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Gaza Vs Kashmir: The Hypocrites - Part 1

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The conflict between Muslims and Jews is centuries old. It started with Islamic warriors killing the Jews and driving a large population of Jews out of their homes. If that wasn’t enough, Jews were also persecuted by the Christians throughout the ages culminating in the Holocaust. We could go back to history to Mohammad’s times or Jesus’s times but that will serve no purpose. What matters is now and recent history. We cannot alter history of 1500 years but even in these modern times Muslim children are taught to hate the Jews. Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP, put out a documentary (Fitna) that has some hateful speeches by Mullahs. Even that has become normal to us. But stunningly, in his video there’s even a 3-year old who has been taught that Jews are “apes and pigs” (Watch from 3.48 onward on Youtube). Outfits like Hamas, Hezbollah and before them PLO and PFLP etc have had a similar approach to Israel.

Present day Israel and Palestine, as we know them, were also territories ruled by the British since around the WWI. It is after WWII that the Jews got together and battled the British and drove them out to get back their land which is now known as Israel. Having gotten their own land the Israelis also expanded their territory to what they thought rightfully belonged to them. What is left of Palestine, mostly inhabited by Arabs, is the West Bank and Gaza strip. West Bank and Gaza are similar to Pakistan and the former East Pakistan; both separated by land of a different State. East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. I see no possibility of West Bank and Gaza ever becoming one contiguous state. Even their two local govts are often at conflict. On its part, Israel is also guilty of unfair expansion of its territories leaving tiny portions of land to the Palestinians. But the propaganda that Israel has gobbled up Palestine is a load of BS.. Some of it hasn’t happened merely because of greed for real estate. The Israelis often had to push into areas to constantly secure themselves from the wars and terrorism unleashed on them since the 1950s. Here's a more reliable chronology of how the lands changed hands: 

Jews are not the only citizens of Israel; it is home to many Arabs who hold Israeli citizenship. Can you imagine the reverse in Palestine (or any of its Islamic neighbours)? The Israel-Palestine conflict is for eternity. What happens is that every 3-4 years some major battle flares up and invariably the higher losses are on the Palestinian side. Men, women, children, property destroyed and sufferings multiply. Hamas, a known terrorist organisation, has been elected by the Palestinians and Hamas only does what it knows best to do. Hamas knows nothing of governance or administration (just like some Indian political parties). They only know how to engage in battles and terrorism. They use and hide behind women and children for their attacks. I swear, if you tried to look up a map of the territory in a paper map of reasonable size, chances are you won’t find the area easily. But Israel has a very large “friendly” neighbourhood, some of whom want to wipe its tiny area off that map. Here’s how the neighbourhood extends to even lands far off from Israel:

You might wonder why Pak terrorist organisations would worry about Jews when they have their pet project of Kashmir and millions of Hindus to kill. You see; it’s just a matter of opportunity.  In the 26/11 attacks the Pak terrorists skilfully targeted the Jewish “Chabad House” and killed around half a dozen Jews. It’s probably their misfortune that more were not available. Post 26/11 our media and commies quickly forgot the attacks and started an “Aman” crap with Pakistan. Recently some of these jokers undertook what they “self-styled” as Track2 diplomacy. And every time there’s an Israel-Palestine conflict their tears start rolling for the Palestinians. Mind you, they don’t notice who starts the killing. Since decades it has always been PLO, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah who have started the killing. Airline hijackings, restaurant bombing, bus bombing, suicide bombers. There’s a whole menu of terror attacks to choose from. Children and women have been used as shields by the Hamas in their battles. The recent Israeli retaliation started with the kidnapping and murder of four teenagers and constant rocket-fire by Hamas into Israeli territory. Our Sickulars wanted a debate in the parliament to condemn Israel and sympathise with the Palestinians. So our MPs in Rajya Sabha got a debate. Here’s what some of them said:

Sitaram Yechury: "This is a genocide of sorts, we cannot remain silent to violations of International Law," he said. "You are the biggest terrorist by illegally occupying Palestine land," Yechury said about Israel. India cannot be party to this genocide. This must stop… This is against Insaniyat (Humanity) completely. Modi has signed BRICS resolution with East Jerusalem as capital. So why are we afraid to pass resolution?"

