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The Madrassa Angels - 3

Parts 1 & 2 at these links: Part-1, Part-2.

Fridays have come to be known for two things in India – Movie releases and post-Namaz violence. One has to wonder what triggers this violence. Stone-pelting after the Friday Namaz in Kashmir had become a regular feature. This is on since the mid-1990s across India. There has to be some “Chemical problem”. There is violence in some part of the country, some small or big town every Friday. Much of this violence is unprovoked and some in protest of something or the other. A handful of people don’t riot but when it becomes a mob, rioting is easier which the Friday gathering provides for. Surely, all of this violence cannot be spontaneous and has to have a mastermind behind it. Some history of such violence is consistent with the fear that public Namaz drives at some places:
There were protests over the death of Tabrez Ansari in many parts of India. From Rajasthan to UP to Jharkhand and Gujarat. The Surat protests, despite section 144 being imposed, that turned violent and in which cops were attacked happened on – you guessed it, Friday:
Some 40 rioters have been arrested, including a Congress councilor. Some years later there will be some survey or statistics from the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau). There will be breast-beating and whining from the HR organisations and Muslim leaders on the high percentage of Muslims in jails. It cannot be that cops and govts simply like to arrest Muslims. On the contrary, many Muslim rioters and suspects are never arrested by cops out of fear of a backlash from the community and political leaders. Among prominent Muslims with multiple FIRs against them are the Imam Bhukari and Asad Owaisi. The statistics on Muslims in jails should serve as a warning to ModiSarkar that reform is not needed in Madrassas but their mosques and the shutting down of Madrassas or turning them into regular course schools like a CBSE or State Board one:
The above data is in percentages and for the year 2015. Govt departments are not very quick to make current statistics available. Another site using the same 2015 stats reports figures to indicate Hindus are least likely to be convicts or undertrials. If you scan though all the stats, you are likely to conclude that the most law-fearing and law-abiding citizens in India are Hindus. Why does so much mob violence arise from one community? Firstly, a lot of things – from small to big, offends Muslims. The defence of their Faith at any cost is the singular goal of the “Universal Brotherhood” of Muslims. Nationalism and patriotism are not ingredients in such a discourse as this Tamil Mullah teaches his herd:
The Quran, Hadith or Sharia don’t mention anything about nationalism or patriotism he tells his flock. He adds that Islam does not support it. The content of the video is actually worse than what is reproduced as quotes here but I didn’t post the video as it is in Tamil and not many may be able to follow. But those who wish to watch the video can look up the tweets and watch it. What is it that is differently taught in Madrassas? The same stuff. It is Islam, Universal Brotherhood, Borderless-nationality and so on. Which idiot on earth wants to search for ideas of “nationality” and “patriotism” in religious books? That itself is utter moronery. Nationality, geographic borders, system of governance are all designed and implemented by humans. But then, that is exactly what these Muslim preachers are against. And not so unpredictably, when a Muslim woman from Ahmedabad goes to London for the Cricket World Cup, she wants Pakistan to win and India to lose. There ends the stupid argument (Video 1.04 mins):
She is just one sample. There might be many aren’t as vocal in India now about their Paki-loyalties, especially not in Gujarat. They condemn all man-made systems of social and economic life and want only what Islam and its books recommend. That idea is incompatible with our democracy and any school teaching it should not exist. This does not limit itself to the lower strata of Muslims, it can be found in the well-educated and highly positioned ones as Hamid Ansari proves:
It doesn’t occur to the Mullahs of ModiSarkar that the conduct of these Muslims is NOT driven by Madrassas. What exactly is a Madrassa? It is surely not a unit of bricks, walls, ceilings, floors and some furniture. The same books that drive Hamid Ansari to his anti-national conduct bordering on treachery are also used at these Madrassas. It is impossible to implement courses of Math and Science in a system that teaches such vile stuff of nationality and patriotism not being elements of Islam. Former minister Arif Mohammad Khan slammed the usual whining Rudaali Arfa Khanum on the books the Deobandi schools use to indoctrinate their kids (video 1.59 mins):
Arif Mohd says in Islam “Jihad is a defensive” act only when you are attacked. The book that he displays out doesn’t say Jihad is a “defensive tool”. He clearly points out that the Deobandi syllabus ordains waging Jihad against non-believers and those who don’t accept Sharia. PM Narendra Modi, what stupid reforms you and your deceptive minister Mukhtar Abbas are talking about when these Madrassas teach waging war against Hindus and other non-Muslims in India? You don’t have any explanation or how you are going to stop such books and courses. They are anti-Constitutional. Putting Lipstick on Madrassas is NEVER going to reform them or inculcate new social values among their students. This farce is worse, when Naqvi grandly claims there were no major communal riots under NDA. Facts and stats do not corroborate his nonsensical claims:

