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Church Crimes 4 - Predators

In case you haven’t read “Church Crimes – 1”, “Church Crimes – 2” & Church Crimes – 3,  recommend you do. On the same topic please also read “The Anti-Modi Christian agenda

Ordinary folks invest a lot in religion and religious Heads. Leading a middle-class life or not being very well-off, they still wish to lead a morally principled life and look to such religious Heads for wisdom and guidance. They not only invest their Faith but also their generosity with money. The Church, in particular, gets most of their money from ordinary people. In return, what people get is shock after shock about the conduct of certain priests and padres. More so in the Catholic churches. Whether it’s a church or a “Retail Missionary Outfit” like a school or orphanage, the most horrendous crimes of rapes, pedophilia have been perpetrated by thousands of the church priests.

The Pope claims (in 2017) the Catholic Church realised the sex abuse problem “a bit late”. This is as disingenuous and dishonest as it can be. There is no truth to the Pope’s claim and I am certain the Vatican reads news as much as anyone else. There are pedophiles in the Vatican itself for a long time. Many “Frocked men” posing as religious Heads have been a menace in every country they are present. A quick list by country is available on Wiki just for information. Besides, the list of offenders runs over a mile long with countless names. Most of these offenders have escaped serious punishment. Let’s see how the Pope is not only living in denial but trying to delude the world in his claims.

Sometime in late 1999 or early 2000 the Boston Globe started an investigation into Church crimes – Pedophiles. A number of hush-hush complaints were received, young boys were afraid to talk to their parents about it and in many cases the Church hushed it up with some payments. The team at the Globe called it “Spotlight” (which later became an Oscar-winning movie a few years ago) and focused on these crimes.
One particular priest, Fr John Geoghan, was known to have sexually molested boys, put them to bed in the guise of caring for them, masturbated in front of the boys, and even fondled their genitals in cars. This criminal was doing this since the 1960s and each time he would just be transferred to another parish. He is known to have molested and sexually abused over 150 children over 3 decades. Around 2002, people dared to formally complain and a lawyer took up the case resulting in conviction and sentencing of Geoghan. Even in prison, Geoghan bragged that he would return to children sooner or later. His ending was not so holy:
Geoghan was convicted only for ONE single molestation while he had gotten away with over 150 others. Such criminals of the Church are spread worldwide and in India too. Time and again, there were complaints about misdeeds in the church but were quickly hushed up. The arrogance of the Bishops in the church has grown so fat that one in Kerala claims his church is above the Constitution and Indian law and he reports to the Vatican and only the Vatican has jurisdiction over his deeds. Such Bishops should be imprisoned and their churches shut down. However, the state and central govt have clay feet and are scaredy chicks when it comes to dealing with these criminals. And the stories kept getting worse:
The Sister Abhaya murder case is one from 1992. It’s been 26 years and the cops still don’t seem to have got the murderers. The case has been botched up by the CBI also. Nowhere in the world can a murder case get so muddled. Whether it’s a church or a school in a far-off corner of the country like Darjeeling, children are not safe from these fraudulent God’s messengers in a long frock. The Pope claims the Church realised the sexual abuses too late but have been paying hush-money for nearly 5 decades now. And when the GOI passed an ordinance making the death sentence possible for rapist-murderers of children, the first to oppose it was the Church and their dubious henchmen in NGOs parading as “child rights activists”. These are not child right activists, these are church-mission peddlers who are not only part of the conversion mafia but don’t undertake any social activity without making religion an essential ingredient of their actions.

And now the cases are coming out thick and fast. A woman was sexually abused, blackmailed, her voice recorded and she was harassed for months before the case came to light. I wonder what these pigs parading as padres run in their church. It seems some churches have become centres of the BDSM lifestyle where the padres run the most disgusting lifestyle of their own without any question from the police or the State.
And not even a few days had passed when that incident had come to light then another one is reported. This time, a Nun has filed a complained about being raped not once but THIRTEEN TIMES. I wonder how this nun remained silent till it went this far. But it need not surprise us. The female inmates of the Church are enslaved into submission till they cannot bear it anymore. They are abused like a sex-slave till she manages to escape their clutches and finds the courage and help to file a complaint. The latest one comes from Jallandhar. This is not new though, there have been many cases in the past where nuns have not only been raped but have been accomplices to the criminals of the Church:
The Church could cover up their crimes and grow in power dramatically under the corrupt Chrislamist regime of Sonia Gandhi. So much that among the biggest opponents of PM Modi, when he was in Gujarat, were activists and padres of the church (the Fr Cedric Prakash types). There are many individuals with deceptive Hindu names who are actually Christian snake-oil salesmen. Their conversion mafia is the biggest destroyer of native culture all over the world.

