Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gandhi Bumps

David Headley came to India as a visitor. He found the best joker to guide him through hot spots in Mumbai – a Patsy who is the son of Mahesh Bhatt. The outcome of his recon is now well known. The Congis seem to have learned something from David Headley – Recon! They have also learned how to “organize accidents” from him.

I was in Montenegro 90 years ago. The place is what one would call idle bliss. When I was there I didn’t discover the beauty, the hills, the seaside and all that. It is located next to what is now called Kosovo. Since I missed all those spots we now have the benefit of someone who went for a “Recon” to Montenegro. Here’s a post card from heaven by AM Singhvi:
Hmmm! What was AMS doing in Montenegro? Obviously, he tells you how the place is for tourism and so you can assume he was there as a tourist. That tweet is from June 20. Around the same time street-thug Rajdeep Sardesai had also rushed to Montenegro to interview Lalit Modi, the former IPL guy. To me the whole IPL is a crime scene and every politician and businessman associated with it is a partner in the crime. So AMS was vacationing? Someone got a whiff of what he was probably fixing:
I think I would not be too wrong to estimate AMS was in Montenegro as a “fixer” who was fixing an “organized accident”. An accidental “bump” of the Gandhi-Vadra clan with Lalit Modi. Madhu Kishwar was pretty accurate in her tweet on June 24. On June 26 this is what LM tweeted:
See what I mean? An accidental bump? And he bumped into Robert and Priyanka separately at the same restaurant? It’s like one of those Bollywood movies where three people separated during childhood sing a song they knew from Youngistan and that suddenly unites them. The late Manmohan Desai would have made a movie out of this. Of course, there is that old uncle who taught the kids that song and he is around to remind them to sing it together again:
DLF was the sponsor of IPL during its initial years. So accidents happen. Our media never knows where the Gandhis frequently disappear abroad. But when they are abroad people bump into them accidentally – never in India though. So you have to wonder:
Why not! Our lives would be so drab without lucky coincidences. The question is, the Congress calls LM a “fugitive” yet the top family of the party seeks a meeting with him. I say “seeks” because I am convinced accidents never happen in a perfect world. And the little Gandhi-Vadra family is a perfect world. And I also believe AMS ensured it remains perfect. But suddenly there’s a twist in the tale:
So sources close to Priyanka deny her meeting LM. I wonder what sources India Today is talking about. Maybe they borrowed that AnkitLal from Barkha Dutt – currently the most reliable source for TV channels. And there’s that Johny called Randeep Sujrewala, a Congress spokie, who swore on the Bible with full responsibility:
Laughable jokers! One claims with full responsibility that the Vadras never met LM and the other confirms LM tweet but asks what one can do if someone appears before them. Oh yes! LM suddenly “appeared” before the Vadras like an angel. Hope he blessed the lovely couple. The Vadras bump into an angel from nowhere. The party morons earlier called LM a fugitive so the eternal liar-in-chief jumps in to ask if it is a crime to meet a “fugitive”:
No; there is no crime in meeting LM. It is just that all this clandestine operation wasn’t necessary to make it look like an accidental meeting. But there has to be a motive for all this organized accident. LM has been shooting left and right with scandalous stuff from his IPL diaries and everyone suspects he has juicy stuff on Shashi Tharoor and the Congress and Gandhis too. After all, it was after the Kochi IPL episode that the criminal “sweat equity” to Sunanda Pushkar (who later appeared innocent in the whole deal and paid with her life) that resulted in the hounding of LM and his escape to the UK. And it’s not just the Vadras that LM met. Congress  darling Barkha Dutt confirms he also bumped into the Gandhis – the Chinese Gandhis:
On being asked by someone why BD wasn’t doing any reporting on these clandestine meetings she claimed she had done so by RTing a Rediff article or tweet. That is how much our TV channels and MSM cover up for the Gandhi-Vadra clan. One does not know what went on in these meetings and they do not appear to be “accidents” considering AMS first did a recon and then Madhu Kishwar accurately reported the possible meeting.

We can only make an estimate. And I estimate that the meetings were to beg LM to keep a lid on some secrets of the Gandhi-Vadra family over issues concerning their links to IPL or some funds related to it. The media has completely washed out these meetings without asking a single question. And even if they were to ask any questions the doormats of Congress (Like Diggy or Surjewala) will come up with weird explanations to protect the “family”. They probably fear that if they do report something or ask questions they may have to pay a heavy price. Sonia Gandhi is not known for being kind. They know if she ever came back to power their necks will be on the block. The fear is still palpable. These are what I call Gandhi Bumps – they bump into everyone abroad and they also act as bumps for our media to hold their horses in fear.

PS: I have never been to Montenegro.