Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poisoning Kids - 2

Please read the first part of “Poisoning Kids” before proceeding, in case you haven’t already read it.

Just before I-Day in August 2016, a school in Allahabad banned the national anthem forcing the principal and a group of teachers to quit. In a previous case, the principal of a Madrasa in Kolkata was beaten up and sacked for teaching students the national anthem. He was beaten up by neighbouring Muslim goons for not being a “proper Muslim” and singing the anthem. The principal had appealed to the “Islamic Govt” of Mamata Banerjee but got no justice. These are reports that came out in the public but we do not know how many such instances in schools do not see the light of the day. My guess is there might be many. Where the subjects of history and civics are concerned, schools have been grounds for poisoning young minds with hatred, contempt for India and prolonged continuation of fake and bogus history.

At an institute where I was recently invited to speak to a student-group I was informed that a senior faculty member objected to my presence and my lecture. The reason given was “he is a right-winger and communal”. It appears that Commie Pigs believe the right to speak or the freedom of expression is purely and solely theirs – to abuse Hindus, to abuse the country, shout anti-national slogans and spread contempt for our democracy. I don’t believe I am a “right winger” but even if I were to be one, what exactly is wrong about that? And how does that make me communal? Only because I am a Hindu and I speak and write about Hindu issues? This is a virus that Commies have spread deep into Indian society and, particularly, Indian education system. Kamlesh Tiwari was jailed in UP for comments against Mohammad but the frequent abuse of Lord Ram or other Hindu icons are secular and fall under FOE. This guy, a former IAS officer, believes he has the right to slap Ram with his slippers:

And the guy justifiably carries the “Gandhi” name and being a former IAS officer you can imagine how deep the rot of anti-Hindu tirade and sentiments run. While ModiSarkar is grappling fairly successfully with many other problems, it turns a blind-eye to this hatred for Hindus. We have had a bunch of nincompoops as HRD ministers who refuse to attend to historic crimes in education and are dancing happily over the discriminatory RTE law.

The most disturbing thing has to be the continuation of the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) as part of history in school books. This myth and hoax created by westerners and endorsed and entrenched by our Commies needs urgent correction. This hoax was meant to create an Aryan-Dravidian divide and to justify the Westerners bogus logic that India had been occupied by invading forces for eons. Despite this myth being disproved many times over, the Commies ask “what is the proof AIT is a hoax”? Some reading here, here, and here might help but that is only academic. There are hundreds of other sites based on research that debunk the AIT. While the Commies ask what’s the proof AIT is a hoax, nobody ever asked them what’s the proof that the AIT is fact.

The great scientist Richard Feynman had a great answer to the test of theories. He stated that a theory maybe born out of insight, research or imagination but the next step is testing it and proving it right. And he went to state that merely because a theory is not proved wrong, does not make it right. For a theory to be accepted it must be tested and proved right. The nonsense of AIT has never been tested and has never been proved to be right and, therefore, on that grounds itself it has to be rejected. Even so, researchers have provided abundant evidence that AIT is nonsense created by Westerners and Commies and perpetrated on indigenous Indians to divide them into races.

But now, we have gone on to even worse crimes in schools. Other than banning national anthem or banning “Vande Mataram” kids are being poisoned with extreme nonsense of religious conversion. This from a book in a Kerala school has to horrify parents and sensible people across the board:

Suppose your friend has decided to become a Muslim? What names s/he should acquire? This is the crap being taught in schools? And there are other schools where Bible is now part of the text books in social science. Many schools have become the playgrounds of contempt for Hinduism and Hindus. Girls are punished for sporting a “Bindi” or colleges don’t allow students to celebrate Holi or some Hindu festival. Systematically, Hindu kids are being taught to nurture contempt for their own religion, culture and traditions. And this is further aided by Bollywood crap and TV shows. This has reached alarming proportions and ModiSarkar cannot afford to sleep on it anymore. We have textbooks glorifying unethical characters like Barkha or chapters written by fraud-stars like Teesta Setalvad about the 2002 riots. And there are biographies of Pappu with Q&A on the duffer. Such is the filth and poison being fed to children.

So what is the answer? I believe the following measures are now inevitable:

# We need an Education Minister separate from the HRD ministry. The HRD ministry has proven incompetent and incapable of handling educational issues.
# As it is for movies, there should be a Central Board of School Text Books which should certify publication and use of books in schools – both by private publishers and govt publishers. This cannot be left to NCERT anymore as it is no more than a bunch of Hindu-hating Commies.
# ModiSarkar must find the courage to modify the RTE to eliminate discriminate against Hindus and against schools run by Hindu-management.

