Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maneka Falsehoods

In the just the previous post on AntiHinduPETA, I stated that ModiSarkar is wrongly called a “Hindutva” govt. Far from making any policy or law favouring Hindus, the BJP govt has done nothing to repeal/modify anti-Hindu laws (like RTE) and not stood against any assaults on Hindu culture or traditions. BJP has mostly been a blind accomplice to assaults by NGOs and Sickulars on their attempts to destroy Hindu culture and traditions. Arun Jaitley was honest when he disclosed to a foreign diplomat that Hindutva was an “opportunistic” issue, implying a mere political or election ploy. Many BJP supporters are realising this and one staunch supporter tweeted her anguish:

That tweet was made on the same day that an article by BJP’s minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Gandhi came to public light and received much condemnation. This was published in Firstpost with the title “Makar Sankranti, much like Bakr-Id, is a day of cruel animal slaughter throughout India”. A day of ANIMAL SLAUGHTER? Apart from being a collection of outright lies it exposes Maneka’s Sickular disgust for Hindu festivals, traditions and cultures. From a Hindutva govt, a minister of ModiSarkar consistently abuses Hindu traditions. This is not new for Maneka. Trivia: the name “Menaka” (who was a Sikh) was changed to “Maneka” because IndiraG took a dislike to a name originated from a celestial nymph in ancient Hindu stories. The contempt for Hindu mythology seems to run in the Gandhi family. Anyway, let’s get quickly get through some of MG’s silly acts in the recent past.

Sometime back MG grandly advised people to fight corruption the way Sonia Gandhi does. I’m certain the guys would have fallen to the ground in breathless laughter after she left. This misplaced adulation for SoniaG as a corruption-fighter can only come from a very muddled mind. Some of her recent stuff is more anti-Hindu than mere silly advice:

A Commission under MG’s ministry issues this advisory cautioning against child sexual abuse at Diwali crowds in 2016. So Diwali is a time when mass child sex abuse happens? Sheer falsehood. When a govt department buys and sells such nonsense one gets the message of what the minister is up to. And where crowds are concerned, large crowds throng markets and malls even during Eid and Christmas. Why are no such advisories issued through the year for all major festivals? The answer is simple: a predominant anti-Hindu agenda. There are NGOs like World Vision associated with MG’s ministry. These are primarily Christian organisations and equally anti-Hindu. Get the picture and the agenda? Then comes MG’s vicious article in Firstpost which is not only full of LIES but a cavalier act of “Monkey balancing”:

Makara Sankranti is the same as Bakri Eid? This is nothing but extreme contempt for Hindu festivals and traditions. Neither Jallikattu nor Kite-flying on Sankranti mandate animal slaughter in anyway whatsoever. But MG joins the vicious anti-Hindu agenda of Sickulars and NGOs in trashing our festivals with false equivalence. There is no bull slaughter during Jallikattu. People don’t fly kites to slaughter birds. If there are injuries or deaths, these are purely unintended accidents. MG also writes "Young boys bite off chunks of bull's skin during Jallikattu". Unbelievable! A bull’s hide is too thick and strong for a kid to sink his teeth into, especially with the bull running around. I suspect even adults won’t find it easy to chew off a bull’s skin. Must practice on your shoes first, I guess.

Even so, Hindus would gladly be open to making their festivals safer and show more concern for animals and birds. Hindu culture DOES mandate feeding and care for animals and birds. Can MG get Muslims to do so? Would MG dare to file a PIL in any court to ban animal slaughter during Eids? Would she at least petition or propose legislation (given she’s an MP) to make animal slaughter during Eids more humane and less painful for the victims and not brutal Halal? SHE DARE NOT! Chances are she would herself be slaughtered like a goat. Even our courts concede to unreasonable demands of Muslims that refuse to respect their neighbours:

Would Muslims accept a neighbour that cooks and eats pork at home? I seriously suspect it would lead to violence. These are the discriminations our govt and MG conveniently ignore. And MG even considers kite-flying during Sankranti in Gujarat and elsewhere a mass-murder practice. I have heard that the Uttarayan sun on January 14 is healthy for the body. So instead of merely standing in the sun or sun-bathing like Westerners, kite-flying in India became a tradition. This is practiced more in Gujarat. PM Modi has participated in kite-flying every year at least till he was CM of Gujarat. And the Vibrant Gujarat international summit has always been held during the Uttarayan kite-flying festival since 2003:

It is a festival that unites all Gujjus who have their best fighting-skills reserved with their kites in the skies. MG complains of “Chinese Manjha” – a thread embedded with glass powder to make it a sharp cutting weapon. This is not true. Glass powder and colour have been used on thread in Gujarat (through a manual process) long before we ever heard of Chinese Manjha. These are the falsehoods that govts peddle in public. But this is where MG comes up with the mother of all lies in her Firstpost article:

I wonder where she got the figure of 3 lakh birds being killed every year. I searched all over and could not find such a figure and would be happy to get a reference by anyone. True, birds do get killed or injured but not in the alarming proportions claimed. And these are unfortunate accidents and not warranted or mandated by the festival as it is during Eids to which MG compares Makara Sankranti.

Yes, the threads can be made less dangerous. But a bit of potent glass powder is inevitable. Without a certain sharpness in threads, Uttarayan kite-flying would be like Spanish bull-fighting with the Matadors without a lance. There have also been injuries to two-wheeler riders with stray kite-strings cutting their throats or arms. There have also been stray cases of deaths due to throats being slit by the sharp strings. But here too, the Gujjus have devised ways to protect themselves rather than do away with sharp strings. The pic shows how an ordinary metal wire-shield has been innovated and fitted into two-wheelers to protect the rider from the threads. What does MG have to say about birds being routinely killed over airport skies for safety of aircrafts?

Obviously, MG is not an aviation expert. It would be worth knowing that even without the glass powder a kite flown with ordinary thread can become very heavy in the air. A kite flying about 500-1000 feet above the ground gets very heavy as does the thread. In such a situation, a bird in flight can still be injured and fall to the ground. An ordinary bird weighing about 4 or 5 kilos has the impact of anywhere between 500 kilos and a ton when it hits an aircraft taking off or landing at 250 kms per hour. That’s why aircrafts and their engines get damaged severely. It should also be known that almost all Indian airports (and world-wide too) employ sharp-shooters to either scare or kill birds from the flight path of aircrafts:

What would MG want? Ban aviation? An activist as a minister is dangerous. Imagine Medha Patkar as minister for rivers and dams. Even if the person has been an activist a long time she should not let personal preferences turn into mindless rants filled with falsehoods. MG was a minister in the ABV govt too for a short period. I believe the compulsion to have a certain number of women as ministers forces these choices because there’s a shortage of female MPs. In her mindless article, MG asserts Hindus complain about the bloody slaughter of animals by Muslims on Eids. She has to learn that Hindus only point out the hypocrisies of hyper-activists like her who dare to speak only against Hindu customs and campaign against them. Many Hindus lament that Hindus do not unite over various issues including politics. I should remind them:

Hindus unite by their social customs, traditions and festivals. Hindus would like to see a petition in court by ManekaG or a law by her that bans animal slaughter by Muslims or introduces at least painless slaughter. And also, a law that this should not offend neighbours or turn our streets into gutters of blood. It is because there are no guts in her, the BJP or any political party that she must stop “Monkey-balancing” with false equivalences. The Jallikattu ban has turned into major protests in Tamil Nadu. Maneka, her party, the govt and the judiciary should take sentiments of people to age-old traditions before embarking on bans. Reform is possible, bans will fail. And such reforms must be done WITHOUT association of anti-Hindu vested interests or foreign NGOs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AntiHindu PETA

