Friday, December 2, 2016


Demonetisation has brought out the weirdest stuff from some people. Most politicians in the Opposition had their brains go haywire as did many usual suspects from the MSM. The weirdest demand of the Opposition was that since PM Modi made the announcement himself only he must answer in the Parliament. Whether you are for or against it one has to admit that Modi sold it well. He made the “Sudden-death” demonetisation announcement himself. He followed it up with speeches at various rallies in Goa, UP and Maharashtra. He even spoke about it from Japan. In contrast, the Opposition had the worst voices of Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee ranting and almost throwing tantrums like spoilt kids whose chocolates were stolen by Modi while they were sleeping. Sane logic and reason wasn’t forthcoming from even a single Opposition leader.

Suddenly, the Opposition and their footsies in media were concerned about the poor, the farmers, and the bank-less. Especially, the very poor that were stuck with only 500 and 1000 notes. Many media folks suddenly discovered new-found love for their maids, their carpenters, their cooks, their local Chaiwalla, their Golgappa walla, their drivers and even Yoga teachers:

The guy is a Yoga teacher to a Congress hack (Sunetra has claimed that herself) and doesn’t have a bank account and doesn’t accept cheques. I guess these folks forgot cobblers and fortunately nobody had to have their footwear repaired during this period except Smriti Irani. Thank God for small mercies that He spared their footwear. And so Modi goes on to emphasise the demonetisation act with a push for a bigger cashless society than India currently has. That would mean more digital transactions. That is not good news for many in our media who are used to “brown envelopes”, ISI payments and for politicians who like to buy election-wins with black money. Simply because it reduces the currency in the market. As sheer co-incidence (or was it not?) and great timing the Twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi and Congress get hacked on November 30 and December 1. Naturally, this is grave danger to the country:

India is under threat. Cyber security is under threat.
Modi cannot seek a digital economy if Twitter accounts
cannot be protected”.

That’s it! So Narendra Modi is supposed to protect Twitter accounts. And because the accounts of RahulG and Congress got hacked there is a DIGITAL EMERGENCY in this country. Nobody is safe. The Skype might fall on your head anytime soon and your bank accounts are compromised. Any transaction you make online will be diverted to Modi’s personal account and all digital payments will go haywire. Seriously (and predictably) the worst nonsense came only from Congress clowns and their media hacks. It is a pity that this party even exists in our politics today. Dr. Ajoy Kumar is otherwise a decent and sensible spokie for the Congress but this is unbelievable crap:

Just like Congress and other Opposition couldn’t hammer down a sane, logical argument against demonetisation they are again clutching at straws. What exactly does the SPG have to do with someone hacking a Twitter account? Does this guy even think before he tweets? No! That would be asking too much of a Congi whose boss is RahulG. But he’s just a sample. And yet again a Congress spokie turns his boss into an object of jokes and ridicule:

The right question in this situation would be – If a guy cannot protect his own Twitter account and that of his party’s, how is he going to protect India or her people? Like the ranting Congis, journos are not very bright people on digital issues and they keep giving us proof all the time. Look at this particular moron who’s a former NDTV hack:

Cyber security comes into focus only when India is moving to a digital and cashless economy? And why? Just because Rahul’s account got hacked? Where were these jokers when thousands of emails of Hillary got hacked? Where were these Pappu-clones when Wikileaks was releasing classified nuggets from hacked sites and accounts. None of these jerks then screamed “DIGITAL EMERGENCY”. Even Hillary Clinton or the US govt which was most affected by these hackings did not scream “DIGITAL EMERGENCY”. Our politicians and journos are a bunch of weirdos when their darling party is out of power.

