Wednesday, March 3, 2010

“India rejected me” ? : Do some math, Mr. M.F. Hussain

Dear Mr. Hussain,

Your statement “India rejected me…” is all over the place today. Newspapers, websites are full of it. I strongly believe your thoughts are seriously misplaced. Over the years India has accommodated many refugees, many invaders, many crooks so why would India reject you? You’re neither an ideology nor a threat to be rejected.

In plain simple terms it is you who has rejected India and have been a fugitive for some years now. Aren’t you aware that there are thousands of politicians, crooks, terrorists, rapists and corrupt officials who have over a trillion cases against them and they still live here happily. And, if any Indian government was serious enough to prosecute you they would have vigorously taken up extradition proceedings with countries you lived in. Did they do that ? I don’t think so.

And where did you get these numbers from? “Only 10%..are against me…” Are you really aware what 10% in India means ? That’s well over 100 million people. That is bigger than many countries on this planet. Of course, there aren’t that many people in the political and other organizations that you mention. And again you claim 90% people are with you. If that is true then what are your fears ?

I don’t know if you observe Indian media but there are people like Shobhaa De, Barkha Dutt, Sharmila Tagore and many more who have supported you in the media. NDTV even ran a program calling it “A national shame” that you are going to be a Qatar citizen.

So what are your fears ?

Are you afraid of the RSS or any right-wing group killing you? If that was to really happen you wouldn’t have lived till 95, and may you be blessed with many more years. These groups protest many issues and people but with all your wealth, fame, fortune and government support you were always secure. As a person who has achieved public prominence you should expect such criticism, protests if you create work that in anyway offends the sentiments of a segment of the public.

Are you afraid of our courts ? : Indian courts are not very speedy but among new democracies they are the best in the world and our courts cannot be bullied by politicians or any groups. And because they aren’t speedy the advantage was that they wouldn’t have decided those cases against you for another 95 years. What are you afraid of ?

The 90% people who you claim support you actually don’t give a damn about you or many such figures like you. They have a hard time earning their livelihood to be bothered about you and your friends in the media. Ask your friends in the media to conduct an honest poll and I can assure you 90% people wouldn’t even know who you are, and they don’t give a ****. So stop fooling yourself and fooling others.

You are also reported to have stated “Now Qatar is my place. Here no one controls my freedom of expression” Sure, I am convinced no one represents “freedom” more than the Islamic part of the planet.

I am a Hindu and I really don’t give a damn what you painted or what your transgressions were and I would never file a case against you.. No country in the world is so forgiving as your former motherland. You lived in the UK, a country of greater free speech than ours but even that country didn’t allow a documentary film show in their parliament called “Fitna” by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. (Shown only much later in the House of Lords) If you claim your works were free expressions of an artist, then “Fitna” was a non-fiction documentary made by him based on excerpts from the Koran. Please watch that and tell us if you would condone that. Fact of the matter is you could paint all those nude pictures and images of Bharatmata because most of us tolerated your crap.

I am also sure that with your wealth you would have received adequate legal advice on whether you broke any law by painting those pictures. In all probability your counselors may have advised that you have indeed broken some laws and that is probably the BIGGEST FEAR you have. I challenge you to deny this.

So stop acting like a wimp and stop blaming India or any of her people. I would also like you to make a strong public statement that your “conscience is clean” which I doubt it is. If it was, you wouldn’t be running all over. I wish you happiness in Qatar and please don’t bother India anymore.


  1. SVT - He who does not judge just says it like it isMarch 03, 2010 4:15 PM

    Well good riddance to bad, rubbish. Ravi I don't agree with your assessment that he rejected India, no he was in no position to reject India. He is in plain & simple terms a fugitive, a fugitive from justice that is what he is.

    Flight my dear friend is evidence of guilt.

  2. Mr.Husein says he never made such a statement such as "India rejected me", I have watched some of his interviews. In all probablity, that statement is just made up by our "poetic" "emotional" media.


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