The BJP govt at the Centre is commonly referred to (sometimes in a derogatotry tone) as a Hindutva govt. I cannot recall a single law or policy by this govt that would indicate it’s Hindutva in anyway. In contrast, when Commies come to power they make their agenda quite clear. In Kerala the Commie CM wants to kill or subdue Hindus and take over temple properties. Commie Mamata has gone to the extent of changing “Ram” to “Rong” in Ramdhenu and feeds kids such garbage. A Samajwadi Party goon declares UP is only for Muslims and Yadavs, thereby treating all other Hindus as aliens. All this passes as Sickular crap in the media and among Commie Pigs. ModiSarkar has not even dared to modify the horrendous anti-Hindu RTE law. The Congress, when it came to power in 2004, first repealed the POTA to appease Muslims.

Subramaniam Swamy repeatedly points out that development alone is not enough. And I agree with him. ModiSarkar has consistently ignored social issues, especially protection of Hindu culture and traditions. AB Vajpayee, despite good governance and development, lost in 2004 being perceived as another Muslim-appeaser. Over the years a stream of PILs against Hindu practices, traditions or even temple-practices have found their way into High courts and the Supreme Court. There is, without a doubt, a very organised attempt by the West and their Indian foot-soldiers to destroy Hinduism and Hindu culture. One such participant in this criminal racket is none other than PETA. This so-called animal protection NGO is probably the most outrageous of Dhimmi organisations operating in India with an American-born as its Head. The Anti-Hindu folks have been consistently campaigning against any Hindu festival:

Water-less Holi, Cracker-less Diwali, against Kite-flying, Jallikattu or Dahi Handi on Krishna Jayanti. In some of these the SC has been issuing rulings much to the chagrin of the affected Hindu communities. And increasingly the SC is being defied by many groups and that is hardly a good sign for our democracy. The SC could have heard multiple interests and passed suitable protection measures rather than complete bans in some cases. The Dahi-Handi ruling of 20-feet height by SC was defied by groups in Maharashtra. This month on Pongal, the Jallikattu-ban was also defied by some groups in Tamil Nadu. The Jallikattu ban is not new. It was banned by the Madras HC in 2006 and the lawyer who petitioned the ban today claims he regrets doing so.

In the past couple of years, the outrageous and virulent PETA has been particularly more aggressive against Jallikattu and some other Hindu customs. PETA folks are also well-known for their own cruelty to animals and have even carried campaigns against ordinary milk and other causes. The sick PETA jerks have protested even the innocuous Pokemon game as cruelty to animals. Laughable! PETA has gone to the extent of dumping a ton of manure against a restaurant they were protesting against. Such sick campaigners should not find a place in India. PETA doesn’t have the guts to protest the violent killing of animals for religious purposes in India or even in the West. Take a look at this video of a Halal-killing in a “Non-stun” procedure (Stun procedure would render a painless death to the animal – video 3 mins – Caution: Contains disturbing images):

In India, when a PETA activist campaigned for a Vegan-Eid in Bhopal she was thrashed by Muslim goons and had to be protected by Police. Since then, their campaign against slaughter of animals by Muslims has remained dead. It is because Hindus do not respond violently that more campaigns are being seen against them. And folks at PETA dare to ask why Hindus point out their cowardice and hypocrisy:

More PILs are filed in courts against Hindu practices because this is an “organised racket” by forces funded by the West and Sickulars. PETA has also filed a petition in a Kerala against elephants in temples which is an age-old tradition merely to create ruckus. If there are violations, that can be brought to notice but PETA has no business to make petitions to withdraw existing orders of a govt. The Dahi-Handi petition claimed children participate and get injured or men get killed. The same claim has been made for Jallikattu too. What physical sports does not have a certain risk? Even in non-physical-contact sport like Cricket there have been deaths.  Figure this out:

Over 130 footballers have died on the field. 
At least 11 cricketers have died on the field. Should football and cricket be banned?

