Friday, June 22, 2018

Ban Road Namaz

Sir Humphrey: If you want to be really sure that the Minister doesn't accept it, you must say the decision is "courageous".
Bernard: And that's worse than "controversial"?
Sir Humphrey: Oh, yes! "Controversial" only means "this will lose you votes". "Courageous" means "this will lose you the election"!

The political wisdom of Sir Humphrey Appleby from “Yes, Minister” seems profoundly eternal. That’s the way Babus make decisions for ministers. Recently, the GOI decided to recruit some non-IAS professionals directly as Joint Secretaries. The IAS officers revolted and so did some in the Opposition and media. The govt must have asked the Chief Secy what to do and he would have advised: “Look, this decision may get you some applause but not any votes. But you may lose some 100000 votes of IAS officers for this controversial decision”. WITHDRAWN! Ditto the decision on ceasefire in Kashmir during Ramzan. The Home Secy would have told the GOI “It will be a controversial decision but you will not lose any votes. However, you will get applause from all your enemies and the media”. DONE! Ceasefire announced.

So, as you can see, most govt decisions are not based on conviction or what is right but on whether it will impact votes or popularity. One such decision that is now appalling is the “official approval” of Namaz on the streets when it clearly violates written laws in this country. Recently on Eid in Mumbai, the govt not only allowed Eid on the roads but even bragged about being a great unifier. This “Road Namaz” didn’t exist earlier but started sometime in the early 1990s as Muslims started asserting their religion with various symbols – Mouche-less beard, long kurtas and baggy pyjamas, skull caps and Namaz on the streets. The Namaz on streets has progressively gotten worse and has now become a “Right” for the community. Roads apart, even railway tracks are now owned by them:
In some cities, this road-Namaz is not merely an Eid feature, this is now a regular Friday feature that creates nuisance for commuters and halts traffic, especially in narrow streets. Sometimes, this Friday feature also leads to clashes and violence. In the first week of May 2018, some vigilantes stopped Namaz in some public place in Gurugram and the govt also stated that they should do prayers in the mosque or in private places. Naturally, the Sickulars were quickly up in arms. Saba Naqvi grandly screamed the right to pray was being snatched and Shekhar Gupta parroted groups that demand space for Namaz:
Does it occur to the moron Naqvi that praying on the streets meant for vehicles is not a “Right”? How does a govt stopping occupation of streets for prayers amount to snatching the “Right to pray”? This is nothing but Jihadi logic that seeks to assert and impose Islam on everyone. The other Dalal-street champion, Shekhar Gupta, parrots some groups demanding govt should provide space. Why? Is the govt some Mullah charity organisation that should provide space? The Muslim Wakf board is one of the biggest land occupiers in India. They don’t want to provide space but want govt to dole them space. Appeasement leads to “begging” becoming a natural “Right” and “Entitlement”. And there is CB Naidu of Andhra, in his fancy dress with a goatee, who grandly announces that his govt has built thousands of mosques. This is the same NCBN who wants special status and more money for AP. For what? To build mosques?

There is another thing that is bothersome. I have often wondered why everyone wishes “Peaceful Eid” in all their messages on Eid. We are used to “Happy Diwali” or “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas”. Why the “peaceful” in Eid messages? Are they always expecting some incident that should be avoided? In fact, it does seem that every Eid there are violent clashes at some places just like violence erupts in some places after Friday Namaz. These reports from the recent Eid celebrations don’t even shock people anymore:
On the left, there were Muslims celebrating Eid with Jihadi songs and abuse of India and shouting pro-Pakistan slogans. On the right is a report on Dalit-Muslim clashes in UP on Eid day. Elsewhere in Karnataka, a Mullah called Tanvir Hashmi in his speech claimed the “Muslim community” is above all in this country, including the PM and President. Just what exactly are these people trying to assert? That no law is applicable to them and they will do exactly as they please because govts are cowards that refuse to act against them? The BJP even goes to that Imam Bukhari of Delhi for “Sampark” nonsense when that man has multiple warrants on his head. Once this Bukhari’s lawyer grandly told the Delhi HC that there will be riots if he is arrested, along with his other arrogant, nonchalant threats to the State.