Genocide? To this Commie hate-monger everything is a genocide when it’s Muslims but nothing when it’s others. He even called the Gujarat riots “Communal genocide”. Such terms are being used loosely by “useful idiots” who serve no purpose. 54000 people are reported to have been murdered under the 3-decade CPM rule in Bengal and I wonder why Yechury and his commie party aren’t being investigated and prosecuted. It’s simply because we have always had gutless and spineless Muslim-appeasing govts since our Independence. Yechury also wants India to stop defence purchases from Israel. That’s how we secure India. Anyway, here’s another jerk called Sharad Yadav:

"People are being forced to leave their own land. How can we let this happen? We must discuss this. It will have a major impact on the future of our country… How can people run away from a strip of land that's just 6 km in width?" he said urging the Rajya Sabha to focus and debate the role India could play in the ongoing humanitarian crisis. However, as time ran out, Yadav said that discussions like these should not be restricted by logistical considerations. "This is a discussion on humanity, please don't restrict the timing of speakers," he said wrapping up.

That 6km width is not entirely accurate but let’s not quibble. I don’t think anyone listening to this stupid man even pointed out his BS to him. People are being forced to leave their own land? Did any MP ever say that about Kashmiri Hindus being driven out or fleeing from their own land and homes? Political morons like Sharad Yadav have remained blind to what happens in their own backyard but shed bogus tears for Palestinians. Mind you, the KPs weren’t hurling bombs, firing rockets or sending suicide bombers to attack Muslims in Kashmir unlike the Palestinian leaders. And why would Palestinians fleeing their homes have a major impact on the future of India? Is this man even talking sense? Yadav also added that the Gaza crisis should not be looked through the Hindu-Muslim lens. Sushma Swaraj had a brilliant answer to this appeasement-crook.

Swaraj, in her reply, narrated how 40 Muslim youth were punished for some reason (in Saudi Arabia) and sentenced to lashes and a month in prison. They had till now spent over a year in prison instead of a month. The GOI seems to have negotiated their release and brought those 40 back home to India (listen to her on Youtube). Ever heard any media house reporting this event? Our media slaves who catch the spit of Chinese Gandhis before it hits the ground will not report such events. Naturally, another Chinese Gandhi, though a descendant of MKGandhi, talks like a moron too. Where? Yes, on the International Muslim Rudali's show. That’s what Barkha Dutt is. She asks on her stupid show a diabolical question: “Has India lost its heart when it comes to taking a position on Gaza? Or is it none of our business”?

There was the usual “Palestinian men, women and children are dying. No medical help, homes destroyed” etc (with images, of course). The Gandhi in the pic started blabbering about humanity as if he has never heard about a war or conflict earlier. People die in a war, get used to it. To this, the panellist on the right corner in the bottom row talked of Mahatma Gandhi supporting the British in WWII. Again, TusharG started raving and ranting “You don’t know anything about Bapu… don’t lie” and so on. Well, fact is MKG did support the British during the war. Oh wait! I wonder if MKG would have supported ISIS (or ISIL). They have pronounced the ISIS leader the new Caliph and MKG did support the Khilafat movement; didn’t he? MKG supported the Khilafat movement to get the Muslims into the fight against the British and integrate Hindus and Muslims but it never happened.

India was broken on religious grounds into India and Pakistan. Only problem is Pakistan and Bangladesh regularly slaughter Hindus but our Sickular MPs and media don’t find it worth discussing but they want to discuss distant Gaza. Yechury screams “why should innocent Palestinians suffer”? It’s a war moron, didn’t they tell you that? And what do such Yechuries have to say when Palestinian terrorists went all the way to Munich to slaughter Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics? Those athletes were not in a conflict or a war, were they? What about Chabad House? Were those Jews in a conflict or in a war? Why should Jews everywhere be slaughtered because of the conflict in the Middle East? Will Barkha, her clones, our commies and our media explain that? Do they seek resolutions in the Parliament for all such mindless slaughter? The BRICS resolution clearly states Israel must pull out of occupied territory and Palestinians must have a state by the side of Israel. How is that inconsistent with India’s long-standing policy? Why should there be a new resolution now? Just to condemn Israel?

