Thursday, March 15, 2018

Black Lotus

The recent victories of BJP in Tripura and govt formation in NE states like Nagaland and Meghalaya is perhaps the most dramatic change in Indian electoral history. Add to this the earlier clean victory in Assam too. For decades, the NE states were stuck with the Comrats – either in the form of CPM or the Congress and silently suffered all their lives. No roads, no power supply, no connectivity to the rest of the country and militants killing people all over. It’s only since the BJP and ModiSarkar started paying attention to NE after 2014 that they sensed that life can be a lot better too. They desperately needed change and embraced it at the first opportunity.

But the NE electoral outcomes don’t necessarily apply to other states where they have already experienced BJP rule and a good level of development in the past – states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, UP or Bihar. This is the reason there have been some upheavals in these states either in bypolls or lower number of seats in a BJP-stronghold like Gujarat. In the recent rounds, BJP lost some bypolls in Rajasthan and MP and the latest losses came from UP and Bihar. Of these, the greatest and most shocking loss has to be from Gorakhpur from where CM Yogi has won five terms in the past. We will get to it in a bit. In the meantime, the thrill and adrenaline that ran through a filthy, abusive C5M is quite heartening:
All the media criminals who eternally vomit nonsense about caste-religion in politics are most excited learning Muslim-Yadav support for their darling prison-mate Lalu is intact. Elsewhere, a NiraRadia-Slave of many years, MK Venu, who is now an inmate at “TheLiar” holds out a vile threat. That the loss of bypolls in UP is a signal that investigative agencies must “start behaving”. What this Comrat confirms is that in all his life investigative agencies were slaves of his political-Mata Sonia and any other scenario is impossible. For an abusive filth like Sagarika and her ilk, starved of any Sickular wins, even dirty Cactus would taste like Banana. Let them eat!

Let’s return to the BJP. Nearly six years ago I wrote “BJP – The suicidal bridesmaid”. This was in the context of BJP playing second-fiddle in all its alliances. I had made the case that for a party seeking to be a national power, the BJP must assert itself, refuse to play second-fiddle and go it alone in most state elections, even if it means sitting in the Opposition. The image in that post that is reproduced again (on the left) is an artwork called “Black Lotus – the suicidal bridesmaid”. Today, the BJP stands on its own strength at the Centre and in most states where it is in power. But the one thing that is still missing in the BJP approach to governance isassertiveness”. In the post I referred, I mentioned the vast army the BJP has been eternally up against:

The BJP does not have any “ideological” friend or ally. NOT ONE! The allies and friends are mostly “opportunistic” allies and not ideological ones. In contrast, the Sickulars and their Comrats are married till death do them apart. Even the ShivSena is not an ideological friend – it is merely a worn out, rag, tag and bobtail outfit that flies around like a stunted chicken.

In the four years of ModiSarkar, the BJP has done all it could to please and suck up to every Sickular issue than attending to serious issues that its core supporters face and for which they were voted to power. Hindutva has been dumped in the garbage can and has now become a taboo for BJP. Ram Mandir finds a mention only during election campaigns. All that is still fine. The biggest crime of BJP is to continue the Sickular appeasement policies. What in hell is a nonsensical statement like “Ek haath me Quran, ek haath me laptop”? Does PM Modi ever have to make such statements about Hindus or others? What is it that PM Modi seeks from such idiotic statements – cheap applause? And when the Hajj subsidy was withdrawn, it was promptly ploughed back into some other Muslim-appeasement scheme. There is no cause to antagonise Muslims but there is no cause to suck up like this either. We are FED UP with this wanton Muslim/Minority appeasement.

What exactly did Hindus demand from PM Modi or his Sarkar? NOTHING! All they wanted was that there be more equality in treatment of all communities. Issues like RTE are killing Hindu-managed schools, not one step or signal has been given by ModiSarkar to millions of pleas to attend to the problem. Conversions by the Missionary Mafia continues relentlessly and visas continue to be given to foreign charlatans who come to India to abuse Hinduism and convert the poor. PM Modi had promised in his LS campaign that all illegals will be packed up and sent back. Forget that, now Rohingyas are freely indulging in violence and creating swamps in JK where they have been planted. Sometimes, the SC plays a hurdle but it was up to ModiSarkar to bring in an ordinance or Act in Parliament to send a clear message that “national security will not compromise with any interference”.

