Saturday, March 16, 2019

Houses On Fire

Trained and experienced crime investigators spot liars and lies quite easily. Liars don’t grow a Pinocchio-nose. Often times, professional liars don’t blink during a hearing or while speaking, the lies just flow naturally like a river. Researchers have also established that liars don’t fidget as is normally assumed. They remain unnaturally still and demonstrate no signs of nervousness. It is after their “lying session” is done that they exhibit all signs of unusual behaviour. Rahul Gandhi is a sociopath and a chronic liar. He will either utter nonsense or peddle lies in a vociferous, self-righteous manner. And then, he will do something stupid like going and trying to hug the PM in Parliament or blinking (winking) at others.

The problem for liars is that they have to memorise lies. Because one is concocting something, he has to arrange his “imaginary facts” in proper sequence and keep rehearsing it. A typical murderer first prepares his alibi to show he wasn’t at the crime scene. He might then undertake a few friendly activities with his target for weeks to show that he had no motive or enmity to commit the crime. He might falsify documents, send fake communications to the target to cover up his devious plan. When there is a slip in the sequence, the liar gets caught. Detectives keep asking a suspect the same question in different forms to see if they slip up. In contrast, truth doesn’t have to be remembered. One can ask you the same question in a thousand ways but the truthful person will recall and give the same answer every time. Here is a good example of how a chronic liar slips up each time with the same story (video: 18 secs):
Lying criminals usually organise themselves much better than any regular type organisation. And the best thing is they don’t have to document any of their lies or offer proof of their claims. Here’s another LIE being lately peddled by RG after the Pulwama incident and Balakot retaliation. The sheer agony that the Congis feel at the success of ModiSarkar in countering terrorism is palpable. RG wants to know why Masood Azhar was released in 1999 during the Kandahar incident:
As shameless as Congis are, not one of them points out, not even the corrupt media, that the decision to release Azhar in 1999 was taken unanimously after an all-party meet. Besides, the decision was to save 160 lives from a distant location and the Congress, Commies and media were chest-beating and putting immense pressure on the ABV govt to release Azhar. And here’s NaMo slamming Congress on their shameless claims and support for terrorists (Video 1.20 mins):
And after all this blabber, it was Congress that shamelessly released 25 terrorists (one of them masterminded the Pathankot attack). They were released for no reason or rhyme, for no benefit to India, no exchange of prisoners. I suspect the corrupt Gandhis may have received something in return that we are not aware of.

Elsewhere, as soon as the CEC announced the LS2019 elections schedule, many parties and individuals jumped up claiming dates clash with Ramzan. They were asking how Muslims can vote when they are fasting. This doesn’t reflect any honest social concern, it betrays the state of mind of losers. From the chronic liar Arvind Kejriwal to Paki stooge Farooq Abdullah to the usual goondas of Mamata Banerjee – all were synchronised in their claims. They even claimed PM Modi and the CEC had conspired to have elections during Ramzan to keep Muslims from voting. I am absolutely certain even the ordinary Muslims would have laughed at these lying morons:
That filthy TMC leader being quoted in the above image is none other than Firhad Hakim who is also a mayor. In April 2016, during the Bengal elections, this same Hakim pointed an area to a Paki journalist and told him that’s “Mini-Pakistan” in Kolkata. Then the Sickulars wonder why they are called traitors and anti-nationals. It is these filthy Muslim leaders who make a vast population wonder about the loyalties of Muslims and then play victim. I have tweeted on this and stated – If the Quran says don’t vote during Ramzan, then don’t vote – India is not run on Islamic practices or rules. And it is not as if all the Muslims go hungry right through the day. They do have a decent breakfast that can help get anyone through the day:
One has to wonder why there is so much whining by Sickulars on almost everything. The fairly good success of ModiSarkar, public being more aware, SM destroying the propaganda of MSM by the minute – all of this has been choking them with the smoke of their own fires. Their houses are burning. The biggest fraudster among the “Mahathugbandhan” has to be the Congress. Firstly, they claim to be the party of “Freedom fighters”. The current Congress is the Congress (I) or you can call it “Sonia Congress” which simply grabbed the title of “INC” when nobody cared to object. This band of corrupt thugs and anti-nationals have nothing to do with the Congress of the freedom-movement. It was broken multiple times by IndiraG and, therefore, its claims of representing freedom-fighters is as spurious as the Hooch that kills people across India. And it is best demonstrated by their liar Pappu claiming to be a Hindu and that too a Janeudhari-Brahmin when he has no Hindu parentage and there isn’t one iota of Hinduness in him:
The entire family is a bundle of fakery and, at best, theatre actors in different costumes during different times, different elections in different states. So, when BJP Minister Anant Kumar Hegde questions their origins and how this sociopath could be a Brahmin as he claims, I support him fully:
The criminally corrupt MSM was all set to jump on Anant Kumar and bash him on all the nightly news-debauchery (they call it debate) but the sociopath Pappu bumped in with his stupid comment by honouring “Masood Azhar Ji” and that dowsed their orgasms before they got started. Of course, the Congress lumpens called the stupid utterance of Pappu as “sarcasm”. Each of the Mahathugbandhan member keeps bumbling from one act of stupidity to another in rather boring regularity. This happens because they really don’t have an agenda. On January 19, 2019 Mamata Banerjee grandly organised a “Unity rally” in Kolkata. This was after her stand-off with the CBI and then playing victim. Look at all those assembled in the line-up:
Every politician in this line-up is a loser. Some are accused of corruption and some are even petty-thieves like Akhilesh Yadav who stole furniture and fixture from his govt bungalow when asked to vacate. It has dynastic “real-estate holders” who call themselves saviours of democracy. It has the Paki stooge Farooq Abdullah. It has Arvind Kejriwal – a bigger scoundrel in politics you will not find. All of them uniformly possess a Character Flaw. Not one of them has any agenda for the country. They are unable to articulate what they will do for the country. Their only agenda is to somehow remove PM Modi and return to a govt of corruption and dynastic fiefdoms. These are the houses on fire. And all of them get on like a house on fire. What does that mean? The dictionary describes the phrase perfectly for these corrupt politicians:

They get on with each other well as long as their hatred for Modi unites them. Some of these Sickulars have been with the NDA in the past too. But since Modi came around, their freedom to loot has disappeared. Even in funds given to states, ModiSarkar seeks an accountability. This, they don’t like. That is the reason the scoundrel Kejriwal calls Modi a “Pakistani PM” because he doesn’t have the freedom to loot the treasury. And after all the abuse and lies they freely hurl at Modi, they also claim the “federal structure” and Institutions of India are under attack. These jokers must listen to advice their poster-moron Pappu recently gave to young girls in at a college as shown in the image on the left. This is not a battle of political ideology – it’s a battle of Good V Evil. Invariably, evil unites when threatened by the “Good”. And such evil has repeatedly united:
It’s not just the pants and panties of these corrupt liars that is on fire. Their entire house is on fire. Some of them caught in the fires will be lucky if they are able to jump off the building in time. The country has been recovering from the 10-years of damage caused by Congress-UPA. Some of these Mahathugbandhan members have spat on our Pulwama martyrs, they spit on our Army regularly and weep for terrorists. The country has been recovering from the 10-year misrule and damage caused by the Congress-UPA. ModiSarkar has done well to provide a corruption-free leadership and must continue. The Sickulars’ houses are on fire and I am not going to recommend anyone to call the Fire Department

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Ayodhya Treachery

Hindu Temples – What happened” to them is a two-volume book about thousands of Hindu temples destroyed to build mosques. It was written by Sitaram Goel, Arun Shourie & Co. Even to this day, temples are being destroyed in Kashmir. Around 208 of 438 temples left in Kashmir were reported destroyed in two decades till 2012. Temples are also being destroyed in other states like TN. The GOI has consistently overlooked these incidents because Hindus have not been militant about their places of worship or gone about destroying those of others. Out of the blue, the GOI is going out of its way in building the Kartarpur corridor to please the Sikhs. In the face of our battles against terrorists and bombing of certain terror-camp sites in Pakistan, the GOI is going to hold a meeting with Pak officials on March 14 over Kartarpur:
The Kartarpur shrine is said to be just within 3-4 kms from our borders.  That should tell one how stupid our leaders were at Partition. The incomplete Partition has ravaged this country and the same nuisance has been hovering over the Ram Mandir and Ayodhya case. But this cannot be undone. The least that could have been done was to have settled the issue and build a Ram temple in 1949 itself when idols of Ram and proof of a temple being there was noticed. Instead, the govt locked up the temple and let the wound fester. Nehru was against rebuilding Somnath too. In yet another twist to the delay, the SC finally handed over the case to mediation on March 8. The SC has constantly avoided attending to the case on some pretext or the other. Sometime in 2018 the SC stated there will be “regular hearings” on the case, then one judge had to recuse, then Congress wanted to postpone the hearing till after May 2019 and it been dragging on for 8 years now. A timeline of the case from TOI makes sorry reading:
There is a serious problem on this with the ModiSarkar too. It has constantly dodged the Ram Mandir issue; letting it linger. Only towards the end of 2018 the GOI made a feeble attempt to free the undisputed land in Ayodhya from the SC hearings or rulings. Former Regional Director of ASI, Dr. KK Muhammad reiterated in his book that there was enough evidence of a Ram temple being there over which the Babri mosque was built. Here are some excerpts:

"We found not one but 14 pillars of a temple at the Babri Masjid site. All these pillars had domes carved on them. The domes resembled those found in temples belonging to 11th and 12th century. In the temple architecture domes are one of the nine symbols of prosperity. It was quite evident that the Masjid was erected on the debris of a temple… The Babri issue would have been settled long ago if the Muslim intelligentsia had not fallen prey to the brain washing by the Leftist historians. A set of historians including Romila Thapar, Bipin Chandra and S Gopal argued that there was no mention of the dismantling of the temple before 19th century and Ayodhya is Bhudhist-Jain centre. They were supported by historians Irfan Habib, RS Sharma, DN Jha, Suraj Ben and Akthar Ali… It was they who connived with the extremist Muslim groups to derail all attempts to find an amicable solution to the Masjid issue”.

