Sunday, July 5, 2020

Destroy Chinese Pimpernels

PM Narendra Modi has not proved to be a fast learner. One could understand enthusiastic failures in the first term but his quest for lipstick-popularity continued in the second term. One recalls the failures he had with Nawaz Sharif with the Sarees and sudden birthday visit to Pakistan. Modi still doesn’t know what to with Pakistan other than placing them in cold storage. He also went on many lipstick trips with Xi Jinping. His chase for some elusive miracles that would confirm some world prize continued till it was rudely stopped by Covid. It took another rude awakening on the LAC in Ladakh when 20 of our soldiers were martyred and the criminal Chinese govt showed its true colours. In this post, wherever “Chinese” is mentioned it refers to their govt, the CCP or their products – it does not refer to the Chinese people as they are as much victims of the criminal CCP as many others.

At the risk of repetition, I have to emphasise that India is a country with the maximum number of internal traitors. From the Nehru-Gandhi family activities to assorted Commies and corrupt media hacktivists, there is a constant threat. In April 2019, just before the LS elections I wrote “The Lost Indian dream regained”. This was in hope that Modi has learned some lessons and will chart a new course for India. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and what we saw was more dancing with China than before. He hadn’t learned from the stupidity of Nehru:
The treachery of the Nehru-Gandhi clan becomes all the more visible when one learns that the moron Rahul Gandhi, his equally dumb sister Priyanka, her husband and kids visited the Chinese Ambassador for a dinner with them. What was the purpose? Nobody knows. And then comes this news that this corrupt family was signing party MOUs in 2008 with the Chinese with no disclosure whatsoever to the public. I wonder if they fixed a price for India and financial and other support for their election campaign in 2009. It is shocking that these people are still not in jail, thanks to the incompetence of ModiSarkar:
It seems that it’s after this 2008 MOU and the 2009 LS win by Congress+ that the flood of Chinese goods into India exploded dramatically. Believe it or not, in a few years every small trader and shopkeeper was selling some or other item made in China. They were even selling safety-pins made in China and all the Chinese goods, spurious ones and decent ones, came at a very low price. This ensured a further decline of Indian MSME and other manufacturing enterprises. It is just as well that China is not known for cars and two-wheelers otherwise, they would have been dominating that market too. My own observation of these changes in India were recorded in a few tweets:

PM Modi lives in the delusion that he is some kind of “Apostle of peace” and tries to portray such an image both in his talks and in his actions. His excessive dilly-dallying with Jinping was uncalled for. He goes to the extent of taking every visitor to Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and giving them monkeys. Alternately, he becomes a Tamilian and wears fancy-dresses with Jinping in “informal” summits. The Chinese have never been friends of India. The criminal Chinese have never recognised or honoured any treaty or agreement from history. It took the attack at LAC during the Covid pandemic to wake up Modi to this horrible neighbour that can never be trusted and can never be a friend. For over 70 years we have been fooling ourselves that China (or even Pakistan) can be friends with India. This moronery has cost India economically, militarily and thousands of unwanted deaths. This is mostly because the ruling family of Nehru-Gandhi were China-Pak stooges and never valued India’s freedom and Independence.

The current Chinese Gandhi family is worse than Nehru. They are literally stooges of the China-Pak complex with a mission to destroy India. This family and assorted NGOs, Bollywoodias and other parties like CPM, CPI have been funded and nourished by the Chinese to destroy India from within. After the current conflict, Modi came up with his grand idea of “Aatmanirbhar Abhiyan”. In other words, become self-reliant and avoid Chinese products. This cannot be a temporary jingo-slogan. This has to be a sustained effort over the next five years to completely root out Chinese products and ban imports from China. We must have NOTHING to do with criminal Chinese govt until they make amends and surrender our land. Even though that is far-fetched, if that happens, it still doesn’t call for a full friendship with a rogue like China. Even as the GOI banned 59 Chinese apps from India, the most idiotic cries came not from China but from India. The predictable Chinese pimps:
China borders over a dozen countries and has land disputes with almost all of them. This rogue has been the unfortunate monster created by the US itself in their quest to balance Russia and end what they referred to as a “Communist Bloc”. That’s what Nixon’s visit was all about and the establishment of diplomacy and trade with China by the US. Prior to Nixon’s visit, his “War-criminal” Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had paid a “secret” visit to China to set up the platform for Nixon’s visit and reopening China. While the US pays the price in terms of bad trade practices by China and spying, India pays a much bigger price with this monster along with border conflicts and deaths.

