Monday, May 14, 2018

Italian Meatballs

For all their pompous blabber about democracy, saving the Constitution, Dalits, farmers and all that – the Congress in the end showed how desperate it is to retain its last “golden goose” and the “cash cow” of Karnataka. Over 150 crores seized by EC, thousands of fake voter ID cards. And the Maata comes on a flying visit to lecture on decency and propriety. India does need a clean-up. Nowhere in the democratic world will you find a political party as brazenly corrupt as the Congress.

At least once a year all families do a full housecleaning. Hindus mostly do it before Diwali. Some attend to long-pending repairs and also get the house painted. At the start of the process we usually find a large carton or waste-bag and dump all the most unwanted junk into these. With the rest, we spend a little time thinking whether to keep or dispose. The Congress has reached the level where “dump immediately” is the quickest decision in cleaning India. We have seen that in 2014 and in state after state since. In Karnataka too, the Congress is about to be dumped but the voters thought a bit on whether to dump them completely. Therefore, many exit polls have predicted a hung assembly.

Most estimate a slight edge for the BJP but hung or not, indications are Congress will not be in a position to form the next govt in Karnataka. And that’s a good thing for Karnataka and India. The more I think of it and the more I try to find out – I am unable to fathom what the agenda of the Congress is other than breaking Hindus further into various religions and finally breaking India. It is the only strategy they have. That, plus constantly abusing Modi which works negatively for the party but they are meatballs that won’t learn. This is a party, where their CM Siddaramiah calls PM Modi and Amit Shah “outsiders” while they miss their stupid irony in having two Italians as Heads of their party and campaigning for them – SoniaG is a full Italian and Rahul maybe half-baked Italian but neither of them is really a pure Indian. Regardless, the more I hear these two and their stooges in politics and media, I am convinced all of them are Italian Meatballs. RG went on to whine in a presser on May 10 that PM Modi “abuses” his mother:
Abuse? Calling Sonia by her real name Antonia Maino is abuse? Stating the Italian origin of Sonia is abuse? And all this when Congi meatballs consider “Desis” like Modi and Amit Shah “outsiders”? RG also claims his mother made many sacrifices and is more Indian than many Indians. This shows the level of idiocy that his media stooges dance around and lead him to believe he is really a political leader when in reality RG is a dunce. In all my life, for the kind of utterances that have come from SoniaG, she is easily the most abusive female politician I have seen. And her choicest abuses have been reserved for Modi alone. But when nothing else works, RG has learned Barkha Dutt’s trick on how to whine and play “victim”.

Nobody from the Nehru-Chinese Gandhi clan has been a “real Indian” and this two-bit man-child mocks others being lesser Indian than his mother. They can’t pronounce “Visvesvaraya” and say “Balaatkar” for “Badalkar” even from written scripts. How Indian is that? SoniaG has been in India 48 years. I have never known her travel by second class on a train journey like Modi. Second class? No, I’m not even aware of a first-class travel. I have not heard of her travelling in regular flights all her life in India. If there are such flights with other ordinary Indians, they must be rare. I wonder if she has ever bought groceries or vegetables. I am sure if you asked her the price of potato off-hand, she would have never known. She knows India ONLY through the chaperoned vision of her luxury, guarded trips and stupid scripted speeches that she can’t even read properly. How many “real Indian” women are accused of as much scam as Sonia? How many are out on bail and still behave as if they own this country? And as for Pappu knowing India or being Indian, the less said the better.