The ModiSarkar was elected to put an end to lawlessness in any form. If PM Modi grandly slams Cow vigilantes, he also owes it to the nation to stop the road Namaz and also arrest those Mullahs who covertly wage war against India through their speeches. “Sabka saath, Sabka vikas” certainly doesn’t mean a license to lawlessness for one community or the other. ModiSarkar was also elected to bring India back to her original cultural values and road Namaz and threatening speeches aren’t some of those. Former President Pranab Mukherjee clearly said Mughals are invaders at his RSS speech and the current Islamic community is “invading” streets with Namaz in the same assertion of those Mughals.

Everyone has a right to pray, nobody has a right to pray on the streets or roads. Muslim women do Namaz at home, if their men don’t have space in mosques they can do so at home. There is no rule in Islam that Muslims have to take to the streets for mass prayers. This is not even allowed in Islamic countries. And stupidos who defend this nonsense, like Saba or some Rehman, claim this is only for a few minutes:
This is an absolute LIE that these people peddle. In 5-7 minutes, the Namazis don’t even settle down to pray. The whole exercise takes nothing less than 45 minutes to an hour and on Eid it might take longer. These people compare wedding processions or Kawariyas to the road Namaz. This is bogus equation. Wedding processions keep moving as do Kawariyas and Ganesh processions. They don’t squat and occupy the street for long periods. Of course, the other nuisance of loudspeakers is not even being touched upon despite so many complaints. And because BJP govts are afraid to deal with this and are unwilling to enforce the law, they grandly allow the practice and claim it as a great virtue of society:
This is outright nonsense when the govt itself becomes an accomplice in violating laws and obstructing the movement of citizens and then mocking the citizens by bragging about it as a great act of integrity. Shame on such govts. Yesterday, June 21, Yoga Day was celebrated in many parts of the world. Yoga takes much longer than Namaz for one celebratory session. But nowhere in the world was Yoga conducted on the streets. All over, Yoga was celebrated in private grounds, lawns, public squares meant for assembly or open spaces where traffic is not affected. Even near the Eiffel tower, no traffic was obstructed nor at the United Nations:
Therefore, even the mass Namaz on Eid can be done at municipal grounds, stadiums and other institutions with prior permission. If some places cost a bit of rent, I am sure they would give discounts or even waive that for a special occasion. But that is not what these Muslims want. It is not that they cannot get spaces to pray. It is not that their mass crowd for Namaz cannot be accommodated in ground or stadium. It definitely can. What they want is obstruction of roads to assert their authority, assert their religion over others and assert that they will not be subject to ordinary law like others. I am sure, ModiSarkar does not have the guts to stop this nonsense in its current avatar. I can only hope PM Modi finds the courage to ban this road-Namaz business once and for all in a second term.

Yesterday (June 21), a woman at a passport office in Lucknow threw a massive fit over some documents required over her married name or the name being different in her application. Being Muslim, she instantly played victim, the media bigots lapped it up. Then Sushma Swaraj intervened immediately because of media reports, passport done over an hour and the RPO transferred. Over and over again, ModiSarkar is proving to be scared and afraid of following the law and procedures when it comes to Muslims. If the Congress was brazenly Chrislamist and anti-Hindu, the BJP is proportionately cowardly in its Dhimmitude.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas DOES NOT mean one community can be allowed to be lawless all the time, while others are punished for flimsy reason. Sabka Saath also means the law should be uniform for all and occupying roads for Namaz is not equality. Even open defecation on rail tracks on the edge of roads or railway tracks does not stop traffic. If that is offensive, then occupying roads in mass numbers and obstructing traffic is a worse crime that needs to be ended.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Threat Mania

An episode of “Quantico”, a TV series about an FBI agent played by Priyanka Chopra, had Hindu nationalists plotting to blow up some building to lay the blame on Pakis. The TV channel has since apologised for this idiotic episode. Hindus live all over the world and are known to adapt with local cultures and live in peace and contribute to their societies. Only pig-headed Islamists can concoct such a story and only pig-headed actors can execute the script. Not all new though, in India, Sonia Gandhi and her Congress goons tried to pin many terror attacks on Hindus and even glorified terrorists like Ishrat Jehan as “martyrs”.  

