Thursday, April 2, 2020

Covidian Jamaat

The open Visa system adopted by India since the SoniaG period and further expanded by ModiSarkar is an absolute fraud and sham. E-Visas, Visa on arrival – Sonia had her bigoted reasons to promote these for Missionary abuse but even the blind ModiSarkar and Sushma Swaraj enlarged it blindly. If you are exiting an international airport immigration section, you will find these VOA guys, OCI guys, transit guys – all and sundry in long lines. In such a situation, there isn’t much scrutiny except travel and ID documents. There is no way to do any background checks. This is how many of the foreign Covidians at the Tablighi Markaz at Nizamuddin, Delhi, got into India to pollute our country with more spread of the Corona virus.

Every democracy has a lot of internal enemies. The US has more than a dozen militant groups, White Supremacists, Black groups and others who want to overthrow the Federal govt at any point of time. The FBI keeps a close watch on such groups to prevent violence. But India is a unique country with the highest number of internal enemies – both in groups and as a population size. Domestic terrorists, Jihadi gangs, Naxals – all of whom want to destroy India. Each time a community faces any kind of strife or disappointment, they wreak havoc on India. They do this either violently or by lately by blockades too.

They don’t like laws that are applicable to others, they don’t like any discipline, they don’t like the police or the Army. They live in India and many of them abuse India, Hindus, the govt, the Army – almost everything about India. The latest Lockdown over the Corona virus demonstrated the moronery of this group all the more. From Masjid Bunder in Mumbai to Mohammad Ali Road to Zakir gully in Delhi or mosques in Karnataka, terraces in other places, these Muslim groups have demonstrated absolute stupidity where respecting and following the Lockdown is concerned. They don’t care whether they get infected or if they infect others. All they care about is their stupid idea that Namaz protects Muslims from infection. The gather in masses, roam around streets like Dadas, and their moronic defenders like Javed Akhtar, Shahid Siddiqui, Saba Naqvi – all goons in their own right – ask them to shun such assembly just because some Mullah idiot has issued a Fatwa or should issue a Fatwa. Govt orders, ordinances don’t mean anything to these anti-India gangs. And the police have been cowed down too.

In the following case, a cop (and even a media woman) appeals to a Maulana to clear his mosque but he argues against it. Normally cops would have lashed the moron with a cane and gotten rid of all the occupants but such is the tolerance of these criminals by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah that cops too are scared of touching them (Video 2.12 mins):

From JNU to Jamia to Shaheen Bagh – agitating and rioting over nothing. Then turning it into communal violence when they don’t get their way. Killing cops and IB officer in a TARGETED fashion. Stocking up stones and incendiary devices for terrorist acts and much more; ModiSarkar has totally failed to bring such elements under lawful control. It seems the laws apply only to non-Muslims. Such is the shameful status of law and order in India. The only bright spot currently being UP where Yogi Adityanath has enforced the law for all citizens regardless of religion.

It is in the light of this situation and the Corona Lockdown that the meeting at Nizamuddin called ‘Tablighi Markaz” happened. Tablighi Markaz is a term for promoting Islam and through it imposing Islamic rule where there isn’t. There is nothing “innocent” about such a meeting. And over 3400 Muslims had gathered at the mosque in Nizamuddin and our cops or Amit Shah were blissfully ignorant of the event. At least 800-1000 were foreigners who slipped through the butter-fingers of Indian Visa and immigration systems. Whatever else happened at this meeting, their leader Mullah wanted Muslims to defy the Lockdown, come out in numbers (including with their animals) and not worry about Corona. Obviously, Corona doesn’t affect devout Muslims it seems. This stupid Mullah has since been hunted by the cops:
The place was then vacated by March 30 – April 1 and as the idiots were being loaded on to the buses, they spat on the security guys and doctors around them through the bus windows. Where does such uncouth behaviour come from? Prior to that, the Delhi police also held a classroom session with these offenders to teach them civic lessons. Just like the cop in the first video above, this cop too gives them sermons, warnings and pleads with them. He does all this JUST FOR THE RECORD:
You can watch the video of the above interaction here. In the movie “12 Monkeys” a group of 12 monkeys releases a man-made virus that kills half the world’s population. From the future, a criminal convict (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to find the original source of the virus so scientists can find a cure for it. In a contrast to that science-fiction, it seems metaphorically but physically “1200 monkeys” went into different parts of India to infect a larger population. Some states like TN have seen deaths and the monkeys have reached as far as Assam and Andaman. Here’s how alarmingly the ‘1200 monkeys” have shamelessly spread themselves:
Police are still hunting for these monkeys and trying to trace their journey of infection all over the country. At the time of writing, police are also hunting for the Maulana Saad who gave the inflammatory speech asking Muslims to come out and defy the Lockdown. So much for the bravery of such morons. And not just in India, these Tablighis have exported the Corona virus from various places. Of course, their idiotic Mullahs preach that nothing will happen to Muslims and there is nothing to fear about Corona. This is the language of a suicide bomber who seeks 72 hoors in Jannat. But the damage they may cause to “others’ is not in the calculation at all:

The defiance and lack of concern for others comes in every form possible. These intolerant groups of Jihadis are now in every sphere of life. From the streets, to education to politics and also in govts. In an epidemic, it is natural for infected corpses to also be cremated to prevent further spread of the infection. But that doesn’t follow Islam’s rules though others burying the dead don’t object. Only the Muslim does. When the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner ordered all corpses be cremated, the pathetic minister Nawab Mallik jumped in to protect Muslim corpses and withdraw the order. Every step of the way, these Muslims want to have their way or no way at all. They are now an impediment to every national cause. The fact that Shaheen Bagh was occupied for 3 months for no genuine reason and even after the Corona epidemic is proof of how stupid and inconsiderate this community is.

Their gang is like one big pig-sty that hurls abuses, fake news and rumours to incite the general public or their ignorant Muslim population. Chief among such hatemongers are Shahid Siddiqui, Barkha Dutt, Shekhar Gupta, Rana Ayyub, Khanum Arfa, Saba Naqvi etc. It is shocking that while coward Amit Shah & Co arrest small people for petty offences like firecrackers, bigger criminals like Rana Ayyub who are regular offenders are given a pass:
These Islamic goons have come to believe they are the ones dictating terms to the GOI and other govts. Only UP CM Yogi Adityanath has put these stupid rats in their little holes and made them pay a price if they are violent. Both, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, have been miserable failures in NCR in enforcing law and order and the price is obviously being paid by non-Muslims. Another Islamic goon, S. Varadarajan, grandly peddles the LIE of Yogi claiming Ram Navami will ensure Hindus don’t suffer from Corona infection. This LIE will then be quoted by his own harem at The Wire and other international goons. This is how these Islamic goons operate:
These Tablighi Markaz meetings are happening in multiple countries; most of them Islamic countries for a large part. In India, this meeting happened even as the Corona epidemic was confronting the country and her citizens. These shameless goons didn’t think about abandoning their show when multiple orders from govts asked to avoid meetings and practice “Social distancing”. No, they are Muslims, they will not follow any law or orders. That apart, it seems the Tablighi nonsense has links and flavours of terrorism which seems very logical. These Mullahs don’t assemble for the good of anyone other than the extension of their Islamic rule in unconquered parts. This report is from 2013 and shouldn’t surprise anyone at all:
Muslim gangs like AIMPLB, Deoband and other such outfits supported by Congress, Commies and new Sickular parties have held India to ransom for long. Nobody said it better than Meenakshi Lekhi who boldly stated in Parliament that the Islamic gangs held a “Veto power” on major policies and decisions in India. It is time ModiSarkar realise that these Islamic gangs pose a serious danger to the progress of India and counter them with application of laws. Violence, defiance of laws and hindering other citizens by road or rail blockades must be severely dealt with. Stop all appeasement of this gang, withdraw all financial benefits for ungrateful rioters and bring in UCC. They can live here peacefully or get out and go live in some Islamic country. India is thoroughly fed up with these Islamic gangs. From the current Covidian criminals, every one must be rounded up and jailed or deported.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Permanent Chinese Viruses

The Chinese virus aka “Corona” is reported to have “escaped” from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Although the crime is not marked “intentional”, the culpability of the Chinese in harming the whole world cannot be dismissed. Firstly, when they came to know about it November 2019, the Chinese tried to cover up the crime. Not until the beginning of January 2020 that they started acknowledging it. India too woke up to this contagion around January end. It become more pronounced in February but Narendra Modi & Co chose to ignore the alarm. There were good reasons. If PM Modi and his govt had taken strong steps in February, it would have jeopardized the visit of Donald Trump to India. That is something “Showman Modi” wouldn’t have wanted. On top of all this, the violence and communal riots engineered over CAA was boiling in Delhi. Modi & Co chose to ignore this spark too till it became a big flame that killed many. The first Corona deaths started around March 13 and kept gently increasing. By then Modi & Co had lost the plot.

