Friday, October 20, 2017

Fearing Ram

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that crackers on any given day would add to pollution – noise and air. Sometimes, the manner in which crackers are burst right through a small road or a main road during a wedding “Baraat” is certainly a nuisance to drivers and pedestrians. But courts going about issuing diktats and bans on crackers or other social celebrations is being seen as an “attack on Hindus”. Because, courts have largely remained silent on silly practices of other religious communities. And it’s not just crackers during Diwali. Commies and Fiberals have systematically attacked every Hindu tradition. From Karwa Chauth to Holi to Jallikattu to temples to Kavarias, abusing and slaughtering cows nothing has been spared. These Fiberals did not even spare Hindu Gods and icons. They have trashed Ram, Sita, Shiva, Ganesh and even called Durga a “prostitute”.

Courts are either ignorant or are deliberately blind to the systematic abuse showered on Hindu practices. This, in a scenario where Hindus are the only ones willing to reform their practices. Try telling Muslims to delete hateful passages from the Quran. Try telling Christians to stop their nonsense about miracles by some glorified fake angel or their vagabond practice of “miracle healing”. The hatred and abuse of Hindus and their practices had dramatically increased during the 10 years of Congress-UPA. Sonia and her gang had plans to destroy Hindus, Hinduism and turn India into a Chrislamist nation. Congress itself is seen as anti-Hindu and for good reasons. Therefore, Hindus are now saying “enough is enough”. From reports, it seems Delhi burst more crackers on Diwali this year than the last year just to throw eggs on the faces of SC judges and the Commie Fiberals who wanted to ban crackers.

Diwali is the celebration of Lord Ram’s return to his throne at Ayodhya. Many celebrate it in different ways but that’s the central spirit. For a festival as mass-celebrated as Diwali, with crackers and lights, the SC shouldn’t have interfered. From Dahi Handi to Jallikattu to now crackers, the SC is being defied by the public. The loss of respect for SC is certainly not a healthy sign in a democracy. But there’s no way you can impose on “Free will”, not even God takes that liberty so humans should be wary of that. SC should safely leave regulations, which work much better, with their recommendations to concerned govts. As a consequence of all this Commie-Fiberal-Court actions, Hindus have seen a certain solid revival of their traditions and beliefs in their power as a community. Few years back, even the rabidly Hindu-hating Sonia had to give into the political demands of placating Lord Ram thusly:
Fake devotion doesn’t sell. The Congress has since been thrown out of the Centre and from many states. A genuine sign of respecting and honouring Lord Ram & co. would have certainly been appreciated. Not in the 500 years of the Ayodhya dispute did it occur to anyone to light up Ayodhya on Diwali. One doesn’t need to be an Einstein to understand what joy and thrill the Yogi Adityanath sent through the hearts of Hindus this Diwali by lighting up the birthplace of Ram:

The usual “Bhajans”, people decked up in silk garments and jewellery, symbolic Ram, Lakshman and Sita all added to the sentiment. All said and done, it’s just a couple of days of revelry and celebration and then people will go back to their drudgery but it is these festivals and celebrations are the ones that have kept Hinduism alive. Even on such an occasion a Congress pig doesn’t like it. The secretary of Maharashtra Congress, a moron called Shehzad Poonawalla – the senior moron of the Poonawalla brothers, spits and mocks the celebration:
The last thing me or any sane Hindu would want is lectures or sermons on practices of Hindus from a Desert Cult duffer. These guys who cannot get an actor to play Mohammad or make a biopic on his violent life seem to enjoy ranting at others. Had a Hindu politician done this, the anti-Hindu media would have asked questions to PM Modi. But this Sonia-bootlicker Shehzad trashes other religious icons but nobody questions Sonia. The hatred for Hindus and their Gods flows directly from Sonia among filthy Congis. In a lame attempt to thwart Diwali celebrations many corporations – like Samsung, Panasonic, Tata had also sent messages almost describing Diwali as nothing more than a “pollutant”. One can see the manner in which messages are crafted for Diwali and for other festivals:
What does come out in all this orchestrated campaign is that the Commies are really fearing a decimation politically. They are trying to coat Hindu festivals in all deceptive and delusional colour as the Commies of an outlet of Varadabhai called “The Wire” does. These guys have even concocted a “Mughal Diwali”:

That is laughable. Mughals or Muslims have never understood or respected the concept of light. Hindus treat Agni as a universal force and power and often as God. As a handle points out, Mughals had no lunch-breaks in their murder-spree even during Diwali. They don’t have breaks from killing even during Ramzan now. Immutable truth is: You CANNOT write one page of Mughal or any Islamic history without writing about the brutal mass-murders and bloodshed. Even their festivals are not without bloodshed but our Fiberals and Courts don’t want to hear about it. Doesn’t matter. Hindus just will not tolerate any more nonsense against their religion. Commies have now started fearing the SC judgement on Ayodhya:

And their fear is genuine because they face a “Catch-22” situation. It’s a now a NO WIN situation for them. If SC rules against the Allahabad court judgement, Hindus will be angry and vote for BJP. If SC upholds the Allahabad judgement Hindus will jubilant and vote for BJP in celebration. These Commies now have nowhere to run from Ram. Even the usually uncouth, uncivilised politicians have now surrendered to Ram and Krishna:

I am sure RahulG doesn’t know a damn thing about Krishna or Dwarka. But he goes to Dwarkadish temple to pray. Like his mom, he still thinks Hindus are fools. That Congis can publicly slaughter a cow and feast on it and then go to Gujarat and beg for votes is as moronic as Congis can get. As for Mullah Kejriwal, he has shed his Muslim Topi and scarf and is seen a rare prayer at Diwali. I don’t know if Ram or Krishna will work for these guys. But I certainly do know, there is a fear of Lord Ram that has crept into these folks. If it reforms them and stops their Hindu-hating – Good! If it does not, then Hindus will continue seeing them as descendants of Raavan and the Kauravas. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Crackerjack Diwali

Much has been said and written about the Taj Mahal in recent days. I am glad Yogi Adityanath brought it up first and pronounced it is not the only monument of interest in UP or India. It takes courage to do that in the face of historical liars who have glorified this building by cleverly concealing the crimes behind it. Over 2000o workers who built it had their hands chopped off and the murderer who built it, Shahjehan, is known to have had a harem of thousands of women. Tons of money, far more than on any other heritage monument in India, has been spent on preserving the Taj. During wars it was probably the only monument that was covered with scaffolding and protected from attacks:

Today, if a govt talks about a Shivaji statue on the sea or the tallest statue of Sardar Patel, there are end number of morons who protest and want the money spent elsewhere. These idiotic NGOs and assorted individuals with zero-brains even blame these non-existent statues and the Bullet train for the stampede at Elphinstone station. The Taj was built over 22 years, cost many lives and amidst starvation, poverty and a terribly bad economy. In modern times, the cost of Taj would be over $1 Bn and maintenance cost over the years $10 Bn. All this for a woman that Shahjehan is supposed to have loved but used as a sex toy to produce 14 babies in 14 years. She died on the 14th baby. It doesn’t take a deep reading of history for anyone to know that the Taj is a CRIME SCENE. People should visit its beauty to know how criminal and murderous the Mughals were.

There are many fashionable men and women who were fabulous clothes. You just have to wonder how they would feel if they learned that some of their clothes came from tiny boys and girls that toiled for 16 hours a day for Re.1 per hour. Taj is somewhat like that. The crimes are not visible. Our school history books are full of distortions and even outright lies. They glorify murderous Mughals. Bollywood takes it further by glorifying Mughal criminals. The onus is, therefore, on Hindu parents to teach their children true Hindu history and the lies of school books. Young minds are poisoned by such school books while our HRD Minister is usually busy RTing tweets of PM Modi or ribbon-cutting elsewhere. This particular episode from a missionary school that was relayed on Twitter a few days back should be shocking to all of us:

A Hindu kid supposedly writes an essay about his love for Jesus and Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. But he goes further to state that they don’t celebrate Diwali because he does not LIKE Diwali. I hold such Hindu parents responsible for turning their children into idiots. This particular kid will come out of school, having consumed all the poison, hating his own culture and identity. He will probably end up at JNU or some Periyar group chanting Anti-Hindu or Anti-India slogans. This is not a stray incident. There are many schools, NGOs and the missionary-mafia that teaches people contempt for Hinduism. It did not help that the previous and many Congress govts are partners in this Hinduism-hate. In particular, Congress under SoniaG had unleashed a large operation to destroy Hindus in every which way possible. The current ModiSarkar has not added to the damage but has also not done anything to undo the damage by Congress.