There is no doubt PM Modi has faced death threats since 2004. From Ishrat to others and to the Gandhi Maidan, Patna episode in 2013, from domestic to foreign terrorists – I am sure he is a prime target. But what do you know, the greatest threats the UN attends to are the claims of “Rape and death threats” by some out of work journos. Ravish Kumar of NDTV claimed he had received over 1000 death threats but has no evidence or recording of any. The other propaganda peddler of the original Tehelka-Tabela Rana Ayyub claims she receives “rape threats” in addition to death threats. Of course, the OIC called UN also jumps into save these morons as if they know anything:

Their tweet might be garbage but you must compliment the Islamic UN for such taste in images. Who could pick this image in a silhouette so stylishly clicked like in a horror movie? Elsewhere, Genocide Suzy grandly claimed “violence in India is terrifying”. She is probably the sickest person that India ever produced. Her contempt for India, for Hindus and her lies. Let me state in no uncertain terms, for a population of 1.3 Bn people, India is quite simply among the most peaceful countries on earth. The violence largely comes from the Comrats of Genocide Suzy and their cult. Here are stats for the US from none other than the FBI for 2016 on murders, rapes and general violence:

The figures are in minutes and seconds. Just convert it for a day or for a month or for a whole year and you will get a staggering number. As with those fake journos, another Naxal-supporter Jignesh Mevani, a Johny-come-lately from Gujarat, also claimed he was given death threats. What is laughable about this clown is, he claims a death threat on phone and again puts out his phone number in public:
Mevani has the phone number of the caller but chooses to tweet instead of filing a police complaint. This “synchronised” act of claiming death threats by a variety of Commies is just another plot to malign the ModiSarkar. People are too used to these boring, uncreative tricks. And given these Commies don’t have much brains, I don’t expect they will come up with any revolutionary new idea – they never have. Even on the issue of problems facing the country, they will rant and rave but ask them for 3 solutions to anything, they won’t be able to list one. They are like zombies walking across the political landscape trying to suck the blood out of the nearest Indian they can catch hold off – they do so by engineering riots and violence.
Riots and violence! Now that is a speciality of the Church too, just like the Congress. Historically, the Congress is the biggest expert in engineering riots. I have written many times about it. In the last decade or so, the Church too has gotten involved in engineering riots. From Kudankulam to Tuticorin – the hand of the church in riots, causing deaths, stalling any kind of progress is unmistakable. A Kerala church head recently claimed he is not subject to the laws of India but those of Vatican. Other bishops, rooks and pawns of the church keep issuing letters of threats to democracy and Constitution asking their flock to pray. Make no mistake; these padres believe in no democracy and they are Commies and businessmen too. Their primary business is promoting their conversion factory and constantly whine like a Sunday sermon on the threats they face. An investigation of their activities will indicate deep-rooted plots to subvert democracy for the benefit of the Italians rather than any concern for it.

The most dramatic of threat mania behaviour comes from none other than the histrionics specialist Barkha Dutt. On June 7, she again claimed she was facing all kinds of threats and attempts to scuttle some TV channel she is trying to launch. I wonder what that channel would be – JihadTV? The most disgusting and compromised journo that was and has-been, this India-hating, Hindu-hating entity now feels the frustration of being down and out and a sense of worthlessness. All earned only by herself with no help from anyone. Here is her stupidity demonstrated on June 7:

Not even a moron would make such a statement. I’m not sure Barkha is under surveillance but there is every good reason to put her under the scanner. And what new projects? This laughable clown is going from bad to worse. Apart from her bizarre garbs like a mosque preacher she demonstrates no brains. Remember, if a place is bugged, it takes highly skilled specialists with detectors to debug it. If that were the case, the Karamchands that Barkha might employ will not be able to find it.