Few weeks ago, a Muslim woman and her family members assaulted a traffic cop over some frivolous argument. Where does one get the marbles to assault a man in uniform? And this is not a stray incident. There are many such incidents over the years. A Kidnap-accused Imran’s family brings a mob and assaults police officers at a PS in Guna, MP. At Prayagraj, a police team was pelted with stones and fired upon when they went to arrest some cattle-rustlers (image on the left). During the recent riots over Tabrez (He’s the replacement for the earlier “Beef” narrative) there were quite a few Muslim youth threatening violence in videos, abusing Hindus with the choicest of “Maa-Behen” expletives. All this is not happening under some Congress govt. This is happening under ModiSarkar. And don’t tell me law and order is merely a State issue. The words flowing from “Sultan of Selective Pain” Modi does impact, influence and embolden these louts in their violence and their abusive videos.

There is something else that should strike us. Wahhabism is the rawest form of Islam as conceived. The Saudis and other followers of Wahhabism consider it the “purest” form of Islam along with the strictest implementation of Sharia. Pakistan, an Islamic State, has been facing problems with its 35000 Madrassas; many of them funded by the Saudis. They too are trying to “reform” Madrassas and failing. It is simply important to understand that Madrassas CANNOT be changed, cannot be reformed. They simply have to be “changed to” something else. The only question in these principles of “Change” is how. Here is an interesting article from the Haaretz on the Saudi sneak visits, investments and influence in Indian Madrassas (these are some select excerpts):
Imagine, the Saudis have poured over $2 billion dollars to influence and radicalize the Madrassas. And “Betcha-by-golly-wow” Modi and his sidekick Naqvi are going to reform them with INR 4700 crores (and some more State funds)? And that 4700 includes financial outlays for all minorities and things other than Madrassas also. That’s like throwing kitchen knives at the sky to destroy 10 squadrons of Rafale fighters bombing us. It’s simply laughable and I wonder who ModiSarkar is trying to hoodwink with all this illogical waste. On the other hand, one must understand that international awards are not easy but “managed” diplomatically. On his very first visit to Saudi Arabia as PM in April 2016, Modi was conferred with their highest award:
Why this award? Had he done something for them? Not keen on spinning conspiracy theories but the question must be asked. Did Modi allow Saudi influence in Madrassas to continue? The 25000 Wahhabis visited India in 2011-13. The Congis are known to be very friendly with Islamic regimes (they even avoid Israel like a plague). Is there some deal by the Saudis with Modi to “slow-down” on the Gandhis and Congis over their legal cases? Is that why cases against the Gandhis, Vadras, PCs etc are dragging on for no particular reason? I cannot figure out why a person with a strong anti-Muslim image in India and many parts of the world be given this award by an extremely brutal Islamic regime.

Fed up with the mass-debauchery at Sodom, God sent two angels to reform them or to destroy the town and wanted a kind, God-fearing man named “Lot” to leave the town before its destruction. The good Lot sheltered the angels. The mob surrounded his house and wanted to rape the angels too. The supposedly kind man, Lot, gave his two daughters to the mob to gang-rape and torture. Violent mobs don’t have any respect for even God’s angels. So, politicians would be sensible enough not to play angels.

