Sunday, March 7, 2021

OTT - New War On Hindus

In the 1970s movies in India would not be released simultaneously across the nation due to distribution and cost of prints. They would first be released in the home-state, like Mumbai or Chennai and bit by bit in other regions. Effectively, a new movie would take around 2 months to reach all the states. This changed as malls came up with multiplexes. Quickly, where movies would be released in some 5 theatres in some 10 cities at the start, they were now being released across 3000 to 5000 screens nationwide. The benefit of large number of screens was that a movie could mop up money even before a negative opinion could spread. Thus, even a one-week run would be enough for profits. Then came the OTT method which enables release of movies across the globe in one shot.

Then came online releases – through platforms like Netflix, Amazon etc. The Covid lockdown damaged movie business as it did many other businesses but online releases continued. The theatre-based model may never return to its earlier form or size. This, coupled with an increasing contempt for Bollywood movies because of its anti-Hindu bias has brought about a new battle. Unlike theatres where movies were rated for audience by the Board, there is no such rating agency for these online movies. Therefore, there is no control on the content whatsoever on the web movies or series. This is a harmful and dangerous situation as there is no control on gets to watch the web movies and what content should be allowed.

Traditionally, for some reason, govt Heads are shown as creatures that love children. In Nehru’s case we know it was just a fake photo op. In PM Modi’s case it is partly photo op. From Nehru to Modi, PMs have portrayed themselves to care for children. Even in the US, President Bush was reading “My pet goat” to KG children when the 9/11 attacks were happening. I don’t know about the US but at least our PMs are not really known to care for kids. None of their policies consistently show any such care. For instance, kids in India cannot be sold alcohol or cigarettes at retail outlets. Kids cannot be allowed into adult movies at theatres. This is where the govt is brainless in its inability to understand OTT businessthe kids can watch anything online because there is no control except the parental control which may or may not exist. The kid may not be allowed into an adult movie at a theatre but families may use one access code which all members may use.

Thus, parents and kids can watch all the porn, abuses, expletives and anti-Hindu movies without any limits or control. So far, there was no regulation. When many complaints started pouring in, the moron titled Prakash Javdekar held a meeting and again said “Self-Regulation” is a Masterstroke of his idiotic govt:

Self-regulation is as stupid a concept as prisoners managing the prison that holds them. Even in the UK and US, democracies that we often compare ourselves with, there are Independent regulation bodies not of the members but inclusive of the govt and federal participation. In the US the FCC regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite etc. The agency is overseen by Congress and enforces America’s communications law and regulations. So even in the US, the agency has govt oversight and is not left to the players. In India, the govt foolishly peddles the nonsense of self-regulation. It is as stupid as saying two umpires from the batting side can be umpires of the match, a practice we follow in gully cricket.

There is no censorship of movies in the US. Therefore, US movies are only “rated” and not censored due to FoE. If and when they are aired on TV, they are modified for all or restricted audience with a caution before the start. In India, it has been a practice of Bollywood and other regions to abuse Hindu icons, Gods and Goddesses and Hindu women bearing names like Radha or Sita but glorify Chrislamic characters like a Mullah or a Father. Women with names of Goddesses are also portrayed as prostitutes or men with names of Gods (e.g.: “Raghavan” in the movie “Main Hoon Na”) as terrorists. These are not coincidences – these are deliberate assaults on Hinduism including some being absolute porn movies. All this was being done under the garb of “fiction” or “creative license”. This is nothing but organised assault to destroy Hindu culture and the SC is taking note too:

The question is not one of doubt if the accusations are true or if the deliberate assault on Hindu culture is true. The question now is why the GOI is scared or unwilling to combat this menace and hides behind the nonsense of “Self-regulation”. Why should individuals have to frequently run to courts against these movies? The law should be clear that any abuse of Hindu Gods and Hindu culture will warrant strict punishment. This is where PM Modi and his useless ministers fail to realise that they are indirectly condoning the poisoning of the minds of young Hindu children against their religion. Merely dancing with kids at photo ops is not enough. They must be protected from “mental poison”. These kids will then grow up to be the Swaras and Tapsees who spew hatred all over. All symbols of Hindu culture – the Bindi, the Sindoor, the Mangalsutra and even Sikh symbols are abused by these OTT movies:

Abuse religions from India, especially Hinduism. What is the motive behind such consistent and reckless abuse and assault on a religion that doesn’t harm them in anyway? Well, it must be remembered that the trash produced by Bollywood travels across the world.  Thus, the foreign anti-Hindu funders provide the money to execute such films and their mandate is to DESTROY Hinduism. There is a historical campaign to wipe out Hinduism and therefore regularly trashing it wakes up foreign audiences also. The Hindus in India are angry and battle it but the foreign audience watching such trash feel their contempt for Hindu culture being reinforced and not everyone is seeking to know or learn about Hindu culture or the truth about the negatives shown in these movies.

