Sunday, January 12, 2020

Shun Bollywood Filth

This site has chronicled the crimes and criminals of Bollywood frequently. Bollywood Sleepers dealt with the pro-Pak bent of their trash. Media Lynch Mob recalls how nano-actresses claimed they cannot live in India if Modi is the PM and India doesn’t deserve democracy. Honourless People explained how the scumbags glorify rapists and murderers like Khilji, Tipu Sultan and abuse Hindu icons and how Deepika Padukone calls Hindus a “regressed” lot. Taimur Psychowar looked at how media with paid PR operators were normalising a filthy mass-murderer like Taimur into psychological acceptance by Hindus. Bollywood Psychotic Fringe on the Chamelis like Shabana and her family defending all the fake causes against PM Modi. And lastly, while everyone speculated over Arnab Goswami’s sacking from TimesNow, I was the only one to inform that he wasn’t sacked because of journalistic reasons but for offending Bollywood biggies like Karan Johar over the Uri terror attack in the post Why Arnab Quit. Two months later, Arnab confirmed this himself. Read all of these at your leisure to understand the anti-India, anti-Hindu DNA of Bollywood.

Regardless of all the current events over CAA, NRC or JNU, it is now well-known that much of Bollywood is an Islamic Ghetto and have been abusing Hindus and Hinduism for decades. In the posts I have referred above, you will find specific examples of such abuse. While Hindus are abused, Muslims will be portrayed as do-gooders, good Samaritans and even Pakistanis portrayed as helping Indians fight terrorism. From the early 1960s you will find movies where suddenly an “Allah-Maula” song pops up even when there is no Muslim character in the movie at all. This became more pronounced from the early 1970s when the Mafia goons not only funded but also dictated the hiring of many Muslims or persons of their choice in movies. The case of Monica Bedi, a decent girl from Punjab, who destroyed her life with Abu Salem is just one classic example. In addition to all this, brainless Bollywoodias will stand for and with all the wrong causes as if they even understand a damn thing. An IIM Professor also confirms all that I have said about Bollywood in the past:
The current ModiSarkar has not offended or harmed Bollywood in anyway. Yet, some idiots from the business frequently abuse him and indulge in political wrangling. It’s all very fine to air political opinions and one may be anti-Modi, anti-BJP too but many voices support anti-India forces. On January 5 evening violence broke out at JNU. By all evidence, it was the Commie goons that attacked some students, offices and faculty over registration of new students. These Commie goons then played victim and suddenly, a string of protests erupts in Pune, Aligarh, Mumbai and some more cities. These protests were so “instant” that one had to conclude they were “organised and choreographed”. Bollywood idiots too didn’t waste any time and assembled at the Gateway of India:
They had all kinds of placards at the Gateway. One said “Free Kashmir” and there was one that said “Lord Ram is watching you bigots”. I find it funny that anti-Hindu bigots should even use Ram for their venom. It’s rather hard to figure out what exactly upsets this Islamic Ghetto of Bollywood. Maybe the rise of BJP and Modi along with Hindutva is dampening their Islamic agenda. The Chrislamist agenda of Congress and their Commie allies is to destroy Hinduism completely from India. This agenda has been on for centuries. The more they fail, the more their anger. And all these bogus protests over CAA, NRC or JNU are being “scripted and directed” by none other than Congress and their Commie allies. I have absolutely no doubt about it. Even silly Deepika Padukone appearing for 7 minutes like a grand sympathiser at JNU is also directed by Congress and none else:

Deepika’s act was fairly decent I would say. She looked sullen, almost teary-eyed and the script was well written by her PR agency after the political instruction to make an appearance at JNU. Deepika is a “Latcher”. She will latch on to any opportunity or person for publicity or personal advancement. Soon after the JNU episode, her PR agents were splashing her JNU-pics all over and the “paid tweet” business was up quickly with #IstandwithPadukone with the exact same text in all the tweets. There is little doubt that the stunt was pulled to attract more publicity for her new movie “Chhapaak”. It doesn’t matter if the ones she stands with are the “Tukde Gang” or the worst scumbags and scroungers in India. But Bollymorons are known to be stupid enough to stand with all anti-people or anti-Modi movements and blabber nonsense. This is just because Modi was seen as the face of “Hindutva”:
Of the “3 Idiots”, Aamir Khan grandly joined the anti-Narmada protests. Little did the moron know that a vast population of Gujarat was suffering water-starvation for decades and the displaced tribals were well-compensated and relocated. And Medha Patkar is a criminal with funding-frauds and passport-frauds. Aamir’s wife also claimed she can’t live in India over the “Intolerance” campaign. Aamir now runs a “Paani Foundation” after burning his fingers. Snapdeal, in particular, taught him a lesson after public outrage. The other moron SRK also indulged in the “Intolerance” crap. Ever since, his movies have been flopping. SRK also runs an NGO now called “Meer Foundation” (after his father) for battered women. He didn’t start it anew but launched the website in January 2019. The third idiot, Salman, is a convicted criminal. After killing footpath-sleepers and black bucks, Salman discovered the value of “Being Human”. He now brings “humanity” to the world by selling garments. All of these senior guys have learned their lessons and don’t get into JNU or CAA type crap that other B-grade Bollymorons get into.

There’s the other family of Bollymorons – that of Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi and their stupid son Farhan Akhtar. All three keep blabbering nonsense on various topics without an iota of knowledge or intelligence. Then they play victim. Javed claims to be an atheist but all his abuses are reserved for Hindus and Hinduism. He doesn’t find any evil in Islam or Christianity. In another episode over the recent agitations, the moron Javed again claimed police cannot enter university premises without being authorised by the VC and that’s the “law of the land”. Naturally, the ignorant moron invited a slap from none other than an IPS officer:
On January 10 evening, the Delhi Police released evidence and pictures of those who attacked students, staff and property at JNU. It was clear that the pre-planned violence was perpetrated by none other than Aishe Ghose and 8 of her Commie goons. And these were the criminals that some Bollymorons, including Deepika Padukone, stood with. After her stupid act, Deepika was seen praying at Siddhi Vinayak in Mumbai for her movie to succeed. There are many patriots in Bollywood but the usual Commies and anti-nationals are the ones that always come out to stand with other anti-national goons and violent rioters. Soon after Delhi police released the photos of the violent Commie goons, Ajay Devgn tweeted this as a slap to Bollymorons like Padukone, Anurag Kashyap, Anubhav Sinha, Taaapse, Vapsee, redundant Diya Mirza and others:
I strongly believe their hawala funds and black money industry have been badly damaged by PM Modi. These anti-nationals forget, that it is stop their dependence on Mafia funds that the BJP govt of Vajpayee gave them industry status and access to normal bank and legal funding for their ventures but that’s not what they want. They want their corrupt life back just as much as Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi and their media poodles do:
All the above notwithstanding, Hindus must realise that a majority in Bollywood are anti-India, driven by Pakistani forces and party of the “grand design” of “Ghazwa-e-Hind”. Their abuse of Hindu Gods, Hindu culture and Hindu icons in their movies has been nonstop since the 1960s. Their abuse of Hindu Goddesses in their songs and stories is relentless. Many stupid Hindus are still oblivious to these realities and gladly take their kids to watch stupid movies. They are indirectly funding their own abuse and destruction of their culture. Bollywood is a mega mafia scam that is not transparent in its funding, puts out spurious box office collections and no payments to any actor is published or is transparent. At least in Hollywood, all these financial figures are transparent and available to the public. 90% of Hollywood movies are trash, 99% of Bollywood movies are trash. So, Hindus should shun Bollywood filth and stop wasting their hard-earned money to fund morons and anti-nationals whose abuse Hindus and India. Draw the line.

