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Monday, November 12, 2018

Courting Disastus

Eliot Ness was a Prohibition Enforcement Agent who was assigned to take down mass-murderer and top Bootlegger Al Capone. His team couldn’t put Capone away for murders or prohibition laws. They finally put him away for tax evasion. At the end of the movie “The Untouchables” based on those events, a reporter who constantly tags along with Ness’s team asks him “They say they’re going to repeal prohibition, what will you do then”? Ness replies: “I think I ‘ll have a drink”. The US was fairly quick to realise that silly acts like Prohibition or Bans don’t work with people. The govt’s job is to make laws, regulate and implement. Theirs is not to sermonise and moralise people. It is more so with Courts.

It is not the business of courts to moralise,
sermonise or regulate behaviour of masses.
The Courts are part of the law enforcement
system and NOT law-making bodies
 or institutions that issue Bans.
Judges cannot cross their limits

This is particularly so because we have a Constitution and legislative bodies. The role of each is not ambiguous at all. Last year, the SC came out with a most absurd ban on liquor shops within 500 metres of all highways across India. It seems, judges are either totally disconnected with the ground or are totally oblivious to the behaviour of a “reasonable man”. All our laws are primarily based on the behaviour of “reasonable men”. Therefore, how the common sense of the reasonable escapes well qualified judges needs some understanding. Here’s a guy in Kerala who came up with the most outrageous idea to dodge the 500m ban:
Even if others don’t have the kind of land that this Kerala guy had, how in hell is the SC going to stop someone drinking and driving on a highway. On any highway, at some interval there is a small town and a detour of about 1-2 kms into the town and one can buy liquor and stock up. This 500m thing is certainly not going to stop any drunken driving on highways. What is needed is regular, random inspections and strict punishments. And that is the job of the govt and SC has no role or accountability to ensure that the 500m reduces drunken driving on highways. Judges are not cops and they aren’t law-makers either. This issue should have been left to the State govts to legislate and regulate. But our Courts seem to have consistently usurped unlimited and unaccountable authority over many issues that shouldn’t involve them at all. And if you look at drunk-driving accidents in India, compared to other countries, it is 5% of the total number of accidents. So, these judgements are not borne out by some alarming statistics. The whims of a trigger-happy PIList becomes the basis for court rulings than the considered wisdom and debate by elected legislators:
From Dahi Handi to Jallikattu to Sabarimala and many other temples, the courts have been behaving like Big Brother to a large population. The recent absurdity of Diwali crackers to be exploded only between 8 and 10pm was among the most ridiculous that one has heard. How does one enforce such a restriction? I saw a video on Twitter where people burst a long stretch of crackers:
You don’t have to observe very closely to note that the video is shot in daylight and not at 8pm. The SC has been frequently bombarded by few vested interests, especially of the Lutyens Tabela, bring in some PIL and the SC gladly admits it and then passes a judgement for the whole country. Diwali crackers alone are not the only cause of pollution which is a year-round problem in some places like Delhi. And Diwali crackers don’t go beyond 2 days and nights. Delhi is a land-locked place with excessive other polluters and someone rightly pointed out the folly of the SC in translating the problem of Sick Delhi to the whole of India without a deeper thought into it:
Whether it is the Courts, the Politics or the Media – life and everything about India is nothing beyond Delhi is what it seems. And a band of criminal lawyers gang up and regularly bomb the SC with useless PILs which do not merit SC’s attention. Even so, why should SC be the first option? SC itself is burdened with cases and should simply direct petty PILs to State HCs. Take a look at some of the consistently absurd rulings which not only depict a woeful irony but alarming hypocrisy:
Firstly, a “Bar” is conventionally taken as a liquor bar and not otherwise even if there are other outlets calling themselves a “Bar”; like a “Snack bar”. So why should SC comment on dance bars without liquor being “absurd”? All it needed to rule was that bars can also have dancers and nothing more. Not just that, SC goes on to sermonise that the State govt’s mentality is “absolutely regressive by centuries”. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Supposing I don’t support bars with dancers I would be considered “regressive”? This is avoidable moralising. The Ayodhya case to be regularly heard from February 2018. Suddenly, it has now been shifted to January 2019. Mind you, the January 2019 schedule is ONLY to fix the hearing dates and not the hearing itself.