Finally, the burden of removing the poison from the heads of young minds falls on the parents. Kids normally put immense trust in their teachers. If a parent corrects a bad spelling or sentence kids even react with “No… my teacher said so and she must be correct”. But Hindu parents must still take interest and ensure their kids learn true Hindu culture and traditions and our great history. Many of our schools glorify Mughal murderers or are “Jesus salesmen” in disguise. Young minds are like sponges that absorb the filth that such schools pour into their heads. Although ModiSarkar has a serious responsibility on its hands, un-poisoning kids can no more be left to govts. Like “Buyers Beware” it is now “Parents Beware”.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Threat To Arnab

Things have gotten way out of hand in the war against Pak terrorists. We have the usual suspects in the media whose hearts don’t stop bleeding for the rogue state. They want relations with Pak at all costs. It doesn’t matter how many of our Jawans or civilians get killed. Add to that the treacherous lot of Bollywood who are hell-bent on Islamising Bollywood in some form or the other. It has come to a stage that anyone speaking up against Pak-terror would now be a target for the terrorists. Arnab Goswami of Timesnow may be hyper at most times but his heart is in the right place when it comes to India. His strong takes against Pakistan and terrorist-supporting media would have to come with a price.

Timesnow enjoys a very large lead over other English channels like NDTV, CNN18 and IndiaToday. What is alarming is that the ones targeting Arnab and making him a terror-target are none other than his own peers in the media. The ugliest comments have been made about him from people like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose and others like Shekhar Gupta. This is not stopping at merely articles and tweets in India but has now taken a dangerous turn where Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep have taken their bitterness right across the world and to even Pak TV channels. Watch these two videos:

Rajdeep ranting on Pak TV

Barkha ranting at Brown University

Barkha calls it “Hashtag hysteria” and Rajdeep implicitly refers to Timesnow as a War-room. Both behaving like disgruntled naxals. Such fuelling of hatred against an Indian channel and anchor in foreign media and outlets is shameful to say the least. Barkha doesn’t even need a hashtag to be hysterical at all times. The only way to describe her redundant journalism is “mindless hysteria”. And Rajdeep, who has been reduced to a quiz-joker, is simply unable to cope with his failures and his fall in the public eye. Both these discredited and fallen people are posing a threat to those in Indian media who hold opposing views.

It is now being reported that Arnab will get Y category security with 20 guards after receiving threats from Pak terrorists. It is shameful that Barkha and Rajdeep, in particular, have unwittingly fuelled hatred for a patriotic Indian. Whether they agree with Arnab or not, to portray him as a war-mongering villain on Pak TV or with foreign audiences is simply not done. These crass rants of discredited journalists like Rajdeep and Barkha are now posing serious threats to Indian society itself. Long back I had written “Terror Support Services” for the very fact that most of the Indian media actually nurtures and fuels terrorism by their bogus and unwarranted defence of Pakistan and endless rants about peace and dialogue no matter what. It doesn’t come as any shock or surprise to me that Arnab is now facing threats as I had estimated in September that the rants of Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika and others in the media will provoke and fuel dangers to Arnab:

The GOI now needs to observe those in the media spreading poison in India that fuels terror threats to public figures. I have little doubts that the so called peace-mongers in media and elsewhere (like Bollywood) have a lot in stake in Pakistan to be behaving like anti-nationals posing a threat to their own citizens. Should something happen to Arnab or should an attack on him happen we know who exactly are responsible.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Media Bullies

A couple of days ago Sushma Swaraj trashed a columnist (Coomi Kapoor) for writing bogus gossip and trash about her. I guess the growing irrelevance of many media persons has left them floundering on what to do with their petty jobs. The junkets and free lunches are gone. The Golgappas are gone. The waltz through the corridors of power is gone. Even Ahmed Patel is gone from those corridors. And the hitjobs on ModiSarkar and his ministers keep on coming. Of course, some ministers of ModiSarkar deserve a fair share of blame for sucking up to these same media morons almost every single day and in over 2 years of govt, the BJP does not really have a strategy on altering public discourse.

Be that as it may, the fraudulent media has gone beyond mere politically-coloured reporting and falsehoods to tinkering with national security itself. The formidable support for Pakis, their terrorists, the Kashmir terrorists and Paki creeps in Bollywood has stood them naked far more than ever before. Take a look at this Commie deprived of any intelligence (a qualification for being a journo I suppose):

Some media guy in Pak is being harassed for his reports but this Jacob of CNN18 behaves as if the Indian govt is no different and is whining like a victim. He finds false equivalence in general to target GOI when other than Indira Gandhi no govt has ever throttled media. Yes, these anti-Hindu poodles do live in “troubled times” having lost all the crumbs thrown at them by the previous Congress govt. They now have to “earn” their food and thus flows their contempt for everything about India or the GOI even when it concerns an enemy. In fact, the BJP govt has been extremely “tolerant” of the filth most of the MSM throws at them.

