “We shall never forget this”. It appears a few cocktail parties in the media in both countries has pushed you into selective amnesia.

If you have forgotten, we have not! Here are some reasons why your “Love Pakistan” screamer sucks: (Are these the reasons we should love Pakistan?)

13/2/2010: Pune: 17 killed, 39 injured in bomb blast.
26-28/11/2008, At least 184 people were killed and around 714 injured.
13/11/2008 Seven explosions killed 18 and injured more than 90 in New Delhi.
26/7/2008 Some 16 small bombs rocked Ahmedabad in killing 45.
13/5/2008 Bombs exploded in crowded markets outside Hindu temples in the popular tourist destination of Jaipur, killing at least 60 and injuring more than 150.
23/11/2007 A string of explosions ripped through courthouse complexes in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad cities, killing 16.
25/8/2007 At least 42 people were killed and some 50 others injured in three explosions in the southern city of Hyderabad.
19/2/2007 An express train heading from India to Pakistan was torn apart by two bombs in Haryana state, sparking a fire that killed 66 and seriously injured more than 20.
11/7/2006 Mumbai: At least 135 dead in serial blasts in suburban trains.
11/7/2006 Srinagar: At least eight people, including tourists and pilgrims, killed in five hand grenade attacks.
25/5/2006 Srinagar: Four tourists died in a powerful explosion at Batpora.
21/5/2006 Srinagar: Seven people including two guerrillas killed as militants attack a Congress party rally.
7/3/2006 Varanasi: Triple bombings kill 23 people and injured 68 others at an ancient temple and crowded railway station.
28/12/2005 Bangalore:One professor was killed in an attack on the Indian Institute of Science.
29/10/2005, New Delhi: Three blasts in the capital ahead of Hindu festival of Diwali kill 65 people and wound 210 more.
25/8/2003 Mumbai: serial blasts kill about 60.
14/5/2003 Jammu: Militants attack an army camp near Jammu, killing more than 30, including women and children.
24/9/2002 Gandhinagar: Two terrorists attack the Akhsardham temple, killing 39 visitors.
13/12/2001 New Delhi: Terrorists attack Indian parliament, killing 12 people including six policemen. All five terrorists were also killed.
1/10/2001 Srinagar: Militants attack JK assembly complex, killing about 35.

And those are just some of the major terror strikes in the last decade.

Worst of all, your attempt to involve children and schools in this campaign deserves nothing but condemnation. I hope Indian schools are not that naïve and will not fall for your dubious campaign.

Media campaigns that use children and seek to influence the political and diplomatic course with a nation that has sworn a 1000-year war on India should now be declared “child-abuse” and prosecuted.

Stop using children and schools for your petty gimmicks.

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