There is a sense of fatigue and boredom with governance it seems. Many BJP supporters are now tired of the “Vikas, Vikas, Vikas” chant. Vikas is an essential and permanent thread that runs through our life. It is not a one-time goal. Therefore, even when ModiSarkar has done exceptionally well in infrastructure, railways, power supply and areas like housing and toilets, it still generates heartburn and discontent. And the NorthEast wins are not a “burqa” that can cover up these heartburns. Many ministers are simply incompetent and are trundling around like a stock-bowler who has to bowl the last over just to concede the few winning runs to the opponent. The UK expelled 20 Russian diplomats and suspended high level bilateral ties with Russia over the suspected murder of a Russian spy in Britain. But Modi keeps begging other countries to declare Pak a terrorist state instead of acting. There is a clear lack of courage and daring in critical daring and the fear of Muslim backlash.

Is it plain arrogance or a lack of presence of mind? This is what I have called “fatigue”. And in the four years of ModiSarkar, one thing that really shocks and stuns BJP supporters is the extraordinary slavery of BJP ministers and members to the media and in particular with NDTV. Pray what ghostly or divine powers do the scamsters of NDTV hold over BJP ministers who constantly want a room at NDTV? This looks all the more sinister when many of these NDTV crooks have mocked and abused Modi non-stop for many years. It also mocks thousands of BJP supporters who have spent hours and hours to investigate and expose NDTV. What compels Modi’s men and women to indulge in romance with alleged criminals? This too will cost votes and withdrawal symptoms, if not whole elections:
As if all that was not enough, the BJP recently purchased a foul-mouthed, anti-Hindu garbage-can like Naresh Agarwal from the SP. Political numbers do matter but there was no such extreme threat of survival that BJP had to make such a purchase. This Agarwal is the same guy who all BJP members and supporters have trashed consistently without exception. And the man deserves it. Yet, like with NDTV or Muslim appeasement, ModiSarkar SLAPS all their supporters with a vile decision like this. The frequent signals being given to BJP supporters is “you don’t matter and you can go to hell”. Even the BJP footsies, when there is criticism, often tell others “go vote for Congress”. Such arrogance will not pay. The sooner Narendra Modi and BJP learn this, the better. Don’t even be misled by the nonsense of some who peddle the TINA factor. The Lotus can also turn black in no time:
The main vote-segment of the BJP is the middle class and the Hindus. These segments are not demanding any special favours. Hindus are mostly fine if some concessions are even to deserving poor classes or even poor Muslims. But to constantly ignore “social fissures” and play “Goody two shoes” does nobody any good. The recent bypoll results can thrill some Sickulars for a while but I don’t see any reason why it should impact LS2019. Bypoll results often reflect an “instant” unhappiness with a strongly-voted govt and it happens often. I am sure when the Sickulars lose Karnataka they will be back to their Rudaali act with “Eternal Victimhood Mode” (EVM). The LS2014 majority was won after a long and tough struggle by BJP, take sound counsel and make some corrections quickly. It doesn’t take long for the Lotus to rot and turn Black.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Congress Victimhood Plan

P Chidambaram has been relatively quiet for days. A week since February 25 he tweeted nothing but another of his Opeds. Following the CBI raid at his house and later the break of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi scams, PC has gone mute. Someone from the CBI/ED has probably been feeding him information of what’s in store. A sealed CBI letter meant for the SC was also found at PC’s residence. A few days before his son Karti was arrested, PC rushed to the SC seeking relief from raids and to a “life of dignity”.  With such an incriminating document found in his illegal possession one has to wonder why raids should stop. And considering the financial crimes being registered what dignity this “Chief Accountant” of Sonia Gandhi is talking about. This Congi who destroyed the lives of many through fake cases, summary transfer of honest officers, torture and extended imprisonment without trial through his ‘Saffron terror” nonsense now wants dignity for himself.

