Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Unethical Scoundrels At TimesNow

Linda Tripp would have made a great chief editor at TimesNow or any of the TOI outlets. Linda who? Linda Tripp is famous for her involvement in the Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton Oval office affair. Linda was a friend and co-worker of Lewinsky and had secretly recorded telephone conversations with the latter where she had confided in Tripp about her affair at the White House. Tripp claimed she was doing this because she is a patriot. She should have been prosecuted and would have spent time in jail under her State laws but she bought immunity with Clinton’s prosecutors in exchange for the tape and was thus spared. Wiretapping and recording without the knowledge of the other person is illegal and punishable in the US. The only escape could be self-defence under certain circumstances. For many years Linda Tripp has been among the most loathed and despised woman in her country. She is seen as an epitome of betrayal of trust and friendship. We all know what or who a scoundrel is but, still, for the record:

Almost every reporter in TimesNow qualifies for the title and the description. In their quest for silly soundbites there is nothing that their reporters haven’t done. They have stalked people, poked mics into their faces and bodies, poked mics and cameras into their cars, shouted and screamed at them, refuse to take “no comment” as an answer and keep pestering beyond tolerance. They have even stalked residences of people and harassed spouses of political targets accused of something or merely for soundbites. Remember how these same scoundrels made a grand theatre of the Rohtak “Belter sisters” right into their village, home and interviews with family? All for a kick! Here’s a pic from December 11 with one of their scoundrels badgering a guy:

I don’t know the stupid reporter’s name and it doesn’t matter. Because Arnab Goswami wants to rant and scream every night like his pants were on fire, his reporters have picked up the same habit and cult. They believe others are not humans and are perhaps pigs and deserve to be treated that way. 

The guy in the TimesNow pic is supposedly Rajeshwar Singh of some Dharam Jagran Manch. The TimesNow reporter kept barking at him repeatedly on the issue of conversions even when the guy kept saying he had nothing to say. She tells him “You gave soundbites in the morning, why can’t you give me soundbites now”? What is that supposed to mean? That she has a God-given or Constitutional entitlement to soundbites? No matter what you want to accuse someone of, when the person says “no comments” a respectable reporter can push a little bit but in the end should be able to take “no” for an answer. Looks like all the TimesNow reporters (and most from other channels too) have studied journalism from the School for Scoundrels. And like Linda Tripp one of their scoundrels named Samia tries to con a Delhi police officer (over the Uber rape case) in this video (3.04 mins):

Imagine the unscrupulous rogue’s brazen deception. That’s how Arnab would word it. She calls the officer on the phone, tells her its “off record” and shamelessly plays it on the speaker phone and the TimesNow editors gladly play it too. This is why the Editors Guild of India is a bunch of shameless morons that I call a “Union of snakes”. For this blatant betrayal and unethical practice, the reporter should have been sacked and so too the studio editor who let it play. But as we have all come to learn, for the scoundrels in the media, ethics are for others. They will moralise the whole country but will behave like third-rate unethical scoundrels themselves. Is this a one-off stray case that happened accidentally? Not at all, here’s a previous one which is clearly wilfully done with a guy called Naveen Tyagi of Hindu Mahasabha in the first week of December (1 min):

Now this Tyagi guy wants to brand and ban all “item girls” as prostitutes. I have shortened the video to the relevant part to demonstrate the point but you can watch the full 5-minute video on Youtube. It is interesting how this works. First, they tell you (and have obviously told Tyagi) that this is “off camera”. In which case, why were they still recording it? Any answers? And having video-recorded that “off camera” conversation they air it claiming it is in public interest. The perfect opportunity for Arnab’s little underwear, the scoundrel called Anand Narasimhan, to go on a self-righteous rant with a hashtag #MoralMonster, when it is Timesnow anchors and reporters who are the real #MoralMonsters. Who are these people? And do all Hindus really follow the “diktats” of any Sabha or individual as these morons rant?

The rant is that Timesnow wants to show their “mindset”. You and I may not agree with what Tyagi thinks about item-girls but that is irrelevant. The fact is the conversation was off-record. Supposing you and I were talking on the phone and you were to tell me “between you and me, Arnab is having an affair”. I promise to keep it to myself and not disclose the conversation but the very next day I tweet about it, what would you say to me? How would you feel and what would you think of me?

