Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eminent Follies

It has been a convention in India for long. The moment the word “Eminent” gets attached to a person in political domain, it is invariably a license to peddle falsehoods and, in some cases, extreme concoctions of lies. Arun Shourie had to write a whole book called “Eminent Historians” to expose the falsehoods of many Commie historians. Some of these eminent historians also concocted fake stories about Ramjanbhoomi and Ayodhya to the Allahabad HC. Their testimony to the court was largely based on the “Salma-Sabrina” model of fact-checking when they were just quoting each other and had no first hand evidence of a mosque pre-existing at the disputed RJB site. To understand the nonsense of such “eminences” I recommend you understand their techniques of deception:  Babri demolition: How HC verdict discredited 'eminent' historians” by Prof R Vaidyanathan. Our media and establishment had bestowed the title “Eminent” to another celebrity: Fali Nariman (FN). He is known as an “Eminent Jurist” or “Eminent constitutional expert”. One does not dispute his expertise on matters of law and Constitution but even Shobha De is a political expert, so…

The eminent FN recently gave a lecture to the National Commission for Minorities. The Indian Express reported it with the headline “Hinduism losing its benign face… no one at top stepping in”. To clarify, by “top” FN does mean Modi-Sarkar because Hindus otherwise don’t have anyone at the “top”. Maybe Shiva or Vishnu can be considered being at the “top” but Hindus don’t have a Pope or a Grand Mufti to tell them what to do. They are and have been an unorganised lot for ages. It is only in the last century that many Hindu organisations have sprung up but they too don’t constitute the “top”. Here are some samples and interpretations of his speech as reported by IE:

But — recurrent instances of religious tension fanned by fanaticism and hate speech has shown that the Hindu tradition of tolerance is showing signs of strain. And let me say this frankly — my apprehension is that Hinduism is somehow changing its benign face because, and only because it is believed and proudly proclaimed by a few (and not contradicted by those at the top): that it is because of their faith and belief that HINDUS have been now put in the driving seat of governance… We have been hearing on television and reading in newspapers almost on a daily basis a tirade by one or more individuals or groups against one or another section of citizens who belong to a religious minority and the criticism has been that the majority government at the Centre has done nothing to stop this”.

Nariman lauded the role of the Supreme Court in upholding minority rights on many occasions, describing it as a “Super Minorities Commission”. However, he said, the judicial outlook has undergone gradual change since the early 1990s when the BJP introduced the phrase “appeasement of minorities” in the political lexicon… “The label stuck; ‘minority’ became and has become an unpopular word. And after the same political party had included in its Election Manifesto in the general election of May-June 1991 the party’s resolve if and when it came into power to amend Article 30 to the disadvantage of minorities, ‘minority rights’ got less and less protected by Courts (including the Supreme Court of India) than they were before

Firstly, the term “minorities” in India has invariably come to mean Muslims. If at all the NCM or media or any govt speaks for any minority it has always been the Muslims. I have not heard anyone from the establishment speaking for Sikhs. Did you hear anyone screaming about Saharanpur? And that wasn’t under a govt of the Hindu “top”. You don’t hear the NCM or media talking about Jews or Parsis. FN slams his own legal community by stating that the “judicial outlook” changed when the BJP introduced the phrase “appeasement of minority” in the 1990s. So the SC is swayed by political statements? And they sort of prove FN is right, don’t they? This report on the SC’s comment on “Sickular” actions of the Centre suggests so (read report):

The SC has stressed repeatedly on something that the so-called “minority” wages war against. This is from the same report I just quoted: “In the last two decades, the Supreme Court had stressed time and again the importance of enacting a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) as advised by the Constitution. Between the Shah Bano judgment in 1985, Sarla Mudgal judgment (1995) and John Vallamatom verdict in 2003, the court had thrice stressed the need for enacting a UCC, saying it would help forge national integration and remove dissimilarities”. I need not add that the “intolerant” Hindus have been unreasonably demanding this too. The UCC has been advised by the Constitution? Oh! But you see the Constitution doesn’t apply to certain communities who are being oppressed by Hindu fanatics. They have their own “Personal law board” which is superior to the Constitution. The “intolerant” Hindus refuse to see this fact.