Sharad Yadav was partly right in saying we look at Israel-Palestine issue through the Hindu-Muslim lens. But what he and all the sickulars miss is that it’s the Muslims who forever are disconnected with Indian and neighbouring issues and not Hindus. From Turkey, Khilafat, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama, Cartoons, Salman Rushdie and crazy films, it’s the Muslims in India that agitate and get violent. The brunt of that violence is borne by people of other religions and the State. Why? Fools like Barkha, her clones and the Yechuries of the world want a Parliament resolution on Gaza. For what? Because some morons argue that Narendra Modi was a signatory to the BRICS resolution. Well, then isn’t that resolution in an international forum not good enough for India’s stand on the issue? Why insist on a Parliament resolution? Basically, what these sickulars want is India to CONDEMN Israel. I am glad no resolution was passed and India should not condemn Israel for these conflicts. Israel has borne the brunt of terrorism for over 60 years. The death of Israel would embolden the terrorists which will lead to more states dying. It is in that respect that Yadav can be right in claiming it has a “major impact” on India and not in any other sense.

Let’s come to the poor Palestinians who have no schools, hospitals, jobs etc. as our sickulars whine. Firstly, Palestine doesn’t have any real economy of its own because most of their resources are devoted to weapons. West Bank and Gaza get a huge amount of funds from the UN and other international donors (even the US). What do they use it for? Of late, Hamas has built at least 36 tunnels into Israeli territory for raids to kill Israelis. These are “terror tunnels” each of which costs the Palestinians $1 million to build and maintain. So around 36 million spent on tunnels! Funds meant to care for Palestinians are being used for terror. Do our sickulars talk about this or question such acts? And then they whine about the suffering of poor Palestinians and Israel to watch quietly as more terror attacks are planned? Would these same sickulars advocate India to sit and watch if Pakistan built such terror tunnels into India? (Pakistan did build one some time back).

While they lament and whine for Palestine, events at home of a similar nature do not bother our sickulars. Even now it’s Hamas that is not willing to accept a mediated ceasefire while Israel is. The Palestine issue long kept India from having diplomatic relations with Israel although India and most countries had recognised Israel as an independent country. Talk about Kashmir and these same wailers will crawl up into some corner and hole. In the next and concluding part we will see why the Kashmir issue should matter to us and not Gaza and how our Commie media and Sickulars are pathetic, Muslim-appeasing hypocrites. Ordinary folks on social media and elsewhere who buy the propaganda of these Commies are as educated on real history of Israel as they are on bogus history of India written by these Commies.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pak's Useful Idiots

“We will never forget! We will never forget!” screamed Arnab Goswami and the scroll on TimesNow during the 26/11 attacks. It didn’t take even a year for TOI to forget and start the crappy “Aman Ki Asha” campaign with Pak newspaper The Dawn. While Arnab screams at everything else, he feels shy in asking how much money TOI made from it and who paid that money. It appears that many alleged journalists are practically jobless now and are finding their passion elsewhere to keep themselves relevant. Politicians going to Pakistan to appease Muslims back home is not new but it’s the phenomenon of media crooks engaging in covert activities that should be worrying us. Earlier, some of these media folks were guests of Ghulam Nabi Fai who wanted to free Kashmir and was funded by ISI. Prominent among his guests was India’s second biggest Intellectual Moron (IM) Dileep Padgaonkar. This worthless editor is a paid junkie who is into everything but journalism.