As soon as the Timesnow scoundrels aired the “off record” video, the anchors got hold of a few women activists who condemned Tyagi, the Hindu Mahasabha and everyone on Jupiter too. Not surprisingly, there were a few idiots who told Timesnow they will carry out protests against Tyagi and his Sabha for going to SC with such an appeal (to declare item girls as prostitutes). These are the morons that Timesnow encourages as virtuous people. Tyagi has not threatened to attack, kill or carry out mass agitation against item-girls nor has posed any physical threat to them. Going to court (no matter how stupid your demand) is the most reasonable thing to do in a democracy. Why would the moron-friends of Timesnow want to protest against that? But this foolish outrage is exactly what Arnab and his stupid bimbos want to provoke. It doesn’t stop there because the agenda of these scoundrels runs deeper as the related TOI report will establish:

Times View

The Hindu Mahasabha leader's comments on what kind of clothes women should wear and why item girls should be treated as prostitutes smacks of the medieval mindset that is exhibited by outfits like the Taliban or the Islamic State. What is alarming is that such statements are becoming increasingly frequent in India from right wing groups of all hues, some citing religion and others caste traditions as their justification for moral policing. The prime minister should be aware that at least some of these groups feel emboldened by the perception that there is now a government that is sympathetic to their viewpoint. Mr Modi has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to build a modern India that can hold its head high in the global community. Unless such groups are reined in, India's image can only take a beating, at home and abroad”.

There you go! That’s the agenda. First play a video that is meant to be off-record and shouldn’t have been played at all. Give a fake explanation that they play this in public interest when there was no public threat at all of any kind. All that Tyagi did was express an opinion and said he will approach the SC. Even if that is a “mindset” that is not agreeable Timesnow had no business to betray his confidence and fool people. But, obviously, the juice is that they want to connect it to PM Modi and claim it damages India’s image.

Surgical procedure: Play an off-record conversation where people often tend to blabber a lot. Claim it poses a serious threat to society when there is none. Concoct a political angle and agenda by somehow blaming Modi and the BJP for such instances and go on a rampage. And these are the scoundrels who moralise and sermonise the world about ethics.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goody Two Shoes

(This is a MaxiPost)

India and Pakistan aren’t exactly at war but they aren’t “bitter friends” either. Still, if the Army Heads of the two countries ran into each other at some international event or an international meeting of military heads it is natural that they will be cordial and courteous to each other. And they may shake hands too. But what would you think of our Army Chief if he is frequently at parties and functions with his Paki counterpart, laughing, joking and having drinks? You would obviously wonder if the guy is serious about his commitment to the Indian Army and Jawans. It may not be the best judgement but people are often known by the company they keep.  A Shekhar Gupta or Bachi Karkaria in the company of Tarun Tejpal wouldn’t alarm us. They are natural mafia-friends. So why would our media go nuts if Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif run into each other at multilateral meets like SAARC or UN? Their obsession with a failed state and its PM can only be “motivated” by forces other than common sense. I believe Pak is a nuisance and hindrance to the progress of SAARC (or to the progress of anything). Let’s read a bit of what TheJaggi has to say:

India needs to downgrade SAARC to a mere talk-shop, and focus instead on bilateral deals with the rest, excluding Pakistan. The only reason SAARC exists is to give the members an appearance of amity; the only reason it cannot be shut down completely is because it gives China an opening to create its own South Asian Forum by excluding India… Pakistan has been a virus in the circuits of SAARC for as long as one can remember. As this NDTV report today (26 November) suggests, in the current summit as many as three agreements - two for improving road and rail connections and a third for integrating the power grids so that SAARC countries can trade in electricity – will be junked as Pakistan has said nein. And Pakistan is placing roadblocks because it wants to force India to start talking and do a deal on Kashmir – which is impossible. Apart from resuming talks without purpose, there is no way to make a deal on Kashmir without further vivisection – which is not acceptable to India”.

