Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anti-Indian Of The Year 2010

I must clarify at the outset that being Anti-Indian is not the same as being Anti-India. Since TV channels and many media outlets offer sham awards to politicians like ‘Indian of the year’ and so on, this was an exercise to measure who could be Anti-Indian of the year 2010. Not surprisingly it was Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi who polled the most votes. Though reasons are not hard to see, prominent among them has to be their silence on the scams, anti-Hindu rhetoric and, most of all, deserting the ‘Aam’ Indian. Hit by severe price rises, shocking scams, corrupt party members, these two have a lot to answer for. If Sonia Gandhi is the winner of this poll then I might dare to say that in the runner-up, RahulG, India awaits its biggest disaster yet.

       Sonia Gandhi-Anti-Indian Of The Year & Rahul Gandhi-Runner Up

The poll results on the right margin of this page and it is not scientific by any means but it is definitely a reasonable indication of people's opinions in the current scenario of scams and scandals. Surprisingly, even A. Raja, the spectrum-crook, came in third when one would have expected him to top the chart.

Having ignored the ‘Aam Aadmi’ and presided over the most corrupt government in the history of India, Sonia Gandhi has also watched over Congress history being written. How this party usurped the legacy of the Congress of the Independence movement is a telling story of the conniving media and spineless opposition parties. This Congress (I) cannot equate itself with that Congress that fought for independence. If anything, this exercise in history was probably meant to white-wash the sins of Indira Gandhi. The Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, subversion of the constitution by her, imprisoning opponents and silencing the press has to be a dark blot that will forever remain in the history of India. To blame Sanjay Gandhi alone for excesses of the Emergency is like blaming the son for having gotten a bad mother. Congress (I) was always a party of sycophants, P. Chidambaram only helped to confirm it with his ‘Rahul reminds of Rajiv’ line. 

If the Sonia-Rahul duo should ever come to power again then I have to state that the future of this country is indeed bleak. I managed to lay my hands on the real Congress (I) history book they probably read all the time. A bird gave it to me !!

Happy New Year !


  1. I fear the day this govt comes back to power. India will be bankrupt.

  2. I voted for Congress(I) as a whole but yes, the real culprits are the mother-son duo and all the spineless sycophants who drool over them unquestioningly. To see persons of the stature of Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee unabashedly swoon over the incompetent, inexperienced and often opportunistic 'leader' Rahul Gandhi, and proclaim him as the possible PM candidate in the future (as Mr. Mukherjee did) is a crime against the nation of a severity that cannot be put in words. It shames me to see such veteran politicans stoop so low to sell the nation int he name of party loyalty.

  3. Its time now...God will soon deal with this Mother-Son duo of betrayal to a sacred nation.


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