The behaviour of some of the Congress media stooges is becoming more comic than ever before. First, there is this “threesome” gang that goes everywhere together. Be it Arvind Kejriwal or Kamal Haasan or criminal Lalu or that Gaptun from TN, these three blind mice rush to get useless soundbites that convey nothing. They report nothing other than promoting their darling Sickulars for half-hour episodes on NDTV. Who knows, they might be getting “bulk” discounts for their threesome travel and stay at all places. The corrupt Prannoy Roy and the fake news master Shekhar Gupta always take poor Dorab Sopariwala along as a sidekick. Maybe a double-bed is economic and an “extra bed” for Dorab is a permanent fixture in the hotels they stay in. I’m damn sure Dorab gets the middle seat in the flight too:
Then there’s the other group of “twosome” meatballs and “onesome” meatball. These three are more like housemaids of Sonia and Rahul. Rajdeep attends only rallies of Modi to provoke the supporters and C5M lately tags along to take selfies and blabber about IndiraG. And the third, Barkha, lives in a well of her own and croaks idiotic crap in WaPo. These three are living proof of how much Congress can corrupt:
All three Italian meatballs are as hilarious as RG himself. Their conduct or trips have nothing to do with journalism. With nothing to hurl at Modi, Barkha, the frog in the well came up with the most unusual croak to compare Siddaramiah to Modi. She claimed the CM as a cattle-grazer’s son was as poor as Modi but better in other respects. It seems, Congress too will now have to find the equivalent of “Chaiwalla” to paint their corrupt thugs as “modest”. Look at the fraudery of Barkha and how she hopelessly tries to peddle false equivalences from her fantasy hole in the well.

From RahulG to Shrillary to poor Priyanka Chopra, Barkha is firmly established as a “Panauti” for whosoever she interacts and takes a pic with. This time in Karnataka, she could only snare the good old former PM Deve Gowda for a chat and pic. And the results don’t seem so good for the JDS. The other Italian meatball, Rajdeep is always sent on errands by the Congress to “shop” for “Gaalis for Modi”. He goes around in desperate hunt for someone who can abuse Modi during every election campaign and his instant-noodle poll among common people. Don’t forget, Rajdeep did such an idiotic poll in the US and got smacked with dinosaur eggs on his face:

Rajdeep only goes to Modi rallies because his Boss Sonia has prohibited him from going to Pappu-rallies where they still chant “Modi Modi”. And the StreetThug claims if a large number of ads can decide results then BJP will outscore Congress. Remember, this moron also said if Twitter were to be an election battle then BJP would get a majority in LS and it happened. Rajdeep is old enough to know, that in 1989 Rajiv Gandhi splurged the max on print ads. Full page ads in almost all newspapers every single day. Result – RajivG lost the 1989 elections. Advertising doesn’t sell. Journos are not bright enough to know that. Ads can only “cement” an existing position or performance that is already widely known and believed, they don’t sell by themselves.

He also trolled around an MTR restaurant hoping to get some “Gaalis” for Modi – FAILED! He also went around a poorer locality to get “Gaalis” for Modi. You can imagine his shock when the poor family was cursing Siddaramiah for the kind of food grains which the man thought was unfit for even animals (video 1.20 mins):

The meatballs at IndiaToday have to be the biggest bootlickers of Sonia and Congress. The incompetence, corruption and anti-national conduct of Congress is in plain sight. Yet, most media guys want this corrupt party to be in power and the reasons are obvious. But I do wonder what turns Aroon Purie & co into such desperate bootlickers that they even have to crawl in front of the spokies of the party and conference with them:
The answer, as I found with the case of Bollywood Sleepers love for Pakistan, lies in the origins of Purie. He was born in Lahore, now in Pakistan. The Punjabis in Bollywood and in the media born in Pakistan have an extraordinary love for Pakistan. The Congress secretly pushes the Pak agenda of breaking India, which explains their secret meetings with Paki diplomats and frequent visits of Manishankar to Pak and calling for removal of PM Modi from Pak. That should explain why Purie promotes a meatball called RahulG and turns his own employees into bootlickers. And what are oodles of gems that flow from Pappu – “Modi took all your money into banks under DeMo and gave it to Nirav Modi” and then claims “BJP has put up a corrupt Yedyurappa as CM candidate” even after courts have given Yeddy a clean-chit. Such childish blabber is what the meatballs of media claim to be the “maturing” of an idiot.

And in all of this, the incumbent govt in Karnataka is the Congress and yet, there is no shameless slave in the media or assorted activists who doesn’t keep ranting it’s a “test for BJP” a “test for Modi”. The only ones failing every test are these anti-nationals who still want to PropaGandhi so that they can return to their corrupt lives and line their pockets again. There is nothing in the Congress arsenal that can politically threaten Modi seriously now or in 2019. Meatballs are quite popular in the West but their storage life isn’t beyond 3 days, same goes for the Italian meatballs in India. They get thrown out every election. Till the next time Congress pushes their meatballs again during another election these meatballs can line up and pray for survival.