Yet, Pak’s “useful idiots” in India like Barkha Dutt, Sudheen Kulkarni, S. Varadarajan & Co and even the high-decibel ranters on TimesNow have reduced every international meet to a Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif chorus. Their juvenile obsession with this Pak nonsense blacks out every other good thing that India may be achieving with other neighbours. There has to be a reason. Some of these “useful idiots” have to be ISI-funded or Fai-fighters:

Even in these comic bursts they aren’t really seeking anything other than to poke holes into the Modi-Sarkar and waiting around the corner for a major gaffe to happen. They were trashing BJP when it was in the Opposition and they are trashing it now when it is the ruling party. Nothing changes. NaMo doesn’t have too many friends in the media (or even in his own party or Opposition). A majority of them are sworn to bitch about him all their lives. They coin terms according to their convenience for veiled and subtle nonsense as this tweet and a response to it shows:

I have added “more” to the tweet above as the word appears to have been missed out. So “Soft separatism” is the new invention. It does not occur to Radiagirl that people can also be absorbed into the mainstream process with the condition of shunning all kinds of separatism. But for her and her media-mafia to thrive, some level of conflict has to exist. This is what Modi-Sarkar has to watch for in the media and I am sure his media cell or whatever is observing this but some of the signals coming from his govt are quite bizarre. There is, however, acknowledgement from some that the media’s out-dated games are not fooling people anymore:

Because the BJP is seen as a party of the Hindutva agenda the media and the Sickulars and their cronies will trash and blow up anything beyond proportions. That’s what they did with the Sadhvi Niranjan episode. After the recent terror-attack in Kashmir in which 11 Jawans were killed Commies like Sitaram Yechury and Rashid Alvi of Congress want Modi Sarkar to start talks with Pak. That is like they want to reward a rapist with a harem. Yechury, member of the #65traitors, says in Parliament “Forget black money, we must bring back PM to India”. As a sarcastic remark that is fine but what do these morons imagine? Let’s see, the BRICS meeting in Brazil was organised by Modi for a joyride? The UNGA was organised by him? The SAARC meeting was organised by him? The ASEAN meet was organised by him? But the anti-India forces will continue to attempt creating untruthful perceptions as they have done for over 60 years. But the BJP has been voted to power, with a clean majority, precisely to change these fake perceptions and do so boldly. They have been voted for change. Decisive change and not Incremental fallacies!

The time for BJP’s ministers and its members to compare their actions or statements on issues with the Congress is over. Congress is the lowest standard of politics and country-management besides being anti-Hindu, a terror-sympathiser and genetically corrupt. And changes need tough decisions. People would be more willing to swallow bitter pills in the first year of a new govt than in the last year. But it seems that everyone from Modi to the last motley minister in the new govt just wants to be “nice”. Or maybe they want to “appear” to be nice to everyone. Just like the Army Chiefs in the first para, it is okay to be cordial and courteous with politicians across the spectrum. After all politicians are a community and need not be enemies. But you cannot frequently sleep with those you should be prosecuting and claim you are bringing change. In particular, politicians cannot be bedmates of media crooks and vice versa. Any journalist who is in bed with politicians is clearly the public’s worst enemy. All the top media celebs have enriched themselves by sleeping with politicians and the establishment. The rouges naturally inspire such cartoons:

If there are BJP ministers or party members blabbering some nonsense every week then there are ministers who go one step further. Arun Jaitley is in some event or forum almost every week. He went on a TV Yatra with his Black Money crap. He then attends a show with P Chidambaram, the guy Jaitley should be prosecuting for various offences (with his son Karthi PC). PC is known as the “friend, father and philosopher” of black money. That’s the company Jaitley keeps. What is the message you’re sending to people? Not just that, he launches a book by a scumbag:

It is alright for a minister to launch a book by anyone – journalist, industrialist or artist. But why would you launch a book by Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the biggest crooks and scumbags in the media? A roll-call of Rajdeep’s significant accomplishments that landed him a Padma Shri by the Congress – Lies about Gujarat 2002, abusing Modi for a decade and abusing the general public along with his partner and being a boot-licker of Congress. Added spice includes – suppressing the Cash4Votes scam on instructions of the Congress, abusing Indians on foreign soil and roughing up a visitor to the PM’s public function in New York. You want to be seen with this scumbag and launch his book? What does it say about your commitment to those who supported you against scoundrels like Rajdeep? Still, a book launch is nothing to scream about but it seems to be a disease with the TV-hugging morons of BJP as this pic shows:

Nothing wrong in Nitin Gadkari sharing a public platform with Prithviraj Chavan but he too wants to be “nice” in launching the book by a scumbag. What is such ass-licking for? No one suggests vendetta or revenge but what are the signals this motley crew of ministers sending out? Every day one of the BJP ministers is on TV with some event or the other. How serious are you about your job? Devendra Phadnavis was hardly CM for a month and the first thing he did was go on a TV Yatra on all the major channels. And he was also busy with media events in his first month with the HT Summit crap with Barkha Dutt. What kind of CM is this? He came with the reputation of a good performer but the moment he is in power he is sending all the signals of a Pappu. Winners get busy with business…. Losers rush to the media”.