Jesus being born on December 25 is a myth. Even Vatican priests don’t believe that crap. The virgin-mother story is scientifically dubious. But more than Christians, it is the Hindu clowns who parade as Christmas angels or Santa Clowns. Christmas is “fashionable”, Hindu festivals are deemed regressive and backward. There is no dearth of fashionable morons exclaiming “Jeez” without knowing what it means. Consequently, the Congress-inspired NGOs and other outfits frequently knock the doors of courts, especially SC, to particularly attack Hinduism and traditional Hindu practices and customs. From temples to Dahi Handi to Jallikattu to Diwali crackers – the SC has ruled on everything. SC has even redefined what marital rape is. In Hindu matters, the SC is prompt on issuing judgements while on other matters, like Triple Talaq or Ram Mandir, it keeps issuing notices and reminders to the govt or parties that really have no say in it.

There is no Dahi Handi Act. There was no Jallikattu Act (till the cruelty to animal’s law). There is no Kite flying Act. There is no Karwa Chauth Act. There is no UCC either. The Constitution does demand UCC but our SC is not interested in enforcing it through the govt although it has made gentle demands in the past. Instead, the SC and other courts have frequently issued “Bans” on this or that. Having tasted blood against Hindu traditions and practices, more and more PILs are filed in courts. Thus, the ban on cracker sale in NCR, ONLY for the Diwali season incurs the wrath of people. There is no dearth of idiots who ask “were there crackers during Ram’s time”? Well, Goat-screwing, Camel-screwing and paedophilia were fashionable and common during Mohammad’s time. Is it legal today? Harems were practiced once, is it legal today? Of course, there are still many paedophiles in Chrislam that commit crimes and get away with it too. Even the Vatican is known to have child-abusers.

The SC should know where to draw the line and not interfere with the “free will” of people unless it is repugnant to civilised life or threatens freedoms. Naturally, the urge to burst more crackers when banned will be the only outcome. The ban on liquor sale on highways (shops within 500 metres) has been circumvented in most parts of India. An effective method would be to use breathalyzers strictly, impose heavy fines and impound vehicles on the spot if there is drunken-driving. People don’t live in courtrooms. Something our judges seriously need to understand and that the best anti-crime laws are best made by people through their legislatures. A ban is usually a boon to those who make more money through black-marketing:

The weak link in the whole chain is the law-enforcement, especially the police force. Most corruption and illegal practices exist with the active support of corrupt cops. How else do Naxals get weapons and grenades? And the ban on cracker-sale in NCR has no scientific or logical evidence that only Diwali contributes heavily to pollution. There is, of course, some merit in reducing the pollution – both air and noise. But an SC ban is certainly not the most sensible thing to do. The crackers need to be controlled for emissions and decibels which can only be done through laws and not by the SC. Bans usually result in revolt if they try to strangle traditional practices. The ban on cracker-sale wasn’t any different in outcome. Apart from bursting crackers right outside the SC, these are now being door delivered:

There are certain freedoms that no court or govt should meddle with. At best, these can be regulated with sensible laws to avoid damage and to avoid injury or loss of life. Judges don’t have any responsibility for the outcomes from the bans and arbitrary rulings they make on social issues. Maybe someday a PIL will be in SC and the judges will rule whether Shahjehan really loved Mumtaz or treated her as a “baby-manufacturing unit”. The more the courts involve themselves in frivolous PILs the more the people are likely to lose respect for their rulings. Crackers are no exception. Maybe judges weren’t children at all.

A Happy Crackerjack Diwali to all!