How we respond to tragedies is an indicator of a nation’s policy on war and peace. A day after the heads of two of our jawans were chopped off at the LOC, Shashi Tharoor was moderating a debate between journalists of India and Pakistan. These are meaningless exercises by our elites. I call them Candle light sinners. Just as TOI shamelessly forgot the dead from 26/11 our media folks along with some politicians have scant respect for the dead. There can NEVER be peace with Pakistan. Only the world’s greatest morons would believe that is possible. That country’s way of life is not cut out for peace with India. The only option is to avert wars, avert terror attacks and maintain a constant vigil to protect our borders. And what is there to discuss and negotiate with Pakistan? Other than onions I doubt there is anything we can get from Pakistan. Err… Maybe item girls for Bollywood or lousy singers and actors who can’t make money on their own soil. This is why Ved Pratap Vaidik’s trip to Pakistan and his meeting with terror-chief Hafiz Saeed is nothing short of a sinister act.

In January 2013 when our jawans were killed at LOC Hafiz reportedly announced a reward of 5 lakhs for every Indian soldier’s head. Vaidik is a bumbling moron and that’s a given. But his extended enthusiasm in acting like he was Allah’s diplomat in meeting Hafiz and trying to understand that “innocent” soul is the kind of stupidity that our senior journos are blessed with. While Vaidik deserves condemnation why should we pick on that one idiot alone? Along with him there were other useful idiots of Pakistan who went on a joyride. Among them were Barkha Dutt (Pakistan’s permanent fool in India), Dileep Padgaonkar (India’s 2 nd biggest IM), a non-Indian like Sidharth Varadabhai and politicians whose careers have ended like Manishankar Aiyar, Salman Khurshid and Sudheendra Kulkarni. All of these people are worthless in India and supposedly make a “self-styled” bunch of peace-brokers in what they fashionably call “Track-2 diplomacy”. Who authorised these morons for any track-diplomacy? Nobody! What lures them to such activities? That is a question no one is asking. What is the motivation for such deliberate misadventure? Obviously, since the election loss by Congress, most of their members and puppets have nothing to do but attempt to thwart the new govt in international diplomacy. Their Pak junket is one such meaningless exercise.

Vaidik, in particular, is hardly a practicing journalist and cannot claim he met Hafiz as part of a journalistic exercise. So it has been handy for the media and the Congress to label him a BJP tout who met Hafiz under authority of the BJP govt. Why would any govt authorise this joker to meet Hafiz? And even if they did, would any govt acknowledge it? It would be foolish to imagine that Hafiz is an easy person to meet. He’s a guy who would be looking over his shoulders all the time. While there is no evidence, it is not far-fetched to assume that his meeting with Hafiz would have been facilitated by one of the crooks in the gang that went to Pakistan on a joyride. Some of these people have had a backdoor channel with the Pak media and establishment for a long time. Hamid Mir, a Pak journalist, had interviewed Osama Bin Laden even when Laden was an internationally wanted man. So it is not wrong to assume that the Pak media circuit and their establishment have access to all the wanted individuals. Some of the known crooks in the gang of 15 certainly do have deep connections with this circuit and establishment.

The master-chef who organised the joyride for the gang of 15 is none other than Manishankar Aiyar. He is a board member of the Regional Peace Initiative which organised the junket. It is needless to add that any such outfit operating in Pak would obviously be filled with their former army heads and ISI operatives. As in the case with Fai, the ISI is good at identifying the most useful Pak idiots in India to serve their purposes. The choice of MSAiyar as one of the board members and through him the choice of other members of the gang of 15 is a good indicator on the people India should keep a close watch on. Here’s a montage of the worthless exercise which does nothing but fatten the flesh of this gang and indulge their greed for luxuries and goodies.

Why do these guys suddenly want a peace initiative with a junket? Obviously, the new govt in Delhi is not one to the liking of Congress or the Pak establishment. A gathering of all the useful idiots from India for the Pak establishment, army and the ISI is what the doctor ordered to throw a spanner in the works. Vaidik comes across as a stupid moron but I have no doubt who the conduits are. Do you? Permanent Pak friends like Barkha, Varadabhai, MS Aiyar all must have had a hand in what transpired. That Vaidik met Hafiz is public now. MS Aiyar also appeared on a show in Pakistan with Hafiz in February 2012. It’s all a nice family. There are people who want the govt in Delhi to have lots of thorns in their flesh. We can trust Barkha, Padgaonkar, Aiyar, Khurshid, Zoya Hassan to provide those thorns.

