Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 Bullets For Karnataka

Don’t be alarmed. I am not asking anyone to carry weaponry or start a war. The Congress has more at stake than any other party in the state. Karnataka is the last major “cash cow” they were left with to loot and they have milked every drop. Already reduced to just 3-4 states, the Congress is literally gasping for breath for survival. That survival-struggle manifests itself in the form of riots, fake Dalit campaigns, fake Judge Loya PILs, attempt to impeach the CJI and so on. Of all the fraudulent campaigns that Rahul Gandhi came up with, the most idiotic was the “Save the Constitution”. Save it from what? To say Congress has molested and raped the Constitution to suit and extend the party’s rule or benefit their political ends, even when illegal, wouldn’t be overstating it. So, here are my 10 bullets for Karnataka (not necessarily in any particular order):

10. Divide people on Caste/Religion
When a political party senses death through electoral defeats after being in power for very long, the first thing it does is plan a clandestine operation. And in India, the biggest game plan of the anti-national Congress is to divide and destroy Hindus and that is what they tried with the Lingayats.
And why does Congress bring the Lingayat issue up again? When they were in power at the Centre they had assessed that it is not a legitimate claim for a separate religion. The trick is – Congress first makes everything in the country worthwhile only by being a “minority”.  In this case, they also get to blame the BJP GOI of being anti-Lingayat. Then that will help them break people into many small groups, all becoming minorities.

9. Demoralised police force
From the murders of rationalists to that of “State hero” Gauri Lankesh. The Sickulars of Congress and their Commie friends point fingers at Hindu groups. But, ironically, the police force has been reduced to utter incompetence through excessive political interference. Sasikala was living in a resort in the jail it seems and the DIG Prisons, Ms. D. Roopa, who exposed it was promptly transferred to Traffic. There have been police-suicides too.
Funny part is, technology which is supposed to help, is being blamed as the cause of this situation. Never heard greater absurdity in modern crime-solving.

8. Anti-Hindu/Anti-Freedoms
This is what Congress has always been and Siddaramiah just extends it. Hanuman Jayanti processions repeatedly barred and MPs arrested or detained while the murderer of Hindus, Tipu Sultan is grandly celebrated as a State event. The CM announced withdrawal of riot cases against only Muslims. 
Siddaramiah sympathises with the SDPI, the political arm of the PFI, which is no different a terrorist group from SIMI. Arrests and silences online critics, like the editor of PostcardNews and keeps them in jail for weeks on frivolous charges. There is no need to remind the frequent murders of Hindu or RSS workers. If nothing else, the party and its mouthpiece “NatHerald” gladly embraces some Tawdry-Audrey who calls Lord Ram a “Pig”. If the Congress continues in Karnataka or anywhere in India, the destruction of Hindu culture and Hindus as a community is assured.

7.  Infrastructure
Across the state and many cities, infrastructure is crumbling and badly planned new projects have brought the development of new infrastructure to a slow-down. Every other state is on the go where this is concerned.
In particular, people have been complaining about roads in Bangalore. Presumably, most noise comes from the Capital as the other towns are not covered all that much by the media. And nothing reflected the frustration more than this comic image shared by many on SM about “Titanic” being made in Bangalore:

6. Crime
It has been a pattern that wherever and whenever Congress is in power, the general crime-rate goes up. Mumbai had long been the den of the underworld and Delhi had caught up to become No.1. But Siddaramiah was not to be left behind, he made sure Bangalore climbed up the ranks very fast. Even the Lokayukta couldn’t be protected from a violent attack. The high crime rate is not surprising considering many top cops even committed suicide blaming ministers in their suicide notes.
5. Most corrupt state
This shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. Congress is the “Congotri” of corruption and like I said before, they have treated Karnataka like a “cash cow” since it’s the only large state left with them to loot. Right from the top to the lower level cadre, it is simply Congress DNA to loot and scam:

4. Disappearing women
There is always this hypocritical blabber by Congis, especially by Sonia and Rahul on how much they care about women. That is the biggest joke they produced yet. From reports of “sex for election tickets” to rape and murder, they have a history of exploiting women. Given that, how does the party explain disappearance of such a large number of women?