Therefore, the ban on 59 apps has to only be a start. All contracts must be avoided with China and any freshly signed contracts scrapped. The economic profit or loss should never be a primary issue in how we deal with a criminal govt like China. The morons in India who want no bans and economic partnership with China to continue do not seem to realise that China has already heaped a huge cost on the world through not alerting the Corona virus threat when they already knew it. That itself is enough reason to make this rogue pay a heavy price:
Apart from that, China continuously helps Pakistan in its terror operations against India. This will never stop. Any PM or Govt in India who believes these criminals can be won over is a Maha-fool. They cannot. And they will not rest till India is completely destroyed. The policies must now be clearly laid down. After China is ridden from Indian markets, any support in any manner for China for their politics or products must be made a criminal act punishable with a prison sentence. We cannot suffer traitors within anymore. US, France and many other countries are up in arms against China for their criminal activities. France has also offered military support to India in case needed. Folks on SM are recalling the speech of former Chinese President Deng Xiaoping at the UN in 1974 (See last para). He called for the world and the Chinese people to defeat the Chinese tyrant if it came to that:
There is only one way to deal with this Chinese govt and military. World must unite and declare them as dangerous as Hitler and his Nazi gang of criminals. India must actively campaign against China and for the freedom of Tibet, Taiwan and maybe even liberate Hong Kong from the Chinese grip. For the world, Wuhan itself is a final straw from criminal China. But for India it goes far beyond the suffering, deaths and costs of Covid and our Jawans lost:
In his visit to Leh on July 3, the PM laid out a clear message for China on its expansionist greed stating clearly that the days of expansionism are over. In the heat of the moment, PMs do tend to make hefty statements after a conflict. We have heard ABV also make statements like “Is baar aar paar ki ladai” against Pakistan after the Parliament attacks in 2001. Modi now implies “Ek haath Bansuri, Ek haath Sudarshan Chakra” in reference to Krishna’s roles. One hopes he doesn’t go back to appeasing Thookiyas with “Ek haath Quran and Ek haath Computer”. Slogans may be good for chest-thumping for a while but incompetent politicians are known not to ever follow up on their words. I hope that is not the case with Modi. There has to be a complete elimination of China from the Indian landscape, from our markets and from our ideas of friendship. The action must be seen in visible steps right from now. Action must first start with internal enemies like the Chinese Gandhis, CPM and other assorted anti-nationals. Anything else is just recycled garbage in the form of words.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Treacherous Chinese Noodles

I have written before that India is the only major democracy in the world with so many traitors inside the country. From the Communists and their media that are funded by the Chinese to the Jihadi-sympathisers who defend Jihadis and terrorists and want to turn India into an “Islamic country” there is no end to these anti-nationals. These traitors run a vast network to oppose our govt in combatting our enemies in any manner whatsoever. They want India dead. They want India broken further into pieces. They want Hindus to disappear. This is their agenda, pure and simple. The latest round of violent clashes that inflicted deaths and martyred 20 of our Jawans at the LAC with China once again showed these traitors up. All their questions, abuse, taunts and everything is directed at the GOI but they are not willing to slam China in the least. Comrat Sitaram Yechury grandly mourns our soldiers but does not even mention China in his statement.