Wait! Two ministers launching the same book wasn’t enough. The Johny-come-lately in the Central Cabinet couldn’t resist. Manohar Parrikar too was launching Rajdeep’s book at some LitterFest. Only a failed writer and a failing book would need so many launches over and over again (Rajdeep also had a Patnaik-launch in Odisha). What does it say of a so-called journalist when he wants politicians to launch his book? And what does it say of the politicians when they line up to launch the same book repeatedly? This is nothing but mutual ass-licking of the worst kind. Modi once taunted Sheila Dikshit as a “Ribbon-cutting-CM”. How exactly are his ministers any different? They’re not just busy with ribbon-cutting but these Johnies are cutting the same ribbon over and over again. Parrikar, in particular, cut a sorry figure and attended the silly event on a day that 11 Jawans were killed by terrorists in Kashmir:

It didn’t stop there. Parrikar later made a statement that the fight against terror will continue:

To be continued… ? I am sure Parrikar means well but how is that any different from the statements of the Congis? “Cowardly act, dastardly attack, attack on democracy, India will not bow to terrorists, strongly condemn”… Blah Blah! Statements are fine but people do want to see some action, they are tired of words. Nobody is suggesting go to war or bomb Pakistan. Surely, there must be other ways to retaliate. Stop trade with Pak; evict all Paki squatters from India. Where is the brains trust of BJP with any new idea to combat this menace? This menace has been so chronic that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an “Anti-terror Ministry” to focus on it. There may be many things being done which may not be available to the public but people do wish to see some action. On TimesNow, the morons keep screaming with a hashtag #IndiaFightsBack. Really? How exactly is India fighting back? 11 Jawans and 9 civilians killed by 6 terrorists. That’s a fightback? A fightback is when a country hits back and pushes terror operators and grinds them to dust. Soldiers dying in “defence” cannot always be a fightback. This jingoism will not help Jawans who keep dying for no reason at the hands of terrorists or Left extremists within India. Modi too praised the dedication of our soldiers but people are asking questions about politicians:

People want change and people want to see a change in public discourse. The BJP spokies are diseased with FEAR. They believe that if they don’t go to silly TV debates their opponents will run away with the issue or score points over them. On the contrary, the more you are seen on TV the more the people’s revulsion for you. And if TV debates held any meaning BJP wouldn’t be in power at the Centre and in the many States they recently won. Choose the debates and appearances carefully. Not all issues need a debate on TV and the BJP ministers and spokies need not feed the nonsense of the media orgasms. This may be a mutual game for politicians and the media but ordinary people do recognise the foolishness:

It’s not just ordinary people on social media; even your humble neighbour-hood Auto-wallah doesn’t miss the point. He reminds himself every minute with a sticker “I hate news channels – Big Liars”:

In a media interaction Arun Shourie says ‘Modi may be an agent of change, but he has to reshape an entire ocean’. A little excerpt from his interaction reads as under:

So the reform has to be much deeper. When people assume office, they forget how deeply the system has to be changed. They get surrounded by an impenetrable fog of self-satisfaction. And media makes the fog more dense. Their photographs are everywhere. The industrialist says you are ‘almighty’s gift to us’. I am told secretaries have started speaking this way. They think change has already come. Our job is to keep them awake”.

In his campaign Modi had stated repeatedly that the difference in the 2014elections was that people not only wanted to throw out a non-performing, corrupt govt but they want the corrupt punished. His govt and his ministers are hardly giving any signs of punishing the corrupt. Nobody is expecting any miracles but at the same time nobody expected the cavalier conduct of Modi’s ministers or their frivolous penchant for the media. Nobody expects Modi Sarkar to be indulging in vendetta but nobody wants the govt to be “nice” to the corrupt.

On a different note, the Opposition agitated in Parliament and Sadhvi Niranjan quickly apologised for her “Haramzada” comment. The Opposition got it too easily without having to agitate some more. The BJP wanted to play the “Nice guys”. Since they got the apology all too easily and tasted blood, the rag-tag Opposition continued to agitate for a censure motion and kept demanding her resignation. They continued the blockade of parliament over the issue. They get the apology and then gloat that the PM is on the “defensive” as does the media. There is no problem with the apology but if you concede too easily then they will want to score even more with their continuing agitation and demands. The stalemate ended with the RS Chairman’s appeal to all MPs to be civil in their language. Absurd drama!