3. Fake farmer champions
From Mandsaur to any other place that you can think of, tragedy-tourist RahulG runs around the whole country to pretend he knows anything about farmers. He also went and squatted with those “green-half-naked” fake farmers, with skulls and bones, of Tamil Nadu in Delhi. All you have to do is look at Karnataka for dubious record on helping farmers.
As with the 55000-crore farmer loan-waiver announced by Sonia during the UPA regime, most of the money was pocketed by middlemen. Farmers had to make do with some crumbs that reached them. Every scheme is an opportunity for loot and scam.

2. Farmer suicides
Not a week passes without Rahul or some jerk from Congress blabbering about farmer suicides and deaths. Congress doesn’t give two hoots about farmers other than as a vote-bank. Not once has this faketard Pappu ever addressed the serious issue of farmer suicides in the Congress-ruled state of Karnataka; easily among the highest in India:

1. Local/State issues
I have seen many from Bangalore on SM complain about frequent power-cuts. This, when many parts of India which went without power for decades are now electrified. Even places in UP and Bihar are now getting decent power supply. Polluted, foaming lakes in Bangalore affecting environment. Water supply being a frequent problem. 
Agrarian crises while Siddaramiah grandly wears expensive gold watches worth 70 lakhs. Festivities at Vidhan Soudha cost food “Thalis” worth 1700/- per VIPs and over 800/- for employees. Two crores spent on a documentary on the Vidhan Soudha festivities. It is not one or two areas that the Congress has failed miserably. There has been an overall slumber coupled with the usual high-level corruption that marks any Congress govt.


There might be many issues to be resolved with ModiSarkar and BJP in many other states. But the historical social strife for which Congress laid the foundations will hound Indians for a long time. The corrupt, repulsive methods of Congress and Sickulars adopt for electoral gains still remain intact – money, alcohol, bribery. Karnataka, among the top performing states at one time, has degenerated into a listless, direction-less state with crumbling infrastructure. The Congress is the greatest enemy of this country and the greatest enemy of progress. And their recent behaviour in the last couple of years, Cambridge Analytica, engineered riots, attempt to slander and destroy judiciary and all, will tell you that a desperate party has nothing to lose:

Running a State and Country is serious business. The Congress has a Pappu who rides the number “15” for everything as if it’s some card game – 15 minutes to finish terrorism, 15 minutes in Parliament, where his attendance is dismally low and never allows it to function, 15 years to change Amethi to Singapore after having spent nearly 15 years as its MP. When schoolgirls asked Pappu about law & order in villages, he said “Modi has to look after it” and when asked about Amethi, he said “Yogi has to look after it”. Empty blabber, hollow claims and no plans whatsoever other than the agenda of loot and scam. No Municipality can be left to the Congress, let alone a state or the country.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Bollywood Psychotic Fringe

The territorial structure of the Mafia is simple. There is a Boss, there are “MadeGuys” and there are “Wiseguys”. Boss is easy to understand. ‘MadeGuys” are those formally sworn into the family or the gang who could become future bosses. They are like Captains and each MadeGuy has a crew. The Wiseguys are the foot-soldiers. The Boss usually doesn’t kill. The MadeGuys can kill anyone anytime except the Bosses and MadeGuys from other territories. The Wiseguys cannot kill anyone unless there is an order or there is an unexpected firefight. In all the cases, even difficult situations, they are to avoid killing cops.

Between the MadeGuys and the Wiseguys there are 3 types of workers. 1) The first refuses to kill but will undertake all other illegal activities. 2) The second type will kill when ordered as a routine task to be performed like in your office. 3) The third type are the most dangerous – the psychotic ones who are itching to kill anyone and will do so at the slightest opportunity. The Mafia has no hassles with all this as they believe this is their method of justice-delivery. There are rules. Mafia never kills people in front of their family, especially not in front of their family women. The killings are usually in public places like traffic signals, restaurants, barber shops or toll-booths.