The Indian Express drags in speeches of Yogi Adityanath to the context of FN’s speech. It does seem the Yogi has rattled the “Sickular” club. They don’t have any answers to questions he raises but keep referring to his speeches as “hate speech”. For instance, the Yogi consistently mentions rioting by Muslims anywhere, anytime for any reason even when there is no relevance to India but these “eminences” have no answer why. This is an enduring image from the Azad Maidan riots by Muslims:

The rioters destroyed a Jawan memorial, molested five female cops and two people were killed at Azad Maidan in August 2012. And Hindus have become intolerant? For giving speeches which the “Sickulars” judge as hate speeches? In response to the Azad Maidan riots a female cop, Sujata Patil, wrote a harsh, sarcastic poem and she was penalised and accused of fanning “communal hatred”. The “eminent” complainant against her hatred was one Nazar Mohammed Siddique, an accused arrested in the Azad Maidan violence case, who was allowed bail. This is what “Eminent Sickulars” call intolerance; that everyone should stand by and watch the unprovoked violence, destruction of national monuments and shut up. If they speak up, they are branded intolerant.

There is not an iota of truth in anything that Fali Nariman said. It is deception at best to an audience who just wanted to hear exactly the kind of speech he gave. They want that their “victimhood” be encouraged even as they refuse the recognise minority failures. Predictably, the stupid editor of DNA immediately pounced on the opportunity of FN’s folly to splurge on. DNA’s editor makes an interesting observation: “Far from the bogey of minority appeasement that the Hindu Right energetically propagates, a recent report compiled by the DGPs of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh warns of a gaping trust deficit building up among Muslims against the police forces”. It doesn’t occur to this editorialist that none of these states have a BJP or NDA govt. TN has never had an NDA/BJP govt. UP hasn’t had one in two decades. Maharashtra has had a Congress govt for almost 15 years. So the folly of this bogus argument is not evident to him. And for all this the “Hindu top management” is to blame? Whichever that is! Also, can this moron editor of DNA explain why the Maharashtra police was a mute witness to Azad Maidan? Or does he blame that on Modi-Sarkar?

What eminent celebrities like FN refuse and fail to recognise is that there is a widespread problem with “appeasement” of minorities (read Muslims) not just in India but in many parts of the world. There is unrest building in parts of UK and Europe. Anti-Muslim sentiment in the USA has peaked now. It is far higher than it was in the days immediately after 9/11:

That is not a poll conducted by Gallup or the “Hindu top”. That’s a poll by the Arab American Institute. How do our “sickulars” explain that? There are no conflicts in India between Hindus and Sikhs, Jews, Parsis, Christians or Jehovah’s Witness. There may have been stray ones in the past. So why is it always a Hindu-Muslim conflict? And if some “Hindu top” is responsible for “communalisation” one should ask the question: Who is the “Muslim top management”? The fact, as Najma Heptullah pointed out sometime back, is that Muslims are not “minorities” in this country anymore. They are no way comparable to other minority communities and in many towns and parts they are actually in majority or sizeable in population.

The recent floods in Kashmir have again revealed a regular behavioural pattern. The Army and NDRF were doing their best to help people and yet there were pockets where the rescue teams were pelted with stones and attacked. Ask our eminent Sickos to explain this behaviour and they won’t be able to. On the contrary, they foist a terrorist like Yasin Malik of JKLF as a “moderate” separatist and he is even reported to have hijacked a boat with food for flood victims. Here you go:

Yasin Malik is a darling at NDTV and other media houses. He is a darling of Commies like Suzy Roy and other Commie politicians. We are supposed to tolerant to such elements? I have to repeat what I posted about Karl Popper’s famous quote a long time ago:

"Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.”