Many, including me, vociferously suggested Modi should address the nation and caution people on the dangers of Corona but he didn’t seem inclined. Finally, when he did address the nation on March 20, he asked for a 14 hour “Janta Curfew” and a banging of Thaalis and pans to applaud health workers. While many will refuse to see it, Modi has increasingly used the public for his “Shock and Awe” announcements. From the DeMo episode to the latest “Lockdown” episode on March 24, Modi tests himself on how much he can dictate to the general public to bow to his commands. Banging pots and pans may be dumb but people still obliged. In each of the incidents, Modi has woefully been way behind the ball. Even stopping of incoming international flights happened only after damage started mounting. Add to this, the total failure of ModiSarkar in dealing with Shaheen Bagh, local Jihadis and rioters and Muslim mobs and rioters even during the current lockdown. It makes a sorry reading. While Hindus and others absorb the struggles and obey lockdowns and curfews, the one community nonchalantly indulges in absolutely stupidity:
That’s one sample montage. Top left, idiots in their caps have lined up for namaz in Bombay bazar in Indore. Top right, ghetto goons gang up to beat up two cops after violating curfew. The bottom pic similar has a bunch of Jihadis beating up 2 cops in Bangalore. It appears that the leaders of this community are hell bent on leading their stupid followers up a suicide path and in the process taking some innocent lives along with them. At Zakir Nagar in Okhla, Delhi the whole street is as normal as any other day with meat shops and kebab shops all open with people walking and driving through. These are permanent Chinese viruses in India. There are AIMIM members of the Owaisi Ghetto that rioted and beat up doctors at a hospital in Malegaon, Maharashtra. There was a dozen foreign Jihadis hiding in a mosque in Patna. While Saudi Arabia cleaned up its streets and also Mecca to prevent a large tragedy, the morons in India had no such concern. They were still piling up in mosques or gathering to protest CAA on Sunday during the “Janta Curfew”:
There are, of course, the usual paid Jihadis in the media who find some strange expert from somewhere, call him a “renowned expert” who then pokes holes into ModiSarkar’s efforts in combatting Corona and throws out alarming “apocalypse” figures to create panic and sensationalism. That old mobile dargah specializes in finding such creeps from somewhere who then becomes the darling of others like Rahul Kanwal. And having thrown their mud for a couple of days, they disappear just as fast:
These Islamists, Jihadis and media goons like Barkha, Kanwal and other Muslim-Gang rioters, particularly, like Rana Ayyub, Arfa Khanum, Saba Naqvi etc are “poisoners” of their gangs and keep them on boil with fake victimhood and the incentive to indulge in violence. But ModiSarkar encourages them too. The Shaheen Bagh nonsense shouldn’t have gone beyond a week at the most. But ModiSarkar allowed it to linger because Amit Shah and BJP wanted to bake their political “Rotis” on that hot “Tawa”. It backfired and the mess finally led to communal riots and loss of lives. The Jihadis were itching for a confrontation – right from JNU, Jamia down to NE Delhi and Shaheen Bagh but ModiSarkar gave the fuel for their flame. A Jihadi moron at Jamia failed 15 of his students because they supported CAA. The nation is at war. The enemy is a virus that threatens to create a contagion and cause deaths randomly. In the midst of all this, media morons continue to fish for has-been idiots who want to sermonize on economic issues. Raghuram Rajan is a horrible, corrupt ex RBI Governor who presided over the loot of Indian banks along with Congress. And he keeps dancing around Indian media instead of finding the teacher’s job he wanted abroad:
If you are not serving a customer or someone who is a likely patient, then serve someone who is indeed serving such a customer. That was the driving customer-service principle of SAS. Instead, criminals in media try to throw as many spanners in the works with pathetic India-haters as their guests rather than being of any help.

All these media jerks are also permanent Chinese viruses. They eat into the body of India and try to cause regular damage. ModiSarkar is not only unwilling to combat this epidemic, they have left it too late in the day to deal with these viruses. Having committed crimes from Wuhan that infected and killed many in the world, China is now buying out journos in Indian media and whole media houses to cover up its crimes. Drug peddlers like NDTV and ThePrint are now juggling words and sentences to somehow paint the crimes of the Chinese govt as some sort of unintentional incident and China cannot be held responsible for it. The crimes of China are also being ably covered up by that criminal WHO Head Dr Tedros. It may have been unintentional but the damage caused by China is too heavy and too serious. And China now does business in selling medical equipment to some affected nations, thus making another killing out of the tragedy.

How this virus entered India and infect so many is anybody’s guess. But it seems obvious that Indians returning from Wuhan or from the Middle East to Kerala/TN are the main culprits. Many of them identified as carriers escaped the quarantine and started mingling with their hometown population. And that is why, at a time like this, viruses like Barkha or Kanwal peddling some Rajan or Ramanan is uncalled for. The worst of these viruses has to be the sociopath moron Rahul Gandhi. With zero brains and zero knowledge about anything, this guy shoots off his mouth on anything with the clamour of a bull with its tail on fire:
In a tweet, this criminal virus Pappu quoted an account of some Kamna Kakkar who claimed to be a doctor from Rohtak, Haryana. In wild abuse, she claimed Modi was subjecting her to death without masks and other medical supplies in handling Corona suspects. RahulG grandly quoted this fraudster and made a grand Tamasha of it. Turns out the whole account and its claims were a fraud and the account were promptly deleted when exposed. There is a battle with Corona and the Chinese virus but India has a lot of other viruses that Modi has been constantly ignoring. They keep destroying the body of India silently and continuously. Unfortunately for the PM, the Corona epidemic is a medical challenge and a war. It is not some political opponents that he has to defeat. If he fails, he will have a big problem on his hand. But for all good reasons people want him to win. And if he does, he must then find the spine and courage to handle the other Chinese viruses constantly abusing the body of India.

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