One would like to imagine someday peace with Pakistan is possible although that is never going to happen. Pakistan doesn’t want peace. But there are people in India who want to encash this situation to spruce up their lifestyle. They love that this cold conflict will always be there else their “Aman Ki Asha” money-churning machine will die. The ISI knows who these useful idiots are. The gang of 15 that Manishankar Aiyar led to Pakistan knows that too. Everyone has ranted about Vaidik’s meeting with Hafiz, except the gang of 15 that went with him. You and I can ponder but they are richer for their effort. How they get funded and how their travels happen will offer the answers to such episodes. Pakistan is a goldmine for some of these useful idiots. Here’s what the C5M rants about press freedom:

There is press freedom in India but it has always been misused. Most of the people pretending to be journalists have often turned out to be political brokers. How does one explain a bunch of journos constantly involved in political activities like Barkha, Padgaonkar, Varadabhai, Vaidik & Co. do? It just so happens that Vaidik was exposed in his meeting with Hafiz. The others are just as shady in their dealings and we are yet to know the people they meet and the deals they make. The Ghulam Nabi Fai episode was an indicator of what the sco called journos are up to. Now that the new govt has rendered most of the media celebs useless they are likely to be more useful idiots for Pakistan. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sonia Gandhi's Fake Victimhood

The Congress has been badly dumped by the people in the last elections. There are chances they may be dumped from some states in the upcoming elections in a few months. Yet, our media still reports on their silly utterances as if Sonia Gandhi still rules the country. During the last few days Subramaniam Swamy has boldly said “Sonia Gandhi is a crook” and that “BJP is soft on the Gandhis”. Take a look at how Gandhi-slaves NDTV report on the sleeping beauty called Rahul Gandhi:

They show the video, they show RG yawning, they show RG falling off to a quick sleep and then they report “BJP alleging RG sleeping in parliament”. Even their tweet on July 9 says the same. What are these people, blind idiots? If the man is caught sleeping on video does it take for anyone to “allege”? Such are the slaves at NDTV who still twist ordinary news reports into an act against the Gandhis. Oh! You can’t do that! See the Gandhis are like “sacred monuments”. Having played the idiotic “alleged” tape the channel then goes to a Congi who goes one step better (I’m not sure but I think it was Rajiv Shukla but that doesn’t matter). The Congi says “It is inappropriate for LSTV to show such images”. Okay, so it’s not inappropriate for the bumbling Pappu to doze off but it’s the camera’s fault. It doesn’t even occur to the Congi that the camera is not focused on RG but on an MP who is speaking in parliament and RG just happened to be in Zombieland right behind him. That’s the lighter part though.

There are many misdeeds that the Nehru-Gandhi clan has to answer for. Our historians and media have conveniently washed off those sins. Recent revelations about the 1962 war appear to show Jawaharlal Nehru goofed up badly. Monuments are made for him. Indira Gandhi went unpunished for Emergency crimes. More monuments! Rajiv Gandhi had no accountability for 1984. Some more monuments! All three were happily awarded Bharat Ratna; two of them during their own tenures.  This fake greatness to the family now even extends to the Vadras. This is why, regardless of what one might think of Swamy, he is doing a monumental job in prosecuting the Gandhis for their crimes in the National Herald scam. Predictably SoniaG and Congress cry “vendetta”. It’s time people and GOI stopped listening to such nonsense. Courts don’t rule based on someone’s vendetta else Narendra Modi would be in jail instead of being the PM. The Congis who carried out the biggest witch-hunt India has ever known against Modi are now screaming “vindictiveness, vendetta”.