Angels might wear lipstick too but there is no way you can reform Madrassas without removing the violence-preaching, hate-preaching books from their premises. A complete BAN on all such books is the first step. After all, before we teach our children Math, Science or religious scripts, we do teach them good values and good behaviour with others. No regular school teaches children to wage Jihad or hate others. Math and Science doesn’t come to those who are taught to only rote-learn by rocking back and forth on the floor.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Madrassa Angels - 2

(Read the 1st Part here, if you haven’t already)

Grievance, whether real or imaginary, has the same effect. Similarly, fear, whether real or imaginary also has the same effect. An employee might nurture a grievance imagining the boss is biased against him. This usually gets solved with a dialogue and the employee either learns his grievance was uncalled for or if it was real it gets attended to. Mass grievance and fear are “engineered” by politicians, political parties and criminal media. Congress’ favorite fear-mongering is that the poor and farmers are being crushed by BJP. The BJP’s fear and grievance-mongering is that Hindus are being insulted with “Hindu terror” and Sickulars are appeasing Muslims. But Hindus don’t play “victim” all the time as they pursue education and/or their business or careers. The Muslims play victim all the time because they have been taught to do so since the days of Rajiv Gandhi and as their population increases. The increased Muslim population faces more joblessness, lack of education, lack of social skills and therefore lack of adaptability to changing economic scenarios.

I had written long ago, in another post, about the annual “World’s Best Liar” competition in Cumbria, England. Anyone can participate but the only two groups that are barred are politicians and lawyers. These two groups are deemed “good” at lying or “professional liars”. No matter what, a politician or lawyer can convince you that you are a victim. This scene from “Liar Liar” has Jim Carrey convincing a serial-adulterer woman who cheated on her husband with seven men that she is indeed the victim. That the husband is ungrateful. Though the woman reads the petition and says “It’s good but not true”, Carrey convinces her that she is the victim and deserves millions of her husband’s assets (Video: 3.30 mins):
Politicians do exactly that – turn some communities into eternal victims. In the run up to the LS2014 elections, C-grade actress Nandita Das grandly screamed “I have a small child, how can I live in India if Modi becomes PM”. Did anything happen to her or her kid? Nothing! That is imaginary grievance and fear-mongering that is politically-motivated. Scumbag Commie Yogendra Yadav also grandly claimed “India will burn if Modi becomes PM”. His statement in Hindi “Aag lag jayegi” implied India will explode in riots, mass murders and self-destruction. Did any of that happen? Nothing! Dozens of groups – actors, Church actors, Commie groups all issued mass-letters painting apocalypse asking their goats to vote against Modi. That is fear-mongering. Muslims in India have singularly been targets of such fear-mongering since the 1980s. And the community has enjoyed the status of “Victim” ever since.

At the slightest article or movie offending them, the Muslims will go on a rampage. Many editors, press offices have been attacked. Many Hindu processions during Rath Yatra and Ganesh immersion have been attacked. The list is long. I had written in 2012 about how they play victim and then that “Victimhood justifies violence” and how media and Sickulars fuel it. In 2013 I had written “A List of Hurt Sentiments of Muslim Groups”. Being very emotional about their religion and very fragile, they are easily hurt with anything.

Now, the Congress and their Sickular partners are out of power for over 5 years. The fear mongering and driving the “imaginary fears” of Muslims is being done by none other than PM Narendra Modi himself. While Modi strides like a peacock and waxes eloquent, he is clearly in fear of how the Indian and world media paints him as “Anti-Muslim” and therefore has started of playing Madrassa Angel with the other two angels to “assuage” Muslim sentiments and as an outreach program. As the LS2019 elections got nearer and then after his victory, these screaming headlines should tell you what drives Modi’s fears:
When you read these headlines collectively, you can imagine what the Indian and International fraudsters in media do to keep the “Muslim victimhood” intact. Corrupt, Sonia bootlicker Harsh Mander writes “India no place for Muslims”. Choice of words in other headlines – “Anxious Muslims”, “Fear to go out in my own country”, “India’s Muslims quiver”, “What does Modi 2 mean for India’s Muslims”, “India’s Muslims fear for their future”. If someone unconnected with the world and living in Venus or Mars reads these headlines, he would be right in thinking Modi & co are locking Muslims in their houses and burning them all up. The alien would be right in thinking Modi, his ministers and the entire BJP gang is running around every nook and corner of India with guns and swords, seeking out Muslims and slaughtering them.

