Monday, May 20, 2019

Arrival - 2

Destiny doesn’t appear to be a matter of chance for Narendra Modi, it appears to be the choices that he made. All those who were born in this century and voted would have contributed to creating history. All Indians are also witness to an important historic turn the country has taken – It is the first time that a non-Congress party and PM will have been voted back to power after completing a full term. Although the results are yet to be declared, there is little doubt that BJP-NDA and PM Modi are returning to power. What final numbers they get, whether BJP alone gets a clear majority are all matters of academic interest. Five years ago, in 2014, I wrote the post “Arrival” just before the results started coming in. The BJP victory at that time came when Indians were in a gloom, the country was in shambles due to the corruption and misrule of Congress and a huge challenge lay in store for Modi. There was no leadership worth the name. It was natural that the nation invested its trust in a courageous man. And I am reminded of a famous quote:

Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better” – Harry Truman

The 2014 campaign by Modi was hectic, innovative, filled with hope and in a six-month period he had held around 400 rallies. In 2019 the campaign lasted just under two months starting from March 28. Still, none of the energy, passion and determination was missing. Modi has held around 142 rallies and road-shows in all states of India. He averaged over 2 rallies a day in the 51-day campaign. The only difference being that in 2014 Modi was the challenger and in 2019 he was the defending champion. There is no question that ModiSarkar had achieved in 5 years what no previous govt had ever achieved in one term on multiple fronts. From economy to poverty-alleviation to infrastructure and international diplomacy – there is lot he can claim and a lot more needs to be done.

The most important accomplishment is that ModiSarkar is a govt free of corruption. This was so unthinkable in the past that people were even willing to condone a certain level of corruption if a govt was performing on all other fronts. The Opposition really didn’t have much to challenge Modi with. The common man will always have some niggling problems but this is one rare election where nobody talked of inflation or prices of essential items. All the Opposition had was abuses, abuses and more abuses that they showered on Modi. A challenger to the throne or a title has to be humble, not denigrate the strengths of the defending champion and must seek to earn the sympathy and support that an underdog usually gets. You can’t beat Muhammad Ali by abusing him in public. You need to have a record of past performance and demonstrate skills, tactics and humility to challenge him. Instead, the entire Opposition went on a rampage against Modi with nothing but abuses. And for a natural-born ignoramus to talk about “Karma” is the most laughable thing in the whole episode:
Karma will indeed visit the Gandhi family and all their crimes against this country. I am absolutely sure of that. It will also visit those who have brazenly looted this country and still walk around as if they are above the law. They are simply a disgrace to this great nation. The term “Karma” is a profound Hindu principle. It’s the natural law of retribution. It works like a boomerang. The good one does returns to him, the evil one does, also returns to him. In 2014 neither Sonia nor Rahul had the grace or decency to congratulate Modi. I wonder if they will find the decency and grace this time though I am not so sure.

Every political-criminal has continuously abused PM Modi for no particular reason or rhyme. Modi has not “hounded” any of them but allowed the law to slowly proceed against them. Modi has not hounded or jailed anyone who abused him, criticized him and never stopped anyone from saying what they want. He didn’t stop even abusive rebels from his own party who joined the Sickular gang. No election loss is a dishonor or a disgrace. The disgrace is in the poor character of these abusers. And these abusers abound in Indian politics, media and even from foreign media. There is a simple principle that Modi has worked with – give these enemies of India and the abusers enough space to keep their hatred pouring and sure enough, they will hang themselves sooner or later. There are many interviews that Modi gave during this election season. But one of the most poignant moments was from his chat with Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee TV (Edited video: 1.54 mins):
Sudhir asks Modi if all the abuses hurt him. Modi responds by stating that he is human and it does hurt him often. But he also says that he keeps this hurt aside because he has a “Daiyitva” (Responsibility). Meaning that he cannot allow such hurt to interfere with his responsibilities towards the country and her people. This may seem like a mild statement but this is the hallmark of a true professional in any domain. He does not let his personal feelings, hurt or anger interfere with his sworn duties towards his people and his office that demands such commitment. It takes extraordinary character and a purpose-driven life to stay focused like that in the face of nonstop abuses. And that’s a man who richly deserves that responsibility as long as he can serve.