Little Miss Margery Meanwell went through most of her life with one shoe till a rich man gave her a pair. So she went around town telling everyone she now had two shoes. She grew to be a good woman and married a rich widower. She earned the nickname “Goody two shoes”. The BJP had one shoe, the people gave them two. And now they are running all around telling everyone they have a pair. Nobody voted you to be “Goody two shoes”.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Rage Against A Juggernaut

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti deserves the round of condemnation she has received for her nonsensical “Haramzada” statement. With what face or thought does a Sadhvi make such stupid statements is beyond me. It does seem as if certain members of the BJP are yet to find their feet in a govt which has full majority in the parliament. I am not sure some of the Cabinet ministers are even worthy of their posts. Presently, it looks like a bit disoriented and some ministers and members seem happier to be on TV and keep blabbering than doing their jobs seriously. The protests and ruckus in the parliament, the Indian bazar of democracy as Arun Jaitley often calls it, for a few hours or a day would have been enough considering the Sadhvi tendered an apology on the floor of the parliament. But the extended nonsense of stalling parliament is nothing but a charade of moral drama by a dishevelled Opposition that is being battered in election after election by the Modi wave,

The media is making a concerted effort at blowing up everything beyond proportions, sometimes with concoctions, as they too are unable to come to grips with the new political reality. When Commie scumbag Sitaram Yechury starts appearing on TV for soundbites every day prior to the start and during the current parliamentary session you know what’s cooking. BJP victory in May followed by Maharashtra, Haryana and now poised for a win in Jharkhand and major gains in J&K. They are at their wits end. They have no clue how to stop this Modi juggernaut. It’s a matter of life and death for most of the Sickular parties and therefore the shrill demands for the Sadhvi’s resignation (after apology) to draw first blood from the Modi Sarkar. Even that doesn’t appear to be happening.

A few days ago all the channels screamed all the way to Jupiter over the so-called Rohtak Bravehearts who had had thrashed a couple of men on a bus. The story was that the men had teased and tried to molest the girls who fought back bravely. All very nice! Timesnow calls some panellists, including a couple from Hindu organisations. The moment they start speaking, moron Arnab asks them “On what authority do you speak for all Hindus”? They didn’t claim they did. On the other hand, on what authority do any panellists speak for anyone? On what authority does Arnab claim to speak on behalf of a nation? All these stupid trivial nonsense is passed off for a debate to slam the new CM of Haryana. Just that bad things turn up at the wrong time as this pic shows:

Turns out the Rohtak “Belter Sisters” have prior history of beating up boys or men for no reason or rhyme as the story at CNN-IBN explains. The violence-hungry media seems to be spawning a cult of violent acts for camera and 15 minutes of fame. The only fools in the whole episode turned out to be Arnab Goswami and Barkha Dutt who went on voyeuristic joyride at the girls’ homes with interviews and soundbites. I always say these media jokers aren’t very bright people and therefore it’s easy to con them. Amidst all this, the same media completely blacked out another episode concerning two Muslims (they usually black out all Muslim crimes anyway). Here’s an actress called Gauhar Khan:  

Gauhar was at some event when a Muslim guy comfortably broke her security cordon and slapped her. Why? Because he is against the skimpy dresses or shorts that she wears. This is okay for the media but harsh or ugly words in public statements are a serious crime. A Muslim slapping a Muslim woman is okay for them. It’s like “their internal affairs” which our MSM cannot interfere with. This is the message our cowardly scumbags and scumbaginis are sending out:

It is not convenient to rage against a Muslim Vs Muslim episode. It would annoy the funders of many of our Islamic channels and newspapers. If you wanted more evidence of how our MSM turns a blind eye to Islamic crimes, read this sample:

Thousands of Muslims marched the city streets on Saturday afternoon shouting slogans against the "hegemony of the sankhaguru sampraday (majority community)", a day before BJP president Amit Shah addresses a party rally in front of Victoria House on Sunday. The rally on Saturday went out of the hands of the state police who stood mute spectators to the mayhem and violence, fuelling speculation that the police had to stay inert under directions from above”.