To be truthful, even PM Narendra Modi did not directly mention China in his condolence for the Jawans and promise of retaliation against “provocation” on June 17. There is a deep desire in Modi to be a great “pacific hero” and win friends all over. His continuous inaction on Pakistan, Nepal and Chinese issues only continue the policy of nincompoopiness and incompetence of the last 73 years. There is no change whatsoever other than retaliating for some terrorist attacks. The desire to repeatedly suck up to China has brought about a heavy cost on India in many ways. The Chinese expansionist greed has been explained well in this tweet:
Only yesterday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokie Zhao Lijian claimed the Galwan Valley sovereignty belonged to China. They claimed Aksai Chin belong to them. They also claim Tibet belongs to them, Taiwan belongs to them and Arunachal Pradesh belongs to them. They want exclusivity in the China sea. The current aggression breaks every peace-agreement of the last 3 decades. India has simply become a soft target for all our neighbours. It is not merely Pakistan or China; now even little Nepal wants to fight over territory and fires shots at our citizens:
China has been a belligerent neighbour to all its neighbours. Facing the wrath of many countries for the Corona pandemic it naturally faces a threatening economic situation with companies pulling out from China and relocating or losing business by way of import reduction. Indians too are shouting for boycott of Chinese products and cancellation of fresh contracts given to Chinese companies. What should really bother us all is that India has always been seen as a “soft target” and an easy pushover by China, Pakistan and Nepal. We seem to have made some peace with Bangladesh in the last few years. We get govts that are either direct stooges (like Congress-UPA) or one with a very muddled, fake-Gandhigiri approach that claims India will not act in “Self-interest”:
This is the idiotic approach – “Self-interest is not India’s culture” that is an alarming self-defeating principle. Frequently, Jawans are killed in great numbers – Pulwama or LAC at Ladakh. This angers and enrages every Indian and as a consequence, self-esteem of every Indian is affected despite being a giant country with modern weapons, a huge army and respectable scientific prowess. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and many of his ministers keep uttering the moronic nonsense of “Vasudaivo Kutumbakam” as if the rest of the world wants to exchange flowers with India every morning and sing motherly songs of peace. It will hurt Indians but our govts have repeatedly proved India is a giant wimp when it comes to its own interests. That apart, with all the fragments of its destructive traitors within, our enemies have and easily recognise the crumb-seekers they can exploit. Among the traitors are not only stray groups but political parties and politicians of the top layer who sleep with the Chinese and abuse India in every which way:

These Chinese Gandhis are currently the No.1 enemy of India. What they do, where they travel, who they meet is all clouded in so much secrecy that we don’t fully know who or what they work for. Yet, even now, the brainless Rahul Gandhi keeps blabbering some nonsense about Corona, border disputes or LAC and losses. Immature dunce that he is, both he and his equally illiterate and belligerent mother only seek to embarrass and throw mud at the GOI for their political scores. Indian interests are least in their hearts or minds. Imagine, Pappu, Vadra, Vadri, their son meeting Chinese Ambassador sometime back. What purpose and business do they have? PM Modi has failed to curb this family-menace to India. They sleep with and bat for every enemy of India, be it Pakistan or China, in a very devious manner. Back in 2008 Sonia Gandhi seems to have found an ideal partner in the Chinese Comrats for a “union” of spirits between her corrupt Congress and the Chinese.

These same Gandhis supported an agreement with Chinese of not holding any weapons within 2kms of the LAC and now their supreme moron Pappu asks why the soldiers didn’t have weapons. The agreements do not prohibit weapons but their use in any confrontation. Such is the nature of traitors. Modi fails India in dealing with these treacherous louts.

From the CPM to Congress to morons of JNU who claim to be students and faculty, India’s internal enemies are looking for ways to destroy it internally. There are filthy Bollywood pimps of ISI and Pakistan. Their career survives only if they bat for the enemy. These are the termites that are eating away India. Imagine, Nandini Sundar, a woman who was accused of a murder and is the wife of Naxal S. Varadarajan who runs The Wire, is on the NCERT Text-book committee that drafts social science books for school children. How does a govt allow such filth to operate society? This is where Narendra Modi and his poor intel services are failing miserably. The Chinese mouthpiece Global Times has the audacity to tell us that our markets will not survive without Chinese products of daily use:

In his speech on June 17, Modi reiterated that India will retaliate strongly if there is a “provocation”. I wonder what he considers the killing of 20 of our Jawans. While everyone appreciates the need to be mature and not indulge in knee-jerk statements, the PM does need to show a little more aggression. Donald Trump promised to crack down on researchers in US universities that are being funded by China and he did so – 54 such professors are sacked or quit. Modi needs to find a similar resolve to first deal with internal enemies that are stooges of Pakistan and China. The State is powerful enough to find serious cases to slap them with. The question is of courage and willingness. Till then, the country will remain “Ram Bharose” as a Taiwan newspaper showed and brought some cheer to Indians.

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