And then, protests at Sabarimala “not acceptable”. Is there a list of protests that are acceptable? Protests are integral to a democracy. In earlier cases, protesters have BARGED into temples like Shani Shingnapur – the courts didn’t have a problem with that. In contrast, supporting ISIS ideology is not anti-India. How is that so? Just because there is no law specifically outlawing ISIS? The ISIS is against the entire humanity and has plans to eliminate anyone and everyone not accepting its ideology. How is someone supporting such an ideology not welcoming them to conquer India? The biggest of wars inviting enemies start with small seeds and not bombastic blast of Bofors-like guns. And there is a tinge of hypocrisy too. Bakri-slaughter on terraces is acceptable but selling firecrackers in residential areas are not. By what yardstick? Is it okay to see blood going down from terrace to street or compound? Or the stench of flesh and bones is tolerable? While merely selling crackers is unacceptable? Hard to understand, really.

The SC in the past has stated “Bail, not jail” should be the principle in most cases. However, over 1000 protesters arrested in the Sabarimala protests were not given bail. This, when the SC directly hears bail petition of top scamsters or for permissions to go abroad. Even a serial rapist like Bishop Franco has been given bail without the slightest protest from the Kerala govt. The rich and influential, like Teesta, get bail over phone calls and video-conferencing way past the working hours of court. And in recent cases of urban naxals SC also stated “Dissent is the safety valve in a democracy”. So, what happened to the right to dissent of the Sabarimala protesters? Every court, every judge seems to interpret cases and laws in his or her own manner without seeking a “fair and consistent” approach to petitions. And the “safety valve” of courts explodes to the skies when their propriety in hearing some cases is frowned upon. Sometime back, four SC judges (including the current CJI) ran to the media to express their “Dissent” against ethical practice norms of the SC.

Justice Murlidhar of Delhi HC seems to have heard the bail or arrest-stay of urban naxal Gautam Navlakha at 6am in the morning. He denied arrest to the Maharashtra police because their mumbo-jumbo was written in Marathi. I don’t find that reasoning justified. All police forces write FIRs and warrants in the state language. They explain the cause for arrest while arresting a person and later a lawyer can get help in making the translation. This by itself cannot be a reason to refuse custody to the police. Vivek Agnihotri who serialised the issues relating to the case and the judge’s wife being associated with Navlakha in some manner has earned him a contempt notice:
I believe, given his wife’s association with Navlakha, Justice Murlidhar shouldn’t have heard the case and should have recused himself as the pic on the right shows the SC views. Do ordinary men and women get the kind of privileged treatment that Navlakha, Yakub Memon, Teesta Setalvad, Rapist Franco etc get? NEVER! The speed at which any petition by P. Chidambaram, Karti and many rich and influential people get heard is simply mind boggling. Justice is Blind they say. May be, but I don’t believe judges are blind. Hindus have singularly been at the receiving end for all their practices. If at all reforms are needed, these are to be done by govts through community interactions and not by courts. Judges cannot cross their limitsas former SC judge M. Katju rightly points out in a ruling by the SC itself:
PC is publicly viewed as a fraudster and the “Father of black money”. Almost all the judges know that the ED or CBI is chasing PC in many cases and also his son Karti. Some months back PC also applied for anticipatory bail fearing arrest. Consequent to raids, PC had moved a petition in the SC begging for his privacy and right to dignity. And some of these cases are now over a year old. Knowing all this, why would the current CJI Ranjan Gogoi not mind being seated next to a criminally charged politician? Sometimes, being invited to the same event as a criminal does happen but, surely, you would still have the privilege of not being seated next to a person being pursued by law and having friendly chats with him. What message does this send to the public:

All said and done, courts and judges must not interfere in territory that belongs to the Executive and the legislators. For India, Parliament is the supreme law-making body and not the SC. Courts cannot decide when you should burst crackers, who should be allowed entry to a Hindu temple practicing historical traditions or the height of Dahi Handi. Such frivolous petitions deserve to be dismissed and petitioners asked to seek remedies from the govt. The SC can also politely direct govts to make suitable laws to address important public issues but it cannot become the law-maker itself.

