Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Daytime Prisons

A young 7-year old student was brutally murdered in a school in Gurugram. So far, reports suggest it was the school-bus conductor or driver who tried to sexually molest him that did it. This is hard to believe but time will tell and it’s best to let the police bring out the facts. In another incident in Noida, a boy slaps another for camera. The principal calls it “Peer slap bet”. Fancy term indeed. In another incident in Lucknow, a Class-3 student was slapped 40 times by the teacher for not responding to the roll-call. Elsewhere, a kid was detained in school for long for non-payment of fees. Another young girl was also detained in another school for dress code. I’m sure it makes us all wonder what our schools and teachers have come to. Of course, these are hopefully stray incidents and one hopes these aren’t that common across the country.

Childhood and early teens are the most joyful years in life. Our schools are the ones that make it absolutely miserable for children. Most children hate schools. Cannot blame schools by themselves but also our governments that have made them daytime prisons for kids. Despite a lot of efforts by courts, some govts and other activists, our schools have remained a painful experience for students, teachers, management and parents. Almost every school is a centre of chaos. I am not even going to discuss the discriminatory RTE legislation in this post.

PM Modi talks of a “New India”. Much appreciate, but you certainly cannot build a new India with the dilapidated structure of our school education. Our schools don’t teach for learning outcomes and thinking. They teach to TEST. Period! Every classroom act is designed to pour information into children’s heads to ready them for the next test. I cannot believe there are schools that run “unit tests” for Class-1 children from the second week of the academic year. I know parents who are constantly preparing their kids for the next test. With such backwardness and lack of innovation of any kind, our schools are way behind civilisation and modernisation and not equipped for any New India:

What to teach is an important question. What to test is also an important question. Not everything that is taught needs to be tested. And even the method of testing can be simplified without inflicting pain for some lower level subjects. The three key subjects to be taught and tested are English (Or the medium of instruction), Math and Science. All other subjects are secondary and need not be tested so stringently. What purpose in hell does it serve in memorising nonsense about history, geography or civics? A general reading of these subjects in class followed by Q&A would be enough.

That apart, I sympathise with teachers too. Not much investment is made in them. I have seen the poorest of poor people appearing for B.Ed exams in worn out clothes and slippers just because they cannot find any other work. Teachers are supposed to create geniuses for the country but the investment in them is almost zero and a peon in a private company or an Uber driver earns more than most teachers. Therefore, they too teach to complete a task. They don’t teach to seek learning outcomes.

Trends in International Maths & Science Study (TIMSS) is an international study across countries that is being conducted for many years across the world. These are mostly for Class-4 onward in schools. India has not participated in these studies except a stray exception. Consistently, in these studies, Singapore, Korea and Japan perform dramatically well. Yet, our Delhi minister goes to Finland to discover magic in education. All one has to do is compare text books of Singapore and NCERT to see the dramatic difference and why their students find it more interesting to understand and learn.

Let us also keep in mind that there is not a single course in India that certifies and qualifies someone to be a Principal. There are professional certifications for doctors, lawyers, CAs, architects but none for Principals. ZERO! What stops the GOI from starting prominent institutes across the country to train and certify principals? Our pathetic HRD ministry is concerned only with IITs and IIMs when the roots of our “New India” are formed in schools, not in higher institutes. Therefore, a separate ministry and minister focused on school education is a must. Although education is a state subject, there must be every effort to standardise curriculum and methods of instruction.

Because education is a state matter, our states exploit kids in areas like history. In Bengal the Mughals are gods. In Maharashtra Shivaji becomes most important. In UP again Mughals. In Rajasthan it’s Rana Pratap. And there are moronic SS books that teach RahulG, Barkha or Teesta as heroes? What history is being taught and why even test this subject with so much pain inflicted on children and parents to cram facts and vomit in answer sheets? What is the purpose in this day and age of facts being available at fingertips on mobiles and internet? If we want a “New India” a dramatic change is needed in school education. This means – what we teach, what we test and how we test. When schools are not enjoyable for any stake-holder, students in particular, some of them, turn to deranged behaviour. We get juvenile jerks who form gangs in schools, bully, and get violent. We also get perverted teachers and principals and lower end staff that results in painful incidents like these:

Unless we unburden our students, teachers and principals there is no way we will produce great innovators or thinkers. Our schools are mass-manufacturing units of mediocrity. You cannot build a “New India” with a moth-eaten structure. And the problem is too huge to explain in one single post. Therefore, this series on school education, something I am passionate about, will continue in multiple parts.