Imagine the length Indian media, group-orgies go to promote filth like Tawdry Audrey and her glorification of Aurangzeb. The worst are criminal producers of series like “Taandav” who first claimed “nothing wrong” then apologised and one hopes their publisher Amazon pays the price for their criminal abuse of Hindus:

The REAL enemies of Hinduism are not these worthless producers of Bollywood or Tawdry Aurangzeb lovers. This is not about FoE. The REAL enemy of Hindus is currently ModiSarkar. Modi’s love for lipstick and Bollywood type action is well known. Selfies with Sickular actors, allowing visits of Hindu-haters like Aamir or Priyanka into PMO like a Royal guest shows where his priorities are. So, time after time, lipstick nonsense is passed to look good and finally even Supreme Court is recognizing that the GOI has been acting brainlessly:

There are two important words in the tweet above quoting the SC – “Prosecution” and “Control”. If that is done, the responsibility of punishing the criminals would be of the state and not private citizens. The moronic dancing of “Self-regulation” has never worked anywhere. There should be freedom but the Watchdog cannot be from the group that needs the watching. Javdekar is a moron of the highest order for the spurious principles he tries to establish with the blessing of Modi. Hindus are fighting individual cases in courts.

It is time a comprehensive law is made, one with “teeth”, that will protect Hindu culture, Hindu Gods and Goddesses from wanton abuse and insults. And all this when the producers and actors are mostly from the communities that cannot tolerate the slightest insult or ridicule. And this law should not be only for movies or OTT but extend to all forms of broadcasting, telecasting and publishing. It is time PM Modi showed some serious concern for Hindus. Prostrating at temples or doing Pujas or dancing to disco bhajans is NOT concern for Hindus. The assaults on Hindus have dramatically grown under him.

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Foolish Chinese Poodles

JL Nehru was devastated after the war with China in 1962. Narendra Modi was devastated after the Galwan incident in 2020. Nehru was nearing his last days after the Indo-China war. Modi is embroiled in a battle with his conscience on his foolish dances with Xi. At least the Chinese compelled him to think about “Atmanirbhar” and Krishna. In a convoluted demonstration of the might that Modi has, his Govt idiots planted a story in the media recently that the he made the IT ministry work all night to ban Chinese apps. It almost sounds like a dangerous operation executed secretly like the Navy Seals did in Abottabad:

Some of the reasons India has permanently lagged behind on everything are Commie policies, excessive religious-appeasement, excessive doles, eternal Reservations and emotional fools as leaders. The suppression of private enterprise is also another important factor. From Nehru to Modi, barring a couple of PMs, most of the PMs have sucked up to China like fools. They have been either clueless or too innocent and gullible in hanging on to a worthless pursuit with China. Of these PMs, Narendra Modi is easily the most emotional and his entire PMship hangs on emotions. Slogans and acronyms worked fine for Modi in Gujarat because it’s a small state where people were already steeped in enterprise. But using the same tactic as PM has failed for India. With some exceptions (Like LB Shastri) almost every Indian PM has recklessly danced with China. This has been more sinister with Sonia-MMS and a lot silly with Modi:

India has grown only in a controlled, incremental manner and nothing dramatic like China. China’s growth as a manufacturing giant is not friendly to others, it seeks to drown the economy of some countries. India was one of them. And our PMs foolishly thought this was driven by some deep desire for peace and friendship. It took Covid and Galwan to shatter such delusions of Modi. In fact, Modi was so ignorant and deluded about Covid that he actually offered a helping hand to China while they were plotting to harm us after 370 was junked. Imagine offering fuel to the arsonist who is burning down your house:

In the late 1990s onward, India saw a dramatic shift in its small appliances and toys market. Most of the top brands had shifted to China for production. It was cheaper and there were no hassles of labour or the “Govt inspectors” from various departments hovering over your head. Mobile and internet market were just growing and as smartphones invaded, China invaded a bit more. Even tiny stuff like safety pins and lighters were imported from China. AB Vajpayee had no clue. MMS and Sonia were China poodles anyway. Indian manufacturing took a beating. Not surprisingly, Indo-China trade that was 3Bn in 2000 went up to 95Bn in 2018 but the deficit kept growing in favour of China. This saw a reduction only after Covid and Galwan. All these stats are mindboggling when you realise how much China dominates our economy:

Shockingly, the current “Atmanirbhar” blabberer Modi had also became a China poodle. People tend to forget and given the slave culture in India they don’t want to be reminded of bad memories. It annoys us. Modi & Co were as foolish as Nehru with his “Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai” nonsense:

I have written before in “Chacha Returns” that Modi’s behaviour as PM has been more like Nehru than any Hindu PM. There is Islamiyat and foolish pursuit of personal glory written all over it. India is sunk as long as foolish PMs keep appeasing the minority and suppressing the enterprise of the majority. China doesn’t seem to have that problem. The 21st Century has surely been dominated by China so far while India has been a raggedy-tag also-ran with not much to show for anything other than population explosion. In a couple of years India might overtake China in population. India does manage to produce some brilliance here and there but they are more of chances rather than targeted course of events. All that notwithstanding, some PMs and ministers have identified China for what it means for India – an enemy No.1 which will never rest till India is broken up and destroyed:

The first line in the second article above says it all. China has fooled successive Indian govts. If you are repeatedly fooled, then you have to wonder how foolish your PMs are and what drives this foolishness. Even when the first non-Congress govt came together after the Emergency, China was still a tottering economy just as India was. PM Morarji Desai blamed IndiraG for fertilizing China ties and reiterated that peace and relations with China can happen only after border disputes are settled:

That’s right, there should have never been relations with China till border disputes were settled. But then, Indian PMs became poodles of China and their alliance partners (like CPI/CPM) were funded by China to poison India and influence its politics. This became worse with the MMS-Sonia-CPM govt. It is under MMS-Sonia that the glut of China stuff invaded India in a manner that has become irreversible. Modi too is nothing but an emotional whiner but he is smart to know how to fool Indians with emotional-connect. Indians are sensitive about their Jawans so Modi frequently poses with them to exploit this. He likes lipstick dressing, poses as a Tank commander and celebrates Diwali with the Army. Indians are naturally thrilled. Two things in the Modi cocktail that fools Hindus – Dress up and pose with Jawans and dress up in saffron and pose with pujas and bhajans. This is truly a heady cocktail that fools Hindus who still think he’s an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Modi wasn’t really aware of the Covid threat. Despite warnings and incidents, he went ahead with the Trump rally in Ahmedabad on Feb.24, 2020. An earlier pic above shows he was even willing to help China in combatting Covid while being blissfully unaware China was plotting an attack on India. We can forgive Modi for not being aware but his excessive dancing with Xi Jinping, 18 meetings in all, the most by any Indian PM with a Chinese Head shows how gullible and emotionally vulnerable Modi is. All the Idli-Vada and fish paled into a massive stomach-ache after Galwan and learning that China was the kingpin of the Corona virus. And then SUDDENLY, like the apple fell on his head from a rock while he was meditating under it, Modi declared “India must be Atmanirbhar”.

Despite the farcical Atmanirbhar rant to cover up political failures with China they still had 75% of the Indian mobile market share. Imports from China have dropped only marginally. China is not friendly to any country. It has border disputes with almost every neighbour. Smaller neighbours like Pakistan or Nepal are far more vulnerable but foolish PMs of India have been blind to China’s expansionist plans. It is only after Galwan that Modi considers China as expansionist threat. Spurred by outsourcing by US and other major economies China galloped dramatically since the mid-1990s in its GDP. India and China were almost similar in 1990 but China’s GDP is now over 5 times that of India. It is simply mind-boggling how a country like India could be so fooled:

Even after Modi took over as PM in 2014, he continued his chumminess with Xi thinking India-China are some great “Langotiya-Buddies”. Being emotional is not a disadvantage but being an emotional fool chasing some weird rainbow most certainly is. Population-wise India and China are now almost similar and India will probably overtake China in a couple of years. Modi is ignorant and blind to this serious threat of an unproductive population growth. Apart from mentioning population explosion as a threat in his I-Day speech in 2018 Modi neither talks about it nor has any idea what to do about it. On the contrary, he fools the public and the world with the delusional “Demographic Dividend”. In reality, in India’s per capita GDP makes a shameful reading. We rank 148 in the world:

China’s investments in countries across the world is now so high that it is difficult to dislodge them from power. Their military might and secrecy of politics makes them that much more a terrible enemy. Fortunately, Chinese investments in India in total are relatively low. Though no accurate figures are available, these are estimated anywhere between 2-8 billion dollars. If anyone expects the US to act against China for anything, they are wrong. China has deep investments in the US next only to Japan (which is a friendly nation to the US and still occupied by the US):

There was a jubilant announcement of de-escalation at the LAC with China by Rajnath Singh in the Parliament. These measures may be welcome but are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Govts never tell the whole story when it comes to a conflict, only time does. While the govt adds the word “Atmanirbhar” to everything now it is obviously and foolishly used to cover up many failures. Even in products, China’s mobiles have grown in their share of Indian market to 75% in 2020 and that is the highest since 2014. The statements of Dr. Jaishankar and Navtej Sarna reflect the truth better than those of the PM:

There is no winning this game with China and the only and best way out is to dramatically cut down trade and finally look to completely halt any relations whatsoever. Any future resumption of trade and relations can only be at our terms and when China agrees to vacate occupied lands. By nature, Indian PMs have been gullible poodles of China. Each newbie thinks he has some magic potion to win them over. The only thing that happens is that the Indian politicians humiliate India and crash in the same car over and over again.

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