I have cautioned RaGa and the Sickulars about a natural psychological response of people to abusing one person when they cannot combat him on performance, being uncorrupt and bringing in dramatic changes. The more you abuse a person, the more repulsive it becomes. It has an opposite effect. The person ends up getting more sympathy from everyone. And all this abuse for what? For NOTHING. Modi has not harmed these people in anyway. He has not silenced any critic or abuser in anyway. He has not taken away their freedoms and nor has he stopped them from going to courts with PIL after PIL to tar him. 
With all the counsel and advisors at their disposal, the Sickulars did not learn this simple lesson. These abusers are also backed by foreign crooks who wait on the grassy knoll to strike when they think they are losing or to help the Sickular foreigners in India. One such filth is TIME magazine:
I am absolutely sure Paki Aatish Taseer would have written this article weeks ago. It is only after five phases of voting that TIME released this garbage from someone who knows zilch about Modi and zilch about India. Nevertheless, it once again thrilled the Sickular filth in our country who danced around this trash. How TIME misleads is by shoving the more experienced political observer Ian Bremmer’s piece titled “Modi the reformer” under its BIG, deceptive headline. It’s a typical practice by scoundrels of media everywhere. Peddle a lie in BIG headlines, while a fact-filled attempt is buried in small letters. These scoundrels refuse to learn that Indians have moved past their stupid deceptions, whether it comes from Indian media or from foreign trash-cans.

There are many things that people will demand from ModiSarkar 2.0. There is a lot of unfinished business that Modi must attend to. All that can wait for another day, another post. But there is ONE thing that Modi must not falter on. He has repeatedly stated in his campaign that “I have brought the corrupt to the gates of the jail, give me five more years and I will put them inside”. The bottleneck is always at the top – literally. Corruption and destruction of a country doesn’t start at the bottom, it always starts at the top. Therefore, Modi MUST ensure faster courts, faster proceedings to ensure that the following are in jail in his second term:
There are many other crooks involved in corruption that are being prosecuted or should be. But those in the images above form the “Fountainhead” of corruption, support to terrorism and destruction of India. They must be prosecuted fast while others can follow the usual legal process. There cannot be any dithering on this. The message must be clear – India will not spare its enemies, no matter how big they are.

That said, this is not a time for the anti-nationals. This is not a time for the abusers. This is a time for celebration. A country’s health, economy and future hangs heavily on the aspirations of its people. Sometime back I wrote about the “Lost Indian Dream”. Modi has helped Indians regain their self-esteem and their aspirations. Narendra Modi is the very symbol of living and realizing that Indian dream. He has risen to the highest executive office in the country from the lowest rung of society. His story is the living example for everyone who wishes to serve the country and the opportunities are limitless. Modi will unfurl that flag of pride and hope many times more:
I have stated in a previous post that Modi has no other purpose in life other than to serve India and Indians. He has no motive to steal or stash loot for family or make corrupt deals. He should continue his good work with some major changes and greater aggression against corrupt politicians and public figures. In 2014, people of India made a dramatic change by voting a party with full majority for the first time in three decades. In 2019, though the results are yet to be declared, I am absolutely sure they have altered the course of politics and the course of the country itself forever. Arrival 2.0 is the final victory of Good over Evil. But evil doesn’t entirely disappear, it will lurk in the cracks for another strike, people must just keep it under their thumb and under their foot. For now, CELEBRATE!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Slimeballs Game Over

When a party pulls out all stops in abusing someone and even throws the kitchen sink at PM Modi with the repeat of the “Neech” comment by ManiShankar the pig, then you know the game is truly over. They have nothing left to throw. There is one more phase of voting to go. And the behaviour of some Sickulars reflects their endless desperation in their inability to combat one man politically. In particular, last few days has seen two scumbaginis at their worst, foul-mouthed conduct. Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati have hit the pits with their psychotic outbursts. These two are the worst female politicians currently campaigning and their personal attacks on Modi reflect very poor character of these women:
These scumbaginis get away with these comments because they know Modi will not hit back on their miserable, frustrated personal lives (which is what they want) as he would then be called a misogynist attacking women by Sickulars. The worst that Modi has called Mamata is a “Speedbreaker” for obstruction of Central schemes in Bengal. She wants “Modi to be removed from India” – what kind of moron even talks like this? Only an incoherent psychotic like Mamata. The other scumbagini, Mayawati, with her little cheat-sheets abuses Modi about his wife and grandly claims BJP women are scared because he will force their husbands to leave them. This extreme moronery is what their campaign is all about. This is probably the last election Mayawati will contest and I am certain the criminally sick govt of Bengal will go after elections. Bengal needs President’s rule and AFSPA to clear jihadis and terrorists from the state that were nurtured by Mamata.