The nation-wide defiance of the silly “Cracker-Hours” is an insult to the SC itself. The drinker will find a liquor shop even at 2am in the night. The judges should travel some highways and visit “Total Service Dhabas” to understand how highways and the trucker-life works. The making of laws rests with the govts and the police have the responsibility of enforcing such laws. The SC is supposed to protect the people from the tyranny of govts, criminal laws like 66A and their fundamental freedoms. When they were really challenged, the judges of SC simply folded up and gave into a dictator in 1975:
People don’t live in courtrooms. The SC should be or probably is clear that the consistently increasing petitions on social issues are only against Hinduism and Hindu practices. The Sabarimala petition was brought in by some who are not even Hindus and the first attempts to use the SC order were not Hindus. They were Muslim or Christian women. The SC did not bother to check with women groups who are greatly in support of the historical and traditional practice of Sabarimala whose deity is a bachelor. The media carries out stupid “Right to pray” campaigns. Such a Right does not automatically imply “Right to entry”. Even hotels and clubs have the Right of admission reserved, so does the deity of a temple who is there for certain beliefs and practices. From Jallikattu to Dahi Handi to Diwali crackers and Sabarimala – the SC should realise people are defying its orders. Such laws are best made by govts by taking into confidence those directly affected or involved.

In reality, Hindus themselves had voluntarily toned down the purchase and use of crackers over the last 3 decades. They have also reduced their expense on it. But when a BAN is dictated by “Courts, people see it as an assault on their religion, freedoms and therefore will go any length to defy it. Stupid govts who arrested people over crackers should hang their heads in shame, they are courting Disastus.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Aurangzeb Alive & Kicking

The Somnath Temple in Gujarat was ravaged and looted many times over. In 1947, when it was decided to restore the temple, Sardar Patel and KM Munshi discussed it with MK Gandhi. Gandhi agreed to the idea but laid a condition that no public funds should be used for the restoration. Not a big problem that. Hindus are known to donate generously for temples. Cut to this century and you have someone like Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra CM, bragging about building 1000 mosques with your money. He has also promised to build a Grand Mosque in the new capital of Amravati.

A battle or war is waged in multiple ways. The most common one we know is a military battle with weapons or surgical strikes. Such wars are not so common now and sensible countries avoid wars at all costs. Consistent losers in such wars have now resorted to terrorism as their strategy because they cannot win a conventional war. The bigger war being waged is now political, economical and psychological. Unknown to the public, the media in India bombarded citizens with the “Taimur” nonsense to “sensitise” them to the name of a mass-murderer being a normal thing. Back then, I called it the “Taimur Psychowar”.

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan executed a similar economical and psychological warfare against the Soviets. He strangled their economy which had failed under Brezhnev and later Mikhail Gorbachev had no option but to relent and the USSR collapsed. Reagan is not solely responsible for the downfall of USSR, it was the utter failure of the inhuman doctrine of communism that failed and that became evident to everyone everywhere. BUT, it still survives in India and there are many “useful idiots” who are still useful to Pakistan, ISI or enemies of the nation. Historically, the murderous Turks and Mughal invaders, with Islam as their guiding light, destroyed many countries and wanted to destroy India and Hinduism as well. Later on, the British continued that unfinished business. The Mughals are gone, the British are gone but there are many who continue that agenda. They cannot win a violent war or economic battle with the Hindus anymore – their greatest weapons are politics and the courts.

