Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jihadi Amnesty

The Congis and other Sickulars were up in arms against BJP/Modi over some sedition case against a little-known actress called Ramya from Karnataka. She is also a Congress member. Their usual LIARS in the media are quick to fuel and peddle the Congi lies at the drop of a hat. Frequent liars like Indian Express tar Modi, twist and misquote statements by BJP members and rarely apologise (Unless it’s Arun Jaitley – the Durbar-King of MSM). The episode happened in Karnataka when a stray lawyer filed a PIL for sedition charge against Ramya and the court hasn’t even heard the petition yet. But here is what IE had to scream like a third-rate hyena:

The organised spreading of chaos, anarchy, anti-Dalit sentiments all have a pattern. Now, in addition to this they have the Kashmir strife to scream about. Many believe the noise over Ramya was created to distract from the crimes of Amnesty India (AI). AI recently held a conference in Bangalore to discuss some “Constitution values” supposedly. But incidents at the event where Kashmiri Muslims shouted anti-India slogans and demands for “Azaadi” made it amply clear what AI’s real agenda was. I don’t care about the sedition charge but Amnesty has an international reputation for fraudulent reporting, bias and even financial skulduggery. And the fact that an anti-Hindu writer like Aakar Patel who claims “Hindus killed Sikhs” in 1984 and not the Congis (which may include Muslims and Christians as we know) shows how this biased, hate-filled man and his organisation are spreading poison.

That the Bangalore event was intended to provoke anti-India poison is not a secret at all. And shameless Congis and Aakars of this world defend this as FoE. The same Aakar Patel had claimed “The critical learning was that freedom of speech in India must be regulated”. This was over the Gujarat 2002 riots. For Congis and Sickulars FoE is a convenience toilet. Try this – It was Nehru who amended the Constitution and crushed free speech. It was IndiraG who imposed Emergency and gagged media. It was the Sonia regime that passed the stupid 66A law. It was Sonia regime that filed 7000 sedition cases against the Kudankulam protesters. You know what hypocritical scumbags we are dealing with because they are out of power. Now, the Kudankulam protesters were not demanding Azaadi or shouting anti-India slogans. They were protesting a nuclear plant. But that constitutes sedition for these Sickulars but anti-India slogans do not.

That Amnesty is just one of the thousands of the SICK, anti-India NGOs should be in no doubt. Their international reputation and credibility is in tatters for a long time now and no country gives two hoots about their silly, biased reports. That Amnesty attacks only Democracies and not violent dictatorships is also well known. Let me list a few of their crimes from two Wiki pages Here and Here and some samples from these pages are in the image below:

Many British and US institutions blabber Human Rights but gladly beg for funds from the worst abusers of HR. London School of Economics (LSE) Head had to quit over the scandal of funds from Libyan terrorist Gaddafi. Human Rights Watch raised funds in Saudi Arabia to demonise Israel. Amnesty had links to those funding terrorist group Al Qaeda. In the Watergate scandal “Deep throat” famously laid down the golden rule – follow the money. I have repeatedly stated that those who are anti-India, including NGOs and loose activists, are invariably funded by vested interests who want to break Indian into pieces. Needless to add, they also have a predominantly anti-Hindu agenda. Amnesty is no less connected to Jihadis and this is an ongoing love-affair since a decade:

The reports on Amnesty’s jihadi links have been consistently coming out since 2009-10. Now we can understand why a Jihadi-sympathiser like Aakar Patel was planted as their India Head. Amnesty’s agenda is clear – keep Kashmir on the boil, stoke Azaadi slogans, anti-India slogans and pressurise the GOI to concede space to the enemies of India. Of course, these hate-India groups and other activists and media criminals do not spare one moment in their constant defence of Pakis and giving clean chits to Pak as this Commie Yogendra Yadav types do:

Elsewhere, the eternal Nehru-whiner and cover-up artist for Nehru-sins, the eminent Distortian Ram Guha quotes nonsense from an article by Vinod Sharma (who else) in HT claiming “Hindu Supremacy” has been the cause of the “Intifada” in Kashmir. If indeed Hindu Supremacy were to be practiced and prevailed, no Muslim would have been left behind in India. Hindus were slaughtered and driven out from Kashmir by Islamic criminals. Now they want to drive out “India” from Kashmir and some of our NGOs and media morons want that to happen:

There cannot be any doubt that Amnesty has strong jihadi links and will do everything to destabilise India through anti-India activities on the issue of Kashmir. You will not find Amnesty bitching about Balochistan, POK or atrocities of Pakistan. It’s a matter of who funds these jihadis. AI’s Bangalore was just one episode. They were planning more in Mumbai and other metros for louder noises. Here’s more on Amnesty’s terror links:

Many countries now demand that visitors, immigrants and entities sign a declaration that they will not indulge in any anti-national activities against that country. India should make a law that makes anti-India actions punishable and no foreign visitor or entity should be in India without signing a similar declaration. Besides that, GOI has already refused permission to AI for a South Asian Hub in India. AI is another of those violating FCRA laws and should be shown its place. Founder of modern-day terrorism and hero of jihadis, Yasser Arafat, in his first speech in the UN stated: “Today I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and the freedom fighter's gun in the other. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat, do not let the olive branch fall from my hand”. Terrorists take pride in calling themselves “freedom fighters” but care two hoots about killing innocent civilians anywhere.

Regardless of what GOI says in public, I am certain ModiSarkar is doing the same with the militant and stone-pelting Kashmiris – An olive branch and the gun. The Kashmiris will deal with either of the two; it’s the choice they make. As for Jihadi Amnesty, they should learn to respect India, her maps, her borders and her integrity else they can get out or should be thrown out. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

POK Baloch Factor

1947: The partition of India should have been complete. One community wanted a country purely for religious reasons. Our selfish political leaders with no foresight did not foresee the problems they were throwing India to. Muslims with the suspicion that their being a minority will not be treated right in a Hindu-majority India were allowed the choice to stay back. We continue to pay a price for this terrible mistake. It has cost us a lot of lives. It has bred groups that have consistently derided Hindus and stood by the side of those who want to break it further.

1971 Reprise: Not many in the current generation would know how West Pakistan couldn’t tolerate an election win with majority by Mujibur Rehman who had a legitimate right to PMship of both Pakistans – East and West. Consequently, the Pak army in the East started killing political opponents and their goons joined them in the slaughter-fest. Besides that, an estimated 3 million Hindus who still resided in East Pakistan were slaughtered. Though there is no official figure for this. This resulted in a large influx of refugees from East Pakistan into India which continued for over a year. Finally, West Pakistan attacked India at Longewal which forced the 1971 war. Cowardly Pak army surrendered with over 90000 troops in East Pakistan and Bangladesh was created. This chopping of Pak into two pieces has left a permanent desire for revenge by Pak army. Cowardly Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who then became PM announced a “1000 year holy Jihad against India” but like a lamb signed the Shimla Agreement with Indira Gandhi. Mr Ten percent Zardari reiterated this 1000-year Jihad in 2010.

45 years have passed of that 1000 year Jihad. We are lucky - there are only 955 more to go. Welcome to new wars – Terrorism. Since the end of Russian occupation of Afghanistan in 1989, the Jihadis sponsored, supported and also funded by the US were rather unemployed. That gave the Pak army to start their terror operations against India through Kashmir. First, the cleansing of Kashmir Pandits from the valley and then random attacks at every corner of India. The Pakis also realised merely arming terrorists with guns and bombs may not be enough. The noise for their propaganda should be louder than the explosion of the bombs. This is the trick we missed all these years about terrorism and the terrorists. The propaganda! And for the propaganda and for terrorism to succeed, you need stooges. I have tried to explain this somewhat in “Terror support services” but I believe the experts on the subject should look deeper into this.

From the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts to the most recent ones, there has always been an Indian link to the terror attacks. The operator may be Dawood or some Bhatkal. But that wasn’t enough. The noise had to be louder than the bombs that explode. ISI crook Ghulam Nabi Fai is now in jail in the US but we know his foot-soldiers in India. Useful idiots like Dileep Padgaonkar & Co. The Pakis grew more under the advent of SM and growth of TV in India. They got NDTV, some folks in India Today, Times of India, Indian Express and other crooks in NGOs to propagate mass fear. They know some Indians have such low principles that they can be purchased. After 9/11 George Bush announced a “crusade” against terrorism but the use of that word got him wide criticism. So the US president called “Operation enduring freedom”.

Till date, the number of people killed through terrorism, by Paki terrorists or Khalistanis does not exceed 2000. But the noise you hear in the media will make you feel that the entire country is under siege. That number is not small. Here’s one good principle GW Bush laid down and which PM Modi is now extending:

You cannot keep defending against terrorists forever.
You have to take the battle to them.