There are a few good actors, producers and directors who make good movies that do not abuse Hindu culture. Choose to read reviews, opinions and watch such movies and shun the filth. The filthy Bollywood movies will anyway be available on TV in a few weeks to watch if you still want to watch. But shun the filth and don’t fund the destruction of your own culture.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Should college students be interested in politics? Yes, they should. Should they protest for anything they feel is unjust? Yes, they should. Should they be patriots and not vilify the country? Yes, they should be patriots and shouldn’t vilify the country. I didn’t know much about JNU till about a few years ago. I only knew it was the birthplace of jokers like Sitaram Yechury and others like him. Sure, there are some good products from JNU but not so anymore. The 1975 “Total Revolution” of Jaiprakash Narayan which forced Indira Gandhi to impose Emergency and finally led to her election-loss also had the seeds in a student agitation. It started with the Nav Nirman agitation in Gujarat in 1974 over canteen rates being hiked at an engineering college. That agitation lasted four months, school exams were cancelled and everyone promoted to the next class. Army was called out for weeks. In the history of India, Nav Nirman is the only agitation that unseated a govt and its Congress CM Chimanbhai Patel had to resign. There are many notable agitations, including against the Mandalisation by VP Singh.

None of these agitations have been anti-India and never involved Jihadis as much as the recent, frequent violent agitations of JNU have been. JNU is the tool of vile Congress and their Commies to create anarchy in Delhi. On January 5, violence again broke out in the JNU campus around 4pm or so. It came to be reported in media around 6.30-7.00pm. Masked goondas with lathis went around beating up people and trashing property. The cause or instigation wasn’t known but it was reportedly over unhappiness over new students being registered. I have to admit I didn’t know what kind of prominent people JNU had produced over the years. So, I decided to Google to get an idea and this is what I got as top of the list:
Hard to believe but the first four listed are pathetic anti-national morons. Even the good Nirmala Sitharaman comes fifth behind them. There are others like Senior Kanhaiya Sitaram Yechury. Some good names like EAM Dr. Jaishankar, economist Abhijit Banerjee are also on the list but they all came through when JNU was agitational but not anti-national. But the “notables” are dominated by Comrats, including the likes of Kavita Krishnan, Salim Yogendra and so on. That explains a lot. A university infested with such rats is bound to go down the drain. In short, the most prominent JNU notables are now anti-India goons or the “Tukde Tukde” gang. They are Paki-stooges and Jihadi goons. Kanhaiya Kumar converted to Islam sometime back. Must have been a handsome pay off.

Let’s get back to the violence on January 5 evening. The very first look at it and the screeching sounds of Barkha or Salim Yogendra told me that the goons had to be the Commie lot. These Commie pigs are the tools of Congress and CPM to keep Delhi under siege and anarchy. They have still not been able to stomach the LS2019 loss and, of course, Delhi elections are coming up. How quickly NDTV, Salim and others reached JNU is a mystery. NDTV goon was poking mic into every student available who was willing to name ABVP as the violent goons. Not just that, NDTV had also alerted its gang of morons, probably by WA, to spread more alarming instigations. Pop comes Swara Baster who tweeted a video urging people to gather at a gate of JNU to pressurise cops into action. She also broke into tears at the end of the video as if her husband was killed in the violence. In reality, this quick mobilization of morons like Swara is proof of who is inciting riots:
Knowing the modus operandi of the media and Commie criminals well enough, I had no doubt whatsoever that the ones rioting and indulging in violence were none other than the Commie goons. Wearing masks, going on a rampage, beating up people, self-inflicted wounds, whining to the media when a real victim of violence would be rushing to a nearby doctor or hospital – all these are tell-tale signs of “organised” and “choreographed” crime. It gives more confirmation of suspicions when a pathetic lout like Salim Yogendra turns up at JNU immediately as the violence broke out. His being there has no explanation and is proof of who the instigators and brains behind the violence are:

It is also amazing that some student union leader called Aishe Ghosh was also beaten up by the “masked bandits”. Laughable! Usually, these JNU Comrats are well protected by their own goons and violent rats. It naturally makes me wonder how any gang can get anywhere close to this rat called Aishe. Anyway, “Aishe ya Waishe” I wanted to check what she is doing in JNU. And I find that she’s another of those public-funded gasholes that abound in JNU. She’s doing some research in “Inner Asian Studies” – whatever that crap means. And like her illustrious predecessors like Kanhaiya or Shehla, you can expect she will scrounge on public money for another decade or so. Aishe was the one who claimed being beaten up so badly that she couldn’t even speak. And she was panting into the mic of NDTV “I am bleeding, I am beaten so badly… I cannot even speak”. Well, the morongini was quite comfortably giving soundbites to the NDTV criminal who was inciting students at the site.

At the other end of the “fire”, there was Barkha Dutt. She was kicking and screaming through a series of tweets as if her house was being stoned and her own bottom was on fire. You would have thought she’s so angry that maybe Hafiz Saeed had replaced her with some other favourite media-darling from NDTV. Barkha even exhorted Arvind Kejriwal to “step in” if Delhi Police doesn’t act; as if Kejri was the Father of Delhi police. Barkha had truly gone into delirium. Invariably, this clown goofed again when she tried to be a wisegirl and tweeted another piece of crap with a phone number that she claimed was mobilizing rioters. Turns out, the number belongs to a Congress campaign:
A fool and her brain are parted quickly. Barkha keeps falling lower and lower into a pit that she has dug herself. After her foolishness got exposed, the Mobile Dargah went as quiet as a snake crawled into the Madari’s box. There was worse to come. As more videos from JNU started coming in, it became more of a comedy of violence than an “attack” by “masked bandits”. Republic TV managed to get a clip that showed the so-called victim Aishe Ghosh was actually part of the “masked bandits” group that wanted to paint the ABVP as the villains:
This “masked” violence tactic was used by Jihadi thugs in UP during their anti-CAA violence. I guess the Commie goons of JNU picked up the idea from them and they picked up the “Self-inflicted” wounds and victimhood tactic from Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi elections are around the corner and one can only make a guesstimate of how many self-inflicted slaps Kejri would deliver to himself. This video from Republic TV points to Aishe Ghosh being with the gang of “masked morons” (Video: 45 secs):
You and I may not know who this Aishe is or what she looks like but those who do know her have identified her. That puts paid to the conspiracy hatched by Commies and Congress. As it is, JNU has a history of violence and being the most non-productive university in India. It’s not just students but many of their faculty members are also Naxal goons who support violence, murder and overthrow of the State by any and all means till their Commie dictatorship is established. The current VC of JNU, Mamidala Jagadeesh, is gentlemanly scholar who is not suited to deal with such criminals. ModiSarkar needs to find a tough ex-Army guy who will enforce rules and disciple. The conspiracies of Commies through their JNU “Bakras” is all too well known:
After changing the VC, the GOI needs to shut down JNU for a good period of time. Amit Shah has promised to punish the “Tukde Tukde” gang but the biggest violent gang at JNU seems to go unpunished despite crossing all intolerable limits. More news keeps trickling in through WA messages that the entire violent episode was organised by the Commie gang covertly incited by Yechury, Lechury, Salim Yogendra and their filthy, anti-national gang. It wouldn’t be the first time though. Much as JNU is historically a den of Commie filth, even Indira Gandhi found their rats intolerable and shut them down twice:
It’s not that India cannot absorb or is against student agitations. We have seen plenty of them, including ones with excessive violence. We have known Commie pigs to riot over anything at anytime for no particular reason. But the JNU, Jamia, AMU type agitations are not merely for some fee-hike or CAA. They have now become the flaming stooges of Pakistan, ISI and Congress-CPM that are hell bent on burning India all the time. The JNU students must be asked to vacate JNU premises, new security systems and personnel have to be placed inside the complex. Every student should be investigated for crime and implicated or exonerated. There should be no return for anti-national goons to JNU or any other university under any govt. Shut down this filthy, anti-India retail outlet.

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