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Friday, December 7, 2018

Naturally Stupid

I don’t lay much store by this guy Christian Michel. He is unlikely to incriminate anyone. And though I am convinced Sonia, Rahul and some more Congis and journos received bribes in the Agusta scam, the CBI will need more than a confession from Michel. It will need large withdrawals from his bank to have routed the bribes because it is unlikely bribes would be paid with cheques. But as soon as he reached India, the Congress was quick to arrange a lawyer for him – Aljo K Joseph. That was a dumb move by Rahul Gandhi. And when the Congis realised the faux pas of RG, they quickly sacked the lawyer from the party itself. Their guilt was a dead give-away.

Politicians are known to say the dumbest things. And we love them for that; without their idiocies, our life would be dull. The slip of tongue happens to all of us at some time but some utterances by politicians aren’t always that. They’re not the most intelligent breed and can be hilarious at times but not all the time. Dan Quayle, former VP of the US, was one of them. He once even corrected a student’s spelling of “Potato” to “Potatoe”. He would be matched and surpassed only by Sarah Palin in 2008. Here are some samples of the idiotic utterances of even successful politicians:

"If you give a person a fish, they'll fish for a day. But if you train a person to fish, they'll fish for a lifetime." – Dan Quayle
"I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman”. – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
''For seven and a half years I've worked alongside President Reagan. We've had triumphs. Made some mistakes. We've had some sex...uh...setbacks.'' – George H.W. Bush
“Two men raping a woman cannot be termed as gang-rape… how can you say gangrape? Gangrape means four-five people”. – KJ George, former Karnataka Minister.
“I’ve now been in 57 states. I think one left to go.” – Barack Obama

I am sure we can fill a whole book on idiotic statements by politicians as they keep coming like a tap in full flow of unending joy every day. But nowhere in my life and in all my observation of politics have I seen someone as stupid as Rahul Gandhi. None in the history of politics can match RG. He possesses limitless “natural stupidity”. In the past, I have chronicled the stupidity of RG in “The king of comedy” and “Return of the king of comedy”. Even then, I believed someone will crack some sense into the guy and he will slowly become a serious politician. 

His stupidity was particularly egged on by equally brainless, moronic journos in the media who went dancing down the aisles over his silly speech of “Morning in the night… badminton with guards” crap in January 2013. They probably thought “Naturally Stupid” would accidentally become PM and they could continue their filthy-corrupt life uninterrupted in Lutyens. The people turned out smarter and made wiser choices.

After all these years, I am now thoroughly convinced that RG is not making any goofs or mistakes or tripping over with idiotic utterances. I believe he is under the clear impression that he is making some “intelligent” statements in his speeches. Some of his recent passions are about “making” things everywhere – from utensils in Jaunpur, watches in Mirzapur or whatever you want, wherever you want:

Make in Dholpur, Chitrakoot, Bhopal, Telangana – we think this guy is just fooling around, making idiotic statements. But we could be dead wrong. RG is probably making these statements in all seriousness and imagining people are mighty impressed his “imaginary vision”. Some morons in the media are attributing such stupidity to RG taunting PM Modi on his “Make in India” campaign. Well, whosoever is coaching him or if it is RG’s own innovation, they too must be immeasurably stupid. He goes to Karnataka and cannot pronounce the name of a legend like “ Vishweshvaraya” and makes an absolute Hogvishery of his name. Few days back in Rajasthan, he ended up mocking up Congress’ own former Jat leader “Kumbharam” (Video 0.15 seconds):

Kumbhakarna Lift Yojana? Like million others, I too had a good laugh at yet another gaffe by Pappu. But something struck me this time. No matter how much information or intelligence you feed this guy, he is “disconnected” with all of it. In another site of mine (Educating Forward), I write about behavioural patterns of children, deviant kids, why they fail, why they succeed and also on behavioural learnings from criminals and anti-social characters. RG is not making gaffes; he is Naturally Stupid! And that makes him more dangerous for the public than a politician making gaffes. I instantly recalled a theory on this:

RG is naturally stupid and cannot be tutored or injected with any intelligence or data to reproduce impactfully. It will invariably backfire. His animations during his speeches also reflect a monotonous discomfort – rolling up sleeves like he’s ready for a wrestle or doing a “Swaha” motion with either of his hands after every sentence. His hypocrisy of promising the moon to Muslims in Telangana or becoming a “Fancy dress Hindu” in some places is also not something he would be aware of. Here’s how writer Carlos Lopez (Author of Artificial Intuition and the Deep Learning Playbook and Founder of “Intuition Machine”) describes “natural stupidity”:

I have underlined the key lines in the above description. It’s the method of least action, requires least effort and the laziest thing a person does. Exactly what ails RG? He does no real regular work. Campaigns during elections like he’s the champion of people and then disappears abroad. Naturally stupid are also usually propped up, defended and their stupidity washed clean by other stupid persons. In the case of RG running around like a devout Hindu (With a Gotra to boot) “English Lalu” Shashi Tharoor explains the “idea behind the temple run”. Moron! And media stupids also find the rise of a “new Congress” behind this stupid fakery of RG being Hindu or Shiv-bhakt:

Apart from his natural stupidity, RG has another serious problem. Being born rich and his family having accumulated loads of money one way or another, RG has never had to do any serious work to live his life. Even if being MP were to be taken as a job, his attendance or his attention to law-making is very poor. His understanding of concepts is very poor. Based on prompting by idiots in his party, he goes around stupidly ranting “Modi is a Chor, he gave 30000 crores to Ambani” in the Rafale deal. And worsens it by challenging Modi’s “Hinduness” by claiming Modi doesn’t know The Gita says “knowledge is everywhere, with everyone”. And each time we scratch our heads at his level of stupidity. Being removed from norms or rationality also arises from cognitive biases. And RG suffers from this syndrome too. “Cognitive biases are systematic patterns of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment and are often studied in psychology and behavioural economics”.
RG’s sidekicks and Chamchas cling to him only for his “Gandhi” name, otherwise no one would touch him with a barge-pole. They dress him like an “intellectual” on lecture tours abroad – he still goofs up. They tutor him for election campaigns – he still goofs up. To add to all this stupidity, RG demonstrates exceptional arrogance and indicates the behaviour of someone who believes he was born to rule and anything less is an affront to him. RG’s parents were not very bright or exceptionally intelligent either. RajivG was more or less a Pappu in many of his utterance and the only intelligence Sonia had was how to cling to power through her coterie and their “Strong arm” tactics. Part of RG’s natural stupidity may be hereditary. Some attribute his stupidity to drugs but I don’t think that is possible. He can’t be on drugs and doing election campaigns. And withdrawals only lead to a “cold turkey” situation. So, maybe he uses drugs at other times when he’s not in the public domain.

RG is a natural stupid and other events in his life may have added to and enlarged his stupidity. He is psychologically debilitated and does not appear to be in sound mental health. What RG needs is extensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment. RG is not a nuisance to the public yet but to his own. He makes Modi’s job of winning elections easier by comparison. The Congress knows it too but is helpless, being a party of eternal slaves and cowards.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Paki Doormats

Accidents happen. In the late 1970s there was a college girl in my building who was secretly seeing a boy. Nobody knew about it. Those days, Asrani used to star in Gujarati movies. In one of his movies, he sings a song and it has a scene in the famous Law Garden in Ahmedabad. The parents of the girl watched that movie and, comically, the girl and her boyfriend were spotted in the background at the garden during the song. Well, after initial anger and fights, the matter eventually settled well and the girl and the boy got married. Then there is this scene where Shashi Tharoor was caught eaves-dropping during a conversation between the lead actors in “Andaz Apna Apna”. He thought no one will notice but he was caught like a thief:

Each time someone cracked this joke about Tharoor being an “extra” in the scene, like a fool he kept denying it was him. The guy doesn’t know to treat a joke. So, when the “Pappu in Turban” Navjot Sidhu claims that he was photographed 100 times in Pakistan at the Kartarpur event and was not aware of who Khalistani terrorist Gopal Chawla is, you know he’s a first-born LIAR. In any event, photos are taken as you mingle around and some photos might be accidental but does this photo look like it was accidental?

This third-rate joker Sidhu specifically poses with Chawla and then claimed he was unaware who the person was and that many pictures were taken during the event. Like his “Captain” Rahul Gandhi, Sidhu is a natural “terrorist-sympathiser”. There is every reason to believe Sidhu is a “closet Khalistani” as he has given ample evidence of it. Who in hell goes to Pak as a private visitor or invite and hugs an army chief whose army is hell bent on destroying India? Only a brainless, turbaned Pappu:

It is interesting that the other two real cricketing legends who were invited, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev, declined Imran Khan’s invite. Only a moron like Sidhu went ahead to prove himself a fool many times over with his silly acts and silly utterances. The Pakis clearly know who their “useful idiots” and “doormats” are. Of the three cricketers they invited, they knew only an “idiot” like Sidhu will succumb because RahulG wanted him to go and create a scene. Far from being a “personal” trip, the tour was organised by Congress with a special plane to transport Sidhu back and forth by none other than RahulG. Just look at how the Pakis chose their doormats in the media too:

I have shortened the list to save space. There are 31 journos and 7 cameramen that were invited to the Kartarpur event. The list is not alphabetical or even media outlet-wise. It starts with Pak’s biggest brokers and poodles. Naturally, “Burkha” Dutt is top of mind and so is Varadabhai. Then follow Sagarika Ghose, Suhasini Haider, Rajdeep Sardesai and so on. The Pakis know who their faithful dogs are. The maximum invites are from NDTV, including the useless Sunetra Chaudhary, together with their cameraman and a former lump, they make 5 invitees. At the bottom, the note reads “The High Commissioner has seen and approved the list”. Pretty obvious that the HC might be doling out envelopes are keeping a tight watch on these Paki poodles and their activities and whether they are achieving their “targets” of propaganda and abusing Modi. And like schoolgirls, these filthy Pak poodles delight in taking pics with Imran Khan – at least Barkha should have been tired of it, having done 786 interviews with the guy while at NDTV:

And the mother-in-law of Love and Hatred – Rajdeep Sardesai sermonises on the hatred being spread by Indian channels versus that by Paki channels. It doesn’t occur to this Monkey Balancing Street Thug, that Pakis dole out a lot of love by killing our Jawans and civilians which the Paki channels gleefully defend. Journos are not very bright people but some are extreme imbeciles like Rajdeep.

He and his filth-driven wife are naturally great ambassadors for Pakistan, along with that permanent ambassador Barkha. Normally, for such an event, the High Commissioner would send out invites to important channels and ask them to nominate a representative who should register for participation. NO! The HC clearly knows who the “Paid Paki agents” in media are and specifically invites only such doormats.

There are plenty of lessons to learn from this Kartarpur event. It was an opportunity for ModiSarkar to learn who the enemies of India in India are and why they are so specifically chosen by Pak. But are they that smart? No! Neither BJP nor ModiSarkar is smart enough to know the chaff from the grain. They suck up to these same enemies. And most shameful of all, Narendra Modi and his govt announced the Kartarpur corridor on 26/11 while the nation was remembering the victims and martyrs. Insensitive and shameless to say the least. When you have such a nincompoop govt, it is natural Pakis will cultivate more doormats. And for all you know, by March 2019, Modi might even visit Pak in a long gown and an Arabic gasket on his head.