Even before the arrest of Karti or the raid on his residence, PC has been crying political vendetta and now the suspected criminal plays victim. It also says a lot about our judiciary which now hears petitions of Karti on the most urgent basis that it never concluded the case about PC’s 2009 election being dubious and fraudulent. The number of lawyers employed to bail out Karti also indicates how serious it is for Congress to protect their scamsters. They are good at converting their fears to victimhood.

Elsewhere, the Chinese Gandhi family’s eternal duffer, Rahul Gandhi, was up to another round of his stupid utterances; this time in Singapore. I wondered who in hell invites this guy to listen to his ‘Moronic Verses” then I learned that it was all being organised by Sam Pitroda, the head of the “Overseas Indian Congress”. And it is shameful that RG has been going abroad to such shows with no real purpose other than bashing PM Modi, bashing India and peddling all kinds of fake news about India. Someone in Singapore caught this act again and I too had watched this nonsense on video:
Pappu alone is not a “Gaddar” as the tweet indicates – the whole Congress party is an anti-national outfit and has become more so during the ten years of Congress-UPA rule from 2004 to 2014. Then RG ran into another problem which the Congress covered up by clever editing of the Singapore video. PK Basu who tweeted the above has also asked him a question about why India’s per capita income had grown less than the world average whenever the “Gandhi family” held PMship. Predictably, this bamboozled RG and he danced left and right in his best effort to dodge the question. The moderator had to intervene and save him.

After PK Basu accused the Congress of doctoring the video, all the slaves of the party and those in the media started defending him and went on to even glorify the Grand Pappu Nehru – one extreme filth called Sagarika Ghose went into overdrive with her abusive garbage as if RG’s stupidity hasn’t been exposed before. If the Congress had not been stupid enough to doctor the video, the incident would have gone unnoticed but trust their stupidity in the following claim:
Political discourse hitting new lows every day? And who are the ones responsible? A Pappu who has proved repeatedly to be a terrible failure has constantly abused India abroad. Rarely would you see a politician taking petty domestic politics to wrongly and consistently trash the PM abroad and peddle lies about the country. There is neither grace nor decency in anything that RG does. I need not go into various incidents involving him during the UPA regime. He is just an undergrown man-child who blabbers nonsense about Modi and India in any forum with hardly any truthfulness. In India, the moment RG tries to trash Modi, the crowds usually chant “Modi, Modi, Modi” and have booed him at every rally and yatra.

And the PM meeting the Indian diaspora abroad makes some sense as he makes policies that may affect them. What exactly are all these foreign junkets and nonsensical parades for, when Pappu has no connect with India or Indians in India? This was true of Nehru and this is true of the latest Pappu. If anything, RG would possibly only make some countries wonder how India produces such extraordinary, incoherent dolts (video 14 secs):

Seriously, what kind of moron makes statements like “America is powerful, Japan is powerful … they are connected and that is problematic…. Your power is my power”? What in hell does all this mean? And that is just one sample among many statements he has made. I pity the folks sharing the stage with him who have to listen to all this gibberish and still not burst out laughing. Each such interaction abroad by RG is like an episode of a TV series that could be “Why I was born a retard”. And still, the Congis and their slaves want Indians should do “Wah Wah” of this guy because he comes from Nehru’s genes. On the contrary, RG ends up being a reflection of what Nehru really must have been.