That’s all there is to it. People like Shiv Aroor and Gaurav Sawant of Headlines Today are slowly starting to speak. Sickos can lie only so much. They call Yogi Adityanath a hate-monger because he moves around in saffron. In absence of any explanation to his questions they scream “polarisation, polarisation”. Wear a suit and a tie like the Fali Nariman types and get invited to annual lecture circuits and you will be hailed as a “Secular”. Lie long enough and they will prefix your name with “Eminent”. We have seen all of this before.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Modi Can't Swim

The last few days have been quite slow for India. As someone on Twitter explained; since Narendra Modi came to power in a bloodless coup, aided by Shekhar Gupta, through which he deposed Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi he has been idle and doing nothing. It’s not just that he overthrew the ‘Left-Honourable’ SoniaG’s govt but planted 282 of his own party members in the Lok Sabha. As Ashutosh and Somnath Bharti of AAP keep telling us, this is a “joke on our democracy”. Modi-Sarkar just got past the 100 day mark and all signs warn us of the dangers of his regime lasting another 3550 days and perhaps even beyond. Dark clouds hover over India as the Congress, AAP and our media rightly tell us. In these 100 days the world-renowned, respected, regarded, decorated media-man with the highest integrity-quotient quickly wrote a book to tell us how the 2014 coup changed India. Here’s Rajdeep Sardesai:

Readers should observe carefully how 46 years ago an American writer plagiarised Rajdeep’s cover-title for his book. As Kanchan Gupta points out, many will be reading Rajdeep’s book to understand how despite the most valiant attempts Rajdeep couldn’t stop a Hitler-like Modi from usurping power. India is in trouble as Barkha Dutt, S. Varadarajan (Varadabhai), Hartosh Bal keep telling us. We should have heeded their warnings before May 2014. But as Markandeya Katju established earlier, 90% of Indians are fools. The other 10% are in Congress, AAP, “Sicko” parties, NDTV, CNN-IBN, TimesNow and in Bengal and UP. Two days back NaMo addressed school kids in a brazen attempt to poison their minds with his communal agenda. He talked for so long that it left enough time for P. Malini, editor of The Love-Hindu, to run around thousands of schools in Bangalore to find this school where a kid wanted a bathroom-break during his speech:

See what I mean? Millions of students may have listened to the barbaric speech of Modi but real patriotism and nationalism lies in finding out that one school, one classroom and one kid that wants a bathroom-break. The 90% fools in India probably don’t understand the effort it takes to find this kid with his little finger up. You have to be awe-struck at the artistic skills that our media possesses. Stunning! Talking of which, I can give you some cues on how such skills are acquired and what kind of “genteel” teachers impart those. Here:

Now you understand? If you want your child to seek a career in journalism, find a school that has “genteel Bonginis” as teachers who use cuss words and your kid is on her way. Sunetra Chaudhury is living proof. I wonder how many kids in India who didn’t learn the word “shit” in Class-2 fell into Katju’s 90% and never made a mark in journalism or in any profession. So what in hell does Modi know about teachers or students? Idle and with nothing to do, he is indulging in bladder-rocking speeches which send students to the toilets (which may be non-existent in many schools). Rahul Gandhi, India’s greatest living intellectual, earlier pointed out that Modi went all the way to Japan to play drums. RG screamed “Modi talked about corruption” and is doing nothing. You can’t disagree. One hopes Modi will at least start some corruption soon. It’s boring in the media. It wasn’t limited to playing drums. Modi had tea in Japan with their PM when he himself is a tea-seller and tea is a lot cheaper in India. He was also feeding the fish in Japan when thousands are dying of hunger in India. All that was still tolerable but Modi went ahead and did the unthinkable:

You didn’t have anything better to gift? What were you thinking? Didn’t you have Shobha De’s books on philosophy? Couldn’t you have waited for Rajdeep’s book; fresh from the oven? There’s Barkha Dutt writing her book (she’s been writing for the last 15 years) “India’s fault-lines destroying Pakistan”. Even otherwise, why gift a book like Bhagwad Gita which is full of hate verses loved by those communal, extremist Hindus and millions of such others in the world? Modi did it knowing well that it would deeply hurt the sentiments of the “Seculars” which he cunningly hid from the public as the tweet-reports above indicate. Naturally, they asked the right questions to Modi:

Yeah! Why not the Quran or the Bible? Or the Torah? Why not genuine Indian books which were born in India? Why gift the Bhagwad Gita which was concocted and written in some corner of Azerbaijan? Appalling! NDTV is genuinely outraged at this undemocratic, anti-secular act of Modi gifting the Gita. They hired Paki-pimp Varadabhai to analyse the whole episode:

So Varadabhai (I fondly call him that) wrote a thesis “Modi's Gita Comment Was Dangerously Loaded”. This is true! Behind the act of gifting the Gita and that “Seculars” comment, Modi clearly has some “Sudarshan Chakras” hidden under his half-sleeved Kurtas which he might unleash anytime at the helpless minorities in India. The evidence gathered by Varadabhai is unimpeachable. Varadabhai’s conclusion that Modi has not even read the Gita, let alone understand it, is worthy of the Padma Bhushan or at least a Pulitzer from his home country. Kudos to the pimps at NDTV! Oh by the way, Modi is not the only one who has never read or understood the Gita. We have some others in the same category who were ranting against Varadabhai:

The above two are media-friendly people so their ignorance of the Gita or Modi’s ignorance of it has to be even more shocking. They deserve our severe condemnation for questioning Varadabhai and indirectly his drug-vehicle NDTV. And what does it say about other hate-mongers who want to exploit this act of Modi with their versions of ads in promoting the Gita?

Those who created this ad cleverly avoided adding Modi’s secret mantra: “Utterly butterly commoonal – Amul”! Doesn’t matter; we all know what’s going on behind that 56-inch chest. 100 days already wasted and many more will be wasted sinking India. Although the Congress, NDTV, TimesNow and other Sickos complain about Modi doing nothing they missed some signals he had given before the May 16 coup. They rightly observe he has done nothing and is still doing nothing. Were they sleeping for the last 14 years when he was doing nothing? I wonder how all the intellectuals in these groups missed Modi’s accidental confession. Here’s his candid admission on a TV show (0.59 mins):

So what’s the big fuss about? Modi secretly let out that he deserves no credit for Gujarat’s progress or development. He let out that he has no work and does no work for the govt. So why are they shocked now? Modi is only doing what he has been doing for the last 14 years – NOTHING! It’s only the Congress and our media folks who missed that and discovered it too late. We in Gujarat discovered it long back – that Modi does nothing. And we kept voting him because we belong in the 90% group of Katju unlike the Congis, NDTV or Varadabhai.

I’m in a generous mood, though, and will do the Congis and our MSM a good turn. I will remind them of how Modi employs certain “black magic” tricks frequently. I quote from an earlier post: “When Narendra Modi inaugurated the Sabarmati River front in Ahmedabad he took a boat ride. Strong winds blew off his cap which fell some 50 feet away from the boat on the water. An unperturbed Modi just got off the boat, walked on water, retrieved his cap and walked back to the boat”. Modi has been giving all the signs that he will indulge in such black-magic again in the next few months. And when he does, you can expect the headlines from our media: “Modi Can’t Swim”. Shame on him, no?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pet Canards - Part - 2

There are frequent surveys in the news media about the best schools and colleges. They rank the schools and declare some school as the best overall. What does it mean? That the particular school produces the most brilliant students and performers? That all the students from that school are Einsteins? And all the teachers at the school are the greatest in the world? I’m sure nobody takes these surveys to mean that. Or does the country with the biggest economy mean the most happiness? Lately there are surveys to rate the happiness quotient of countries. Some country topping the list surely doesn’t mean everyone is happy out there but it’s a general indicator from the samples taken. Our Fiberals who conduct such surveys do not like applying the same wisdom or theory to other areas. We shall see.

