Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trolling Heights

Takes few things to be impactful on SM. Facts, knowledge, ability to recall and most of all – A sense of humour. Seriously, do Prannoy Roy, Barkha or any Congi or Aaptard possess any of these? That’s why they lose to these communal Hindus. That’s why they want the Hindus “Internetally DEAD”! Because Hindus with their love for knowledge, new frontiers conquered the net in India unlike Nehru’s Sickulars.  They say Barkha is intelligent and I totally agree. After all, what is intelligence? I’m sure I stunned you with you that question because it’s hard to define it. Did you try? Simply put: “Intelligence is the ability to rationalise anything”. And Barkha has a godown full of it. She can even pass off a goof-up as sarcasm. All you had to do was hear her say “Oh God… what should I tell them?” (And that was just Stringing Along – country lanes?) or “It’s an error of judgement”. Any other country would have jailed her – But in India, the Congis dropped a Padma on her head in advance.

It’s not Biblical times. And Ye who cast the first stone, please remember – A bigger stone is likely to come back and hit you.  And the original MSM trolls even have a new line “Don’t shoot me, I’m just the stone-pelter” as half of Kashmiri kids do. Once upon a time a dumb woman who was so frustrated with Hindus on the net she thought she had created magic when she called them “Internet Hindus”. She gloated and gloated and gloated like the princess with her two-penny Aaptard and the mirror. To her utter chagrin, the stupid Hindus, instead of feeling insulted started wearing that badge with great honour and pride. Many Twitter handles sported the name “Internet Hindu” in some form or the other.

All that was not TROLLING – These Oxbridges were just educating you brown slaves. Get it? Okay!

I was a bit late in the SM game. This dumbtard even challenged Hindus to come up with such titles in "Inglees". In all modesty, I lay claim to creating many titles – among them being Category5Moron. It’s the highest title an anti-Hindu moron can be bestowed with. You troll someone, some party, some leader; sure as hell, it’s gonna come back to you. This is becoming INDIGESTABLE for the original haters and trolls of the MSM. They didn’t expect the return. They thought they were John McEnroe – Serve and volley, point over. It didn’t work like that. It went BANG-A-BOOMERANG!

Play the game, don’t whine! They never thought they would lose. Did they? They lost 2014 so badly it still hurts. EVERYDAY HURTS! That guy in his half-lungi… the street thug Rajdeep even said if Twitter were to be a poll indicator BJP would get full majority. Well models from Madison Street would be happy to meet this lungi now. Sometime back these little girls even concocted a Twitter handle called “BhaktHunters”. The primary job of these jokers called BhaktHunters was to create some bogus accounts, tweet some malicious tweets through them and then get them suspended. And the whole MSM, Congress and Aaptard Gang went “Hallelujah” and “Allah-Hu-Akhar” … “We have scalped another Bhakt”. All very nice and entertaining. Sometimes STAYING POWER matters in politics as much as it does in…. you know what I mean. Right? So some frustrated pieces of junk have started a new “CamPAIN” of playing victim. No, there’s no typo there so don’t look for one.

So the attack on Christians didn’t work. That mother-of-all-Chrislamist-paid Intolerance camPAIN didn’t work. The results from the 5 states recently on May 19 seem to have dampened their pants and skirts a bit more than ever before. What are we gonna do? So they came up with the bright idea of “Trolling women” being an act of violence. Troll to the help! Who would have ever thought of this except the little girls at NDTV? The brightest being the self-confessed hack who goes by the denomination of Sunetra Chaudhary? Here’s what she headlined after a joke with Maneka Gandhi, the Minister of Blabber:

Don’t you worry! I’m still sitting on my chair as I write this. Turns out what SunetraC peddled was an absolute LIE. But I’m equally surprised ManekaG didn’t say something like that. I would have considered it totally in tune with her “Blabberance”. Never mind! But something is bugging these nitwits in the MSM, Congress and Aaptard gang that they have been hatching some crappery to screw Hindus with bogus victim-playing. This is particularly directed against Bhakts or supporters of Modi who they claim are torturing their very existence into hell. Nice try. Some days back the Queen of Telly Trolls who trolled NaMo and many Hindu outfits since Jurassic days had this to whine about:

It must be frustrating. No joyrides. No Ahmed to tell you “Sonia Happy, Sonia Unhappy” or no free Golgappas from PMO. EVERYDAY HURTS. And the trolls are pushing the likes of Barkha Dutt deeper and deeper in their own device. What the… The Trolls are winning? Yes! The trolls are winning. They didn’t cast the first stone. They didn’t control the air-waves. They didn’t control TV. They didn’t control the print pimpernels. YOU DID! And now the so-called trolls are hitting back with more force after slaughtering the low-lives in 2014. That is eating them. So, what do we do? We gotta script something – NDTV-style. We get Arun Jaitley to a scripted interview by that Commie Chrislamist foot-soldier Prannoy Roy:

So Commie Prannoy Roy scripts an interview with Arun Jaitley (Natur-ally!) and asks him about online trolling. AJ gives a very brilliant answer: “Ignore or digest… debating it would only invite more trolling”. Fantastic, isn’t it? The minister has all the brains to answer this nonsense instead of asking his Pyjama friend “WHAT KIND OF STUPID QUESTION IS THAT?” Does he do that? No! He indulges James Roy in his venom and makes BJP supporters think they are uncontrollable beasts and nothing can be done about it. In glorious bonhomie, stupid BJP slaves also bow at the feet of this “Scripted-Mahatma” called Jaitley who has trashed NaMo and protected his Bhakts at the same time.

Seriously, a minister of the stature of Arun Jaitley is discussing TROLLING with bimbos like Prannoy Roy? This is his character? He should have just said “That’s a non-issue or a stupid issue to even discuss”.  Such is the fantastic scripting of lines by NDTV and Arun Jaitley. And stupid BJP supporters heave a sigh of relief that the man from the mountain called Shivalik, called Jaitley “defended Modi's supporters” by saying BJP has no control over its supporters. Is Jaitley giving stupid sly warnings on behalf of NDTV about another 66A? Did you thank the LORD today? Here’s my clear message to the ones who trolled Hindus, who trolled every Hindu tradition and culture, who even trolled NaMo for that matter:

If you cannot take it… QUIT! Stop whining like a stupid Possum. If you try to play dead in the middle of the highway; some vehicle will indeed CRUSH you”.

I wrote most of the stuff here on MediaCrooks.Com when Congress was in power, not when some cheap joker was the BJP minister. Don’t try innuendos or threaten with vague games with your consort NDTV. Keep it at Ashoka Road. And, adding sick-smelling gasoline to the fire to how to hunt these “alleged” trolls” who fight the lies and nonsense of MSM here’s Barkha again with her latest self-inflicted “Chabooks”:

Imagination is a good thing. As long as it doesn’t lead you to delusion or hallucination. I can do without Golgappas but do please spare this sick whining when you have no defence left. That despite Radiagate someone keeps you alive you in this game – Play or Perish! It is even fantastic that most of these morons are claiming they are “women” and therefore the discourse. Really? How about LOFN – I mean “Legs open for Namo”? Here’s what you get?

I have plenty of stock photos and abuse (Not just hurled at me but at a lot more – especially by these foul-mouthed women). The less said the better. If you don’t want to taste blood, don’t draw your Troll-sword first. As simple as that – Neither Jaitley nor NaMo can do you any favours unless you think all Indians are like Congi slaves. Get past that stupid notion. This is a free country and some will die for it to remain so. And since most of these media whiners are BA or MA in Anglai Literature types from wherever – there’s only one message for them. The Heathcliffs don't want you to play Catherines. You’re welcome to it. Enjoy your Trolling Heights! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Goodwill Terror

It was in December 1999 that the Kandahar episode unfolded. Terrorists hijacked an Indian Airlines plane and parked it in a terror-friendly country. This was an Emergency for the then Vajpayee-govt. What transpired on TV had made my blood boil. This is the episode on TV that made me think about writing about our criminal media. Back then we didn’t have many forums on the net to write other than message boards and mails/letters to media houses. People like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and other Congress-friendly reporters were intimidating families of the hostages and poking mics into their faces. They were encouraging chest-beating and excessive wailing. The reporters were creating an extremely panic situation around the PMO and in elsewhere studio-musicians like Prannoy Roy were into excessive hype in trashing the GOI. That is when I realised that our media is predominantly anti-BJP, anti-Hindu and a doormat for the Congress and Commies. The crisis ended when three terrorists were let off by GOI in exchange for the hostages. The suffering Indians were brought back home to their families.