And then their bishops from Gandhinagar to the college in Mumbai to the recent outburst of that Delhi guy frequently send out alarms of Christians being in danger, the Constitution being in danger, democracy being in danger, the whole country being in danger with “turbulence” ahead. Why? Is it that their criminal activities should flourish without intervention? Even otherwise, who actually intervenes or prosecutes their criminals? ModiSarkar was silly enough to succumb to the idiocy of these Churches and their Sickular stooges to set up a “Christian helpline” after the fraudulent “Christians under attack” campaign. Fact is – it’s the church and their pedophiles and serial rapists that are frequently attacking the law of the land. Time to put an end to their nonsense:
Even in the US, it took nearly 50 years for the legal system to find victims and witnesses to stand up to the crimes of the Church but determined lawyers and law-enforcement officers started taking the gauntlet to the Church criminals. Over the years number of padres in the US have been prosecuted and punished. In over half a century, 6721 clerics have been accused of sexual abuse. And these perverts represent Faith? No, these animals don’t even represent ordinary human decency. In India, many ask why the media does not outrage over the crimes of the Church. Forget outrage, most of them, especially TV channels, don’t even report these crimes or hold discussions on Church crimes. The reason is very simple:
No, you’re not going to find a book entry in any church accounts stating money paid to TOI or Arnab of RepublicTV. The church has a vast network of NGOs and other covert charities that not only funnel money to the media but also to disrupt projects in various countries. We have seen church-funded and provoked agitations in Kudankulam and Tuticorin in recent times. The Church will not rest till the natives and their local culture and Hinduism is destroyed in India. The Sonia led govt was almost half-way there but was stopped in its footsteps. That is one more reason to never bring the anti-Hindu, anti-India Congress back to power ever again.

One of the Founding Fathers of the US, Thomas Jefferson, famously said “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”. He went on to add: ‘The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves. These clergy, in fact, constitute the real anti-Christ”. 

There is no doubt about that and Jefferson went on to write his own Bible removing the fake miracles and disturbing verses from the existing one. The Church must submit to the laws of the land. If they think they are above the Constitution and blackmail the govts of the day then the govt should take over such churches and ask the clergy to leave or prosecute them. A church cannot be a place for criminals and predators to hide. And predators don’t stop with one crime, they are almost usually serial offenders.

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Instant Secular Passport

In just the previous post, I was talking about the excessive appeasement of Muslims in allowing Namaz on the roads and rail tracks. Additionally, on many Fridays and on Eid, there is violence in some form or the other after the prayers. Far from stopping this street occupation, the BJP govt has actively been supporting this and promoting this as a sign of “integrity” of Faiths. NONSENSE! All we find is more and more pandering to the Muslim community in every manner possible. And even when nobody asks a bumbling Rajnath Singh, he vouches Yoga doesn’t belong to any religion, effectively denying its Hindu origins. In short, dump and trash everything that’s Hindu and condone unlawful acts of the Muslim community with applause. Rajnath is equally aided by Devendra Fadnavis whose shameful appeasement has reached the levels of abject slavery:
On International Yoga Day, June 21, Rajnath grandly states Yoga doesn’t belong to any religion and that many Muslim countries had supported the resolution at the UN. Who in hell asked if Yoga belongs to any religion or not? NOBODY! Did anyone create a dispute about the origins of Yoga? NOBODY! Yet, in all his exotic foolishness, Rajnath issues a statement that riled many Hindus and the whole day many trashed his idiotic statement.

Elsewhere, Fadnavis grandly tweets about scholarships to Muslim students and how this is “Sabka Saath”. I have not heard a more moronic and illogical statement. And Fadnavis govt has decided to take over the Hindu temple of Shani Shingnapur claiming mismanagement. Does anyone expect a govt to manage anything better? It will be Air-India in no time – with loot and scams. He is talking about scholarships to Muslims and yet claims it is “Sabka Saath”. This outright, brazen LYING and assuming Hindus are worthless idiots who won’t understand this hypocrisy has come to inform many acts of BJP ministers.

