Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beef Wars

What’s your beef?” is a common American phrase. It’s a question a person asks someone who talks or acts without reason or goes off on a rant with no purpose other than creating a confrontational situation. This is the question to ask many media and political ranters who have been trying hard to link every incident to Modi.  "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian” said ex-Beatle Paul McCartney who turned vegan long ago. Since they don’t, people put up such pics on SM so others can see:

I have kept the pic small so it doesn’t offend too much. Five years ago, a café owner was ordered to remove an extractor fan because the resident next to the café was offended by the fumes of bacon. This was in England where bacon is a routine food item. For those who are not familiar, bacon is made from pork – from pigs. Do you want me to tell you the Faith of the complaining neighbour? I don’t think so; it doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out. Now, bacon is common food in almost all western countries and for a Muslim to complain about the smell of bacon from a café (where even Muslims were patrons) should be considered absurd. But such is the stupidity of councils and govts that they will pander to the nonsensical victimhood of minorities (read the full story here).

Cow-slaughter ban has existed in many states in India for ages. Some states have adopted that policy in the last few decades. For centuries the cow has been a sacred symbol in India, particularly for the Hindus. Recently, the Maharashtra govt extended the ban to bulls and buffaloes too. The Maharashtra ban on cow-slaughter has been in place since the 1970s but govts never enforced it strictly. There is nothing wrong in respecting the sentiments of Hindus. Consider this – Every hotel, airline and food stalls at airports now put up a sign saying they use only “Halal meat”. Surely, that is not to respect the sentiments of Christians or Jews, is it? It is highly unlikely you will find hotels and restaurants that routinely offer pigs (pork) as food. Will you? Why is it that only Muslim sentiments must be respected over what food is offered and how the animal is slaughtered?

Once the Maharashtra government slapped a ban on sale or possession of beef there were responses from all the Sickular scoundrels. Bollywood reacted (slide show). The usual Sickos in MSM reacted. Others from political parties reacted. That’s how this new beef war started. Earlier, to defy the cow-slaughter ban some morons held a “Beef eating festival” at Osmania University in 2012 which led to violence. Do note, there has been a cow slaughter ban (in then what was united Andhra) since 1977. So why would the authorities allow an activity that brazenly breaks the law? If it offends Hindus, no law is important, one can break it – that’s a social law in India in most states. If these people had eaten beef privately in stealth it wouldn’t have mattered but they wanted to make a public statement. Criminal media passes this and the bigger jokers will even celebrate it like the Monk and the Moron:

The StreetThug wants to eat steak immediately after the beef-festival debate and the Category5Moron wants to eat meat dripping with blood. I doubt anyone cares what morons like these eat – they can eat rats, dogs, insects, bats, snakes. And if they want to break the law and express their defiance even more strongly - they can even eat dead human-beings. These Anti-Hindu thugs just want to keep offending Hindu sentiments and that is all. Govt should usually not make laws over social issues and food habits. After all, I doubt there’s any law that says only “Halal meat” should be sold but everyone is offering that. Isn’t it?  The respect for Hindu sentiments on cows should have come naturally. But most of these people in media and politics who want to kill cows don’t want it to end there – they want Hindus to disappear so that a Chrislamic State can become a reality. You just have to give 15 minutes to Akbar Owaisi (family friend of the Monk and the Moron).

They want Hindu traditions and customs to disappear. They want Hindus to stop celebrating Holi. They ridicule and condemn even Raksha Bandhan. They want kite-flying to stop because the string sometimes slashes some birds. But they want to kill cows. Someone put it nicely when he showed that these same morons have extraordinary sympathy for stray dogs that are becoming a menace in many cities:

So, the latest round of outrage is over a 50-year old man, Akhlaq, who was lynched by a mob because there was a rumour he and his family consumed beef. The family denies it and claims it was mutton and that was what was stored in their fridge too. Given the consistent pattern of our media getting news wrong I would naturally be sceptical about the reason for the attack. However, let us assume he was lynched for the reason the reports say. Now, nobody… nobody has to die for eating something. Even if that offends anyone or breaks the law, nobody needs to die. But this culture of madness and killing in UP happens for many other reasons too. But the outrage and the attempt to link it to Modi and Hindus wanting to kill a Muslim is the kind of stupidity that is criminal by our MSM and many politicians. Fortunately, such media-scams aren’t passing anymore, thanks to SM.  