Aurangzeb too had his percentage share in ravaging and looting the Somnath Temple. He is long gone. There are now morons who are glorifying Aurangzeb as a great man. The agenda of this mass-murderer, destroyer of Hindu culture, traditions, temples, festivals is now carried out cleverly through the spirits of Aurangzeb through some political parties, vested interests and courts, including the Supreme Court. The SC order on Sabarimala is among the worst interferences in the practices of a Hindu temple. Hindus are not a uniform lot when it comes to religion and practice of their traditions and rituals. They are a “composite” amalgamation of thousands of deities, temples, rituals and practices unlike Islam or Christianity. Quite shamelessly, the courts have repeatedly proved that they do not have any uniformity or fairness in administering law and justice. Take serial rapist Bishop Franco:
Franco is released on bail and comes out and says, it’s a “Miracle”. For a similar crime Asaram was not given bail even though his health was not in great condition. What is different in the case of Franco? The prosecution in Kerala did not oppose his bail plea at all. This is how anti-Hindu govts work. Franco and his goons already were reported for harassing and coercing the nun to withdraw the case. And as soon as he was released, one of the key complainants and witnesses in the case, Fr. Kuriakose, is found dead in mysterious circumstances. I have absolutely no doubt he was murdered.

Bogus arrests and holding people for long years without bail is another thing the court is blind to. The cases of Sadhvi Pragya or Col. Purohit are not news to anyone anymore. Both have claimed severe torture in custody and for that itself their cases should have been quashed by the courts. But there are Aurangzebs everywhere who help the anti-Hindu cause. The Aurangzebs in Congress start it, the Aurangzebs in courts gleefully support the bogus cases.

There is a strange obsession with our judges and courts with Hindu temples, practices and rituals. They have become part of a larger Aurangzeb that politically, economically and psychologically seeks to dent Hindu culture. Sometime back, there was the case of the Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra. The HC in that case allowed entry of women in the temple even when there was never a bar against such entry. Later on, the temple was taken over by the govt of Devendra Fadnavis to manage it better. Seriously? Stupid, inefficient govts that cannot run their own business properly will run temples more efficiently? As IDIOTIC as it can get! It’s not better management, it’s the economic and financial loot that politicians seek from these popular temples. One of the outcomes of the Sabarimala stupidity was that donations went down and I am certain; remove the hundis from all the major temples, Aurangzebs like Dev Fadnavis or Naidu would not be interested in running temples:
In the Sabarimala case, the SC, in all its wisdom, heard many parties, non-Hindu lawyers and even experts on the rationale behind barring entry of women of 10 to 50 age group. Surprisingly, the SC never bothered to check with mass groups of Hindu women devotees on what they thought about it. Even ordinarily, Hindu women don’t do Puja or visit temples during menstruation. On social media, many women have been protesting the petition on Sabarimala with the hashtag #ReadyToWait. Faith is not driven by mere rationale and logic. And even there, the SC is not consistent in rationale and logic as we shall see later.

The SC also grandly intervenes in stuff like height of Dahi Handi or threads used in kite-flying or Diwali crackers and even milk used in temples. Are these really the issues that a Supreme Court should be addressing? And who are the people bring such petitions to the SC? Not devotees and sometimes not even Hindus. Even so, at the most the SC should either ask them to petition the related State govt or State HC. NOTHING! SC straightaway starts ruling on such issues without relevant sense of emotions on the ground and most of these rulings are impossible to enforce:
Faith does not always follow rationale or logic. Often times, it follows Belief and Emotions. And I would emphasise that Hindu practices are far more reasonable and rational than the practices of the Desert Cults. The SC ruling on Jallikattu also had no effect. People stop respecting the SC if it acts like a tool of Aurangzebs who are against every practice and rituals of Hindu culture. The SC seems absolutely ignorant of this plot or is part of the plot. The temples that many petitions are filed against for certain practice are located in different states and have historically existed with various practices. It is understandable if an extremely unsocial practice or illegal practice is struck down. Besides, many of these temples are private trusts and not govt property. The “Right to Pray” as morons like Arnab of Republic TV blabber is not the same as “Right to entry”. Even hotels, clubs, restaurants have boards that clearly say “Right of admission reserved”. The anti-Hindus don’t speak for the deities of any temple. Therefore, it is the sworn duty of the courts and judges to speak for those who cannot speak.