To be continued

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Goldmine Lankesh

"A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdom for a Horse… I haven't had a winner in six months”. The first line is from Shakespeare but the second line is used by a pathetic, worn-out loser who was once a champion. Deserted by all, fat and lonely, the “Raging Bull” ends up a stand-up comedian. He didn’t have a winner for months. I imagine that’s the feeling our Commie folks in media, politics and assorted Naxal-Maoist NGOs and gangs feel ever since ModiSarkar has been in place. The most recent thrashing being the UP elections and it’s not even six months. They were desperately looking for a “winner”. They finally found one – Gauri Lankesh!

GL was shot and killed outside her Bangalore residence on the evening of September 5. She was supposedly a “Journalist” although I haven’t heard much of her journalism. I have mostly heard of her Maoist sympathies, her heart bleeding for anyone and anything that’s anti-India or anti-Hindu. But she died instantly and this was the moment the entire Commie Gang (media, politics and activists) were looking for, to jump and down and scream “Hindutva murder, Hindutva murder”. All too predictable. Some from this Commie Gang glowing described GL as a “Progressive thinker”, a “Free thinker”, “Spoke her mind” and so on. Unbelievable! Having written about media and journos for so long I am a bit surprised I didn’t hear much about the journalism of GL. Perhaps, it’s because she ran something called “Lankesh Patrike” which is a local paper in Karnataka. I am sure those describing her with such glowing epithets must be reading her paper. The Commie Scotch-circuit gang instantly went into “Rudaali mode”:

Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi and now Gauri Lankesh! And because they were critics of BJP or anti-Hindutva these folks quickly imply some Right-Wing faction or group has killed GL. Let’s just get a bit of trivia out of our way – all these murders happened under Congress rule. In none of the cases this Commie Gang held the CM or Congress responsible. No resignations were demanded. No reminders for investigation were made. All the previous cases either went “Cold” or are hanging. Karnataka (along with some other non-BJP states) has been facing a series of murders. Hindu activists or RSS activists have been frequently murdered. Makes no sense to do a count. None of these Commies in media called it a “Jungle Raj”. IAS officers like Ganapathy, Ravi and some more have either committed suicide or were killed. None of those deaths mattered to these Commies.

GL was a “Journalist” too. So, it’s natural these redundant journos like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha or Saba types would shed buckets of tears for her. Even in mourning journalists, these Commie Gang is selective – there’s a class separation. It’s like “Our journalists” in their club and others who call themselves journalists are mere undesirable intrusions in their “Scotch life”. Three journalists in Bihar were killed in the last 2 years – Rajdeo Ranjan, Akhilesh Pratap Singh and Brajesh Kumar. Nary a mourning was held. No outrage. NOTHING! You see, these stinking Hindi-speaking, not so perfumed guys aren’t sincere journos because they haven’t demonstrated hatred for Hindus, hatred for India, hatred for our Constitution as demonstrably as Lankesh. For this Commie Gang – Lankesh had attained Gold Standard in that department. This is further demonstrated by Congress morons who talk like they were Saints from the Himalayas:

Had it been a BJP govt, these same Johnies above would be trashing the govt. That Dinesh Gundu even says shivers go down his spine. If such is the fear under a Congress govt he should have asked it to resign. And readily, the Pappu is at hand to claim Lankesh will forever live in his heart as if ever read a word of what she wrote. Pappu also grandly claims “culprits have to be punished” but like a typical Congi he has condoned all the crimes under the Siddaramiah govt in Karnataka. It doesn’t matter who died – All that matters is that someone who hates BJP, who hates Hindus died. So, the Congi morons must glorify the person despite her being a Maoist supporter. The Lankesh types celebrate when Indians are killed and our Jawans are killed by Naxals and Maoists. But to these Rudaalis her hatred of Hindus and BJP is more important to qualify for a nice grave. I don’t think the Commie Gang in media or politics give a damn about GL and I am inclined to think they are happy she was killed so that they can point fingers at Hindutva/RW and dance over her dead body:

Yes, indeed! I am convinced she was expended by her own Commies as I don’t see how any Hindutva brigade or BJP would profit by eliminating her. She was no great threat to them and nor was she any electoral force that affected anyone. I don’t think Lankesh was such a towering figure that would have dented any electoral prospects of BJP or ShivSena. She is largely an unknown figure except in her Commie Scotch circuit and the Hindu-hating gangs. While the investigations will reveal the truth (although nothing guarantees that) the current nonsensical finger-pointing by the Commie Gang only indicates how happy they are that Lankesh was killed. It’s the shot in the arm they were desperately seeking to rant against RW, Hindutva and eventually against PM Modi. We all know the script.

It would make sense to take a look at Gauri Lankesh’s preferences and views too. I don’t know what she wrote and I couldn’t care less. But she was certainly convicted for defaming a couple of BJP guys and sentenced to six months in prison. She was out on bail. She was also hobnobbing with the JNU gang. Her Twitter page banner carries the pic with her darling “son” Kanhaiya, the guy who thinks Naxal-killers are “Nationalists”:

Not just Kanhaiya, GL had also sort of adopted the India-hating goon Umar Khaled as her other son. She sure had a happy life. Any Commie with a farm of pigs would be happy indeed. Her own mind was disturbed on the morning of September 5 as she tweeted some infighting among Commies as early as 3am:

I would prefer to dismiss the first two tweets as family squabble within her Commie family. But it’s the earlier Retweet of a disgraced cop that reveals the FILTH that fills the mind of Gauri Lankesh. Being a critic, being anti-BJP is fine. But grovelling to the level of endorsing absolute filth against Modi reflects the deep-rooted hatred that cannot pass. I hold many Commies and media morons in utter contempt. Still, I wouldn’t wish them killed or wish them death. However, I am certainly not going to mourn the death of such filth. These are the very Commies who insult our Army, Hindu culture and celebrate the death of our Jawans at the hands of Naxals or terrorists. I certainly won’t mourn such people.

And all the Commie animals will come out – media, politicians, filmy idiots, worthless writers and jhola-chaaps to protest the killing of GL. But what will they be protesting against? They won’t protest jungle-raj in Karnataka. They won’t protest against Sonia, Rahul or Siddaramiah. They will slowly turn it into another anti-BJP, anti-Modi, anti-Hindutva rant. And that’s why it’s “Goldmine Lankesh” for them. They will use her death to score political points. Will they succeed in trashing BJP or Modi with her dead body? I don’t think so. But let them try. Such trials are more steps to more failures. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Rohingya Threat

The old English idiom “Bring home the bacon” meant earn money, economically maintain the family and provide for meals. Bacon forms a good part of Western breakfast and other meals in the normal course of life. Bacon is made from pork which comes from farm pigs and is consumed worldwide. But when Muslims come into a country with staple consumption of bacon, this is what happens:

The Muslim community must be made to realise that it’s intolerance to customs, practices and food habits and sensitivities of the majority community in the country they live in cannot pass anymore. Limitless Muslim migration to Sweden, Holland, Germany and others has wreaked havoc in these countries with intolerance, rapes, murders, ghettos and no-go zones and terrorism. Many of them in the last decade came as REFUGEES.

Back home in India, CommiePigs specifically hold “Beef festivals” to offend Hindus who consider cows sacred. They do so with impunity. They even slaughter cows in public to offend Hindus. Our partition in 1947 was incomplete due to lack of vision by some selfish politicians. Even so, if they allowed Muslims to stay back in India, it should have come with a caveat:

 “Muslims will be entitled to live in India as long as they
respect the sentiments of the majority and their values.
Failing this, the offenders will lose all citizenship rights”.

Just recently we had riots in Noida over a fake case of a maid being kept captive. The riots were by illegal Banglas working in that area and had built illegal shanties nearby. It’s hard to believe that these illegals, from the Muslim community can go to such extent of violence. After the incident, the colonies in the locality have banned the employment of any Bangla. Why do people employ people without proper police verification in states like UP or Delhi is something to ponder?