This extreme fearmongering sustains FAKE Muslim victimhood and consequently their violent riots across India over every incident or perceived grievance. They destroyed a temple at Chandni Chowk in Delhi over Whatsapp rumors. But, instead of combatting their FAKE victimhood, the “global-image-conscious” Modi SUCCUMBS to these international headlines and fear-mongering. He and BJP don’t have any idea how to deal with this stupidity. His I&B ministers are consistently Limp Bizkits who are always busy in mundane stuff and don’t know how to combat this spurious propaganda. So, Modi tells all his MPs to undertake a “Muslim outreach” program. At the first BJP Parliamentary party meet this is what Modi advised them:
Modi asks his MPs to stop minorities living in fear. They are psychologists or what? In India, Minorities is a camouflage.  Read the term as Muslims, as the headline in the CNN article at the bottom correctly identifies. While he asks MPs to “soothe” the imaginary fears, fake-news specialist CNN quickly comes up with “Muslims disagree”, meaning Muslims are reiterating that their fears are not imaginary. The nonsense has gone so deep into their minds that they refuse to accept their fears are imaginary. It is in pursuit of this “Muslim outreach” program that Modi and the other Madrassa Angels came out with the grand appeasement plan of Madrassa reforms, scholarships and UPSC training to Muslims. But right on the cue, a few days later, the Madrassas send Modi a sample in contemptuous indication that they cannot be reformed:
In his quest to play Angel, PM Modi is making some serious mistakes that will damage the entire fabric of Indian society. It is not as if he is blind. It is not as if he doesn’t know what Islam is and what the goal of Islamists is. Such was his rush, and that of the other two angels, to appease and reach out to Muslims, they did not even ask any question of the curriculum being used in the Madrassas. Many Madrassas are known to preach hatred against non-believers, intolerance and perpetuation of victimhood and an aggressive assertion of Islamic superiority and defy all laws of the land. Modi knows all this and here’s an excerpt of what he said immediately after the 9/11 attack on the NDTV show “Big Fight” with Rajdeep Sardesai (Video: 1.39 mins):
Modi was bold enough to talk about Darul-Islam, Darul-Harab, mention “Islamic Terrorism” and so on. He was also clear how Muslims behave with each stage of their population growth and their complete conquest of lands and conversion of everyone to Islam. And as Modi points out in his words in the video – their ultimate goal is for the entire world to be Islamic and under the rule of Islam. These are the blunt speeches and words for which people voted Modi to power. But worse than Arvind Kejriwal, who only makes U-turns on promises, Modi has made U-turn on his CORE BELIEFS:
Modi never speaks about population. He is not interested in halting explosive population growth. He misleads Indians with frequent statements like “our large population” is a great asset. Nonsense! The more the population grows in a skewed manner, the more misfits, the more unemployable and more the dregs a society produces. This has been said many times before and Dr. Peter Hammond, in his book “Slavery, Terrorism & Islam”, has explained the behaviour of Muslims as their population keeps growing across various countries:
We are seeing this behaviour now. The riots, kidnappings, violence are escalating at many places in India. And they all seem choreographed and an “Organised Racket”. It is Modi’s fear that has led to succumbing to the failed resort of appeasement. Lollipops never made a badly-behaved child behave. In the final part we will see what dangerous stuff is being taught in Madrassas that these angels want to reform.

To be concluded