Monday, July 18, 2016

Paid Pelters

I have no doubts whatsoever that Kashmiri terrorist Burhan Wani was hunted down and killed. I also have no doubts that these operations to hunt down such terrorists have the approval of the PM. It should also be clear to the TSS (Terrorist Support Service) providers that their stupid opinions will not count anymore. If our security forces have intel to find the location of terrorists they are certainly not going to approach them with handcuffs to arrest them because these terrorists are suicide-maniacs who want to die and reach “Jannat” as early as possible. No tears for Wani. No tears for any of his associates. What is now interesting is that the usual Terrorist-Rudaalis like Barkha Dutt, Arundhati Roy, Rana Ayyub, Prashant Bhushan and their gang are kicking and screaming like people gone berserk. If these people cry hoarse, I consider it a sign good things are happening for India.

For long the nonsense of “political solution” has been peddled by every Tom, Dick and Haroonbhai. There can be no dialogue as long as there are folks who tout guns. And Wani’s case is no encounter as far as I can see. Why should it be? Should we wait till such bastards injure or kill our jawans? I would rather see a dozen Wanis killed outright than even have ONE of our jawans even injured. There should be no compromise on this. To me, a single jawan’s life is worth that of 100 terrorists and I am being conservative. And Barkha grandly says this Wani used SM as his weapon. Yes indeed he was bragging:

As is tradition with Kashmiri Muslims, the first thing they resort to is riot and use their best form of weaponry – Stones! It’s a form of rioting borrowed from their brothers and sisters in Palestine in what is called “Intifada”. And everybody joins in and it is a lot more dangerous on Fridays. This sequence in the pic is arranged by me. It almost says “On your marks, get set, Go!”:

Even women gladly participate in it as someone jokingly called the middle pic as “Right arm over the wicket”. What has really rattled the TSS this time is that our security forces are unwilling to take it anymore. They are determined to hit back at any form of violence and this gets the goat of the Rudaalis.

This time there have been other dimensions to this stone-pelting business. From behind kids and young men, there were rioters who were throwing grenades at our jawans. That is stretching it beyond tolerance. And rightfully, the jawans shot metal pellets at the rioters that caused injuries to many, some of them serious. One shouldn’t expect to continuously throw stones and grenades and expect to be greeted with flowers and loudspeaker announcements. 

Our Commie TSS gladly made emotional stories out of the injured rioters but ignored the jawans who bore the brunt. I am not reproducing all the pics of horrendous stone-pelting but they do make a terrible sight. And there’s news now coming out that these stone-pelters aren’t doing it for passion. They are being PAID for it. We know the concept of Paid-News. Welcome to concept of “Paid Pelters”. Read the tweet and watch the video from IndiaToday

Snatching weapons – 500/- per weapon. Stealing and lobbing grenades – 1000/- per grenade. Gathering mobs for the riots – 5000/- per gathering for the Head. Stone-pelting fees 100/- to 500/- per day. I wonder how they account for the stones and make payments to so many people. Now who can possibly say there is lack of economic opportunities in the Valley?

There appears to be intel that the stone-pelting operation is being orchestrated by Pakistan. There is little reason to doubt that. Therefore, the mobile and other connectivity in the Valley was suspended. And our Chief Rudaali from NDTV whines about it:

Considering all the connections she has in the Valley and in Pakistan, how did she not receive this little bit of information as Rahul Kanwal did? Or did she choose not to reveal it? In another tweet she bleated out that she was using the hotel Wi-Fi and someone cautioned her that she was informing others about it. Barkha’s response to the goof-up was simply “Oops”. I keep telling you most of our journos are not very bright.

Now, if you think the “Paid Pelters” are only those rioters in the Valley you are wrong. They pelt stones. We have paid-pelters in the media and other domains who spread lies, propaganda and intolerable defence for the crimes of the terrorists. Let’s look at some of these:

In the first case, Prashant Bhushan, who earns a lot of money defending terrorists, claims the encounter was bogus. In the second pic, Barkha claims even 2 PDP guys (partners of BJP) want the encounter probed. MORONS! On what basis does this Bhushan say it? Did his terrorist friends tell him so? And since all of her blabber boomeranged Barkha claims “2 PDP” guys want an inquiry. Is it abnormal for some PDP guys to have sympathies for those terrorist folks? Not at all. They are still a Valley party with mixed sympathies. The most important thing as I said in the first para: Who the hell told these little Johnies it was an encounter? It was not! Nobody told them, yet they are spinning crap like paid-pelters. Getting Osama Bin Laden was not an encounter, it was a targeted operation. Here’s what the Northern Command statement says:

In short the operation was “well conceived and surgically executed”. Burhan the Brag-Art (See letter from a retired Major about him) and his gang were hunted down like animals as they should be. There is no sign it was an accidental encounter. This is how known terrorists and threats should be dealt with. We should be commending PM Narendra Modi for giving complete freedom to our forces to handle the terrorists as needed. Under the UPA govt the JK police were facing rioters mostly with “lathis”. From here on, let’s just look at more images of the paid-pelters of the media, assorted Terrorist-Rights defenders and Paki-propagandists who peddle lies, sermonise and act as “fuel” for more terrorism and rioting.

This is Gaurav Sawant educating a Human-rights watch guy called Ken Roth who blabbered about security forces dealing with rioters without any knowledge of what was going on:

Then you have perverts in Indian and media and Terror-sympathisers on SM who post fake pics as being from the Valley (The original pic is from Palestine and is being passed off as recent from Kashmir):

And then you have the eternal peddler of propaganda that would make Pakistan very happy with the most nonsensical claims tarring our Army with bogus tweets. Rana Ayyub demonstrates how ignorant she is and thinks people are fools. Such clowns cannot escape SM anymore:

Now Rana doesn’t know Army isn’t involved in crowd control nor do they use pellets. And to top it all she uses a pic of 2015 to play “Paid-Pelter” of lies and propaganda. I could go on and on and on with such folks. But these samples are enough.

Those men, women and kids in the Valley may pelt stones for money or for free. But I am absolutely in no doubt that the liars and propagandists in our media, NGOs and assorted freelance liars are the bigger “Paid-Pelters” that we should constantly watch out for. Security forces will deal with those on the ground in Kashmir and violent enemies, we should deal with the Paid-Pelters on the air, in print and on SM. It’s not a bad idea to end on a lighter note. The issues are serious but sooner or later the Paid-Pelters are going to slip as badly as the joker in this video does.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Terror Support Services

Another cycle of violence in Kashmir and another round breast-beating from familiar voices. Another round of same comments from political and govt leaders. Another round of nonsensical Pak said this, Pak said that in the media. And while they rant against Pak, channels like Timesnow will also get familiar panelists from Pak and Arnab will keep screaming at them as if he is in direct military battle with Pak. The terrorists merrily continue their attacks and our political leaders offer the same rhetoric. Nothing changes. After the recent round of violence in Kashmir following the killing of a Hizbul terrorist we had the same rhetoric from Pakis in Pak and Paki-sympathisers in India – Human rights, plebiscite, lack of jobs for Kashmiri youth and so on.

There is a war against India on multiple fronts. The terrorists continue their attacks, especially in J&K. There are pockets in India where Hindus are being forced to leave their homes and towns and uncontrolled population growth of Muslims – the demographic war. On another front Christian missionaries continue their bribery and conversion acts without any hindrance or control. In much a similar manner of the exodus from Kashmir. When some ISI-funded media folks and activists were exposed of foolishly promoting the Pak agenda on Kashmir the then Congress govt did nothing. I am sure people remember Ghulam Nabi Fai and his stooges. The current govt has done nothing either. Suddenly there is a lot of focus on Zakir Naik as if the phenomenon of his hate speeches is some startling revelation. This guy has been spewing venom for a long time and politicians and media even danced with him bestowing legitimacy to his agenda.

Some recent reports from Kashmir are more alarming than ever before. Sample these: “Terrorists lob grenades at security men from behind stone pelters” or “Govt offices, police stations looted”.  And this includes mobs stealing weapons from police stations and kidnapping some cops. And some of our not so bright journos still think all this stone-pelting and terrorism is because of lack of economic opportunities.