Besides, she indirectly got bugged during the Congress rule and the Radia tapes fell out. That was the end of her career in a way. It established beyond any doubt that she was nothing but a Congress slave and poodle doing the bidding of Sonia & co. How many times have heard NDTV claiming “Sonia happy” or “Sonia unhappy” through the crumbs fed by Ahmed Patel to Barkha and her group in NDTV? More whining from a has-been who thinks she has any relevance. Even her own journalist-community didn’t bother much about her fakery and she doesn’t forget to bitch about Arnab a bit in her rants. He seems to have rattled all her little cells:
No sensible person watches Barkha’s shows (if there are any) or reads the crap she writes in some foreign rag. She has simply been unable to come to terms with the fall she has had. There is no crime of Barkha that I have not written about and what journalist would consider it an honour to be praised by a terrorist like Hafeez? Barkha has that unique distinction and her crime-dossier lists all of it. And this is not the first time, she has claimed threats many times before:
Stalking, death threats and abuse! This is the Azaan of Barkha and others like her. A song they sing almost every single day without fail, five times a day. And you have to admire the clever timing of Barkha’s idiotic rants. It came on June 7, the day former Prez Pranab was to address the RSS in a special event. I am sure she is not alone in this manufacturing work. There must be other Congis who concocted this grand idea for her. All you have to do is look up the ones who instantly tweeted in her support – guys like Kapil Sibal, Digvijaya and others. Congress mouthpiece NatHerald carried an article on the episode just an hour after Barkha announced her victimhood.

The pattern of these rants is very clear. All of these are rabid Modi-haters for ages. Ravish Kumar is ridiculed – I’m facing thousand death threats. Rana doesn’t get any work – I’m facing rape and death threats. Mevani might face arrest in multiple cases (including one of photoshopping and maligning a woman) – I’m facing death threats. The Shehlas and Vehlas of JNU routinely claim – I’m facing death threats. And the repeat claimant Barkha again claims – I’m facing death threats. All this, when in the four years, ModiSarkar has not harmed any of these insects in the slightest. On the contrary, his supporters are angry he has not prosecuted violent rioters and the corrupt Congi goons.

Some Maoists have been arrested in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence. Letters and notes found by police indicate a conspiracy to murder PM Modi. I am not surprised. Modi is a prime target for Congress, Naxals, Pakis, ISI, terrorist groups, many journos and certainly some Commie politicians. When asked about it, the Commies grandly claim this is propaganda planted by Modi himself and the arrests were an attack on Dalits and Adivasis. They pooh-pooh the threat to PM but we are supposed to take the theatrics of Barkha or Mevani seriously. One guy is named Rona Wilson. I wonder how a Christian continues as Dalit. And Urban Naxals D. Raja, Shekhar Gupta, Saba Naqvi and others defend these Maoists as “Dalits & Adivasis” as if being anything is a license to riot, indulge in violence or plot the murder of the PM.

For the benefit of these Naxal-sympathisers, let me state clearly – Cops are not stupid. They wouldn’t round up and arrest a bunch of people in a politically sensitive case unless they have strong evidence. They know well the scrutiny they will be subjected to and I have firm conviction that all Maoists, with or without guns, must be arrested and prosecuted.

In any case, even if they are indeed Dalits, it doesn’t give them a license to riot and plot murder of the PM. I have warned many times, that in the run-up to 2019, the Congress will engineer many violent riots and create chaos and anarchy. There is no other way they can hope to win any elections. As the countdown gets nearer, expect this stupid threat mania to grow crazier and it should make us all the more determined to defeat these anti-nationals. 

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