Since then, whenever there has been a debate on the failings of the Congress over terrorism they had only one thing to point out – the release of three terrorists by the BJP govt in 1999. They ranted the BJP was “soft on terror”. Events that unfold in the future have a very harsh way of bringing the truth to us. Sometimes terrible truths. Since they came to power in 2004 the Congress has hatched a diabolical plan to paint Hindus as terrorists and mollycoddle real Islamic terrorists. They even coined the term “Saffron Terror” while being afraid to call Islamic terrorism. The BJP is no different in that either. Afraid to identify Islamic terrorism for what it is. Quite unexpectedly, an old news breaks on May 16 of what the Congress govt really felt about terrorism and terrorists.

That’s a report of TOI being quoted by Zee. The recent Pathankot terror attack at an Airforce base had a handler who was released by Congress in May 2010. His name is reportedly Shahid Latif. That’s not all. Latif wasn’t the only one. The Congress released … Let me just quote the TOI report:

High-level sources told TOI that 47-year-old Latif, who was in an Indian jail for 11 years for acts of terrorism, was among 25 militants belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and JeM who were freed on May 28, 2010, as part of the Centre's outreach to the hostile neighbour. They were lodged in jails in Jammu, Srinagar, Agra, Varanasi, Naini (UP) and Tihar, and were deported to Pakistan through Wagah… Interestingly, Latif's release was sought by the same Jaish terrorists who had hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-814 and managed to get their chief, Maulana Masood Azhar, freed along with two others in exchange for 154 passengers in December 1999. However, the then Vajpayee government had refused to release Latif and 31 others on Jaish's "wish list".

So the Congress released a terrorist which the BJP had refused to. Fantastic, isnt’t it? Congress released over two dozen terrorists as a gesture of “goodwill” to Pakistan. The party is actually worse than the JNU traitors. This constitutes a clear case of anti-national act. The BJP had exchanged terrorists under duress and under a crisis to save 150 Indians from possible death. What was the compulsion for Congress? NOTHING, simply NOTHING. Obviously, these acts don’t happen unless there is a bigger force that compels a govt to act in this fashion. And the Congress cronies were absolutely quiet when this news broke. And if at all someone did speak it was absolute balderdash. Here’s the so-called “wheeler-dealer” jumping to the defence of the party:

Shekhar Gupta tries a poor hand at Monkey-Balancing. He is probably learning it from Rajdeep Sardesai. Fact: The Kandahar exchange, although avoidable, was made under a crisis to save 150 Indians. What were the reasons for Congress to simply release 25 terrorists? None! And even if they made a decision to do so, why was it cloaked under such secrecy. Why was the deal, if any, with Pakistan not made public? What was the benefit India received for this stupid act? SG won’t ask. Like I always say, so-called journalists aren’t very bright people. And they prove it over and over again. The release of 25 terrorists is simply unwarranted and an insult to the memory of their victims and that of the soldiers these terrorists may have killed or injured.

It even gets better that after this criminal act, the Congis went around the world claiming Hindu terror was a bigger threat India than LeT or other Paki terrorists. The little Pappu even made such a statement to an American diplomat. They didn’t stop there. They hatched the Ishrat conspiracy to eliminate Narendra Modi from political survial. They jailed many cops over her killing. HM P. Chidambaram falsified affidavits. PC even came out implicitly in support of the “AfzalPremiGang” claiming they may have made a mistake in hanging Afzal. What nonsense this party has heaped on this country over terrorism is simply unbelievable. RahulG, SoniaG and others like Oscar Fernandes claim the Gandhis have made a lot of sacrifices for India. Yes, I can clearly see who and what they sacrificed.

Not happy enough with releasing Pak terrorists the Congress slapped a lot of suspicious cases against Sadhvi Pragya, Col Purohit and Aseemanand in the Samjhauta and Malegaon terror attacks. Congress destroyed many lives in these bogus cases. The responsibility for this must clearly lie at the doorstep of UPA chairperson SoniaG. The party is sinking and for good reasons. Terror-sympathy, fake Hindu Terror chants and extreme corruption and scams. I have a modest suggestion to the party to change their election slogan:

I clearly suspect the UPA and Congress were working to the orders of many foreign forces and powers. This is proved by their actions and their utterances. RahulG even landed up at JNU to support anti-nationals. What they have practiced is Goodwill Terror against India and particularly against Hindus for unknown forces that want India broken. Congress must die – in that rests the future of a peaceful and prosperous India.