Elsewhere, the season’s biggest abuser, Rahul Gandhi, was on a new trip. This time, he wanted a “new language” over political fights and ideologies. Then, this absolute piece of crap of a rotten human being claims he would rather die than abuse Modi’s parents. This, after his party members have continuously abused Modi’s parents and family members who have absolutely nothing to do with politics. I guess after Modi exposed Rajiv Gandhi as a corrupt abuser of national assets, Pappu was rattled enough. When all the fight is snuffed out, Mother Mary comes and whispers words of wisdom into RG’s ears:
It is obvious to me that these Sickulars are staring at a defeat and Modi and BJP/NDA are likely to get a clear win for LS2019. They are in no position to pull their nuts out of the fire, so they abuse a bit more. The worst of the idiotic claims came from Kamal Nath. As with everything else in India, including the creation of water, creation of the wheel, aircrafts, x-ray machines, biometric tech, the secret of converting milk into curds were created by the Nehru-Gandhi clan-destine. Nath thusly claims Nehru-Indira were the ones who established Indian Army too:
Apart from being trashed online for his stupid comment, Kamal Nath also ended up opening the dirt box on Nehru. Old interviews of Nehru were floated on Youtube and these two clips, in particular, establish what I’ve been saying all along – that Nehru was a “Grand Pappu” and the fountainhead of Pappuness that runs in this entire clan. Nehru’s comments in these two short clips are not only shocking but outright hilarious (Video: 57 secs):
Throughout history” Pakistan has had commonality with North India says Nehru. Such a moronic statement can only come from a disconnected mind. What exactly is the history of Pakistan when it was born only a few years ago when Nehru made such a silly comment. Then he says “South India was a separate country” and “Food shortage is due to people eating more”. This is unbridled moronery of the highest order and explains the genetic problem of the whole family:
One of the things that PM Modi has definitely achieved in electoral politics is the diminishing of “Caste-mongering” for votes. Many people in Bihar and UP are openly stating they aren’t bothered about caste in politics anymore. Therefore, the corrupt, money-launderer Prannoy Roy of NDTV, who considers himself some sort of “election expert” pokes into caste of a Desi voter when the man is passionate about his choices. The slap that Roy received from the man should be a reminder to all media crooks that they cannot divide Hindus anymore. In Mumbai, another youth passionately says “Modi should be PM for life” because he is uncorrupted and he also adds some future BJP guy may turn out corrupt. The young man had said that in a lighter vein but Roy turns it into his being “anti-elections” and a “serious worry”. These fools of media have completely lost touch with the people and also lost their sense of humour (Video: 2.39 mins):

And Prannoy Roy further goes on to lament that he has never seen such a polarised election among Hindu voters. Nothing was more necessary for India than for Hindu-polarisation. Hindus face exodus from many towns in UP, Bengal and Kerala. The terrorists aren’t only from across the border or from Kashmir. Many political parties are now “Terrorist parties” themselves and hold out a threat to Hindus. These “Break-India” “Tukde Tukde” gang, propelled by the alien Chinese Gandhis, are hell-bent on destruction of Hindus and Hinduism. This Hindu revivalism is not because of Modi. This revivalism started the day SM became a major tool for communication, the spreading of truth about anti-India Jihadis and Pappus of the Gandhi family right down from Nehru. This scumbag Roy never had any problems when Sonia ran to Mullahs, when Mullahs issued Fatwas to vote against BJP or when Christian Padres issued appeals to vote against Modi.

Arresting people for chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, arresting individuals for satirical memes and claiming Indians don’t have a right to enter Bengal – all this by Sickulars and a demented psycho called Mamata. Who are these people? And after many orgies of violence in Bengal throughout these elections, the foolish EC finally woke up and just made a token action of curtailing campaigning by a day. With elections for 484 seats already over, only the following 59 seats remain to be decided on May 19:

Bihar – 8, Jharkhand – 3, MP – 8, Punjab – 13, Bengal – 9, Chandigarh – 1, UP – 13, Himachal – 4.

Except for Punjab and Bengal, the Opposition, including Congress, TMC and SP-BSP doesn’t have much of an influence in these territories. To prop up the prospect of this Thugbandhan, some Lutyens media crawlers even put out fake exit polls and on Twitter too. The stupid EC was chasing private individuals on Twitter to take down tweets but was sleeping over breaches by many “organised” Congress coolies on the fake exit polls they were peddling all over. They finally woke up from their slumber and issued notices to a few:
And moved by such silly polls, the queen of corruption and the one who considers “power is poison” is back in business trying to wiggle her way back into power. SoniaG has called an all-party of the Thugbandhan to somehow cobble an alliance to “throw out Modi”. Sonia didn’t campaign a single day. She didn’t even campaign at Rae Bareli to seek votes. Such is the arrogance with which these Chinese Gandhis take voters for granted. But she wants to play the great chewing-gum that somehow wants to glue some 30-35 parties together to get another Deve Gowda or IK Gujral type govt which she can drive from the back-seat like she drove MMS for a decade. The lid has been lifted off the wicker basket and the slimeballs want to crawl out of it. But wet dreams are still not illegal in India. The hour is too late. Even those in the Opposition must realise that the Chinese Gandhis and the Congress are a bane on India. There are many reasons why “Congress Must Die” for India to stay on the road of progress:
The nonstop abuses hurled at Modi going down to the point where a psychotic Mamata screams “Throw Modi out of India” is unprecedented. And if one goes by many speeches of Modi, this time he appears determined to send many of the corrupt to jail through speedy prosecution. Many slimeballs will not only exit politics but might exit society itself for their place in a cold cell. The exit of these slimeballs will be the greatest turn of good luck for India. And it is inevitable.