On the same Yoga Day, June 21, another incident emphatically showed us how much BJP and their ministers are willing to crawl for Muslims. This, even without the slightest sense of legality or procedural ethics. A Muslim woman called Tanvi Seth had earlier tweeted to EAM Sushma Swaraj about being harassed by the Regional Passport Officer in Lucknow over her name and documents. This triggered a media blast at Timesnow, Republic and other channels accusing the RPO of bigotry against an “interfaith” couple. More horror has not been perpetrated in a single day for quite a while, cleverly trafficking away from the Yoga Day celebrations. The problem with this Tanvi is that she wants a new passport but according to the RPO the name in the application and the name in her Nikahnama did not match and he advised her to get the name endorsed. That was enough for the Muslim woman to claim being harassed, make all kinds of accusations and whine right up to the EAM. And the liars in the media kept calling the two offenders an “interfaith couple”:
The couple has been married 11 years as the report says and the woman had converted to Islam for the marriage. So, how in hell does a marriage between two Muslims become an interfaith marriage? But facts don’t matter to media as we have long known. But facts don’t matter to the Sickular ministers of GOI either. Each day, their arrogance, abuse of power leaves us stunned as to what next, they will not do to please some Muslim. As with the road Namaz, no laws for Muslims, no rule, no procedure applies to Muslims it seems. And, therefore, when the Muslims claim their Sharia is above Constitution, I believe they do have a firm conviction on it based on how the govts treat them as “above law”. And within no time, the couple was on many TV channels whining and bitching about how they were treated because they were Muslims. Claiming to be Muslim and playing victim is now a license to make any kind of accusation and get away with it. From what the RPO clarified, he was merely following normal verification procedures and nothing else:
And this same Tanvi changed her tune and tweeted she had no problems with what was advised but it’s the “tone” and “demeanour” of the officer that she was offended with. Absolute trash as an excuse for her own bad behaviour which has been borne out in a video with an eyewitness who was present at the RPO at the same time as this couple. Her disgusting tweets were followed up by their deletion and locking up of the account itself:
All this was fine. But it’s the instant intervention of Sushma Swaraj and over-riding all procedures, having her passport issued instantly without any further procedure and transferring that RPO, Vikas Mishra that stinks of “Dadagiri”. All this smack of absolute arrogance and abuse of power by the haughty minister. All that the minister frequently does is intervene in many cases of passport, visa or procedures even when not called for. No wonder she has been termed “Visa Maata”, “Medical Maata” and such titles for her excessive love for Pakis and their medical needs. She was the faker who grandly claimed “10 heads for 1” when Pakis killed our Jawans and beheaded them.

Most ministers of ModiSarkar seem to want excessive lipstick popularity on Twitter/SM rather than the rule of law and systems. They are also gripped by the fear of being accused frequently of being anti-Muslim. Consequently, anything to do with Muslim, they are willing to turn a blind eye or break all the rules and laws and even tar a diligent officer like the RPO.  This intervention in the case of this Muslim, Tanvi, is just another episode of their failure to rely on proper systems and increasing Muslim appeasement. The manner in which Tanvi applied for a new passport with a different name and the RPO she chose itself leaves a lot of suspicions about her dubious claims:
The BJP slaves think PM Modi is blissfully unaware of all this. If they do, then they are bigger idiots than I thought they were. Absolutely not! Modi is well aware of what these ministers from Fadnavis to Swaraj are doing. Amit Shah too is aware. Why else would someone from BJP go and meet that Imam Bukhari of all people for votes under their “Sampark Kranti Express” idiocy? There seems to be a clear instruction and an unwritten policy now in ModiSarkar that Muslims must be pleased and appeased at all costs – whether it is scholarships or dubious episodes like this passport thing. And I guarantee, there will be more such instances in the run-up to the next round of elections right up to LS2019.

The latest is that the Tanvi passport issue will be investigated. I have absolutely no doubts that a simple investigation will establish that her claims were false and that she was trying to dodge procedural requirements. And how many names and in how many different documents she carries is hilarious to say the last. This list is being circulated by many. I have blacked out the name of a company from the information as involving employers of individuals is uncalled for:
And this is no inter-faith couple as the media criminals grandly claimed. They have been married for over 11 years after the woman converted. Why anyone would need so many different names other than some illegitimate purpose is a right question anyone would ask. And the RPO merely asked her to get her name in the Nikahnama endorsed because she produced that document in support. He has been wronged and one hopes that wrong will be righted soon.

The long and short of it though, the BJP is out in all its strength to appease Muslims more than any other party. This is a dangerous sign for India. From Namaz on roads and rail-tracks to scholarships based on religion to instant action on passport over-riding procedures – they are leaving no stone unturned to appease them in hopes of either votes or brownie points internationally. The crocodile has never been grateful to anyone who saved it. Gratitude is not its nature – to grab, chew and eat is all it knows. From 2002 till 2014, Modi went around grandly shouting everywhere – “I have only one mantra – Justice for all, Appeasement of none”. After 2014, this has clearly turned into “Ek haath Quran...” and all that. Post 2014, the Congress kept pondering why it is seen as “Anti Hindu”. One seriously hopes BJP does not fall into the same perception by its mindless appeasement of Muslims.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last” - Winston Churchill. Yes, we all know that, but you see, we don’t want to be seen as being unkind to the crocodile.

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