Sunday, November 17, 2019

Saving Hindu Temples - 3

Read Part-1 if you haven’t already

In the first part we focused on PM Modi’s approach to Hindu temples and that all the BJP saffron clothing and temple-runs don’t really mean anything to the issue of freeing temples from govt control. Having razed 80 temples in Gandhinagar for public construction, one will naturally ask “what about illegal mosques or dargahs”. Usually, the illegal mosques are within the Muslim ghettos but there might be a few dargahs here and there that obstruct public movement. I could recall only one such case where a dargah had to be demolished in Baroda. And that was quite a ruckus. The 80 Hindu temples were razed during the wee hours of night while everyone was sleeping. So, there were agitations or protests. But in the case of just one dargah in Baroda that had to be demolished, the reaction from Muslims was predictably with violence. This was in 2006 and the police had to resort to firing to quell the mob. Two people were killed and 7 injured in the violence. That is why so many preachers of “peace” just ahead of the Ayodhya verdict.

It is a known fact that where an illegal mosque or dargah comes into question and the encroachment has to be removed, the agitation and associated violence comes like second nature. Hindus don’t react violently where temples are concerned. In 2011, an illegal mosque in Jangpura, Delhi had to be demolished. There were protests, violence and blockade of roads and traffic. That is the expected. But what should stun you is how quickly the Sickulars suck up to Muslims and try to console them with appeasement:
While the demolition and protests happened early in the day, by evening then CM Sheila Dikshit met the hate-mongering Imam Bukhari and reached a “deal” and assured them to rebuild the mosque. Increasingly, our cowardly govts all over give out only one message – ONLY VIOLENCE WORKS when it comes to protecting religious buildings. In Hyderabad, the GHMC wanted to undertake road widening as part of development which involved demolition of some mosques. The GHMC paid 2.5 crore to the illegal encroachers in the mosque as compensation. The Waqf objected to even that because they claimed the land was under them and the mosque shouldn’t have been demolished. Want some more? In Bangalore, a “compound wall” of a mosque was demolished for road-widening only after “consultations” with the Shia community. Such courtesies are never extended to the Hindu community anywhere.

The other great obsession of Indian politicians is eradication of poverty. It started with “Garibi Hatao” from Indira Gandhi and the Congress still chants that slogan. ModiSarkar has lifted more people above poverty line than the Congress did in 50 years and for that PM Modi deserves much credit. But when it comes to media, NGOs and other non-state actors – the first thing they think of when it comes to poverty is “temple funds”:
In a stupid article, the morons of IndiaToday listed 10 Hindu temples whose wealth could eradicate poverty. This included the Golden Temple of the Sikhs. But these same criminals never dare to ask what funds and assets the Muslims, their Waqf boards or the Christians have. The Church of South India (CSI) was conducting its operations in such a manner that the courts deemed it a “Company” and, therefore, company laws will apply to it. The CSI reportedly has assets worth 1 Lakh crore and receipts of 1000 crores periodically. Not one rupee from all this wealth ever goes into any spend for the benefit of the poor or society in general. Devendra Fadnavis govt of Maharashtra has been so stupid on this front that it gave lands at a cheap price to Baba Ramdev and Hema Malini for commercial purposes and then borrowed 500 crores from the Shirdi Temple Trust for projects:
The irony and stupidity of Fadnavis borders on the intolerable. The lands given to Baba Ramdev and Hema Malini, even with discounts, could have easily fetched 500 crores more. And the BRD enterprise is not some poor charitable organisation. Patanjali Ayurved Limited’s assets were worth Rs.32 billion with annual turnover of 10000 crores in March 2018. It’s a limited company and not some charity. So, by what logic did Fadnavis “Gift” land” (reserved for BHEL) to them at dirt-cheap prices? Nobody knows, nobody asks. And the manner in which Fadnavis-govt just went ahead and stole 500 crores from Shirdi Trust is laughable.