In bogus defence of the NH scam there is a lawyer called KTS Tulsi who even grandly claimed “Young India” (76% owned by the Gandhis) which scammed NH was formed to promote “democracy and secularism”. Really? And what’s the Congress supposed to promote? Minority appeasement? Even AK Antony has now rubbished the Congress’s “secular credentials”. The TOI report says: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday said a court summoning Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and herself in connection with the National Herald case, smacked of 'political vindictiveness' by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government… Sonia also confirmed that the income tax department has served her party notices in a case that alleges that she and other party leaders misappropriated funds of a company that used to publish the erstwhile National Herald newspaper. "This kind of political witch hunt will only help us and help us to come back faster (to power)," she said.

So Sonia Gandhi and her son will keep on committing misdeeds but no one should act against them? The woman is seriously hallucinating if she thinks the IT notice and imaginary “vindictiveness” will bring them back to power faster. She probably thinks she will be fortunate like IndiraG who could topple a “Khichdi” govt in 1980 and return to power. It appears that the pathetic number of 44 that Congress got hasn’t taught her any lessons. At the other end of this saga of misdeeds her “Damaad” quietly closes down six spurious companies he floated to carry out all kinds of dubious dealings. He is so brazen he doesn’t even file annual returns for these companies. Read this: Vadra, the husband of Priyanka Gandhi, is quietly closing down six companies set up just two years ago.The firms have never filed annual returns or balance sheets, an examination of company records by HT shows. Lifeline Agrotech, Greenwave Agro, Rightline Agriculture, Future Infra Agro, Best Seasons Agro and Prime Time Agro are all private limited companies established between June and August 2012, purportedly as agriculture or agro-processing firms. Vadra is named as managing director and promoter in company records.

Had it been you or me or any ordinary citizen we would be hounded by the authorities and made to pay heavy penalties for not complying with statutory requirements. Vadra quietly winds up companies but still retains his security and exemption from security checks. Who the hell are these people? And the BJP guys in GOI don’t have the courage to act on him? This is why Swamy makes sense when he says BJP is soft on them. For all the scams and misdeeds of the Congress, SoniaG and some ministers should be hounded the way Al Capone was hounded with a special task force. The new govt may be in its early days but if they let them off for their crimes against this country it will be one promise that Modi would seriously fail to keep. Following the court summons to the Gandhis in the NH scam the IT department was compelled to issue a notice on the tax exemption. If they hadn’t done that someone would have again gone to court and forced them to act.  

After SoniaG reacted with her statement about vindictiveness bringing her back to power soon, TimesNow ran a headline “Sonia warns BJP”. So for these media crooks she is so powerful? Rahul Kanwal on July 9 ran a poll on his nightly show on Headlines Today asking people if this was “vindictive politics”. Some 50% seem to have said “yes” to that stupid question and who knows who or how many vote on these silly polls. It’s a stupid question because it is not the right question. And these dumb morons pass off as journalists and editors to fool the viewers. The right question would be “Have Sonia and Rahul scammed NH”? The facts of the case clearly indicate they have indeed scammed NH along with others. They have also rented out properties of NH when they had no business to do so. Swamy has also written to the SIT on Black Money formed by the new govt asking for investigation into foreign bank accounts of the Gandhis. Is this all a figment of his imagination? Is all of it vendetta?

The NH scam broke sometime around November 2012. The media washed it off and would have liked it to be buried. If Sonia and Rahul actually have any high morals as they cry vendetta, why didn’t they act then? They could have reversed the transactions and sought a political closure to the case. They did not. They were brazen because they thought they could somehow still cobble up a “Coalition of the Corrupt” in 2014 and get away with the scams. Unfortunately, events did not turn out like that. Fake victimhood may have worked in the past when most people in the country did not have information. The South voted for IndiraG after Emergency because most states there didn’t experience the brutality of that period and because of censorship not much information travelled. It is not possible to escape now. Subramaniam Swamy is absolutely right in pursuing the cases against the Gandhis and the govt should actually back him. If corruption has to stop, the cleansing has to start from the top.