Monday, March 8, 2010

Now Times Of India with a “Hole”

I think I’ve now had enough of some “holes” . I got the TOI today and was surprised to find a supplement with a big hole below the masthead advertising a car brand. TOI claims it's “A special edition”. Makes me wonder what is so special about holes after all or shouldn’t I?

Ironically, the car brand is also named after the mint brand that prides itself on its “holes”. The regular ads of this mint brand keeps asking “what’s your hole story”? Now the Times of India and the car brand have decided to enlighten us with their hole story. Mind you, its not just one hole, it’s “holes” right through the so called “special edition”

The mint’s hole story ads has its funny moments but I’ve always wondered why people who like mint would want to pay for “holes” If I ever made mint and had to counter this brand I’d probably say “Why pay for holes? When all-mint is what you get with me” It’s not my problem though if people are happy to pay for holes.

Now then, just like the mint ad asks for your “hole” story, the car brand also tells you a 16-hole story …here goes…

Hole1: …German engineering, Made in India.
Hole2: …The first ---ever made in India.
Hole3: … Makes a powerful statement wherever it goes.
Hole4: … 3D headlights with an edgy design.
Hole5: … Power and great fuel-efficiency.
Hole6: … enjoy that extra mile.
Hole7: …make even bumpy rides enjoyable
Hole8: … Makes it go far beyond effortlessly.
Hole9: … Makes every curve feel like a straight line.
Hole10: …Active & Passive systems protect you anytime, anywhere
Hole11: …high-strength chassis
Hole12: …Keeps your polo maneuverable
Hole13: …Adjustable steering column…..
Hole14: …space and legroom for every kind of drive
Hole15: …Exterior and interior finish of highest quality…
Hole16: …We’ve put a lot into it…..

Can’t help being reminded of the Lennon/McCartney (Beatles) classic “A day in the life”…

I read the news today oh boy
4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know
How many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall….

I don’t have a clue how many “holes” it takes to make a creative supplement at TOI. All I can say is, spare me the holes TOI.


  1. Touche. TOI has done this too often lately. Especially with Volvo. God knows what next. Maybe a mini volvo stuck to the paper like those shampoo saches.

  2. I always wondered why Polo wanted to sell holes. I did see an advertisement from a mint company several years back that said "All mint. No holes", which is precisely what you are suggesting :P

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