It’s an important election year, with Karnataka and four other states at the year-end. So, India Today and the Congress slave brought out SoniaG for a generous dose of victimhood and glorification. I guess SG must have given a great speech about how she sacrificed her life for India and so on. The Congress is known for drama and theatre. The whole thing was perfected by none other than Indira Gandhi. And Congi bootlicker Aroon Purie grandly certified SG as the “Great unifier” something no one would associate with the “divide and rule” character of the Congress:
At other media platforms, the Congi slaves cooed on how graceful Sonia was and how matured she was. Very laughable stuff. Any Congi insider knows SG to be a ruthless and power-hungry politician. Natwar Singh, a former Congi minister, has publicly stated this.  There is nothing that has ever been graceful about this woman and her desperate quest for power. An article in 2000 explains how savagely any contestant to the party president post was hounded. Of course, people do remember how Sitaram Kesari was locked up in the toilet to install Sonia as the Prima Donna:
And the same process was carried out to install RG as the president. Remember, in a public function there is a certain compulsion to be graceful (RG has not even learned that). So, Sonia being graceful at the India Today show is not who she really is. Nor is the description of Sonia as a person who is not crazy for power true. Remember, she ran to the President in April 1999 claiming “We have thoo seventhy thoo” after the AB Vajpayee govt was brought down. In reality, Sonia had no more than 233 and in the elections later that year the Congress numbers fell to 114 from around 150.

Grace? FORGET GRACE! So disgraceful is Sonia that she never congratulated PM Modi on winning 2014 (she grudgingly mentioned BJP but not Modi). In a rare and ONLY instance that I wrote for another website was before the LS2014 election results. I was sure Congress would be thrashed and wrote “The grace challenge for Congress and media”. Although, NitiCentral is since defunct, a blog has reproduced that article. So disgraceful is Sonia that she never congratulated BJP on any of their post-2014 wins. Even after some BJP wins, RG only tweeted “we congratulate the winners” as if the winners were anonymous and not BJP. But some of SG’s statements from the recent show are worth reading for their temerity to peddle falsehoods and victimhood:
Like minded parties must unite in national interest? Pray, who are they? Are these Sickular, corrupt parties not already united in their ostentatious lunch parties with her and the Congress? In the second tweet above, Sonia grandly claims a majority of members in Congress are Hindus. This is the most idiotic statement reflecting a dumb mind. In India, even in public toilet queues, chances are most numbers will be Hindus. What she hides is – her entire coterie was made up of non-Hindus – Azad, Anthony, Oscar, Ahmed and more such non-Hindus. Even the robotic PM she foisted on India was a non-Hindu. And Congress is rightly called an “Anti-Hindu” party, especially after SG has been in charge of the party and when the party was in power. And how anti-Hindu is Congress? Nehru’s failures and incompetence on the economy front was grandly coated with lipstick by some jerk as “Hindu rate of growth” when it rightly should have been called “Nehru rate of failure”.

Oh, and the third tweet is really cute. She didn’t want RajivG to join politics but she jumped headlong into the cauldron with extreme desire for power while calling it “poison”. Such victimhood and deception come naturally to the Chinese Gandhis – from Indira to the latest Pappu. The best of the lot has to be the last quote - Sonia wants flaws in banking system to be fixed. That’s like Al Capone, after his arrest, stating that he wants Prohibition laws enforced strongly. All the bogus loans to Mallya, Nirav, Choksi and many others were “orchestrated” by the Congress and their “recounting minister” and others. Sonia pretends she knows nothing and is innocent and is a “Victim” of Congress being perceived as corrupt. In the yet another tweet, Congress quoted Pappu: 
Fantastic, mamma plays victim and the son follows. This is a fantastic choreographed ploy by someone who is advising the Gandhis on how to gain sympathy and through it win some elections. And all this victimhood over events of decades ago. This won’t work anymore. There is too much SM influence on voters who bring home truths about this Nehru-Gandhi fakery to the public. Imagine, the India Today most has Modi-haters and they bring along more insects like Shehla Rashid, Kanhaiya, Hardik Patel and some more to “campaign” for Congress. Corrupt media want their glory days of corruption back.

The 2004 Congress victory was a fluke helped by two events. One is the complacence of BJP and faulty campaign and, secondly, the number of seats it won in then Andhra Pradesh with YSR. In 2009, the BJP again presented a limp leadership coupled with even better showing by YSR in Andhra. Things are very different now that Congress has been thoroughly exposed as a corrupt, Anti-Hindu party. The media campaigns will be much higher than the party or Gandhis to bring back corrupt Congress to power in many states and nationally. Victimhood by Sonia and Pappu is a key ingredient in this muddled attempt.