It is in the context of Pakistan, terrorism and Manohar Parrikar’s admission that there were security lapses in Uri which cost lives in the terror attack which raises some questions about ModiSarkar and its policies with some media folks freely roaming around army camps, LOC and conflict zones. This becomes all the more prominent when a known Paki-sympathiser and Wani-type terrorist-sympathiser like Barkha Dutt is allowed a free run at army camps, conflict zones, LOC and around our key security locations. She has a history of bogus reporting like a Bollywood actress on fire, including her histrionics during the 26/11 carnage. That was one of her most shameful moments other than the Kargil reporting which is still surrounded by controversies. Take a look at the embedded hatred in the tweets when she deliberately communalises an attack to protect ISI or Pak terrorists:

In reality, her only sources are her “Alice in Wonderland” imagination or some silly “Ankit from IIT” based on which she concocts and tweets garbage all the time from or about conflict zones and terrorism. That she glorified Burhan Wani was a cue even Pak PM Nawaz Sharif took and hailed him as a great leader at the UN. Then there is her great “Commander” called Hafiz Saeed who was all praises for her work in Kashmir. And when Hafiz “Saab” praises some reporter it should leave no doubt whose work she indirectly facilitates. There are a number of cases where she has leaked information stupidly and GOI had even issued a notice to NDTV over the Pathankot attacks in January 2016 because of her irresponsible reporting. Post the Uri attacks there have been at least 3 more terror attacks in Kashmir. And this woman goes around tweeting and reporting from sensitive zones as if she’s on a picnic doing a song and dance with soldiers with some Bollywood “Item girl”:

She moves around with electronic gadgets, cameras and stuff and in this day and age there is enough technology to locate her silly movements and those of the Jawans. By some strange coincidence after her tweets on the Chenab river being a possible terrorist route, some terrorists seem to have taken the river-route in the recent incident at the EDI building:

Apparently, the GOI is sleeping or someone in the GOI is deliberately allowing this woman to walk around and have access to these sensitive locations. I suspect either a senior minister or a senior Babu is allowing this farcical crap to continue. The nation faces a serious terror threat and sensitive areas should be the last ones to be seen on TV. Others who watched her show on the “Borderline” nonsense even remarked that she asked silly questions to Jawans about their hours of duty, their shift timings and so on. For whose benefit are these dumb questions? This is not peace time on the LOC for such stories on TV. Obviously, Hafiz Saeed & Co. would be delighted to hear such stories from their “sources” in India. It is shameful that the GOI allows this criminal farce to continue and there is no doubt our soldiers are the ones who will end up paying a price:

A couple of news sites like Satyavijayi and PostcardNews inferred through other reports that the manner of recent terror strikes (3 in 20 days after the Uri attack) may be linked to the reports and tweets of Barkha and many of us have tweeted the report and questioned the wisdom of GOI allowing “Story-tellers” near conflict zones. As is her wont, Barkha immediately threatened a woman (Amrita Bhinder) on Twitter for merely tweeting one of the articles. She warned of criminal defamation case as if anybody cares two hoots for her silly threats. Only a coward issues such threats:

Barkha would do well to remember the international-thrashing she got for her frivolous reporting of 26/11 and her threats against Chaitanya Kunte. And then, playing “Cabinet-broker” in the infamous Radiagate scandal, she washed herself clean with her own clean chits. Vinod Mehta has written in his autobiography that she begged Arun Jaitley not to bring up her name in Radiagate in the Parliament. In any other democracy she would be behind bars for Cabinet-brokering, which incidentally is illegal in India. After such serious offences she has the gall to threaten ordinary folks with defamation as if anybody gives a damn about her threats. She has to realise that playing victim has a price and I am sure she knows the rotten reports she peddles. If she ever does sue someone she would also be well aware of the muck of her bogus journalism that would come out in the open.

In a recent talk with students I was asked why would these people bother when they have earned a good pile of money. The answer is simple – Their loss of power and relevance hurts them more. Barkha and some of her clan have reached levels of insanity and frustration in their doldrums and end up pouring scorn on ordinary people. Their filth is exposed bare almost every single day on Twitter. There are other media tyrants like her who are now cowering in some corner and even ranting at employers of individuals on the SM. Such is their desperation.

Nobody cares what Barkha does anymore. She Rajdeep and their Hammam are as naked as it can possibly get. That they spread lies about the GOI, their anti-national stands, Pak-pimping is also not a mountain anyway. They talk what money makes them talk. It is the GOI that should now protect our borders and security zones from those who are likely to put our soldiers at most risk. As for Barkha, her cowardice and hypocrisy cannot be better explained than her own stupid tweet about Pakis in Bollywood:

Barkha should learn it is not courage to pick on ordinary folks on SM and not threaten them like a COWARD. If you have guts, pick on the news sites. Even better than that, sue Arnab Goswami for calling out your treachery, pseudo-secularism and whining for Burhan Wani instead of ranting and whining on Twitter and Facebook. Else go fly a kite. Media bullies will not be tolerated any more than the terrorists of Pakistan or their sympathisers in India.