In the movie “Jack Reacher” Tom Cruise explains 4 reasons why people join the army. 1) Patriots who want to serve the country… 2) Those who just need a job… 3) Family tradition and 4) Those who want a legal means to kill others. The military is quite often a visible kind of action with measurable outcomes. There are heroes and there are fallen heroes. The last category is the most dangerous. They might up end up killers even after they leave the army or don’t get enough of a kill. They could turn out to be psychotic killers. The Bollywood Mafia follows a similar pattern of service. 1) Those who seek a career in films and want to succeed with performance… 2) Family business so the kids and their kids end up in the movies and 3) Those who desperately seek fame and money whether they have talent or not. The only difference being, the army is a very disciplined outfit and has stringent recruitment procedures and training. Bollywood is not subject to any rules but can easily follow the Mafia practices I explained in the first para (without any killings).

It is not very hard to recognise the psychotic fringe in Bollywood. It is generally made up of a bunch of has-beens and a bunch of struggling newbies. For the has-beens like Shabana Azmi or Nandita Das there are about a few roles here and there and they suffer a psychological drain of not being in the limelight. The best option therefore is to jump into any and all idiotic political or social issues with little or no concern for facts or little knowledge about issues. Well, I don’t expect Bollymorons to possess high IQs but a bit of common sense is not excessive to expect. So, you will find Shabana, Nandita, Sonali Bendre, Jaya Bachchan and Kareena Ali types in the middle of many fake agitations. This one below is from the train incident where a guy called Junaid was killed and they all danced around about “beef”:
Behavioural science has established that serial killers world over, when released, escape or paroled, they go and commit the same crime again. As a consequence, the US has passed a law against parole for serious crimes. Jaya Bachchan, despite being a law maker, whined about the jail sentence to Salman Khan in the BlackBuck case. While she has every right to comment on it, her statement that he’s a do-gooder so he should have been given “relief” is moronic. That there should be no punishment is typical of a Mafia Boss who wouldn’t bat an eyelid over his Wiseguy executing a kill order. These has-beens of Bollywood live in a LaLa land of their own where no laws apply to them it seems.

Then the ever-whining lot of Shabana and Nandita and their likes simply hold an extreme hatred for PM Modi and consequently for India. They think this country is pits for whatever reason. That stupid Nandita even asked if she could live in India with her kid if Modi becomes PM. To my knowledge, she has still not left. So, this psychotic fringe of the older variety jumps into everything without any real cause but just to be in the forefront of “politically killing Modi”. That kill is their desperate psychotic desire. The Junaid episode turned out wrong and so did their stupid #Notinmyname nonsense. From the fake church attacks to nun rapes to “semen-filled balloons” the whole thing has been a series of deliberate concoction. But the desire to “politically kill Modi” is a psychotic desire that drives these has-beens. Otherwise, there is nothing in their lives to really celebrate. Tirade against Modi and against Hindu festivals. Having lost real celebrity-hood, the next best thing is a political-kill that will satisfy their political blood-lust.