The loot of 500 crores for purposes of “irrigation” was proposed by Fadnavis and the approval quickly came from Suresh Haware. Now, who is Suresh Haware? He’s another BJP guy and the Chairman of the Shirdi Trust. How did he get to be the Chairman? Well, he was appointed by the Fadnavis govt in 2016 as Shirdi is under govt control. So, you see, this laughable circle of corruption in looting temples is not merely a Sickular disease. It’s the “Salma-Sabrina” of temple loot. It is one of the main reasons why ModiSarkar or any BJP govt will not let go of govt control of temples. Because they too are looters and some day they hope to be in power in Andhra or another state where massive loot of temples consistently happens. And Ayodhya Ram Mandir will be another Golden Goose when it is finally constructed and ready for devotees.

Hindus are passionately expecting ModiSarkar to free temples from govt control. They live in the delusion that BJP does not loot temples. The only state where the BJP govt wouldn’t dare touch temple funds is Gujarat. And that is the reason I started with the Gujarat model of temple management and Hindu community-strength in the first part. The BJP was nurtured by Hindu money and temple money “voluntarily” by these communities in Gujarat. That is how they grew from a one-state wonder to a national giant now ruling a majority of states. The BJP grew to power mostly on Hindu money from Gujaratis but when they got to other states they have become as Sickular as the Congress or any other Commie party. They don’t do any Sickular acts in Gujarat but in other states they short-change Hindus and give them a rough deal. Hindus pay for the BJP sins in these states. The Fadnavis-govt in particular has been distasteful towards Hindu sentiments:
Graveyard land is allocated next to a temple at Ambernath near Mumbai. Normally graveyards should be located outside normal residence and commercial areas. But allotting a graveyard close to a temple is a terrible act. Then the case goes to court and the courts give further sermons on “Sickularism”. The egg is not the court, the egg is the BJP itself when it comes to closet Sickularism. In the case on the right pic above, someone is collecting donations from the public to stop the building of cemeteries near a 500-year old Ganesh temple in TN. When BJP itself does this, where is the question of the party ever standing up for Hindus? This is the delusion that Hindus must get out of.

ModiSarkar has recently announced that 1800 illegal colonies of slums, involving a population of 50 lakhs, will be regularised. I guess that is to combat the “Devta of Illegals Arvind Kejriwal” in the run-up to Delhi elections next year. All very fine. If you want to make the lives of the poor more liveable, then nobody would bother much. But what about illegal mosques in Delhi? Will they also be regularised? This is not me or some aggrieved Hindu saying it. This is BJP’s own member who has been listing illegal mosques in Delhi:
And BJP MP Parvesh Varma is citing only “West” Delhi. What about other parts of Delhi? Invariably, as these illegal mosques age, they then become regular buildings and as years pass, they become more difficult to remove and will eventually be “regularised” like the 40000 illegal colonies. So, ModiSarkar is not only blind to pleas of freeing Hindu temples from govt control, it is also blind to illegal mosques right under their nose in Delhi. What are you gonna do? Want some more? Here is an interesting ruling from the courts in Rajasthan.

That quoted statement was made by the Rajasthan govt to the HC in 2010. 58000 illegal mosques and temples on govt land. How many have been demolished? I am not aware as I couldn’t find a comprehensive report on the figures. But I can guarantee that a vast majority of these 58000 are definitely mosques. Had they been temples, the govt wouldn’t have hesitated in demolishing them. As city-slickers, we don’t notice much but vast swathes of rural towns across India have mosques springing up all over the place like pimples on a teenager’s face. Whether it’s the Jalgaon-Aurangabad route, Ahmedabad-Udaipur route or Chennai-Bangalore route. The Biryani-town of Ambur between Chennai and Bangalore has become such a ghetto that even police don’t dare to act on crimes in the small town. As recently as this week, Muslims tried to construct another illegal mosque in Bareilly (UP). They had managed to make the “kuchha” structure and put a “Topi” on it but the police intervened in time and locked up the place:
In states where Congress and other Sickulars are running the govt, such illegal constructions abound and nobody stops them. The Christians put up a cross where they find a vacant land, the Muslims put a small masjid or create a Dargah in places where no one is watching. The Ram Mandir issue has been resolved after nearly 500 years of struggle by the Hindus. But it is quite possible the Muslim litigants may seek a review petition as it is not the mosque that they want – it’s their ego and their desire to deny Hindus their holy lands and shrines that drives their leaders. The more despicable disease is that of Muslims, Christians and non-Hindus in the boards of Tirupati or Vaishnodevi Board. These boards are not “clerical” jobs that anyone can fit in. These jobs require a certain amount of devotion to the deity and the devotees they are meant to serve. We should all remember what a terrible mess Azam Khan made of the Kumbh Mela once.