These are sports played in many countries throughout the year unlike some Hindu festivals that are celebrated for a day or two. Why are there no petitions against these sports where more people have died than in Dahi-Handi or Jallikattu? Over the years, footballers wear protection – like knee cap or shin-guards. Cricketers wear helmets, arm-guards, abdomen-guards and so on. Instead of restricting Dahi-Handi or Jallikattu the courts could have asked the Centre, in conjunction with concerned state govts, to make the practices safer. Sports like Jallikattu can be monitored under strict supervision to ensure no cruelty or harm to the animal and to ensure people wear sufficient protective gear. People have died in stampedes at many major festival gatherings, including multiple times at Mecca. Should we ban all such gatherings? Should we ban Haj travel?

Nothing calls for a total ban on traditions and practices. This always backfires. For instance, the longer Ganesh festival (particularly in Maharashtra) is supervised under strict laws and rules and is a lot more organised now. The same can be done with other Hindu practices too. But much of the PILs and anti-Hindu campaigns are actually cheered on bigger Hindu-haters in the media and politics. Some of the vilest ridicule and contemptuous remarks are made by these hate-mongers:

In Madhya Pradesh two villages have an annual ritual of hurling stones at each other. It’s a 300-year old practice. Obviously, this can be injurious or fatal. So, they slapped a ban on it. When the police tried to enforce the ban both villages united and stoned the police. The police had to withdraw and the ritual went on as usual – ban or not. The anti-police riot happened in 2009 but the ritual goes on (see video from 2016). What can be done is to educate the villagers and make them understand the dangers. The state did manage to convince the villagers to stop using slings but the ban had to be lifted. Maybe they can be given small rubber-balls (perhaps filled with light stones?) and to use that instead of stones.

There can be a way through it but banning traditions and rituals only provokes defiance and riots. Either way, foreign NGOs like PETA who are predominantly anti-Hindu and where foreign money influences their agenda should have no business to campaign against our traditions. Subramaniam Swamy is also seeking an investigation on the manner in which these organisations are funded to protest Hindu traditions. India is the last bastion of Hinduism in the world. Although we aren’t designated “Hindu Rashtra” our traditions and culture cannot be subjected to diktats of foreign crooks and NGOs. There are serious dangers to this that the ModiSarkar ignores.

In former parts of India, like Pakistan or Bangladesh, Hindus have been more or less wiped out physically. Hindu temples and shrines have been destroyed in those countries (and in India too). The sheer size of Hindu population in India makes it difficult for rouge NGOs and anti-Hindu racketeers to wipe it out physically. So many organisations, largely with foreign funds, methodically, systematically and surely want to gnaw at Hindu traditions and culture and destroy it bit by bit. Before you know it, Hinduism will be in danger of looking like a merger of Chrislam and some left-over form of Hinduism. Many stupid Hindus already wear Santa clothes and chant “Jeez” (a slang word for surprise or annoyance derived from Jesus) or teach their children the greatness of all religions but their own. Writer Amish Tripathi asks a very valid question:

Who are these foreigners and foreign NGOs to dictate Hindu culture and practices? As with the protests against the Kudankulam nuclear plant or the endless protests of Greenpeace against various projects, the GOI needs to throw out PETA too. Alternatively, GOI must bring appropriate laws that allow these NGOs to petition only govts and not any legal rights to file PILs to ban any practice or organisation. PETA is not even respected in the US or the UK. PETA was found by FBI to be supporting convicted arsonists and had financed criminals. PETA has a record of killing a large number of animals under its care as well.

In the West, there are other animal-welfare activists and NGOs that are far more respected than this unruly and violent PETA. The Animal Liberation Front that PETA tacitly supports is considered a domestic terrorist outfit by FBI. People considerate to animals advocate a more humane way of killing even for religions purposes. Hollywood, which often uses animals in movies, gets their animal-scenes supervised by the American Humane Association and not by publicity-seekers like PETA. In the UK too the govt has been repeatedly petitioned to stop non-stun Halal slaughter of animals for religious purposes. India too does not need junk-activists and NGOs like PETA. They are predominantly anti-Hindu and have no place in our society.