This is what brings us to the question about Rohingya Muslims. Clandestinely and secretly, the previous Congress govt allowed them in and settled them in various parts of India. These Rohingya refugees from Myanmar have settled in Hyderabad, UP and a large number in Jammu. How these people got to Jammu is a mystery. Article 370 even prevents Indian non-residents of JK state to have houses in JK. But the vicious plan of the Congress and Commies becomes clear when one realises that altering the demography of Jammu bit by bit can completely Islamise the whole state of JK which can then secede from India with greater force. This is like enabling Pakistan and terrorists in their own design. So, naturally, when the GOI is now acting on a decision to deport these illegal Rohingyas back to Myanmar, their protector in chief proclaims thusly:

So, who are these Rohingyas? They are a minority within the State of Myanmar and number around a million from the Rakhine region. After a long history going back to the Indian subcontinent, they were considered an ethnic group in then Burma and now Myanmar. Over period they were deprived of normal citizen and political rights. Consequently, they have been fighting for secession from Myanmar and have a military wing with multiple denominations – one is called The Rohingya National Army and another very violent wing is called the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). ARSA is designated a terrorist group in Myanmar; it is made up of Muslims. In the most recent attack around August 25, the ARSA killed 96, injured many and displaced over 400 people. A majority of these people were Hindus. So, whether it is India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Myanmar the ones suffering most at the hands of Islamic terrorists are Hindus. Let’s rest that trivial, inevitable truth.

Sickulars in India are now trying to make out the illegally settled Rohingyas as “victims” of Myanmar govt when Rohingyas run terrorist outfits in their own country. This is not India’s problem and should never be. India faces insurgents in multiple states. With all our might, we can drive these Maoist pigs to Burma, Bhutan or Bangladesh or even Pakistan. Do we? The Rohingyas in India may not be militants or terrorists but they do not belong here and especially not in sensitive areas like Jammu that is a target for terrorists and enemies to groom them. Whether Rohingyas or Ching Funglis from Pappu’s Jupiter – once their identity is “Muslim”, the brotherhood will try and groom them to kill Hindus and destroy India. As simple as that. And what the Rohingya killers have done to Hindu kids can be seen in the image on the left.

There is a reason Congis and their jokers like Shashi Tharoor whine for the Rohingyas. Having settled them illegally in Jammu and other places, their anti-national plans plus a loss of vote-bank would be threatened. They see Rohingyas as a weapon to use to combat the currently unmatchable Modi. Rohingyas have no place in India and do not deserve our compassion. Their treatment of Hindus in Myanmar and possible threat to Hindus in Jammu shouldn’t leave anyone in doubt:

In August 2016, two Rohingyas were arrested in Bihar from a train and their questioning revealed their plans to join anti-India groups in J&K. They were on the train to J&K. Two were arrested but it is impossible to tell how many slipped through the hole and actually joined the terror-groups in JK. This is a country where KPs driven out of Kashmir are still refugees in their own country and we cannot have any more refugees from abroad with evil intentions. To digress a bit, what do these refugees from Bangladesh or Myanmar bring to India? We talked about the Noida riots by Banglas. Selfish, idiotic Indians even employ illegals just to save some money. They don’t have any idea the damage they cause to India. Most of the illegals merge into slums and rivers of garbage like this sample from Mumbai:

Most of these slums that affect a city, like during the recent floods in Mumbai, are ones that were all Indians at one time. But lately, many of these slums harbour anti-nationals and illegals. The Rohingyas and Banglas easily mingle and melt into these slums. Why? Because nobody checks on them. Nobody investigates what goes on in these slums. In many cases, the illegals are allowed to grow and build such slums by parties like AAP in Delhi. They are regularised with Aadhar cards and Voter IDs. Anti-nationals work to the agenda of India’s enemies. This cannot go on. Predictably, the anti-national charlatan Prashant Bhushan has filed a PIL in SC to stop deportation of the Rohingyas. This will be heard today and it is shocking that SC even admits such petitions and hopefully the PIL will be thrown out. SC itself has strongly ordered eviction of illegal Banglas from Assam in the past:

The current BJP govt at the Centre MUST NOT dither and must ensure all the illegals are deported. The older lot from Bangladesh in Assam or Bengal and other places might take longer. But GOI MUST ensure that new lots are not only deported but send a clear warning that those protecting illegals will be prosecuted and action must be initiated quickly. Especially, the first lot of Rohingyas in Jammu must be packed off immediately and then the rest.