How brazen and stupid can it get? Well, there is Akhilesh Yadav – CM of UP who, instead of assuring strong action against the killers, asks the PM to ban the export of beef. And the entire media carried his ignorant crap like a box of parrots. All it took was for someone to educate this beef-challenged kid:

The beef-export ban is already in place for some time but our UP CM wants to pin the nonsense in UP on Modi. That is the whole game of politicians and media – as if Modi is policing every nook and corner of this country. It is true that there are a lot of social issues that Modi is failing to address but he certainly can’t be a cop monitoring every corner. What are CMs and local police meant for? To talk nonsense when crimes happen in their region? But the overall trick is to bring up some issue to outrage on before every election. Remember the “attack on Christians” fraudulent campaign before Maharashtra and Haryana elections? Well there is Bihar around the corner. So, the already prosecuted Beef-war in progress now becomes a Muslim killed over beef. Hope for the losers is eternal. I am not sure this will work either. What’s their beef

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blood Lust

I sometimes do easy things. Because they are easy to do! Most people want a dream job. Most people don’t get such jobs. Most people get strutty jobs that pays for their livelihood. That’s the Mac dream. It is because the 95% are ordinary that the other 5% stand out and not the other way around. When Lee Iacocca started fixing Chrysler he found most managers in the company were prancing around with coffee cups in their hands through the corridors or loitering around gossiping at the water fountain. We just have to find these morons who loiter around the corridor who blabber, mean nothing, do nothing and create nothing to keep our emotional bankruptcy going. Make him the Boss... The Commies learned that trick long ago. Find a guy who does nothing and we can be in business and run a country (Oh the Congress found Gandhis long ago).

When an anarchist like Arvind Kejriwal won his first CMship supported by the Commie Congress the beasts in the media came up with a chant… Will Kejri stop Modi? Will Kejri become PM? There were absolute idiotic bimbos like Saba Naqvi who even said there is a last minute surge in Varanasi for AK. These are the bimbos who blabber for 5000 bucks on your TV channels. You know – Unlike YOU… They have a dream job – Mental Masturbation everly for a price. Here is what Arnab Goswami said when Kejri won some election:

You would think their mental-masturbation has been paid for. NO! They keep demanding more orgasms. So this pimp at India Today had the same question - 

Karan The Tool Thapar 31.8.2015 – Is Hardik Patel a threat to BJP and Modi… Will Patel agitation go nationwide? BURN SOMETHING – That’s the only way to show you have fire. That is what our media does and so do some of our stupid G-37 panellists.

There are two things here. Firstly, AK doesn’t want to be CM. He wants to be a vagabond , media item girl who will dance for anything. In a democracy, numbers matter. For a third rate joker party like AAP getting so much media space should tell you that the item girls pays for her own show. Secondly, those idiot Patels who participated in Hardik Patel’s rally to engineer chaos and anarchy are doing exactly what AK wants to do. You see, AK’s Muslim crap has failed, his funds have dried up and his only ploy left to create chaos and anarchy is to use morons like Hardik Patel to BURN any state that does not have Commie rule.

We are hearing about a Gas dealers’ agitation. Why do these people want to agitate? Stupid subsidies are directly passed on to customers. So they are making losses? So the only way these scumbags made profits was through corruption? The answer is absolutely YES! Then there is thing about some meat ban somewhere. So Sagarika, AK’s sub-prime promoter, says she would like her meat dripping with blood.

The answer to these bimbos is undebatable – You have eaten the flesh of Indians dripping with blood all through the last 60 years. It is not our fight anymore – The fight is between bimbos like Hardik V Sagarika (Both through AK) – You want blood…. Go get it! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pervert Arnab

A woman being harassed, molested or verbally abused has been a serious issue for quite a while. Tough laws have also been passed. Given that Delhi has a worse reputation on this front than many other metros; most of us believe it when a woman makes an allegation against a man. In the morning of August 24 TimesNow carried a report about a woman, Jasleen Kaur, being abused by a man, Sarabjeet Singh, at a traffic junction. The incident reportedly happened around 8.3o pm on Sunday, August 23. These are the pics of two persons involved in the incident:

The woman claimed she was abused and took pics of the vehicle’s number plate and that of Sarabjeet. On hearing the report one would feel sympathy for the woman. Naturally! But it wasn’t until I saw the Timesnow reporter (Bhavtosh) interviewing her that I got a little suspicious. She spoke non-stop for about 10 minutes with not a sweat on her face and it sounded like a political speech from someone campaigning for women’s rights or at an election rally rather than a disturbed victim. I had to dig further and what came out is simply amazing.

