Sunday, February 28, 2010


I had expected that today (Sunday) the topic for "We the people" with Barkha Dutt on NDTV would have to be something concerning M.F. Hussain.  It was,  and not surprisingly, the program title was also "A National Shame"

I quite agree with the title except that I'd apply it to M.F. Hussain and call him a "A National shame". No matter who you are, what you are and what your accomplishments are if you remain a fugitive from your own country then you are indeed a national shame. 

That Hussain painted Hindu idols in a gross manner and offended many Hindus is not even a serious issue with me, he can continue doing that from Qatar.  But the fact that he avoided and ignored summons from a Court of this land is a serious criminal offence.

Barkha Dutt and NDTV need to understand that the law of the land is above everyone else. It flows from our Constitution and no one is bigger than our constitution. One participant went to the extent of saying "only art critics should judge an artist"! Someone should remind him its not art critics who pay millions for an artist's work.

Now that Qatar has opened its doors to Hussain lets rejoice and say "good riddance".

Friday, February 12, 2010


The HT Summit 2009 had some wonderful guests. Among them were Sanjay Dutt, a convicted criminal, Tony Blair, the man who supported the illegal and unconstitutional Iraq war. Back then I mailed a note to HT objecting to inclusion of such people. Of course, there was no response.

I have come to learn from my very own Deep Throat of Fake TV that this year they will have much better guests. Among them...

1. Osama Bin Laden : He will be the keynote speaker and will talk on "Global Warming" with a special introduction by our very own Rajendra Pachauri. Sharing the dais during his speech will be Al Gore of Climate scandal.

2. Teesta Setalvad : Will speak on "How to fool a nation and earn a Padmashri"

3. Ajmal Kasab : "I am Innocent"

4. Sharad Pawar : He will just sing a song ..."sugar, ah honey honey..."

I will update the guest list as soon as I have some more information. Should you want some distinguished guests like those in the list above please write to HT.

Teesta Setalvad on CNN-IBN - Shahrukh-Sena-Mumbai Debate Feb 11, 2010

On Feb 11 CNN-IBN had Teesta Setalvad as guest on its late evening debate on the current controversy over the Sena-Shahrukh stand-off.

Any right thinking person with any morals would shun Teesta like a virus after her fake cases about the Gujarat riots were exposed by the SIT. But she continues to be a darling of our pompous news channels.

Mind you, this and some more channels are the very ones who campaigned like activists for justice for Jessica Lal, the Katara family etc. Some even had signed petitions sent to the President. In fairness these very channels who are so "obsessed with justice" should be seeking the prosecution of Teesta for obstructing justice and should be petitioning the President to strip her of the Padmashri award.

Nothing stops us from writing to the President though. I am sending a letter to the President straightaway and encourage all who care, to do the same.  

Time to rein in the Indian media

For very long now many biased Indian TV channels, the so-called news channels, have peddled slanted opinions, bias and sometimes outright lies to fool the Indian public. It is time sensible and caring Indians stood up and continue to expose these impostors as many are already doing.

The news anchors who are essentially loud-mouthed vegetable vendors need to be stripped and shown for who and what they are (My sincere apologies to hard working vegetable vendors)

I am a journalist too, a fake journalist like my many colleagues on our pompous Ad channels.