Bollywood has been driven by the underworld since mid-1970s. As for sleaze and crime, there is an abundance of it in Bollywood from casting couch, selling bodies for breaks and even murder. Gulshan Kumar of T-series was murdered. No outrage, no demand for justice. You don’t need to be Einstein to guess why Gulshan (the first assembly-line music producer) was killed. Divya Bharti, all of 19, a successful actress was married to Sajid Nadiadwala and converted to Islam and became “Sanah”. She fell of the 5th floor of her building and died in 1993. No outrage, no demand for justice. Case closed as “accident”. Jiah Khan committed suicide in 2013 and Sooraj Pancholi was arrested. The only evidence is circumstantial as he was in the apartment the same day. Manmohan Desai fell off his balcony and died because the railing cracked. No investigation – accidental death. I can go on and on. The virulent disease of “casting couch”, in other words “sex for favours” is still prevalent:
Amitabh Bachchan once decided to boycott the media in the late 1970s and never gave interviews for a long time. He rode to the top on his own talent and didn’t need the media to promote him. But the “Jennies-cum-lately” in Bollywood and other Kolly, Tolly, Mollywoods have found a new way of finding instant fame and money in the new tech, net and SM world. They have found that mouthing silly stuff gets more attention and money than film roles. Add to that, the outrage business without thinking twice (I doubt they can think at all, though) be it Junaid, Semen-balloons or in the latest episode – Asifa. Out they come armed to the teeth with all their stupid placards like a box of parrots:
I don’t really know the names of all these people. I know some names like Huma, Swara Bhaskar, Sonam Kapoor. These are “Fringe” actors who haven’t really found great success in movies. Some males too. If you asked them anything about Asifa or rape issues in Bollywood or elsewhere, I’m sure they wouldn’t know a damn thing. This is another psychotic fringe group which has no real motive on social causes other than just jumping on to any idiotic bandwagon to seek a “publicity kill”. They are like a box of parrots and all of them will unintelligently carry the same placard. Obviously, I don’t believe these acts are for free. These are modern methods of “soft terrorism” on a political establishment they don’t like. That Swara Bhaskar, in particular, is known to outrage with weird screams of “Vagina Vagina Vagina” and recently also wanted to vomit on all the people. You don’t get any more psychotic than wanting to vomit on many people. That is a soft “mass murder” with the vomit. That is psychotic Bickle in “Taxi Driver” with weapons wanting to kill everyone and clean up New York.

Of these, Kareena Ali and Sonam Kapoor appear more twisted. Kareena has named her son Taimur, one of the biggest mass murderers in history and Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor had gladly supported rape-accused Shiny Ahuja and made him “feel comfortable” on the sets. Obviously, these women do not possess the intelligence to understand the stupidity of the irony. And these Bollywood fringe elements of low level success or outright failures go on a rampage only when a victim is Muslim and the suspect is a Hindu. They have also been brainwashed to dance in love for everything Paki.

In the 1950s, in the US, kids and teens used to walk around downtown streets with billboards wrapped around them and earn pocket money. It was a common way of advertising for small, local businesses. Even now, higher end products or events use that medium. As with them, these Bollywood actors probably aren’t doing it for free. And the herd mentality displaying scripted “advertisements” with tricky usage of “Hindustan” and demands for “justice” for this or that when their own miserable, role-less life is in a quandary with uncertainties explains their psychotic behaviour with no concern for truth, lack of belief and utter contempt for ordinary people. Sooner or later, they will even be tempted to walk around an area or online platform with the most horrible and life-threatening message as Bruce Willis was forced to do in one of the “Die Hard” movies in a predominantly Black area:

The desperate desire to exploit the unfortunate death of a child, or of anyone murdered, is one of the most despicable traits of some people. This is even worse when the whole purpose of the exploitation is nothing but a psychotic “self-promotion” exercise. The truth about Asifa is yet to come out in full. I am sure when it does, it will be quite different from the way the vultures have been painting it now. But what the hell, since we are about it, why not sing a song too? So, suddenly some part-Bollywood personality, Jacqueline Fernandez, that I am not very familiar with, even strings up a song for Asifa. She may be honest with her words but all this “orchestrated” nonsense is perfect for the psychotic fringe.  

Seniors in Bollywood have burned their fingers and learned some lessons. Amitabh Bachchan dabbled in politics and found he’s better off with movies. Shahrukh Khan learned his lessons with the intolerance crap. Aamir Khan too has learned his lessons from his fake Narmada and intolerance campaigns. These stars have much at stake and a backlash from the public can cost them a lot. The psychotic fringe has NOTHING TO LOSE. They are just lurking around with their placards and wardrobe for another round of fake outrage opportunity and to get their “publicity drug fix” and do the hula-hoop again. Somewhere the Mafia Boss is sitting in waiting too. He or she is waiting for the opportunity to order these Bollywood “Wiseguys” on the fringe to go on another mindless, brainless rampage.