Yes, there was violence against cops and the general public but in the “Islamic State” of Bengal ruled by a Hijab-loving Mamata Banerjee such crimes are okay. And here’s an image from that meeting:

The sample that you read earlier was sanitised and didn’t really reflect the real nature and background of this meeting of Jamiat in Kolkata. And if you think this was the first of a kind, you are wrong. Here’s a report from Rediff on a similar event last year:

A rally for war criminals: Why are TMC, Left silent? - A belligerent rally in Kolkata by 16 Islamic organisations in support of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, one of the prime accused in the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh, is indicative of West Bengal’s liberal space shrinking, says Dr Anirban Ganguly. Something unprecedented happened on March 30 in Kolkata. Sixteen Islamic organisations came together at the Maidan, the second largest public ground in the city, in protest against the ongoing war crimes trial in Bangladesh, against the Shahbag sit-in and in support of the vice-president of the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, one of the prime accused in the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh. It was astounding to see a huge and belligerent crowd gather from all over the state to support one of the best known razakars and collaborators with the Pakistan Army in its genocide against Muslims and Hindus in East Pakistan”.

You can imagine where all this is headed with MamataB in charge in Bengal and Islamic terrorists freely setting up bases (some with the help of her TMC cadre or officials). Now, did you hear about the recent Jamiat meeting or the earlier one on any news channel or major newspapers? Cowards like Arnab, Barkha, Rajdeep and their little sidekicks can only bark against Hindus. This tweet from Swapan Dasgupta says it all:

That’s right, to combat Modi and the BJP all such Jamiat-type outfits will be allowed a free hand, including violence and mayhem but our media and our impotent Opposition will rant excessively about the Sadhvi’s verbal nonsense to score some cheap points because they really don’t have any real issue to rant about. And even the media rants are reserved only for the Hindus or the Saffron clad. Nothing that the Islamists do or damage will be significant for them. Here’s something from the Begum of Bengal:

"Nijera 34 bochhor khamatai chhilo. Kichhu korte pareni, aar jara korche tader bamboo diye berachhe. Bamboo jangale hoi, ghar bari toirir kaje lage, jane na bamboo jake tara kore she palate path pai na. Amader chamkale amra garjai..." (They were in power for 34 years, but could do nothing. Instead they are trying to figure out how to shove bamboos up the ... of those who are doing it)".

Somehow, even TOI seems to have missed the catch-phrase from MamataB’s speech which she had supposedly used for Amit Shah. Let’s take the help of my favourite Bongini to figure out what she had said:

So that teaches me at least two more Bengali words – “Pechoney baash”. They will all tell you politely what that means but straight translation is a “bamboo up your ass”. That’s the CM of Bengal, uncouth, uncivilised and foul-mouthed. The amazing fact is that those who outraged over Sadhvi Niranjan thought this was a great catch-phrase of the year. Not one discussion, not one debate and not one mention in the parliament. In short, Sickular abuses will pass but not the other ones. And all this frustration is because the morons from the Sickular parties and the Commie bunch in the media simply don’t have a clue on how to combat Modi’s juggernaut. There’s too much at stake, their very existence is at stake as this motley bunch of Sickulars show you (see report):

A bunch of failing politicians, including a criminal like Lalu Prasad, are the ones who are going to combat Modi? No new ideas, no new direction – same old nonsense of secularism, socialism, bogus inclusiveness blah blah. Fools always crash in the same car over and over again and still learn nothing. They still think it is cheaper to keep her. At the beginning I talked about how Commie scumbag Sitaram Yechury (a member of the #65Traitors) has been brought on by the media to vomit his daily share of nonsense against anything Hindutva, BJP or the GOI. How filthy this Commie can get is reflected in this message:

11 Indian Jawans were killed on December 5 during the terror attacks at Uri sector in J&K and this moron Yechury suggest it’s because GOI is polarising JK. What about previous attacks, including 26/11, what was the cause? Funded by CPM? Modi’s job is clear but tough – he has to fight enemies within and without and also traitors who float around as political leaders in our country. In absence of a coherent political strategy to combat the Modi juggernaut all that these scumbags along with their media sidekicks is rant about Hindutva and stray nonsensical utterances of a Sadhvi minister while brushing all other crimes under the carpet. It won’t work.

PS: In the next post we will talk about what BJP needs to do to alter the course of public discourse and curb some of their silly members/ministers from mindless blabbering.