Thus, when Modi recently launched a scathing attack on Pak atrocities in POK and Balochistan the useful idiots of Pak in India were up in arms. You know who they are. But here’s a prime sample of the media idiots:

These media crooks will go any length to defend terrorists and create martyrs out of them. They will even create emotional stories of how these poor guys from Kashmir pick up guns because of lack of economic opportunities. All truck-loads of rubbish. These are the propagandists that Pak relies on heavily to further their agenda through terrorism. And there are NGOs that will agitate and defend terrorists. All Commie oriented, foreign funded to BREAK INDIA into pieces. It’s not a secret anymore. Here’s a former EAM who blabbers nonsense lately on Twitter whose stupid comment was dumped by even his own party:

Under the Sonia regime the anti-India forces gained more strength. From Christian salesmen to Pak terrorists everyone had a good time. Congis even glorified LeT operative Ishrat Jahan for political purposes. SoniaG had tears in her eyes for the Batla terrorists. Digvijay Singh supported a theory of RSS being responsible for 26/11. Lately, Sickos like Amnesty, with the hate-filled Aakar Patel as their India Head, allow platforms for anti-India tirades. They want to break Hindus into anti-Dalits and the ModiSarkar as torturing Muslims and Dalits. Rajiv Malhotra narrates this conspiracy and plans in his book Breaking India. Propaganda is an important tool for terrorism and terrorists. And we all now know who provides it gladly. It certainly cannot be free. A good amount of money supports these propagandists who bat for terrorists. Barkha Dutt to Little Rana Ayyub and assorted NGOs, a whole lot of folks are in this business. Look at this particular scumbag:

A day prior to the slaughter and kicking out of KPs, Farooq Abdullah resigned and ran off to London. This guy, Omar Abdullah, another Pappu of sorts was CM for six years. He runs with the terrorists and grandly makes stupid statements. I consider him a traitor. The current CM of JK also blabbers nonsense as if only the GOI is obligated to maintain peace in Kashmir:

Every Kashmiri moron who throws stones, grenades or fires at our jawans must be killed. I have no sympathy for a bunch of people who eke out their living on the crumbs we throw them and then complain endlessly. If you want to kill our jawans, be prepared to die. There is no other solution – political or military. Can we defend our society and jawans endlessly against these criminals inspired by religion to break India? I don’t think so. I fully support PM Modi’s call on POK and Balochistan which our previous cowardly govts never dared to do. WE MUST NOW BREAK PAKISTAN AGAIN. There cannot be anymore breaking of India. The propagandists are PAID-Foot-Soldiers and we know who they are and why they are doing it. Pak army, govt and their terrorists also know it well. Here’s an explanation:

We also know who in our MSM is doing a great job for Pakistan. Minhaz Merchant in an article titled How Pakistan subverts the Indian elite explains how the useful idiots in Indian media and NGOs and politicians are used by Pak to demonise India. Little Aakar Patel of Amnesty is just one such idiot but there are many, including in the legal community. The cowardly policies of Nehru down, Congress has always compromised India and her security concerns – Whether it is China, Kashmir or Tibet. Even ordinary people don’t miss the significance of why Modi is right in shouting about POK and Balochistan:

The more we demure, the more we invite paid-monsters and anti-nationals to break India. PM Modi’s call on the issues of POK and Balochistan are just in time. He tried friendliness and it didn’t work. ABV too tried to woo Pak and got slapped in return. A terrorist state cannot exist and permanently threaten us. Someone has redrawn the map of Pakistan and I believe PM Modi should now aim for this. Destroy Pakistan politically, economically and militarily without directly waging a war. He will find resonance in the UN and with other major powers who care two hoots about Pak. Get the US and Russia and board, China will peacefully take a walk. Here’s what it should look like:

This is not something we should have ideally desired or wanted. But this is the only way to fight terrorism. Break the terrorist state. And even people in Sindh, Balochistan and other provinces in Pak want freedom from the tyranny of the Paki army and politicians. The entire clan of “Useful Paki idiots” in India are made up of brainless morons like Sagarika Ghose who hate India and Indians. You cannot slap these idiots forever. The answer lies in exterminating the terrorist-state and breaking it up:

Ask these idiots. When IndiraG went to war in 1971 did India have less problems or more? We had hijackings, we had “garibi”, strikes, agitations and endless problems. So why is it only now that these useful idiots think Modi shouldn’t talk POK or Balochistan? I believe it is not just perfect timing but perfect tactics by Modi. You cannot defend every corner of India from terrorists forever. Breaking the terrorist-state is therefore the best option. And I am all for breaking this terrorist-state into more pieces. Pak’s paid clowns in media, NGOs, legal community and politics can whine all they want.