The Sabarimala practice was not historically drawn to discriminate against women. Almost all temples in India allow women and there has never been a question about it. In fact, women among Hindus are bigger devotees than men. In case of Sabarimala, the very entity that forms the deity being a Celibate prevents a woman of child-bearing category to be excluded. This being a CONDITIONAL bar, does not automatically translate to a total ban on all women. The Aurangzebs want to insult and humiliate the deity, Ayyappa of Sabarimala, as one more destruction of Hindu beliefs and practices. And the SC has become a willing accomplice of Aurangzeb. Well, the dead Aurangzeb destroyed temples physically, the currently LIVING Aurangzebs are destroying the philosophy and spirit of the temples. This assault on Hindu temples and practices is not an accident – it is a definite choregraphed, orchestrated and well-funded operation.

Fortunately, many Hindus are now waking up to it and the protests at Sabarimala showed that they will brook interference in Hindu customs anymore. The pathetic filth that passes as CM of Kerala, Piniyari Vijayan, went to extreme to state that the Pujaris of Sabarimala indulge in prostitution. Like USSR, I wait for the day when Commie Pigs in India are thrown out of public life completely. Their very existence in the country is a massive heap of garbage that must be burned to the sky. In the same state of Kerala, three years ago, the SC, with the help of Amicus Curiae Gopal Subramaniam, ordered the then CAG, Vinod Rai, to audit the Padmanabha Swamy temple. Here is what turned out from that inquiry:
Vinod Rai reported 769 pots of gold worth 186 crores were missing. Probably STOLEN! And you think Aurangzeb is dead? No, Aurangzeb is pretty much alive and kicking and still looting temples. The SC is blind to such crimes and it is helpless in concluding a prosecution of the criminals because it has no means or power to do so. The protection of the wealth of Hindu temples is best left to Hindu management by devotees and not a “Cocktail” of Chrislamist Babus who work on such boards lately. The SC has simply become an emotional VICTIM of useless PILs and petitions that it chooses to rule on without the inherent power to enforce them over a vast population. Let us not ignore the hypocrisy of the SC itself. Seven years ago, SC pointed out that Centre changed personal laws of only Hindus. How is SC any different? They are quick to rule against Hindu practices but when it comes to Muslims, they get scared, they quickly refer it to the GOI for an “opinion”:
The SC seeks rationale and logic in behaviour when it comes to Faith and the Believers and Devotees. Let me honestly ask the SC judges – what exactly is the logic or rationale behind its latest order of firecrackers to be burst only between 8pm and 10pm? It is one the absurdist rulings that nobody is going to respect and nobody will be able to enforce. Diwali is celebrated differently in different regions. Some do a Puja and burst firecrackers in the morning, some continue into the night, some have a Hindu New Year the next day and burst crackers from 3am in the morning to celebrate. How in hell can someone keep a watch on all this? Additionally, the SC allowed crackers at midnight for Christmas and Christian New Year. Has the SC ever asked for proof of Jesus being born on the midnight of December 25? No! Even Vatican priests laugh at the idea of Jesus being born at midnight on December 25, they say it’s all just nonsense to keep the Faithful indulged. I have a record of such a Vatican priest too.

The SC even entertains bail pleas directly – PC, KartiPC, Teesta, Tharoor and some more. Where in the world does an SC directly entertain bail pleas? Are the lower courts so incompetent that SC has to hear bail pleas DIRECTLY? To summarise, the more I see it, the more I see Aurangzebs in different formats still attacking Hindus and temples. They are in NGOs, in politics, in Govt, in Judiciary and everywhere. Even PM Modi had aided them with the nonsense of “Ek haath Guran, Ek haath Phantom”. Fortunately, he has stopped this chant for quite some time now. And given that Hindus are now more aware, more defiant of attacks on their culture, I am hopeful Aurangzeb will die a more gory death than he did last time.