Kanwal is not alone, there are many who parrot the same lines. When you portray the picture wrongly you are already doing the terrorists a great favour. It helps them and those mobs believe their cause is genuine and has wide-spread support. India has had poverty and unemployment for ages and such suffering people have not turned to terrorism and stone-pelting. It’s funny, that long ago these same mobs backed by Jihadis drove out the Pandits from Kashmir and what was the fake reason offered? Same as Kanwal’s nonsense. That the Pandits were “elites” and economically well-off. And who peddled that crap? None other than the one from Jihadi-sympathising NDTV (0.24 seconds)

Funny, isn’t it? One hand they claim the Pandits were driven out because of economic reasons and then they are suffering from lack of economic opportunities. If I have were to drive out those who can provide economic opportunities where do I get some from? This kind of illogical and nonsensical loose-change is what our media morons throw up to defend stone-pelters and terrorists.

It is important to understand that both Commies and Islamists understand the concept of indoctrination quite well. You will find the Commies poisoning brains of youngsters with fake history, fake promises and bleed the economy of a state or country. And worse, they will indulge in large scale violence and unending political murders and defend the worst terrorists as freedom fighters. Be it Osama, Yakub Memon, Afzal Guru or that Wani guy – you will find Commies defending them and holding peace marches and shouting “Bharat ke tukde” in campuses. Islamists are not very different. They indoctrinate kids to go on terror missions, they inculcate a sense of victimhood among their youth and will refuse to join the mainstream in a multi-religious society in India or elsewhere. Folks from media have now clearly been identified as belonging to terror sympathisers or being nationalistic and standing up for India. These comments should amplify my point:

Barkha calls him a Commander and son of a school headmaster (as if that is great glory by itself for anyone) and that Wani was an expert in SM usage. Sawant on the other hand clearly calls him a terrorist and terms him the face of terror in Kashmir. It is not so hard to identify who are those in the media, politics and our society who provide terror support services before and after ghastly incidents. Both NDTV and TimesNow frequently feature this anti-India Andrabi on their debates and “shows”:

It's not as if she merely has a different point of view on whats being done in Kashmir or that she is aggrieved. What she wants is the destruction of India, the destruction of every other religion in this country and only Islam to prevail and establish her dream Khilafah in the entire world. Why should such scumbags be on TV at all? Do they have any meaningful purpose or cause? Senseless blabbering is what our media does with their TV shows over Kashmir and terrorism. Andrabi is not the only one though. There is another deceptive guy who parades as a journo and pours hatred and injects poison into Muslim minds. Just read about Shahid Siddiqui who is also frequently on TV debates. He injects his virus in Urdu which most don’t read but poisons Muslim minds. Read this shocking article by Tufail Ahmed in the NewIndian Express.

To add to all this there are uneducated, uninformed idiots in India and Pakistan who shout “PLEBISCITE, PLEBISCITE, PLEBISCITE” at the drop of a hat over Kashmir. Here’s an ordinary activist from Pakistan and their PM too uttering the same nonsense:

And each time the Pak PM or any politician utters such illogical and untenable nonsense our media folks promptly parrot and relay as if his demands mean anything to anyone in the world. Nobody really gives a damn anymore what Pak wants on Kashmir or anything else; except the Paki-stooges in India. Indian media, at best, should be reporting it as a one-liner for sake of history instead of tom-toming such silly rants over and over again on TV, online and in print. Such is their newslessness and poverty of real news. It is not just that, at book-discussion by prominent author and Pak commentar C. Christine Fair, there was a “Foolbright” scholar too from Pak who asked dumb questions about the plebiscite and the Jihadis and got a resounding slap from her (video 6.23 mins – Youtube link):

And the moron asking these questions, even after he has read Fair’s book, is supposedly a Fulbright scholar. We know quite a few dumb idiots in our media who are also Rhodes scholars or Oxbridge scholars with moronery that is bigger than their body itself.

It is generally assumed that terrorists are funded, given weapons and training by organisations and countries that want to destroy India or kill people anywhere in the world. That is partly true. We have seen time and again that terrorism and terrorists are also fuelled by “terror support services” by a high number of people in our media, NGOs, some campuses, preachers that our GOI completely ignores. Such people vent anger against India, our security forces and even glorify terrorists by holding peace marches for them and calling their killing “extra-judicial”. It is time our govts took a serious note of such people and looked into their activites, funding and relations with organisations that sponsor terror. There might one or two batsmen at the crease scoring runs but they are spurred on by thousands who watch the game. Same is true for terrorism. Those who watch, covertly applaud and spur such acts are equally dangerous.