We have understood enough of the problems and enough of the criminal anti-Hindu, anti-temple practices various govts over the last 72 years. We need to focus on how we can get rid of govt from Hindu properties of devotion. That is easier said than done because every govt is greedy and wants to loot temples. But Hindus cannot expect govt to do this, they must do it themselves and we will explore ways to do it.

To be concluded

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Saving Hindu Temples - 2 Ram Returns

Waiting for 500 years to exhale. That’s the feeling I can think of, now that Ram Mandir is now finally a reality at Ayodhya. This is not about the question of Hindus being able to build a temple for Lord Ram at his birthplace. This is not about a victory in courts. This one stroke is like wiping out wounds of ages that the Hindus have carried on their body and heart from centuries of invasion, plunder, destruction of their temples and a general goal of destruction of the Hindu culture itself. Today, Hindus shouldn’t worry about other temples and other issues related to temples right now. They should just quietly celebrate that a reversal of fortunes has happened and this journey of Hindu revival is not reversible.

We have to wonder how this issue of Ayodhya Ram Mandir came to such a pass that it had to drag on in courts for 62 years before Independence and another 70+ years after Independence. There has been no doubt in anyone’s mind that Babri Masjid (like many other Muslim shrines) was built over a temple. Even if it was a dispute for 430 years before Independence, it should have been settled once and for all immediately after Independence. Unfortunately, MK Gandhi installed a Hindu-hater as the PM. JL Nehru considered himself an “accidentally” born Hindu and culturally a Muslim. At the stroke of Independence, instead of liberating Hindu temples ravaged by Mughal murderers, Nehru and his Congress govts locked down the Babri complex in 1949. Since the idols appeared there, the priests were allowed to continue daily Puja service at the make-shift temple.

If the crime of Partition was difficult to swallow for millions of families there was a more serious crime by Gandhi and Nehru that has been inflicting wounds on this country forever. Pakistan was created on both sides of India but the Partition was not completed by a full exchange of populations. While Muslims largely got what can be called “Islamic States” on both sides of India, the Hindus were forced to accept a society that did not address its key concerns. If nothing else, the Partition should have come with the pre-condition that important holy sites of Hindus, including Ram Janmabhoomi and a few other temples should be handed over to Hindus. Even that important issue was not settled. The Kartarpur Sahib is just few kilometres from the border but no prudence was shown in keeping it on India’s side and now GOI spends crores for Sikhs to access.

Today, the final SC verdict allots Muslim a fresh plot to Muslims to rebuild their Babri Masjid. But the most important news is that Hindus will be allowed to build a Ram Mandir after creating a Trust by the Centre at the disputed spot and Ram Lalla will stay where He is:

There are many who sacrificed their lives fighting for Ram Mandir. This verdict brings to an end one of the most divisive and politically-abused issues for a long time. Passionate Hindus brought bricks from all over the country all these years as part of their Kar Sewa. At Godhra in Gujarat, 59 Kar Sewaks were burned to death which resulted in riots that changed the course of politics in this country. One hopes, there is no bitterness on the other side and the one group to blame most in this RJB dispute are the bastard Commies. With their lies, fake evidences, fake histories encouraged the Muslims to go up a garden path instead of being generous in surrendering that piece of land for the most important icon of Hindu religion and culture.
Ram and Krishna are not mere religious Gods or temples of devotion for Hindus. Ram and Krishna practically run through the lifeline of Hindus every single day. Whether morning, whether at work, whether at evening prayer or at festivals – Ram and Krishna are the foundations of Hindu life itself. This particular post was made in the sequence of Saving Hindu Temples series. Our quest is not over. This is only a beginning and our genuine battle to regain our lost culture and temples of Hindu Gods will continue. Today is a day of celebration.


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