A few days back Yogi Adityanath was under the hammer again; this time in “Aap ki Adalat” by Rajat Sharma on IndiaTV. It’s fascinating how one man has rattled the media and they are unable to come to terms with the blunt truths he is dispensing. The Yogi is now headed to being tarred like Modi once was – Mass murderer, Hate-monger, Communal hater, Fascist, Bigot, Racist... Got any more names? Anyway, let’s watch some excerpts from near the end of the show (4.25 mins. Full video on Youtube):   

Wow! So when these morons have to confront the Yogi they are reminded of MKGandhi, Buddha and Mahavir. I wonder why these idiots never go to terrorists and teach them about turning the other cheek. Imagine, a man points a knife or a gun at you or is about to rape your mother, sister, wife or daughter and our Fiberals ask you to turn the other cheek. MK Gandhi has been put on such a pedestal that some of his serious mistakes are being white-washed by these scumbags. MKG wanted Hindus to suffer the Moplah rapes and murders. He wanted to support the Caliphate movement to appease Muslims (The ISIS is working on those dreams now). He wanted Jews to surrender to death peacefully. Most of all, MKG also wanted India shouldn’t have an Army, Navy or Airforce. Do these idiots want India to listen to MKG and dispense with our Army? When convenient, these criminal media crooks will pick up some quotes from Gandhi and throw at you without the whole truth. Did MKG prevent all the communal riots in his time? Why is it that MKG is not responsible for a faulty partition that has left India with the menace of communal riots when the partition itself was based on religion? The deceivers won’t have any answers.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the judge on the show is none other than Congress pimp Vinod Sharma. This guy is one sick man who shouldn’t be in the media or TV at all. He lectures the Yogi on virtues of peaceful living and how a nation cannot be run on “hate” and so on. One pet canard that Fiberals like to spread is that MKGandhi would have been non-violent no matter what. This is sheer nonsense. Here is what I tweeted in October 2011 to his degenerate great grand-son who scavenges in the name of Gandhi:

Was I wrong? It would cost me nothing to be wrong. But I doubt I am wrong. Here’s a CNN-IBN report reproducing some background on why MKG wasn’t considered for a Nobel:

"But Partition seems to have played a spoiler this time. The Nobel Committee report said: "The following 10 years, from 1937 up to 1947, led to the event which for Gandhi and his movement was at the same time the greatest victory and the worst defeat – India's independence and India's Partition… "Then he added: " turns in his policies, which can hardly be satisfactorily explained by his followers. (...) He is a freedom fighter and a dictator, an idealist and a nationalist. He is frequently a Christ, but then, suddenly, an ordinary politician."… “No one wanted war, but he could never advise anyone to put up with injustice. If all Hindus were annihilated for a just cause he would not mind. If there was war, the Hindus in Pakistan could not be fifth columnists. If their loyalty lay not with Pakistan, they should leave it. Similarly, Muslims whose loyalty was with Pakistan should not stay in the Indian Union."

If all the Hindus were annihilated for a just cause he would not mind? Do our Fiberal idiots agree with MK Gandhi on this? Do these morons agree that there can even be a JUST CAUSE for all Hindus to be annihilated? Where do such statements come from? In the same breath MKG said "Similarly, Muslims whose loyalty was with Pakistan should not stay in the Indian Union." Want to implement that quote of Gandhi too? Long before I made my tweet above, here is what a Nobel committee member said:

Gandhi had many critics in the international peace movement. The Nobel Committee adviser referred to these critics in maintaining that he was not consistently pacifist, that he should have known that some of his non-violent campaigns towards the British would degenerate into violence and terror. This was something that had happened during the first Non-Cooperation Campaign in 1920-1921, e.g. when a crowd in Chauri Chaura, the United Provinces, attacked a police station, killed many of the policemen and then set fire to the police station”.

I don’t care if MKG was worth a Nobel. He was a great man anyway with all his faults. But our Fiberals misuse “Gandhi” to make the most nonsensical points to Hindus. If Mahatma Gandhi were alive he would have wanted to shut them up and most of their illegitimate practices. And if Buddhists are largely a peaceful community, are they going to be spared? Here’s what jokers like Rajat Sharma are too blind to see:

How is Indonesia bothered by Burma (or Myanmar). Even if there are problems in Myanmar with the Buddhists and Muslims why should Indonesians want to kill them? Oh wait! All Indonesians aren’t like that, are they? So if I point to Azad Maidan, they’ll say all Muslims aren’t like that. If I point to London and the crowd wanting to kill Salman Rushdie, they’ll say all British Muslims aren’t like that. Who the hell said “all are like that”? But the “sample” you consistently provide on all parameters across the world does get your community that tag. It is not wishful thinking by others. That’s how a college gets voted the best or a country gets voted the happiest. Let’s get back to where we left off in Part-1. Here’s a woman in red, a typical brain-washed Fiberal, who dishes out this same stupid logic. Tommy Robinson of EDL keeps asking how he’s a racist so she explains (0.36 mins):

Okay! So the bimbo says Robinson picked up a “tiny minority” from a whole community of hundreds of thousands (The sidekick interjects and says “billions”) and tarred all of them so that is “racist”. How lovely! This is the same stupid argument you hear all over India and all over the world. Your brother goes around killing people but if I ask you to put a leash on him you get back with “Don’t tar my family else you are racist”. Did Robinson say all Muslims or all British Muslims are thugs? I doubt it but you can see how the bimbos and liars hide behind such spurious logic. And if at all a “tiny minority” of your community is committing crimes then who is responsible for controlling them? Only the police? Not their families, not their community leaders or mosques that these people are members of?

In another event of the Heritage Foundation over the killing of the American Ambassador in Benghazi a similar incident happened. A Muslim argues that all Muslims cannot be tarred with the brush of terrorism. Actually, nobody even tarred any Muslim or talked about Muslims in that meeting. But she got a severe answer from a panellist, Bridget Gabriel. Watch the video (5.49 minutes):

The majority of the community just watch. The silent majority stays silent which is why the nonsense goes on. This is true for Hindus too. Because a majority of Hindus cannot see the nonsense of “Sickular” politicians and media they endure the abuse and atrocities on them. This is starting to change with many people speaking up (people like the Yogi) and that is bothering the criminal media folks immensely. It threatens their corrupt life and discourse. Following that response by Bridget Gabriel, some in the US media predictably called it a rant and hounding of the sole Muslim girl in that event. When the girl claims she’s the only representative there she is actually applauded by the audience and not taunted as some US media reports claimed. But here’s some damaging revelation: That girl, Saba Ahmed, turned out to be connected to a violent Jihadi.

Now what? Now you read the full report and it makes chilling reading. There is no getting away from the truth about all this anymore. These are pet canards media and politicians like to hurl at everyone who speaks the truth. Those who speak up will not be challenged with facts and logic but sentimental claptrap and name-calling. We are not done yet. In the aftermath of the expose of 1400 rapes in Rotherham there are some more chilling facts. Take a look at this:

It is something similar that the Yogi too argues. That the moment Muslim population starts rising in an area there is a disproportionate rise in communal riots. How does one explain 4% of British Muslims committing 91% of child rapes? Even if you provide for abundant discounts I doubt the picture can change dramatically. Will the bimbo in red who ranted against Tommy Robinson explain this? Would that moron called Saira Khan (in purple) explain this? Robinson and his EDL were formed with rival football club fans in Luton. I have been to Luton a long time ago. It is a sleepy town near London where one would have never imagined violent protests or Jihadi activities. Even if some of them were or are “football hooligans” why should that negate the arguments on a different issue? Well, that’s the Fiberal way of life. But wait, the shock is not over yet. Let’s watch this related video on this 4% Muslim population and crimes (4.32 mins):

When an advisory was sent to the Mosques to condemn the rapes 75% of them refused to read out the message or condemn the crimes. Should we interpret this as approval by the Mullahs of those who carried out the 1400 rapes over 16 years? Why not? Would that red bimbo and her types answer why? The bogus argument that a “majority” of a community are innocent is a misleading canard used to cover up crimes. Have we seen Mullahs in India condemning crimes and terrorism by Muslims? Are the idiots seriously suggesting that we should respond or speak only when all 1.2 Billion Muslims become violent? No society will exist if the entire population of a community became criminal. India wouldn’t exist if 800 million Hindus decided to become criminals and pursue a career in crime. This is another pet canard that our Fiberals use to dodge the real issue of consistent crimes from a community.