Arnab and his little sidekicks at TN instantly labelled Sarabjeet a “Pervert” and kept that campaign on. In a flash, the DCW Head Maliwal was out with her own soundbites. Other BigBindis too joined in. And as I dug deeper I found that Jasleen was an AAP member and activist, the ones we affectionately call Aaptards, and that explained a host of other things.

Checking more tweets from the account of the woman (@JasleenKaur89) revealed that before speaking to TN she had tweeted Delhi Police, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP spokie Atishi Marlena as well. Fantastic! 

So the woman had quite a reach it seems. And all this time TN was airing her interview without the slightest evidence for her claims of abuse. Her only claim of evidence was that she had posted the pics of Sarabjeet on her FB page and that was good enough for Arnab and his pimps to label him a pervert and carry out a grand campaign of unverified vilification. If there was any doubt left, the Aaptard-King of theatre Arvind Kejriwal himself tweeted and applauded the woman for her courage. “Braveheart” as TN kept calling her. After AK’s tweet, I was convinced that a major fraud was being carried out by Arnab – The man whose credibility and integrity has already been exposed to be fake and gutter-level at best. And TN still kept on the onslaught:

What a surprise! The woman is not only an Aaptard but also an NDTV employee or intern as she herself claimed in a tweet to someone (that too is on record). Following, the rats at TN, other rats at other channels couldn’t resist such a juicy story, even if with no evidence. The little rats at ABPNews claimed a video that shows how the “Pervert” was nailed:

All that ABP’s stupid video had was a still photo of Sarabjeet and a report by one of their filthy parrots repeating what Arnab and his goons were already spewing on TN. And all of them kept on calling the guy “pervert, pervert, pervert”:

And true to their nature, the Delhi Police wanted to play hero to the stupid media and located the guy and arrested him. How dumb can idiotic police guys get when they start arresting people merely on accusations of some woman? You call the guy, detain him and question him, take his statement – that much is justified and fine. But arrest? Keep him in lock up and let him get bail on August 25? The blood-lust of Arnab and his goons was satisfied – they must have collectively orgasmed over a scalp (having failed to get any political scalp in the last 3 months).

And on his nightly nonsense Arnab again had a bunch of scumbag panellists who were trashing Sarabjeet (and all men like him) and applauding the “Braveheart” Aaptard woman. Not one scumbag even asked Arnab – What is the evidence with the woman? Just her word?

It looked like the guy, Sarabjeet, was thoroughly screwed as there was no one to tell his side of the story and no media-criminal even wanted to ask. They were the judge, jury and prosecutors and they had condemned him to jail. That’s it! It was odd that at a busy traffic signal, with many other people around him, and the guy trying to jump a red-light could find the energy to abuse this Jasleen. As it turns out, it was all a fraud concocted by the woman and fortunately for Sarabjeet, one eye-witness did turn up on ZeeTV to trash her story beyond any doubt (video 4.23 mins)

The eye-witness appears convincing and his words describe the situation at the traffic signal as accurately as possible. And there is another person who also confirms there was an altercation:

That tweet was much before the eye-witness report. The tweet also confirms what the eye-witness says – that the woman came in front of the bike and confronted Sarabjeet for no reason or rhyme. So I am convinced the criminal here is Jasleen Kaur. Sarabjeet would be well within his rights to sue this Aaptard woman and Arnab and TN for slandering him without the slightest evidence. Sarabjeet could have paid a heavy price if not for the eye-witness coming forward:

Given that Aaptards are involved in this incident, the story could still have many twists and turns. Some suspect it could even be a “fixed match” and only time will tell. The woman follows the lead and pattern of Arvind Kejriwal with fake stories to saty in the media and score politial points. I’ve called Arnab the SLANDER-KING of Indian media for very good reasons. And I’ve said before that every “Gate” that this Category4Moron ends up with dinosaur eggs on his face and turns into #ArnabGate. This one is no different. The only real PERVERT in this whole episode is none other than Arnab.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Skullcap Rats

When Commie Fiberals start losing or have lost, they use fear-mongering as a great weapon. Before LS2014 many open letters against Narendra Modi were floating around through Commie outlets like The Hindu, TOI and even foreign crooks. Scumbags in the US tried to pass a resolution fearing for minorities in India. The principal of St Xavier’s college in Mumbai sent emails to his students to vote against Modi. None of it worked. On the contrary, in the face of the most corrupt govt India ever had under a foreigner, Sonia Gandhi, the BJP made history by winning a majority on its own. Vested interests and anti-national forces in India and abroad definitely lost a friend when the corrupt Congress was trashed by people. They still peddle fact-less nonsense in the hope that the current GOI can be tarred to force public opinion against it. None of these liars have a stake in India but a stake in their own monetary and religious fortunes.