KK Muhammad also added that there is enough evidence Taj Mahal and Qutub complex was also built by destroying Hindu temples. After many years, the Ayodhya case was heard in the Allahabad HC. I coined the term “Salma quotes Sabrina” based on the quack historians who had no clue what they were blabbering about on the history of Babri masjid. Their statements to the court can only make one laugh:

Supriya Verma an, “expert” who challenged the excavations done by the ASI, had not read the radar survey report on ground penetration that led to the court order for excavation. Verma and Jaya Menon, another “expert,” were not present at the time of actual excavations but alleged that pillar bases at the excavated sites were planted. Suvira Jaiswal says: “Whatever knowledge I gained with respect to the disputed site is based on newspaper reports or what others told.” She also confessed that she “prepared a report on the Babri dispute after reading newspaper reports and on the basis of discussion with my medieval history expert in my department”. Jaiswal made an important clarification: “I am not giving (my) statement on oath regarding Babri Mosque without any probe and not on the basis of my knowledge; rather I am giving the statement on the basis of my opinion.”

All these Commie Sickulars were only peddling opinions to thwart the building of the Ram Mandir. But the SC, which now believes in mediation, also has a story of its own.

In multiple statements the SC has reportedly stated that the Ayodhya case is “politically and religiously sensitive” issue. Well, come to think about it, the case of National Herald involving Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is also politically sensitive, so are we to assume that too will be settled by mediation or allowed to linger? In fact, there are more chances of riots ensuing if the Chinese Gandhis are sent to jail than a verdict favouring the building of Ram Mandir at the Babri site. 

The job of a court is to assess a case, hear the parties, verify the evidence and rule on it. The court is NOT supposed to be worried about what the political or social consequences of their verdicts would be. Any law and order situation is for the govt to handle and not for the courts. Had it been so concerned about “sensitivity” and social consequences then the Sabarimala needs a rethink. It had led to unhappiness among Ayyappa devotees, agitations, misdeeds by the Kerala govt and a stand-off between the devotees and the State as a consequence of the court verdict. As for mediation, the SC itself had to strike down a mediation attempt just before the Allahabad HC pronounced its verdict:
Attempts were made to defer the Allahabad HC verdict and put the matter to mediation. The SC ruled against mediation. The lawyers against mediation were absolutely right in stating “Judicial function cannot be made hostage to consequences… we are 100 percent for the settlement but also hundred percent against the plea the judgement being deferred”. The petitioner, Ramesh Chandra Tripathi, who demanded mediation to scuttle the HC verdict was also fined 50000/- The SC thought of mediation in 2010 too before the HC verdict but the GOI views strongly endorsed a court verdict and an anti-mediation stand. So, how is it that the SC which thwarted mediation in 2010 now finds mediation to be a great way out?

Mediation or compromises are not the LAST resort. They are the first resort. When a case reaches SC, it implies all avenues are exhausted. And there have been mediations and negotiations in the past over Ayodhya. Take a Family Court. A divorce is instant if adultery or a legal offence can be proven. In normal case, the FC orders a two-year cooling period to allow for reconciliation or even counselling. When the parties can prove they have already lived apart for over 2 years, the court still gives a cooling period of six months before granting mutual divorce. The court doesn’t repeatedly order mediation or counselling once the two-year separation is over and the parties still insist on going through a divorce. The SC was the last resort for justice. The mediation cannot be after a case has reached its last resort.   

The Muslim parties to the case will neither budge nor agree to any compromises. This is not an emotional or religious issue to them, it is merely a big ego issue and nothing more. After all, the Babri was a dilapidated unused structure and Muslims don’t need a mosque to pray. The mediation panel (Former judge Killafullah, SriSri and Sriram Panchu) have very little negotiating and navigating room. They have to stick largely within the confines of the Allahabad HC verdict and the claims in the SC thereafter. This is where ModiSarkar failed to grab the chance. PM Modi should have taken the problem into his hand in 2014 and set up a mediation panel by seeking the SC support. WHY? Because the govt is in a much better position to mediate, to negotiate, offer alternatives and compensations or deals that the SC mediation panel does not possess. For instance, the mediation panel cannot allot 10 acres of land in Kanpur or Lucknow if such a demand were to be made for the mosque. In contrast, GOI and the State govt could have easily considered and executed such a demand.

The GOI is also in a position to dole out large sums of money as “compensatory dole” which the SC or its mediation panel cannot do. The GOI can also pass an Ordinance or a law through Parliamentary that recognises the deals and solutions it makes with the concerned parties. Thus, it is a failure on the part of ModiSarkar too for being absolutely disinterested in the Ayodhya case. Hopefully, political parties will stop whipping the Ram Mandir for mere political purposes and not be treacherous with Hindus. And if the current mediation panel fails, then ModiSarkar, in its second term, must take it on top-priority to settle the issue once and for all.