As usual, the other little Pappus of Congress are quick to jump on to the bandwagon and scream “DIGITAL EMERGENCY” without the slightest rumble in their bellies of their hypocrisy or stupid lies. Here are Kharge and Tharoor moralising and pontificating on the stupid hacking incident:

All a box of parrots. The Congis are trying very hard to wipe their crimes of the past. They want to wipe out IndiraG’s crimes of Emergency by calling every situation under ModiSarkar an “Emergency” of sorts. This is pathetic whining by those who are now not in a position to influence public opinion anymore. The fact that demonetisation had a huge support among ordinary folks is unpalatable to them. And though they may do their bogus “nautanki” and rant like crazy it is not going to help them politically in anyway. Let us remind these Congi jerks of what happened during their own UPA-rule with some examples:

# May 2013: More than 1000 govt websites hacked in the past 3 years
# Jan 2013:  Min of Social Justice & 23 Other Sites Hacked by Pak Cyber Force
# Sep 2013: Income Tax Accounts of Indian Celebrities Hacked

I could go on and on but hacking is not new and the way the Congis and some media morons are ranting it lends to the suspicion that this whole thing is an “Inside job” to create an issue and indulge in fear-mongering over Modi’s push for a bigger digital economy.

These rants of EMERGENCY are signs that Congress
has fallen Below Poverty Line in ideas to combat Modi”.

And they want to scare people into believing that because some Twitter accounts were hacked the whole nation has been put in grave danger. China has been hacking defence and finance sites all over the world. Are these Congis really that dumb that they want Indians to look like this:

I have to laugh. These silly Congis and dumb media folks can only scare young school-girls with their alarmist idiocy. RahulG features in a video where he even copies a condolence message from text on his mobile and Jyoti Scindia still says he doesn’t believe it despite the video evidence (Check it out here). I wonder why anyone would even want to hack RahulG’s account when half the time he talks and acts like his brains were hacked. Little do these silly Congis, their media-slaves and assorted Opposition ranters realise that the more they indulge in bogus tantrums the more they lend strength to Modi and his reforms. They are alienating the public at large.

You go to a restaurant or hotel there’s usually a sign that says “Management is not responsible for your personal belongings”. You park your vehicle in a parking lot the sign says “We are not responsible for your vehicle”. Same goes for digital or online transactions and accounts too. YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS as best as you can. A person uses all the security measures possible and provided and Twitter too provides certain security features. There is no DIGITAL EMERGENCY or Emergency of any kind. The only Emergency is in the heads of Congis who desperately need a surgery. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Eyes

Normally, people would be anti-Govt at the slightest inconvenience caused to them by any policy or decision. It is truly amazing that a vast majority of Indians have stood by ModiSarkar and the PM, personally, in the demonetisation move. There are problems and those will remain for a few more days or weeks. But the ones creating the loudest noises aren’t the ordinary people. It is mostly the Opposition and some politicians in particular and the usual suspects in media. Of the lot, the two most badly hit by demonetisation appear to be Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal with Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati in tow with fake dramatics and anger. People are laughing at the way these politicians have made a comic stock of themselves. In a previous post we saw Rajdeep Sardesai going to his bank to fish for anti-Modi soundbites and getting none. The eternal anti-Modi hate-monger Ravish Kumar of NDTV spared no effort to instigate people standing in Qs at some place in Delhi (video 2.08 mins):

Frustrated and angry – Ravish tells the crowd to write down what documents are required for exchanges for the benefit of public. People standing Qs are supposed to be doing that or the media guy in the middle is expected to do such public service? More frustration follows as the groups chant in favour of Modi. Eventually, like a hyena that didn’t get its left-over meal, Ravish quietly slinks away from the scene cursing under his breath. The Opposition refused to debate the issue in Parliament unless the PM speaks. Their poor logic is that PM was the one who made the announcement. So what if the RBI governor or Shaktikanta Das had made the announcement? They would ask these gentlemen to answer in the Parliament? Kejriwal has more or less had a psychological breakdown. He even thinks banks have become rich and will run away like Vijay Mallya:

Vijay Mallya is not a fugitive over black money. He escaped from India after allegedly defrauding many banks and is accused of hawala transactions. And who were the ones who doled out all those undeserved loans to Mallya even when his ship was sinking? The Congress, of course. NPAs of banks saw a dramatic increase under Congress. Here’s  a small opener from a Moneylife article from February 2014:

Non-performing assets (NPAs) of the banks, especially public sector banks (PSBs), have been going up sharply recently.  According to one of the estimates, the gross non-performing assets (NPAs) of listed banks rose 35.2% to Rs2.43 lakh crore during the first three quarters of the current financial year. In absolute terms, the 40 listed banks added Rs63,386 crore to their gross NPAs during the nine months till December 2013, with State Bank of India (SBI), the largest lender in the country, leading with an accretion of Rs16,610 crore”.

Mallya is only one sample. Now, imagine if ModiSarkar had to raid all those suspected to be hoarding black money. Many of them would be top politicians of all hues. There would have been a massive outrage. Cries of “vendetta” would have polluted the air for days. That’s the reason the Opposition has a sudden, new-found love for the poor and farmers. Never seen so much love for ordinary people by these parties as they fought over each other to show who cares more for the poor:

People queuing up for water didn’t bother Kejriwal. People dying through dengue or chicken guniya didn’t bother him. He ran off to Gujarat during the epidemic and never attended office or an emergency meeting when people were dying. Dozens of deaths and suicides over the Sarada scam didn’t bother MamataB. And the scamsters are still at large. The less said about the Congress the better. They sucked the blood of the poor like mosquitoes with their monumental scams. The CAG even pointed to massive scams in the much-touted farmer-loan waivers.

Mayawati too has been ranting like crazy. Wonder how much she lost. Some politicians have been savagely inconsiderate towards the poor they claim to speak for. More than once Mayawati has been garlanded with large numbers of currency notes on her birthday. She reportedly lives in a house worth 200 crores with over 13 rooms and vast bedrooms and multiple TVs all over the house. And when Modi pointed out her garlands in a speech she was quick to use the only tool best known to victimhood specialists – she played the Dalit-card. She claimed Modi had insulted a Dalit’s daughter. Only, this time nobody was buying such crap. Everybody knew where the black money was. Instead of raiding hundreds or thousands of people Modi just turned their black money into garbage in one stroke. If the Dalit card was played, would the Muslim-card be too far? The Congress guy was quick to follow-up with demonetisation being “Anti-Muslim”:

They are simply too predictable. Mamata Banerjee has called for a “Bharat Bandh” for Monday, November 28. Oh yes! She understands the problems of the poor and therefore, to help them she and others have called for a Bharat Bandh so that their suffering can be alleviated. The Congress quietly backed out of the Bandh call but has stated it will carry out protests. There are people who are angry at the inconvenience and the problems caused but none is willing to stand with the Opposition. The only ones standing with them are the usual Modi-haters and nobody gives a damn about them. Mamata’s statement calling for the bandh is laughable to say the least:

Nobody will support BJP? Even their own workers will abandon them? In which case Mamata and other Opposition agitators should be dancing in the streets in sheer joy instead of calling for bandhs. We know who has really got a Black Eye now. And Modi did this without punching anyone directly. Black Money and corruption are not diseases to be cured slowly and steadily over the years. They have only grown to become a bigger cancer. Incrementalism would not have cured this evil and still a complete cure is not accomplished. A dramatic decision and action was called for. The guys on the street too know who’s got the black money and he’s not going to support any bandh:

The Opposition would be wiser in getting their silly heads together and not rant any further against a decision that is largely popular with the masses. If this wasn’t so, there would have already been many riots in this country as so desperately desired by some politicians who repeatedly threatened law and order problems. Nothing happened. I am certain they are the ones will end up with a Black Eye in any forthcoming elections. Modi will use their support of black money to the hilt in his campaigns. They fell into the trap he cleverly laid for them.