My previous post showed how consistently BBC Bigots have been peddling falsehoods over the years to tar the BJP and Modi in particular. They’re not alone. The Washington Post had its two cents worth of hate-mongering through a moronic article titled “Muslims fear rising tide of Hindu nationalism in Modi’s India” written by some Rama Lakshmi. This Rama also feels Asad Owaisi, another Muslim hate-peddler, is a question “Why a rising star of Muslim politics in India stirs hope and fear”. Mentioning either of the Owaisi brothers without mentioning the deeds of their communal MIM is like a tourist brochure of Washington DC making no mention of the White House or the Potomac. Asad’s brother famously wanted 15 minutes without police so that the Muslims could wipe out Hindus from India. That’s exactly what these foreign Chrislamist goons want too. Of course, these Indian foot soldiers of the west (often called Sepoys) have to write something every week to earn their keep so they write what their Hindu-hating Chrislamist bosses want them to write.

It is easy to miss the signs. How well-coordinated is the box of parrots that the foreign Sepoys talk about Asad Owaisi as a great leader and our Indian MSM backs it up with promoting him all too frequently. None of them asks a simple question – Why are Muslims in India in the state they are? Blame Hindus, blame govts, blame education, blame RSS, blame BJP, blame Modi, blame everything except themselves. Muslims have been treated like a tribe of goats by their own corrupt leaders and pushed into perpetual whining and remaining backward or poor. Look at their stupid Apex body on Muslim personal law, the AIMPLB. The jokers who populate AIMPLB frequently indulge in stupidity (with intended fear-mongering and hate-mongering) with laughable lies. Here’s the latest sample:

What’s the grouse of these duffers? That Modi should have visited an Indian mosque first before that UAE grand mosque. And the Constitution is constantly under threat because these jokers are upset at something or the other? These uneducated duffers even came up with a fantastic explanation for the International Yoga day. They claimed “It’s RSS, Centre’s way to propel Hindutva agenda”. Any different from the nonsense that Rama Lakshmi of WaPo spews? It doesn’t matter to them that the Yoga day was announced by the UN and celebrated world over. Anything and everything remotely connected to Hindu culture or even Indian traditions offends these jokers at AIMPLB. These are the custodians of Muslim personal law. These guys also enjoy suppressing their women and denying them any rights whatsoever. Muslim Fatwa-lovers even banned women from Haji Ali in Mumbai and the Sepoys and media criminals turned a blind eye. To the credit of Muslim women, they are revolting.  The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan has now demanded reforms on various fronts for Muslim women. They are trashing this AIMPLB for their hypocrisy and bigotry. Here’s what their study on Muslim women seems to have revealed:

It is a sign of how much the so-called Muslim leadership is cut off from those it claims to represent that 95 percent of the women said they were not even aware of the existence of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) which fancies itself as the collective conscience of the community on matters relating to family law. The survey confirms what Prof Tahir Mahmood, former chairman of the National Minorities Commission, said about the Board that it represented nobody except its own busybodies. In fact, he said a lot more: “Frankly, I want the Board to be abolished. Its members are paranoid and they speak rubbish”.

They want the AIMPLB to be abolished. I support this call too. There is no place for this stupid body (given recognition by Indira Gandhi) to exist in modern India. Ever since the Sadbhavna mission of Modi in 2011 our media has consistently set a standard – that you are not a true secular Indian unless you dress and behave like a Muslim. They peddle this crap even if it takes lies to support their nonsense. The most famous among their gibberish is the constant whining about Modi not wearing a skullcap or not visiting an Indian mosque. This became even more pronounced after Modi visited that UAE mosque. Here’s Paki-pimp Sudheen Kulkarni (once advisor to LK Advani and his destroyer too):

Naturally, people on SM laugh at his moronery because these duffers won’t stop at demanding Modi visit an Indian mosque. They will then demand he visit a Madrassa. They will then demand he host Iftars. They will then again demand he wear skullcaps. Maybe these morons will even demand Modi be circumcised to prove he is truly secular. There is that eternal bitch called Rajdeep Sardesai who made his fortune scavenging on Gujarat-2002 and a large volume of lies about Modi. He wanted Modi should visit the Muslim ghetto of Juhapura in Ahmedabad now that he has visited a mosque in UAE. Sensible people couldn’t see the connection but when do corrupt scavengers ever offer sense or logic? Here you go:

Once Shahid Siddiqui trashed Rajdeep’s nonsense, the latter advises him to read “Salma-Sabrina” who talk about Muslim ghettos. There are thousands of Muslim ghettos in India. Some towns are fully Muslim ghettos like Ambur near Chennai or riot-glorious Muzaffarnagar. There are ghettos all over the world – Muslims, Blacks and even Chinese. Even so, Rajdeep and Sudheen are doing nothing but still peddling monumental falsehoods and I assume this is done deliberately because here is the truth about Juhapura and Modi visiting an Indian mosque:

It may not be widely known (and there is no reason to publicise each and every event or episode) but the truth is, it is Modi govt in Gujarat that spent money on the historical monument of Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad. Post the repairs and renovation the Roza has been restored to some of its original shape and structure and stands in resplendent glory at this function celebrating it:

In a recent interview with Bollywood writer Salim Khan (Famous for movies like Deewar, Sholay) Rajdeep tried his best to force him to claim his son Salman Khan was “attacked” for his silly tweets on Yakub Menon because he was a Muslim. Salim didn’t say anything like that but the mother-house of Rajdeep, India Today, carried reports and tweets claiming he did. They later withdrew all of it as Salim had only said Salman was targeted because he was a celebrity. Then Rajdeep kept pestering him to state Modi was communal, especially because he refuses to wear a skullcap. Such nonsense is passed off as journalism. Salim Khan stated even he doesn’t wear a skullcap.

This mindless moronery to imply that you are not secular unless you dress up in Muslim garb is astonishing as if Indian heritage and civilisation owed its origins or existence to Muslim garbs or Islam. On the question of Modi not hosting Iftars around Eid, Salim Khan came up with another slap for Rajdeep. He said Iftars by politicians don’t mean anything as they feed the rich and he would rather have Iftars which feed the poor. So I had to ask duffers like Rajdeep, Sudheen, some news channels and the moronic AIMPLB:

It almost seems a mission for media criminals to force even good-thinking Muslims like Salim Khan to turn to vicious, unjustified victimhood. “Pune Muslim techie murdered – Muslim denied home in Hindu residential complex” and it goes on and on as if Muslims are the most tolerant ones on earth. Considering they’re from same origins as Indians, why are Pakistani Muslims in such a mess and far from peace and progress? Muslim leaders in India have created a mini-Pakistan in India with the Muslim population and keep them in as much backwardness as Pakistan.

But it’s not the ordinary Muslim, it’s the media criminals and their foreign collaborators who love to keep them in perpetual victimhood. The Muslims we saw with Modi in UAE had no problems being in Hindu temples or Sheikhs holding prayer-thaalis for Hindu priests at temples. Some political parties, especially Commies like Congress and their allies, with their well-funded media crooks have made it impossible for Muslims to lead a normal life. And while whining about some Muslim being denied a house they won’t mention Muslim and Christians building residential complexes “only” for their community. Sometimes, the Monk and the Moron will turn self-righteous to lecture Muslims to avoid victimhood when the couple consistently force Muslims into that situation in the first place. And the anti-Hindu hate-mongering extends even further:

Kavita Krishnan, of a murderous Commie denomination, links the brutal beheading of a sister by two Muslim brothers (an honour killing of sorts) to the Hindu tradition of Raksha Bandhan. And this extreme Commie hate-monger is a darling for the media. Why not! The more venom you spit against Hindus the bigger the demand for you in our MSM. This is the wanton anti-Hindu hate mongering that people from Rajdeep to Sagarika to Barkha to Sepoys of foreign publications and organisations routinely peddle. Their frustration is growing – it’s growing because it’s not working for their political agenda. The BJP is growing in strength with each bout of such hate-mongering. Like the small bunch of Congis in parliament who riot because they are out of ideas on how to regain lost power. StreetThug Rajdeep claims this:

The moronic Monk should realise noise doesn’t work not only for Congress but it also doesn’t work for media criminals who keep barking endlessly with lies and their pathological hatred for Hindus and Hindu culture. Skullcap rats should realise it’s not Hindus or the govt but it is they who are alienating Muslims consistently. The Skullcap rats in media, the foreign Sepoys, along with stupid organisations like AIMPLB, have vested interests and profits to make by keeping Muslims in the trench forever. Muslims may end up losers but these media crooks are unlikely to put Congress Commies and their allies back together on the wall again.